More Anthony saga…..

It is said that Casey Anthony has left Caylee at a park.  The Blanchard Park.  She has changed her story again.  I am sure this is, like the others, a tall tale.  Orange County investigators are examining bones found at the park.


A blogger has gone over to the Anthony house and took 2 bags of trash.  Not sure what she thinks she will find, but that is one of the stupidest thing I have heard.  Not sure what she thinks she is going to find, there have already been 2 search warrants for the house.  This is just a little over the top!  Guess people do anything to get on TV.  I am sure the media will link to her blog!



As for the protesters, it is time to move on.  They are not accomplishing anything.  Maybe they should go search instead.  But I think searching is a lost cause.  I really think that Casey needs to give it up.  She needs to start being truthful!  (Not sure the Anthony family knows what the truth is)  


The Anthony family really has brought this on, all by themselves.  People have no respect for them, and the lies just keep coming.  They have up-set the world with all of this, and it still keeps coming back to the fact that Casey doesn’t want to “help find CAYLEE”.  This is the saddest part of the whole thing.  She is worried about Caylee’s safety, so she says, but with all the commotion she has caused, does she think she hasn’t jeopardized Caylee already.  (If she is alive like Cindy says)



None of the Anthony family is out searching!  Why is this?  Why aren’t they out looking for Caylee?  I thought this whole thing was about Caylee! 


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  1. They aren’t out there searching for Caylee because they know the truth! They have from day 1 and I believe that they knew long before the reported her missing!

  2. I have been trying to figure out. I am not a sleuth or angry or anything like that, just a former Stay at Home Dad that now works out of his home and watches the news while working…

    My wife and I moved to a new neighborhood almost 2 years ago. Didn’t know anyone in the neighborhood. About a year ago we got 2 new dogs on tops of our twin 3yr olds at the time. They are now 4, anywho, There was a morning that I was upstairs and my girls were on the main level. I heard the screen door open and one of the girls yell that one of the dogs ran out. I ran downstairs to grab a leash and a treat to bribe the dog and noticed that the girls had run out as well.
    Instantly petrified I ran outside and looked down the strip of land that separated our house from the neighbor behind us. Nothing in site.

    Instantly, I starting calling for the girls, but no response. I aimlessy ran around looking for them, all the while calling their name, without regard to who might hear me. I was worried becasue the strip of land ended at a busy street on one side and a large forest preserve on the other lined with back yards on both sides of it. Behind us there was a large neighborhood that included a large park.

    What I am getting at is, that since none of my kids were responding to me, focused only on chasing the dog, And all of the possibilities of where they may have gone, I felt completely lost and helpless.

    Not knowing what to do, I just ran around all of the neighborhoods reaching out to whoever may have seen them and they all jumped in to help without reservation, or judgement that I could have made a big mistake.

    After about 20 minutes of sheer terror, I called the police and luckilym someone was calling in at the same time who had my girls and my dog safely outside their home about a block away.

    My point is, that I covered so much ground and alerted so many people in those 20 minutes or so, that there was no way my girls would not have been found, luckily by an honest neighbor. When I showed up at the woman’s house, I was beside myself in tears. I was questioned heavily as to what had happened, but I needed a moment to collect myself and figure out what had happened. I will never forget that day and will be forever grateful to that woman, but I also learned that I only acted on instinct, not any training that I may have received regarding stranger danger or neighborhood watch.

    When I hear about Casey “looking” for her daughter for a month by herself, there is nothing in my understanding that makes that possible simply because of the fact that no one else heard that she was looking except for a couple of supposed friends. I just cannot wrap around that as a possible true statement.

    Granted, my was an immediated situation, but looking back on it, if I had given her to a baby sitter to watch her, there would be a well known trail of outcry from my visits to any location frantically looking and begging for someone to help.

    Casey, just end this. Please. We all just want to help in any way we can. If that means protest, then fine, but we all just want to get that girl back. Bring security, with you, if you feel it is necessary, but let us walk beside you and retrace your steps and let everyone help you shout out to the world that you dare those who took her to prove that she is alive and help work something out.

    If you do not, no one can ever be on your side and you will have already lost anything that you desire, your freedom, your family, your mates, your friends, your daughter.

  3. Maybe she was hoping that Casey wrote her confession and then decided to throw it away.LOL
    I saw that she found one of Casey’s hats in the garbage.
    Wonder if it will end up on e-bay?
    Oh and the lady also found some rotten pizza in the trash…didn’t smell like a dead body tho
    Must have been a different kind of pizza than Casey had in the trunk.

