Casey Anthony makes me SICK!

The 22-year-old woman was escorted by bodyguards to the building. She arrived in her father’s vehicle and walked briskly with her head down.

Wearing a tan hat and a missing children T-shirt, she said nothing to reporters as she walked to the building. This is the first time she has left the family home on Hopespring Drive since she was released from jail on Friday morning.

Casey Anthony left holding her brother’s hand and got into her father’s car. She said nothing to reporters when she left.

This really makes me mad that she wears any T-shirt for Missing Children.  She has NO-RIGHT to wear them. 
She knows exactly where Caylee is.  I believe that it is all a show now.  She does not realize that we are on to her.  It is also said, can’t remember where, that Casey high-5’ed Lee as she walked in to the Sheriff’s office.   What the heck was that about?  This family is really getting under my skin.  What a bunch of low-life’s! 


24 thoughts on “Casey Anthony makes me SICK!

  1. Is Casey having an affair with her lawyer? She spends every day in his office from 10 to 6 and they always seem so lovey dovey. She makes me so sick!! Why don’t they charge her with murder now!! What is wrong with her parents-are they involved in this too? As a mom, no way would I have allowed her to live back in my home.

  2. Her affair is with her babydaddy LEE. Did you see their cheek to cheek party photo celebrating at the Fusion 5 days after Caylee was OD’d. They wouldn’t be high-fiving cause they are getting away with destroying the evidence of their incest?

  3. As a mother I think she should have noticed way before 30 days that her grandchild was missing. I do not see how a family that lives that close to one another do not notice that this ball of energy hadn’t been home in over a MONTH?????? come on. There is something seriously wrong here. I think the family is closing ranks around her and they are determined to protect her. I can say by the way the family seems to function the mother seems to be able to accept ANY excuse her daughter gives her and runs with it. Why else would she continually take excuses from her daughter about the wherabouts of her granddaughter. She was at the nannys house, where no one lived, a vacant apartment. Do you think it is a coincidence that Casey’s friends live in that same apt. complex. Her cell phone pinged not far from there in a wooded area, why would she be all the way out there? This is something that I have not seen explained in anything. This family is more concerned with appearances. If they didn’t want the media involved why was Cindy Anthony letting people into her home, walking out to talk to the reporters after she heard her name on the T.V. On one program you can see her walk out as soon as they said her name and said she was inside, BAM there she is talking to the very reporters that she yells at for asking questions that infer that her granddaughter is dead.
    And the money probally came from some media outlet wanting some kind of rights to the story. That is how sick the media has become, anything to get the ratings.
    The police will arrest her as soon as they have an air tight case. They do not want to screw this up and without a child or a body they cannot prove to much until they get all the testing they can from that car. PRAY that this little angle is found and put to rest. as you can see from the photo to the right casey dosent really care by that smirk on her face a picture is truly worth a thousand words.

  4. RE: Comment by amanda | Monday, 8 September 2008

    I totally agree. And what really strikes me as odd is the fact that Casey didn’t answer her phone for 30 days? Or did she just not answer her family’s calls? But we do know from the pictures, she was out partying and have a good time while she was so called missing!

  5. The Wake at the Fusian was a touching send off. All of Caylee’s babysitters bidding a fond farwell! And just 5 days after her OD, how timely.

  6. For the life of me I can’t figure out why these 2 idiots were high fiving? Maybe they feel they have won a short lived victory. And fOr LEE to call protesters uneducated people. I’m wondering if its just because most of America isn’t stupid enough to believe thier stupid lies. So now zanny the nanny is now a producer handing casey scripts in which to she is to follow. Well, sounds like miss casey is setting herself up for a award. I pray and hope to god that and the end of this reality casey gets what she deserves. somebody out there knows something I pray they come forward.

  7. the parents of casey have been put through far too much…they need to find caylee and get custody of her for sure..casey has sure shown herself an unfit parent over and over through all this..youth has nothing to do with prayers are for george and cindy are victims as well as little caylee..they must feel so much guilt for letting casey have that one more chance to be responsible and take responsiblility..i feel now the state of Florida will hold her responsible for sure…God bless all those that didnt stand and shout in front of the anthonys home and those that took their time to search for this cute little girl that i feel the saddest story since anna nicole smith saga.

