Greta Van Susteren with Leonard Padilla

Anyone see this Greta show?  I just watched it, because I had missed it, but here is the write up:

VAN SUSTEREN: What is your current relationship with Casey, Casey’s parents, and Casey’s lawyer?

PADILLA:Casey never talked to me after we had that one minute discussion where she tried to run the Zenaida game on me again. And I told her I didn’t want to have anything.

I never talked to her about that. I have not talked to Lee or Georgia or Cindy since I left.

VAN SUSTEREN: When you spoke to Casey, how long ago was that?

PADILLA:That was the day after she was out of jail. I was in the living room with Cindy and Rob Dick, and she came in and sat down and started talking, my baby, Zenadia took her at the park and left me a script to tell the cops these lies for 30 days.

And I told her I did not want to hear that. That was bunk. We had already checked out on the Zenaida thing. She is just hardheaded and will not give up the truth. She is never going to give up the truth.

VAN SUSTEREN: This script, what is this script about?

PADILLA:She said that Zenaida and her older sister Samantha took the baby from her, held her down. And then when they were about to drive out in a 2008 silver Ford Focus, Zenaida handed her a list and said, “Here–if you do not want your baby hurt, this is what you tell the cops for the next 30 days.”  (Foxnews)

Boy can this girl lie!  And she can make it up fast.  I am not sure I remember reading all of this on the documents released!  And I definitely do not remember a Samantha in the documents. The lies just don’t stop! She really needs help, but would it help her? 

Here is the smiling witch getting in the vehicle after she is set free for the second time. She sure thinks she is something and getting away with murder.  I so can hardly wait until ALL the results are in!



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  1. One happy lady. For lots of grinning photos of killer Casey check out freeweb dot com / equalizeyou.
    Did you guys hear the lady that scored the garbage say Zani the nanny was Xanax the powerful downer. I wonder how many nights she knocked Caylee out with dope and put her in the trunk while she partied?

  2. The only people she metioned were a Raquell Ferrel and a Jennifer Rosa who she claimed were roomates of Zenadia.And zenadias mom was named Gloria . who were never located by law enforcement. Like thats so suprising.And in her written statement she stated the last time she saw caylee she was wearing a pink shirt with blue jean shorts. When cindy made the 911 call she stated caylee was wearing a white shirt with plaid pink and teal shorts. And how could casey even begin to think of selling her story? In order for that to happen there has to be a ending. And the way things look right now. We may never know.

  3. Padilla said that Zanny the Nanny came out of the children’s mystery 2 set book called Double Trouble Squared. Most of the people Casey mentioned were either non-existant, actors, or combo names of actors. Cindy must have used the t.v. as a babysitter for Casey growing up. She lives in a fantasy world. Whatever book/movie comes of this, there won’t be a need for artistic license- Casey has been using it all along. Now, if she would only give the ending to it. I won’t hold my breath for it. I think it sick of whoever would see to the book/movie being made. And anyone who would read/watch it are sickos, too. May God grant justice for Caylee as the ending of this sad tragedy.

  4. Didn’t catch Greta, saw Nancy. Thought Nate confirmed what a liar Casey is, as if we need confirmation of that! They thought she seemed “normal.” Sad, she had eveybody fooled, She just keeps spinning more lies & hoping everyone is believing them, maybe she believes them, split personality maybe?? That’s probably what the defense will claim. Anyway one of her personalities is SILENTLY smiling, while other people search for her child, how does she sleep at night? Hope the search from yesterday turned up something, you got to believe the police have alot more than they are letting out & that they want to nail her on more than what they have her on now, I have tried not to rush to judgement but I know that Casey was the last person to see her child & she is NOT talking. And why absolutely no emotion? She does smile but there is something cold in her eyes.

  5. Oddly, I DID catch this part of the interview. I actually just tuned into Greta right when this interview took place. Casey has got to be truly ill if she thinks she can totally change her story and think nothing of it. Regardless, there has GOT to be a way to make this woman talk. Is it against police procedures to administer some sort of truth serum? Or is that voluntary like a lie detector test? I guess they can’t force it on her but they should. I mean, this case is about a small but beautiful human life, it’s not about Casey. Lastly, let me say this about the book deal….Only in America!!! I don’t care if they put the money to good use or not, the fact that actual human beings would even think of publicizing on this child is revolting. That goes for everyone, not just the Anthonys. I am disgusted that people can act this way. It’s very disturbing. Nothing is real anymore or respected, the whole USA treats everything like a Hollywood drama.