  4. Well, Humble, I tend to agree, the trash lady IS over the top! I think this thing is just going to have to run its course. Everyone wants Caylee found & there is only one person who knows where she is & she’s certainly not talking. I know she must be reading the blogs & watching TV, so she knows what is going on out here in the real world, maybe she likes all the attention, good or bad,she was used to the world revolving around her it seems. She has destroyed her entire family, they have lost this beautiful, innocent little girl. The whole country is just waiting for something to break, we all know that there are some really crazy people out there! I know those people who are there to protest think they are helping, I thought so at first, maybe if she hadn’t gotten out of jail the first time, they might not have started all that, who knows, the thing is that there are innocent people who are having their lives turned upside down, I would hate to be a neighbor!! This whole thing is making everyone crazy & someone is really going to get hurt, George is losing it, can’t say as I blame him. Maybe its time to leave them alone & let the police handle things, I can’t believe Casey will go unpunished for whatever she did, we know she did steal, she did write the checks, SHE was the last person to see her child, & she has some explaining to do sooner or later, even if they never find Caylee.

  5. Anyone remember how Casey spoke to Lee about writing a “letter” the first time she was in jail? He asked if she had time to work on it and she said she didn’t get much free time but hoped to work on it soon. What the hell was that all about?? More cryptic talk with her brother or what?

    And I thought she wasn’t allowed any writing materials….

  6. As a mother, I can relate to not knowing where your child is. When my kids were younger, my daughter was missing because I had a miscommunication with my babysitter. In the end, she was fine, but I cannot describe the sheer panic that took over when I didn’t know where she was. I would have done anything to find her had she not been brought home to me safely.

    Also as a parent, you have to hope that your child knows between right and wrong when they reach adulthood. It’s pretty apparent when your child lies to you when they are young. The fact that Casey Anthony is an adult, and Cindy and George can’t tell that she is lying says alot about them as parents.

    Casey Anthony belongs in jail. Any mother who didn’t report her child’s disappearance is hiding something. This woman has lied so many times, she doesn’t know what the truth is. Why does she show no remorse, no concern?

    In some sick way, I think that Cindy, George, and Casey Anthony are actually enjoying the attention. If Cindy and George were good parents, they would get Casey to tell them the authorities the truth and stop this circus. People have given time and money to search for a little girl that they aren’t even looking for.

    Caley deserves to be brought home. If she is alive, the Anthony family doesn’t deserve her. She should go to a family that cares about her.

  7. Casey is a bipolar narcissist and to a narcissist sex and orgasm becomes so important that they will do anything to get rid of the person who is standing on their way of getting it, even their own child. I have no doubt that since Caylee was so attached to the grandmother, she started having tantrum and asking about her. Casey got crazy and killed her, probably started to bang the child’s head to the wall.

  8. This is disgusting!! We had the FEDS go in to the FDLS and we have people taken into custody for less evidence of murder than this..What is really going on Why isn’t the law puttin them thru hell on earth? Thats what they deserve for the mistreatment of this poor little baby girl!! Is that what they are allowing people to do if you don’t want to be a mother anymore do something with you child and act like your on a reality show and then everything is fine. This is a persons life that had no control of where she went and what happen to her just the trust and love she put into her mother. A mother that thought she can just throw her away like a piece of garbage and go be a slut with whoever she could sell a dream to. Once again I think whoever sends this Anthony family money is stupid, and it’s really sad to say but enough is enough. If they don’t care why should America. I been following the story from day one and now I am just disgusted. A 22 year old little girl thinks that she is SO important that she even has to LAW jumping thru her hoops. Everyone should just say a Rest In Peace Prayer and move on. It’s not giving up because no matter how much time goes by and Casey thinks this will go away NO it won’t and she will be facing MANY MANY people now or later when all the camera’s are gone She will have to face the music then. Thats what they need to do is put her in population in the Orange County Jail and let them girls have at her!! She won’t be so Big & Bad then, thats what I call a good Reality show there…haha. Peace & Love to Caylee forever:)

  9. This narrcistic b*tch needs to be shut down. I can appreciate all the media attention, people wanna know what’s going on. Why doesn’t the media/Nancy Grace do a 1 hour show on just Caylee? I’m sure the Anthony Family watches Nancy Grace. Maybe if they are inundated with a whole show dedicated to Caylee it might stike something at their inner core ( if they have one). Maybe someone will break down and start telling the truth. Caylee deserves so much more. These people are all sick and the whole family should be held accountable at this point. They know the truth.God Bless you Caylee!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Don’t you all get it! All everyone is doing in this
    is going to make a fortune of money for the rights to this
    mess..None of the press is helping…I really like Nancy
    but she needs to go to another subject and let the
    searches go on without this madness! What does it gain
    Casey Will never talk!…And if no one had put up all the
    bonds…her butt would still be in jail ….
    I feel sure caylee will be eventually found as Casey is
    just not that smart …Either way I see no reason for
    all this press..there are many other children and adults
    missing that are just as important..

