Nate the Ex-room mate on Nancy Grace

“Nate”, the Ex-roommate, says that Casey would cook dinner and wash clothes for these guys, while Caylee was missing.  Casey didn’t act any different.  IT is said that the guys thought it wouldn’t be good for Caylee to spend the night, so Casey left her with the Nanny for the night and Casey would sleep at the house.  So here is a question:  Where was Caylee really spending the night when Casey was sleeping with the boyfriend?  Anyways, Amy showed up at the door, they apparently talked outside, then came Cindy Anthony.  Casey told Cindy she was not going to leave.  Cindy was upset. 

Casey use to watch Dora and the pink panther with Nate.  He said she could count to 45 in Spanish.  He also said that her favorite phrase was “wha up dude”.  Nate said that Caylee was a smart little girl.  He also said that he never met the nanny, saw the nanny, and has no idea if the nanny ever called her. 

Nate and Tony’s apartment has been searched, twice.  The first time to see if Caylee was there and the second time is unknown.  I also heard there is 1.5 million pay-per view.  Yea, that is what I DON’T need to watch.   

Padilla said that Cindy treats Casey with a pair of kids gloves and George walks circles around her.  I say throw her to the wolves.  There is also going to be a website asking for donations to CASEY’s defense fund.  I thought this was about Caylee not Casey.  I hope no one gives them any money.  Casey deserves to sit and rot in jail!

I am really tired of all the smiles these people have!  Now the attorney walks out, Casey following wearing some goofy white glass’, and the @ss attorney has this BIG smile on his face.  I honestly think that they think that they are going to get Casey off.  I so hope that murder charges are in the process.

Smiles and a CLOWN!

Here is the Transcript for the show:  Nancy Grace


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  1. well, we know who is gonna benefit from a “defense fund” dont’ we….yep, the lawyer! and i wonder how much he charges by the hour for his services…probably 200-500 bucks…no wonder cindy and george are acting wacko…guess they will wake up and beg for coffee with the rest of the florida homeless the day they accept the truth about their problem child and the ruin she is leading them to.

  2. Very polite young man, a good clear speaker also. One thing he said that I found very interesting, he said he and Tony didn’t feel it would be appropriate for Caylee to be staying nights (not his exact words). Was this the unwitting catalyst to Caylee’s demise?????

  3. How could she have pulled this off? You know they going to plead insanity! I just can’t understand how she does it,she seemed so “normal” to these people, she fooled everyone! I can understand her parents not wanting to believe that she could hurt Caylee, but too many lies have been told! As for donations for a defense fund, I can’t take anymore, maybe to fund the search for Caylee, but why would anyone want to contribute money to help defend her? She is going to destroy her family, she is taking everything that matters from them, especially their precious grand daughter! This just gets sadder & crazier with each day, too much time has passed. I just hope this thing is about to break wide open, the police were searching another area today, something to do with the pings from the cell phone.As for a movie & book deal, who cares, we have already seen it!

  4. Re.Jo I’m sure that had a lot to do with whatever happened to Caylee,Casey had to be with Tony and he probably didn’t want a child around when it was his time,he probably wasn’t used to having children around.She wasn’t going to let her mother have her,plus Cindy would not have let Casey stay with Tony,you see she went after her regardless of what she has said I don’t think she would leave Casey leave her they have a co-dependency problem.
    They are going to have to find someway to pay these attorneys,and Baez,how many clients can he have if he has to be with Casey 6hrs a day? He is looking for the big deal also,that’s why he has that s–t eating grin on his face!!!

  5. Casey Anthony created a myspace page almost two years before her daughter Caylee went missing, which was 10/23/06.
    Then, click on (View All Blog Entries) new page will open up.
    Look to the left and you will see when the page was created.
    When you create a page, you can edit and make changes on your profile as often as you like. Though, you cannot change the URL name.
    I guess she was bearing with that thought for some time.
    Otherwise, why a parent would create a page saying her/his babe is missing two years before it actually happened?
    I only pray that her passing was quick and she suffered no pain.