  6. I always miss Greta for some reason.

    You know this girl really must be crazy. Even if by the smallest chance there is a “Zenaida” which I know there is no chance of that…and Caylee is out there alive and kidnapped…I can’t imagine how a mother could find the strength to smile.
    Part of her story is that she kept her mouth shut because Caylee’s life is in danger….if my child’s life were in danger there is no way I could smile…I wouldn’t sleep, I wouldn’t eat and I would spend every waking moment with the police or ANYONE who might help me find my child!!!
    I wish we could talk to Casey…but that won’t happen…her lawyers know the public would tear her story to shreds.
    When you look at Jose Baez notice the look on his face…its sort of a smile but it is a “Oh my god this girl is insane” kind of smile!
    Her eyes scare the hell out of me.

  7. casey while you have these moments out of jail and free time to do your limited things. one of your lovers is about to slam you like you will not imagine. you partied to much and you had some fun . the fusion holds alot of myteries.sometimes trying to be popular gets more people involved with that ego boost of yours.damn girl dating a leo,young leo i might say.also a lying leo.bad boy what ya gonna do ? have we all lost contact with mr. tony a fine outstanding young man. that hung out with coke dealers.tony is more involved in this mess than what been many of our young deputies are involved with drug lords pictured in the back ground of party pics?casey you know were i am comming from.old friends from colonial high know whats up.remember those days under the bleachers?skippin school to party ? do you really remember any of the party gang?you will. just think if they make this into a movie how many people from the party days will come out of the wood work just to make a buck off of you.tony we havent forgot you young man.there are few of your older leos that will find out about your dealings out will never serve the public again.crooked leos dont survive.smiles everyone smiles.

  8. I have never watched anything as religiously as I have been watching Nancy Grace and Greta with regard to this case in particular. It’s like a sick soap opera which gets crazier and crazier each day. I think the whole family has severe mental problems, especially with their co-dependent facilitating of Casey and her lies. Casey didn’t just ‘start’ lying as of late. This behaviour and manipulation of her parents is a life-long pattern. Cindy is displaying exactly the type of co-dependency which I believe, she practiced while Casey was growing up, thus encouraging Casey’s manipulative, narcisistic behaviour.

    Casey may end up walking free while Grandad George sits behind bars for losing his temper with protestors and poor little Caylee’s remains lie in an unmarked grave. I pray that these people come to justice.

  9. I believe “snoop doggy”-comment #7 was posted by none other than “Casey Anthony”.
    The grammer, and grammatical errors in post #7, is the “exact” same grammer as Casey’s fake work emails that she sent to herself.
    If any of you have read the 400 page Orange County LE documents, you’ll see that Caseys emails to herself, match the writing, and grammatical errors as post #7.
    Message to Casey-“you’re a low life stone cold witch, I hope you fry in the electric chair.

  10. After reading some of the 400 page Orange County LE documents, and agree with Post #12 Terri T. snoop doggie blog#7 fits Caseys grammatical errors exact.
    We would all like snoop doggie to return to tell us more information. How cold and heartless can a mother be to lose her child like a bag of trash.Worse yet not tell anyone. Casey Anthony needs to be imprisioned and the damn key thrown away. The laws need to be changed and if a person conveniently loses a child and will not talk. Lock her up no bail no key. Constitution! Well it states that all men are created equal. Where is the rights of Caylee Anthony she was also created equal and no justice for her just lie, deceptions, cover-ups and money hungry family that can not wait for a book deal. I say no one buy this book ever it is in vain of little Kaylee Marie Anthony. Reading it would be the same walking on Caylee’s lifeless little body. Boycott this book if they even try to deal in a book or movie. Boycot this witch. Let her feel the pain of not having her way. Let her suffer the way her daughter has suffered.Let her smiles turn to reality.
    comment by jacki


  12. the nancy grace show on tv on oct.17 2008 intervied a witness a man who seen casey anthoney in june 2008 at the airport around woods area, this person and his friend seen casey coming out of the woods carrying a shovel and a trash bag, putting it inthe trunk of a white pontiac car with a rubber bumper cover on it ,there was a well dressed up man with casey,this man the witnesses said seemed to be watching the road, watching for people and cars, while casey was coming out of the woods carrying a shovel, trash bag ,putting the items in her trunk of the car. bet yashe had just buired her child, and i would guess the man with her was her brother lee anthoney, the anthoney family is all lieing they knew the child was dead back in june2008, they didnt report it to the authorites till july15,2008,cause thy all had to have 31 days to make up a fake story, and to get all the publicity they could out of the story to make big money from interviews like abc news who offered to pay them one million dollars to talk, and a movie deal in tenn production outfit also offered a million dollars thats a discrace to make blood money out of a child life.

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