    For my Money ( waterboarding ) fits just right in this case!

  11. Don’t you all get it! All everyone is doing in this
    is going to make a fortune of money for the rights to this
    mess..None of the press is helping…I really like Nancy
    but she needs to go to another subject and let the
    searches go on without this madness! What does it gain
    Casey Will never talk!…And if no one had put up all the
    bonds…her butt would still be in jail ….
    I feel sure caylee will be eventually found as Casey is
    just not that smart …Either way I see no reason for
    all this press..there are many other children and adults
    missing that are just as important..

  12. I have followed this from the beginning and this woman is so blatantly a sociopath and liar and murderer. Her parents are horrible too, taking a book request to make money. I read about them being very financially unstable and having to take all these loans out. I think this is ridiculas to have her wearing that shirt and being out of jail. It is so obvious and there is so much evidence! Why is she still out? I mean what are they doing behind the scenes? I think that maybe they are planning the right time and then the Sheriffs and Feds are going to pounce on her butt, when she least expects it.Hee, I can’t wait to see this spectacle. They did it to her once, they will do it again. She is fried!!

  13. i watch every day as does all of america and pray that dead or alive this child is found and in the same prayer i thank god for florida’s death penalty.i can’t understand why she is out of jail. i know that all the facts are not public knowledge but why is this taking so long, why has she not been in front of a judge for obstruction or false info. why would you allow someone who is not mentally stable to roam around with or with out a ankle device. why does she get a body guard caylee didn’t have one. how is this possible. if she was a from another country she would be considered a threat or terroist. what is wrong with this picture. she has not and will not tell the truth so why waste the money and energy on her. lock her up and since she likes to party let her go to prison with a bunch of women who would give anything just to see their kids and see if she is the life of that party!!!!! what would be the difference at this point if someone did beat her up. what good is she doing? if she is mental ( and she is ) the attention is what she wants any way. i would hate to be her family, first they have lost a grandchild and just as well lost a daughter. if she didn’t want the little girl all she had to do was drop her off at any mother’s house and they would have taken her. there is more to it than that. confused in TN.

  14. has she every been tested for drugs? or is stupid just her middle name. i think i would take this alot better if she had tested positive for acid or something. who and where is the girls father ? does anyone know? did casey ever know or was her life style how she got pregnant to begin with?

  15. I find this family unbelievable! Cindy Anthony doesn’t look as though she’s shed one tear for her grandchild. She’s out in her front yard chewing gum, pounding stakes. I have to say, if my grandchild was missing and the general public believed that my daughter had something to do with her disappearance I couldn’t show my face! The father is just angry. I have to say though….Casey is one tough cookie. She hasn’t broken her silence even under all this publicity and pressure. She’s obviously mentally ill, but she’s also highly intelligent. All in all, this family seems much too calm for all the chaos that is happening. And no one appears to be sad, no one in their family is looking for Caylee…’s just bizarre!

  16. I was wondering why the police haven’t gotten a sketch of the person who Casey said has Cayley. We know they believe she is dead, but why not make Casey describe who she says took Cayley. Also, are there any swamps near by with alligators? If so, Casey could have dumped her there and they would never find her body..

  17. WHY would Casey tell her parents Caylee was with a babysitter or nanny! You would have to have a JOB to need a nanny. It seems like there could be some type of mental intervention done on Casey Anthony but who would do it? The entire family is suffering from the same disorder. No one in the family lives in reality. The family SHOULD NOT PROFIT FROM THE ABUSE APPARENTLY AFFLICTED ON THIS CHILD BY HER MOTHER!

  18. They need to stop letting her go to her lawyers everyday. This is just her way of getting out of the house. No one needs to go to the lawyers everyday. Hell what free lawyer would see you everyday like that. Come on now. And a nanny she had no job why did she need a nanny.

  19. Why isn’t anyone asking how the hell this girl could afford a nanny? Of course the money she stole, maybe. I cant help but think that the reason the family is showing no sense of sadness, is because they all know something. As a mother I would have reported my child missing the minute I could not contact my sitter. I know my entire family would be out looking for my child. I am so angry that this young woman is not showing an ounce of anger or sadness in the event of her missing child. This is her child, her baby that she carried for nine months. What is wrong with her? If she did not want the responsibility of this child, why didn’t she leave her with the grandmother? I hope that this baby is found soon. Even though this little one is not mine, I sit anxiously to hear that she has been found.