  6. What is wrong with the parents? I have never seen such denial. If she was my child, I would pray for her soul…right after I ratted her out!!! They are all guilty if you ask me.

  7. Well you remember the loving mom Susan Smith? Her love interest didn’t want to be tied down to kids…so she got rid of them. And all accounts were that she really loved her kids. Till they got in the way of a guy.

    Yes Casey probably figured she could ‘kill’ (sorry) a few birds with one container of chloroform. Hurt her mother, party hearty and sleep around without paying for a sitter…and also she figured she would gain the sympathy of her friends and family for the loss of her child by that evil witch Zenaida.

    She knew her days of using her family were over, and she was running out of friends to steal from, and this boyfriend was likely not willing to support her AND Caylee…and so it goes. She couldn’t just ‘leave Caylee with the sitter and her parents forever’ in order to continue to mooch off the boyfriend without looking like a bad mother. Thank god for Zenaida…she really saved the day for Casey. Yuck.

    Did anyone see the CNN blurb following Nancy Grace tonight about the woman who left her dead toddler in her car trunk for months?

    So yes, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony, moms DO hurt their children, kill their children and store their bodies in the trunk of their car.

    I fear this new news will bode very, very badly for Casey when it’s time to select a jury.

    And since they won’t be able to find anyone who doesn’t know about this case, I bet those that are selected will lie about it in order to serve and convict her.

    Just like the problem they are having getting a jury for O.J.’s new trial.

    You just know that there are people being screened who want to see O.J. pay and will lie about their feelings on that to get on the jury and let him have it.

  8. I wish Nancy Grace would have asked Nate “did Casey mention the name of the nanny”. If she told him Zenaida or Zani as this might give some timelime. I do not think she made up the name prior to the date she went missing. I think she made the story up the day of. So it may give a good clue.

  9. Is there anyone out there who can build a website to donate for the Casey prosecution fund? Maybe, we as the public can donate to the State’s Attorney’s office to contract out the best criminal prosecution from around the country to stop this madness and get her convicted. I believe that if one is convicted they cannot directly benefit from the sale of anything regarding the crime that they were convicted of. I could be wrong, but it would be worth it to me to at least ensure that she never sets foot out of prison to use any of the money she may receive for selling her story. If they do get money anyway, hopefully the Anthony family can use it to pack up and leave town.

  10. Marcia, very observant but actually, I think that date represents the date that the user created their profile and signed up for Myspace. I am not 100% sure but I believe that you can change the name and title of your page whever you choose, or at least they could contact Myspace and ask them if they could channge it. Knowing the enormity of the case, I’m sure they would’ve allowed a name change.

    Boy wouldn’t that be a huge finding if that were, in fact the case, talk about a smoking gun/slam dunk case.

  11. I have followed this story since the beginning. One of the things I am having difficulty with is why is everyone going after the Anthony family? During this whole ordeal, they have done the best they can. I just don’t understand why people will not leave them alone. I believe they are suffering in ways that none of us can imagine without all the hassle from the media and the public. I just wish people would stop and try and understand with everything they are dealing with. My heart goes out to them in more ways than one.

  12. WAKE UP!!! The Casey Defense Fund goes right in her attorneys pocket. Also, have you notice he sold ad space on his umbrella to Lexus Photographs for his famous perp walk. He now has an advertising sign on his Mustangs drivers door. He’s all about the money and face time on TV. Hey, he’s a defense lawyer.
    For some great photos of Casey check out freeweb dot com / equalizeyou. The real Anthony comes out.

  13. until all involved start speaking ‘TRUTH’ I refuse to be any part of there self inflicted drama by lowering myself to there level of madness by even giving them one red cent.The circle of lies is about to be trapped in the investigators putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together-‘you aint seen nothin yet’-our justice system will work,they are dotting every i and crossing every t…NO-ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW!!!!!

