Another photo…..

Seems there are always people around this compound.  You go protesters!  Wish I was there to join in!


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  1. The protesters need to go find something productive to do. They aren’t helping anything by being there and only looking for trouble.

  2. These people need to get a life. There’s no productivity in this behavior.

    If they have this much time on their hands, they need to try to help find Caylee’s body.

    This will help convict her mother, which is what these people are after.

    They can taunt and jeer all they want to at the courthouse and later on at the house when the trial is over.

    The Anthony’s are resistant and digging in their heels in defiance at this point. It’s a pointless battle with them.
    And they LOVE the attention. Then they can watch themselves on CNN every night of the week. Don’t give them the pleasure.

    This is just like the hysteria generated at the Salem witch trials..all begun of course, by a conniving young lady who told incredible lies and took things too far.

    Don’t buy into this, ignore the Anthony’s and that’s the best ‘punishment’ they can receive from the public at this point…abandonment and shunning.

    If you see them in the store, a dirty look and roll of the eyes will suffice. Say nothing. Do nothing other than walk away from them, stand in line at another cashier, behave as if they have the plaque…since they are aiding and abetting Typhoid Mary.

    But don’t stand in front of their house all day behaving like morons who love the camera as much as Cindy Anthony does. I think these people just want to be on TV.

  3. I disagree——you go protesters——if I lived closer, I’d be there with you!!!!! Harress the ____ out of them!!! This case makes me sick to my stomach! Yes, she would have been hung if she had lived in the Salem Witch time!!! That weird lazy big mouthed family, unbelieveable!! Just give the cops enough time, they will have the evidence to arrest her for first degree murder!!!! It will hopefully all come to an end!!! Burn Casey, Burn!!!!! I wonder if Cindy’s mother was a pyscho too? Just a thought??????

  4. Mary, this is America and witch hunting is not allowed. You say to give the cops enough time. Well, yes, let the cops handle the Anthonys!! Nothing that these people are doind outside this home is accomplishing anything. Especially to find Caylee. If these people have the time to stand outside someone’s home and harrass them then they should go and look for Caylee. I am not a fan of the Anothonys but these protesters(most of them)sound like a bunch of ignorant bullies. They are bothering the neighbors too. THey are making themselves look like idiots. All I can see is hatred coming out of these protests. Be upset but say your prayers and let law enforcement and the good Lord handle the rest.

  5. What do reporters think when they scream “Casey did you kill Caylee” as the garage door is being lowered. Do they think Casey is going to stop and open up and discuss it with them. This sensationalism must stop. The lady that George pushed deserved it and now she is going to file a suit against him, get real America. I hope a judge locks her up. A reporter asked her if she thought it was okay to stand in his yard and yell at the Anthony’s and of course she said yes “because what I was saying was the truth”. Well at least put your teeth in before you go on TV. Stay home and watch Jerry Springer for god sake. If I was the grand parents I would have lost my temper with all those fools a long time ago. Is Cindy in denial ? of course, she is a grandmother who has lost a precious 3 year old. Leave her alone.

  6. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, talks like a duck it’s probably a duck.

    These loiterers look, sound and behave like trailer park trash. So my guess is they are. And with so much time on their hands they are probably on the dole too…none of them appeared to be independently wealthy individuals who don’t have to work.

    And whoever the ‘mother of the year’ is who’s forcing a toddler to sit with a sign all day in the Florida summer heat needs to be reported for child neglect and endangerment.

    This tiny child deserves better than to be forced to sit there all day in the sweltering heat, watching adults act like monsters with filthy mouths and getting into fistfights.

    Those who are without sin are perfectly free to cast the first stone.

    There’s at least one mom in that group of protesters who lives in a big glass house. And she’s really no better than Casey in my opinion.

    It makes me sick.

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