  8. This has gone on for so long, last night on Nancy one of the guest attorneys said that he doubted that Caylee would ever be found. I hope that this is not true. I hope the police are getting their ducks in a row & have or will get everything they need in order to charge Casey with something more than these petty little things she is charged with. I believe in giving every one the benefit of doubt & that everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, also that everyone is intitled to a fair trial. But when I watch Casey coming & going, there is absolutely a blank look on her face, no emotion whatsoever. She refuses to say or do anything to help find her child. You can see that George has clearly had it, Cindy is spinning off in some zone where she believes all these things she is saying, not having a clue to how insane all the different stories she has told sound & how she keeps contradicting herself. Lee just seems to be trying to take care of everybody else, they will protect her until the bitter end. I wish we WOULD all be wrong & that Caylee would be found alive & well. But I am beginning to wonder myself if Caylee will be found, these people need to cooperate with law inforcement.

  9. Sorry but George and Cindy are no more “victims” than Casey is. George and Cindy have lied, covered up and tampetred with more evidence than OJ!
    Why aren’t George and Cindy out there searching for Caylee? I haven’t seen them get off their butts one time to help do anything, passing out t-shirts and driving around with a sign isn’t going to do anything to find Caylee.

    Victims my ass!

  10. Yeah I have been wondering about that myself….Maybe Jose Baez is working “Pro Boner” for Casey.

    I would like to ask Lee where he got HIS education. His sister didn’t eve graduate from high school.

  11. If Casey leaves her house where is she going to go?? She’ll be mobbed by everyone. She probably doesn’t want to be in her parents house constantly so when she goes to the atty, she spends the day there. I don’t think it’s that strange. Plus, if the two of them are having sex all day in his office, do any of you really care that much??? I could care less what she is doing in his office. I have my own family to worry about. Trust me, I don’t think that any of the Anthonys are innocent here and I am not on their side either. But I just can’t understand the anger and rage and bitterness coming out of the posters on blogs etc. I understand that an innocent child is at the center of this madness but why let people you don’t even know drive you nuts?? We are all sick of it because we know too much about what is going on. There are so many other jerks in this world too, not just the Anthonys.

  12. Well I can only speak for myself. My anger comes from this … How does a mother not report her daughter missing for over 31 days? And during that 31 days lies to everyone about where she is… This isn’t a set of keys that’s missing it’s 2 yr old. And is far as the granparents and brother it’s not so much as I’m angry at them as I’m disgusted by them. I see now why casey is the way she is and it’s because they have enabled and justified what she says or does and it may have cost the life of a 2 yr old. And while many volunteers are out there batttling the heat amongst other dangers searching doing something for caylee. Her mother sits in a nice cool office with her lawyer saying nothing. But that’s just the way I feel about the situation.

  13. Her shirt said “Families United to Bring Our Missing Children Home”. I tried to find a nonprofit by this name and came up with nothing. Is this the new way that the Anthony’s plan to fleece people of their money, gas and grocery cards?

  14. The last poster jarred something in me that I have been trying to figure out. I am not a sleuth or angry or anything like that, just a former Stay at Home Dad that now works out of his home and watches the news while working…

    My wife and I moved to a new neighborhood almost 2 years ago. Didn’t know anyone in the neighborhood. About a year ago we got 2 new dogs on tops of our twin 3yr olds at the time. They are now 4, anywho, There was a morning that I was upstairs and my girls were on the main level. I heard the screen door open and one of the girls yell that one of the dogs ran out. I ran downstairs to grab a leash and a treat to bribe the dog and noticed that the girls had run out as well.
    Instantly petrified I ran outside and looked down the strip of land that separated our house from the neighbor behind us. Nothing in site.

    Instantly, I starting calling for the girls, but no response. I aimlessy ran around looking for them, all the while calling their name, without regard to who might hear me. I was worried becasue the strip of land ended at a busy street on one side and a large forest preserve on the other lined with back yards on both sides of it. Behind us there was a large neighborhood that included a large park.