  14. Casey Anthony is a textbook sociopath – and her mother and father textbook enablers. They will find poor Caylee’s body eventually and the forensics will convict her. Even if diagnosed with sociopathy – it will not be a good enough defense – Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer, I believe, were sociopaths and convicted as well. Her parents, while probably not guilty of murdering the child, are, in my opinion, very guilty of being accessories. Unless they are really just that stupid – who knows.

    J. Garrett – Baez is working pro bono (free)obviously for the return in business down the road if he can pull this one off (good luck!). And Baez did not sell ad space on his umbrella. I have an umbrella with the Lexis/Nexis logos – its a legal search site – they give out promotional umbrellas, pens, carry-alls, etc. I even have a bottle of hot sauce with their logo.

  15. tony the fony. young leo with a big head. sorry tony youre a lier and we cant trust you . you are terminated. thank god one less crooked cop in the system.look into his past of party buds and youll find out coke dealers.was a big boy with his gun on his hip now caseys come along to make a slip.this boys gone down a few more left in town.coke dealers dont like to be found and caseys going to slip caley will be found.a coke dealer put the money up for casey to bond out .thats why they stayed behind the seen.



  18. I watched that interview. And when the young man mentioned that Caylee didn’t stay there at their appartment, because they had so many people going in and out… That right there made me think that’s what caused this little girl to become ‘missing’…. Casey wanted to party and hangout. Here’s my thought…. Casey wanted to stay at this apartment and party, the guy’s didn’t feel it was a place for a child to be. So, Casey probaly used the cholroform to ‘pass’ her child out, and then place her in the trunk of her car, then claim that Caylee was with the ‘nanny’… then the child either died as a result of the cholroform, or heat from being in the trunk of a locked hot car.

    I could be wrong, but that’s excatly what came to my mind as soon as her room mate mentioned that they didn’t feel the apartment was a place for a child to be at.

  19. S1977 I think you may be right, I thought the same thing,but would she put her in the trink to sleep? Maybe she left the lid ajar some way and it either didn’t work or she took in to much.She could have been doing it for awhile who knows? Such a sad sad story,I wish they would find her either way and put an end to this part of it,that baby deserves to be found.

  20. how in the world can these people sleep…eat….be so calm?i wish they would throw each one in a cell and im sure some one would talk then. this casey b*tch is just like scott petersen. except he killed his wife and unborn child. i just cannot understand whe they cant make her talk.

