Anthony posters on forum

Check out the posts I found from someone posting as Cindy’s brother and the other a GOOD friend of Cindy’s?

Plus a small photo of Cindy’s family!


2 thoughts on “Anthony posters on forum

  1. It seems that the old adadge which states, ” violence breeds violence ” is true. I am as out raged as anyone that the Anthonys continue to cover up for their daughter. It seems they have done so one time too many and the results are they raised a selfish daughter. I can understnad how they would want to help thier daugher but not for what she has done. Live tugs at heart strings but it seems that Cindy Anthony has went above and beyond the call of duty to protect their child. They shoul;d have protected thier helpless grandaughter long ago and stood up to Casey even at the point of getting her mental help way back when

  2. This topic has come up a few times on my blog. I really don’t even know what to say about this Rick person. One of the other pictures that “Rick” provided (on another forum) was a photo of himself with his “father.” Oddly, this poor old man, photographed with an oxygen tube in his nose, looked nothing like the great-grandfather photographed with Caylee. At least not to me, anyway.

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