  20. George, Cindy, Lee and Casey have had enough attention. Caylee is missing and not a tear shed by them. I only hope that one way or another, poor little Caylee is found.

  21. Comment by tajicat

    I think Nancy Grace will not move on due to the ratings I think there is so much interest in the case, hence us bloggers! This is great for CNN, when it fades from the public it will be dropped.

  22. I don’t know the Anthony’s but I know of them like a lot of us here and I dont like what is happening. She’s 3 years old. She deserved better! I hate this case and everything that seems to have been done to Caylee! Our entire country has fallen in love with beautiful Caylee. That has to piss Casey off even more. Actually, on the other hand Casey seemed to be very jealous of Caylee. Everything was about Casey before Caylee was born, then Caylee stole the show. Now that Caylee is gone everything is back to normal. Casey is the center of attention in the home again, especially since they can’t talk about Caylee’s where abouts. Caylee is gone now, but I can’t stop myself from watching the tv and searching the web for new news on the case. Basically to find out if the FBI evidence has come back, if they have found Caylee and if Casey is being arrested for murder. I’m kind of conficted on were I stand on whether it was an accident or not. If it were an accident why didn’t she call 911? If it were an accident why hasn’t she come out with it yet? Maybe it was in the pool or car? Maybe Casey drugged her or used the Chloroform to drug her so she could go out and party? If she did drug her and put her in the trunk, thats murder! Regardless of your intentions what do you think is going to happen if you drug someone and put them in the trunk?

    Anyway, the purpose why I wrote in this blog was to ask does anyone believe if Casey and Cindy’s personalities are similiar? Cindy seems to want to steal the show. She comes out of her house every couples of day when protesters parade in front to put up sign and tape. Why doesn’t she put them up first thing in the morning? Im sure no one is there at 6am, or she could wait until 11pm, but then again that is probably the only time her neighbors can have peace and quiet. George on the other hand needs to keep himself in the house, before something else happens. Cindy on the other hand seems to enjoy confrontation, maybe she is use to it having a daughter like Casey.

  23. Hi Karrie, I remember on one of Nancy Grace’s shows, she had an expert on there and said they are similar. I’ll see if I can find it and post it.

  24. I have been wondering since there are alot of swampy areas in Florida,could it be possible with all the flooding and alligators that they may never find little caylees body?Would an alligator consume a body that is already dead?Also,im a grandmother of a grandchild that has lived with me for ten years along with his mother,and let me tell you if i were in this situation believe me my daughter would be talking to me,or she wouldn’t be at my home,bond or no bond.She’d sit behind bars until she told me where my grandchild was.There is something wrong with the grandmother,and the grandfather being an ex cop,there’s no way he could possibly believe his daughter.Every parent knows their child,but doesn’t cover for them.Not in a case like this.The mother acts like the daughter.I would be hysterical and out searching every minute.It’s horrible.

  25. no no no , tenesseeeeeeeeeeeeeee person!! casey is NOT HIGHLY INTELLIGENT LOL!!! oh my gawd.. hahaaha puhleazzze..
    Casey may have finished high scool and thats about it..that is giving her too much credit in the straightworld. Look, shes a cokc hungry slut, who wants to be wanted, she isnt exactly top notch, Freinds and men were more important to her than anything.. She cares nothing of her daugyters dissappeaernce WHETHER SHE DID IT OR NOT. OK??? whether she did it or not!! damnit!! its that simple, she does not CARE!!! how hard is it.. forget the family cindy and george, ok? people deal with stuff differently… quit attacking them, if cindy was in on it, she wouldnt have even slipped and said that it smells like a dead body in the car in the FIRST place. Now maybe after all this blew up and she knows the truth without her daughter saying anything mind you, then she went into DENIAL on overdrive.. NOW_LET US not forget the fact that casey wont even stay at the house with her parents, only with her lawyer, who is the only person who is defending her, i am sure they have time alone in his office, with NONE OF HIS COLLEUGES in there with him.. he is definitely nailing her, they walk out of the office smiling, making fun of the whole situation, casey is a NYMPHO WHO THINKS SPREADING HER LEGS WILL GET HER THROUGH ANYTHING, SHE THINKS SHE HAS THE BOMB ASS PUSSY AND IT WILL GET HER THROUGH THIS LIKE A SLICE OF PIE.. she can get any man on her side with a smile and a wink and a spread of her ol white legs.. ugh

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