Equusearch halting search temporary

Texas Equusearch announced today that it will cease searching for Caylee Anthony — at least for now.

The team of volunteers — which numbered in the thousands Saturday — is disbanding due to flooding conditions which director Tim Miller said has been preventing them from being able to properly search for the missing toddler.

During a 3 p.m. news conference with Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary, Miller he feared the searchers’ vehicles could possibly run over the body of Caylee Anthony if she was submerged under flood waters. Miller said he did not want to compromise any evidence.

Miller also stressed that the suspension of the search is only temporary, and that the group would return to find Caylee as soon conditions improve.  (My Fox Orlando)

So it sounds to me like they believe that Caylee Anthony is dead!  I am sure this is going over well with the witch, Cindy!  It is too bad that her mother has no intentions of telling where Caylee is.  It would make it so much easier to find her.  I am so tired of this jack-@ss of a family!  The Anthony family needs to start flipping bills.  I hope with all the crap we have put up with from them (lying continually, stupidity, throwing tantrums, etc), they all end up in jail.


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  1. I pray they return….this is such a heart-breaking story. I do not want to see this story forgotten and poor Caylee not remembered…Another thing that concerns me is copy-cats. I hope that other mothers assume they can get away with this because Casey Anthony appears to be free. This bothers me the most. Please let us find Caylee. If I had the time and the money I would be there searching for this poor little baby. And may I add why are the Anthony’s not helping?????

  2. RE: Comment by Janette | Sunday, 7 September 2008

    I pray they return too Janette! Caylee needs to be laid to rest where she belongs. This is heart breaking, and I am very surprised that the Anthony family wants everything HANDED TO THEM!

  3. It seems that Padilla may be right when he stated on the NG show that he believes Casey has already come clean to Cindy .Reason being is their extremely wierd behavior after the news came back from the Tenn. body farm.Cindy also seems to be coming up with reasons ahead of time why a body might be found. She claims that the media and the public are going to be responsible for sending Caylee home in a coffin by causing the kidnappers to kill Caylee.If this were true,then thr kidnappers have likely already killed her.Therefore,Cindy and the family need to be out with the search teams looking for a body.I’ve stated before that any person of average intelligence can pick Cindy’s statments apart.Wow this case is taking on a life of its own.Hopefully a judge makes sure that Casey can’t reap any monetary benefits from killing her daughter.[through movie or book deals.]

  4. I believe now that the mother is concerned with not losing another family member,even if it is to pay for a crime commited against someone they loved very much.They’re wierd people and I think they just want to keep this between family and deal with it themselves.This family has been disfunctional long before Caylee was even born.[my opinion]

  5. I am hoping that Casey is stupid enough to just put the baby somewhere she can be found. I have been keeping up with the psychics take on things. They seem to think that when she was buried Casey put flowers on her grave. She was also buried with a piece of jewelry. I was wondering where the police came up with the theory to be looking for a rug. They must know more than they are saying. I hope so, so they can fry this monster of a mother.

  6. in my opionin and this is a country where we are allowed to speak our mind. i think she should be back in jail in the general population, why protect a pathological liar when she is only concerned about herself and not anyone who for some reason i do not has tried to protect her. ty

  7. This old fart ( George Anthony) is coming apart at the seams because he knows too much and his conscience is bothering him. When people are guilty of compliance, they don`t sleep at night and they.He made the statement once, that if they had lost a granddaughter, they didn`t want to lose their daughter. Big coverup by cindy and georgie boy.

  8. Casey Anthony, created a myspace page almost two years before her daughter Caylee went missing, which was10/23/06.
    Visit http://www.myspace.com/cayleeismissing
    Then, click on (View All Blog Entries) new page will open up.
    Look to the left and you will see when the page was created.
    When you create a page, you can edit and make changes on your profile as often as you like. Though, you cannot change the URL name.
    I guess she was bearing with that thought for some time.
    Otherwise, why anybody would create a page saying your babe is missing two years before it actually happening?

    I only pray that her passing was quick and she suffered no pain.

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