    What I am getting at is, that since none of my kids were responding to me, focused only on chasing the dog, And all of the possibilities of where they may have gone, I felt completely lost and helpless.

    Not knowing what to do, I just ran around all of the neighborhoods reaching out to whoever may have seen them and they all jumped in to help without reservation, or judgement that I could have made a big mistake.

    After about 20 minutes of sheer terror, I called the police and luckilym someone was calling in at the same time who had my girls and my dog safely outside their home about a block away.

    My point is, that I covered so much ground and alerted so many people in those 20 minutes or so, that there was no way my girls would not have been found, luckily by an honest neighbor. When I showed up at the woman’s house, I was beside myself in tears. I was questioned heavily as to what had happened, but I needed a moment to collect myself and figure out what had happened. I will never forget that day and will be forever grateful to that woman, but I also learned that I only acted on instinct, not any training that I may have received regarding stranger danger or neighborhood watch.

    When I hear about Casey “looking” for her daughter for a month by herself, there is nothing in my understanding that makes that possible simply because of the fact that no one else heard that she was looking except for a couple of supposed friends. I just cannot wrap around that as a possible true statement.

    Granted, my was an immediated situation, but looking back on it, if I had given her to a baby sitter to watch her, there would be a well known trail of outcry from my visits to any location frantically looking and begging for someone to help.

    Casey, just end this. Please. We all just want to help in any way we can. If that means protest, then fine, but we all just want to get that girl back. Bring security, with you, if you feel it is necessary, but let us walk beside you and retrace your steps and let everyone help you shout out to the world that you dare those who took her to prove that she is alive and help work something out.

    If you do not, no one can ever be on your side and you will have already lost anything that you desire, your freedom, your family, your mates, your friends, your daughter.

  15. casey knows where her lil girl is..i am a mom of three boys,i cant even imagine what the hell is going on in that head of hers..i would be going out of my mind knowing any of my boys were missing..omg..i know lil caylee is gone.she needs to stop playing games,she makes me so angry,,some mother..what a beautiful lil girl she had..she doesnt even know how lucky she was,i feel for her parents as they only want to beleave there daughter..they have put up with so much un fairness..godblesss you lil caylee…D.Mundell

  16. Hey Barbara, I think that too about Casey and her Lawyer. She is cute and a flirt and all these lovers she had were in law enforcement if you haven’t noticed. I am positve she is working him.

  17. Did anyone else catch this? I believe it was Monday night – Cindy Anthony was being interviewed and said, “I just want to find my grandson, ah, granddaughter – he’s, ah she’s etc….. – I was so shocked!! Now, I’m a grandmother of 3 boys and cannot even imagine slipping up and saying granddaughters???? Where did that come from?? – I hope someone else caught that ‘slip-up’….too strange

  18. Monica is correct …none of the Anthonys are innocent . They may have been at one point , but the moment they decided that they had to protect and defend Casey,lie for her and cover things up, they themselves are guilty.

    There is no law that says a persons family HAS TO support them if charges are brought against them . The family has made a grave error in defending this little witch Casey. THEY are the ones who are NOW making things worse and prolonging things. Hello ???? Casey’s not talking….so cut the cord NOW and leave her to her own devices. Free themselves from this weight and burden . Why help this monsterous liar one iota ? They have lost a granddaughter and that is sad. But, by all appearances, they ‘lost’ a daughter a long time ago. If she cannot be rehabilliatated ,which By all appearances ,it doesn’t look like she can be…they last thing they need to do is enabler her in this cover up of the murder of their Grandchild.

  19. It stuns me to think that this odious woman believes that she can out-wit investigators who have been working longer than she’s even been alive! My opinion is they CAN indict her NOW on what they have in evidence. They’re playing very carefully. They’re trying to avoid double jeopardy if some jury finds “reasonable doubt”. They want her in prison as much as society does.
    As much as I think George and Cindy are holding back information ( mainly Cindy) I do feel very badly for them. That b*tch Casey has conditioned her parents to baby her and buy into her never ending line of bullsh*t. The list of people victimized by Casey goes on and on. Whether the assault has been dishonesty, deceit, thievery and now murder. She is a criminal who belongs behind bars.

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