  21. Hell yes they should,they’ve created the mess,they’ve cause funds to be spent while knowing good and damn well she wasn’t alive,they wanted the public to send commissary money??? LMAO. So casey could buy food in jail?
    How stupid can a person be,they knew full well they were keeping the live’ search going just to get donations,the searchers spent their blood ,sweat,guts,tears and legwork searching while the so called?? gp’s sat under an umbrella with their arms out taking donations,drove a billboard around in an air conditioned vehicle,casey sat on her bed on her computer and every single time the cops had a lead Caylee wasn’t with us anymore,right that second they’d start again,oh we got a call,we got a pic,oh we got 50 tips this week……..yea right,they knew if they admitted she weren’t alive the money would stop,I don’t know how they can sleep at night,
    I hope cindy or that whore reads these because I’d like to tell cindy that she said on her myspace,”this little girl gave me unconditional love???? “You damn straight she did,because she loved you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now where the hell is your unconditional love to her,I’ll tell ya where it is,it’s in your actions.”Caylee sweety,gramma loves you unconditionally and if your mom ever kills you because you’re an inconvenience i’m sorry but I’ll have to love her unconditionally first….Sorry!!
    Another is cindy said Caylee was attached to her more than b*tch and I am sure she was,why cindy? Because she felt safe with you,protected…..boy she sure misjudged that didn’t she,you wont even let her be found before frigging animals and everything in this damn world eat and decay that beautiful little angel you never deserved to have for one second,thats why God took her back too,because you didnt appreciate the gift he gave you,none of you did and i pray the hell has only just begun for you 3. But Thank God,Caylee is with her REAL FATHER NOW,and it’s not one you all chose ,feeling safe and protected,happy,He will never forsake her like you all have since day one,she is the lucky one.
    You know some people would support you guys a little more if you had ever told the truth,ever!! And what you should have done is tell that whore you raised that with all this mounding evidence and she is the last one who saw her…….you dumbass,what part of that don’t you understand??
    You should’ve said casey,theres to much evidence and all you have done is lied and you’re on your own till you prove to me,you did nothing!!!
    and then if you wanted to support that trash later,fine,i don’t have to live with ya’s but you owe it to a 2yr old at the time to be honest and not to hate everybody who ran to you helping,when you asked??? for help!
    REMEMBER cindy,when the story broke you said on live tv,2 yr old goes missing, and FAMILY says MOM IS A HABITUAL LIAR,hell we didn’t know the trash from Adam but you told us she lied and when
    we didn’t believe her you turn it on the very people who would help,if casey got off today,sold her rights for a movie,whatever,you are a damn fool to think you will ever see her again!
    Thank God,i know i am a good descent loving Grandma,you should have tried it!!!
    Even if lee ever gives ya a grandchild he may trust ya,the mother sure as hell won’t.
    P.s If you sell movie rights or whatever you’re expecting,do me a favor,nutor that b*tch..i am saying,burn,clip,tie,remove,fill with cememnt whatever you gotta do because we all know shes like a door knob,everybody gets a turn!!You should all hang your heads in shame and embrassment,we always wondered where the extended family of you guys were,at first i just assumed casey lied about the address and they couldn’t find ya,they should be so lucky,but now we understand totally!

  22. Sure,and it’s a shame she put Caylee,a baby in the position
    of having to sleep on strangers couches,and while the music was to loud to hear Caylee if she did need HER MOTHER or a molester was with her??
    And kept her awake,but not to worry,the pot smoke knocked her back out,makes me so angry,george and cindy said once,all her friends called her mom because she was a good mom and told them not to do drugs……..ROFLMSAO!!!!!!!!!
    Tell that story to a mule gp’s and you’ll get your brains kicked out!!
    Oh did you say friend’s…….What friend’s!!!!!
    Oh yea the ones who casey robbed!!!!!!! and used!!!!
    Sorry hunny,but they were actually CAYLEES FRIENDS!!!!!!!!
    Cindy dont even understand that casey got the tattoo for cindy,to drive her the rest of the way over the edge,If possible??when she had to see it,it wasnt for Caylee….We all know who casey thinks is beautiful!!! C-A-S-E-Y!!!
    Lemme ask ya granny,where would you be and what would you be doing this very second if all this hadn’t happened??
    I Know,you’d be telling everyone she lies,shes a bad MUTHER?? I refuse to call her a mother,shes a psycho,she’s a thief and you’d be fighting for custody,right?? right!!
    So the shames on you!!! casey has destroyed your alls complete life single handedly,and you’re begging for more,go for it!!!!!!!!WGAF?? NOW??
    You wanted casey arrested for theft of your car and money,but not for killing your grandchild?? Good one!! You should be so proud and i’m sure you are!

  23. Andra,
    The best they can,how did you convince yourself of that one?? The best would be by telling the truth,and finding Caylees body!!!!!!
    But i won’t argue with ya about it,sometimes peoples minds

  24. MadasheckDad,
    sounds good to me too,I will love it to that she will be rich but can’t use anything in prison of that caliber,all she can do is dream,like Caylee did when she dreamed of having a decent mother!!

  25. OMG Marcia,is that true???
    jave you emailed that in or anything,i saw a post like that before but it didnt register in this ole brain of mine!

  26. i cannot understand how this is happening,this is like a three ring circus. isnt there something the police can do to make this b*tch talk? how about sodium penethal or the new meds they have’re not under but just enough for some one to talk and ask questions.some one should slap her around till she talks. something…….i hope caylee is still alive then cindy have custody and casey can whore around as much as she can,

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