Fighting outside the Anthony compound!

Well, there has been fighting outside the Anthony compound!  From what I saw from the video, looks like it was started with a neighbor yelling at protestors, “You don’t know these people”!  He may be right, we don’t know these people, but we know that they are chronic liars and have no intention of helping find Caylee Marie! 


I am totally sick and tired of listening to them telling “US” to get out there and find Caylee!  They have enough money now; they can get Casey a good attorney and get her off any and all charges against her.  I do believe if she gets off on any of them, she won’t be around long on this earth.  She will end up being killed by someone because of her unwillingness to help find Caylee. 


Hey Anthony Family, get out there and find your Granddaughter….better yet, tell your daughter Casey to tell where she is at! 


6 thoughts on “Fighting outside the Anthony compound!

  1. yes tell the mother to tell us where this child is. if she wont. touture her till she does.
    I understand the grandparents and then i dont. I know by now they got to know there grand daughter is dead. stop protecting this lying witch. and honor your grand daughters memory.

  2. As the grandmother of a 15 month old grandson that drowned and a 22 year old daughter that was murdered – I do not understand the mother or the grandmother. My daughter could barely stand up – not party when her son was missing -she could barely speak – once they found his body in an irrigation ditch all she could do was cry and sit down. As the mother of a child that was murdered – I sure could not party or even think about going out in public.

    Neither the grandparents or the mother are being truthfull and it is rediculas at the amount of money being spent with the police department and everyone else. She knew what she did, grandma knows what she did – so let the police do their jobs for others.

    My daughter’s murderer is still out – no arrests – I would be furious if I was in Florida.

  3. This comment is for Joan. Oh my god! My heart goes out to you for both of your losses. You are someone who knows first hand the pain. This has been my problem with this whole case. Let’s just say for one second the babysitter story was true. Being away from your child what now all these weeks, a mother would not be able to function. I would buckle up and not be able to stand. To me, just her demeanor alone tells me she is guilty of murder and not an accidental death either. She acts like it was intentional. I got sick when I heard on 20/20 when the other lawyer from her defense team say, “she is like a steal magnolia”. They are projecting her demeanor as strong during this time. She acts like she knows there is no chance of seeing her daughter. She absolutely has zero anxiety about her daughter but maybe towards being put away.

    Joan I am sorry they have not found your daughter’s murderer and your loss. You must be so offended by this case and this mothers actions.

  4. I keep wondering when the police will dig up the cement slab that the anthonys put in a few days after caylee went missing. It was placed in the same spot where the cadaver dogs scented a body.

  5. This case is a perfect example of why woman should not get prgnant so young. Raising a child is a life changing experience and you have to put your child’s wants and need first (before yours). I want to smack that smirk of Casey’s face in that courtroom. The grandparents are in such denial it is rediculous! Such a sad situation. That poor little girl Caylee may never be found and that is such an injustice. What is wrong with people today?

  6. I think casey got tierd of taking care of her daughter and sh e was using her to give mom a hard time i do not understand how she can act the way she is its like the devil is living in her and her mom and dad should be ashamed of there selves letting that girl run there lives they need to kick her out how much did they really love ther grand daughter ??????

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