Cindy and George Victims?

There is alot of talk about Cindy and George being victims in this case.  I honestly do believe they are victims and they are vicitms of their own daughters actions.  None of this would be going on if their daughter had come forward the day Caylee was so called missing. 

They are not out there looking for Caylee, they want everyone else to do it.  They want to sit home and enjoy the media attention they are getting.

I do think it is funny there is a video out there with Cindy saying to the media “If you had done your job right, and got Caylee’s picture out there…..”  I guess she is the last one to talk about doing a job right.  From what I can see, a good spanking would have helped out Casey!

To make this clear, I have no sympathy for these people.  At the beginning I did, but not anymore. 


25 thoughts on “Cindy and George Victims?

  1. I think Casey should have had therapy and medication years ago. There is no doubt in my mind that she absolutely has been running her parents nuts for years!

  2. Cindy and George are certainly out to protect Casey at all costs even if that means lying to the police and removing evidence from the trunk that smelled like a dead body!

    Both Cindy and George lied to the police in a sworn statement about the date that they last saw Caylee alive (they said June 8th and 9th in order to match the date that Casey gave to the police), when through the investigation it was proved that Cindy saw Caylee on June 15th and George saw Caylee on June 16th. I wonder why they lied in their original sworn statements??? George knew that the car trunk smelled like a dead body when he opened the trunk at the tow yard yet he still allowed a bag that was in the trunk to be thrown away over the fence. He was a former police officer and should have known to call the police immediately when he was at the tow yard, before they had the opportunity to take the car home and clean it up! They are trying to protect their daughter and they know she did it if they thought that someone else could have possibly killed Caylee would they be trying to cover up the evidence or lie to the police?

    They are in denial alright, denial that they could possibly get caught lying to the police. Because they are trying to cover up for their daughter which apparently they have been doing all of her life they are now committing crimes themselves and could be charged for obstructing justice. They are now believing their own lies and cover ups, maybe the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in this family.

  3. the hole family should take a lie detector test. sorry george you got cought with your pants off. i dont blame for cheating on your wife, but you should all be out looking for your babie. how do you all sleep at night. sorry to tell you when my grandbaby passed i couldnt sleep until we had a descent funeral and he was only alive 20 think you all will get by with this but you will one day face god and he knows all. because he says suffer until me little children

  4. Casey has always been this way. If you read the My Space post that Cindy had on her page she laid it all out, she talked about the lying, & stealing, apparently this kind of thing has always gone on. Then when Caylee came along, she had even more leverage. They couldn’t control Casey before Caylee was gone & they can’t now, Casey is still running the show. Yes, George & Cindy are victims of their own daughter.

  5. Hazel, George didn’t cheat on Cindy. That was a lie Casey told. Casey told people that her dad cheated on her mom and they were splitting up…and she had $ 15,000 and was going to buy their house. She didn’t have 15,000, her parents were not splitting up, and there was no house deal between her and her parents.

    Just another one of Casey’s many lies.

  6. I refuse to allow some ambulance chasin’ lawyer to TRY to manipulate my thought process.

    Cindy and George are victims??? Yep… of their daughter.
    But ya know what — that’s the way they want it.

    They are NOT victims of a “kidnappers” nor “society”.

    I am totally convinced that they ARE the dumbest family in America ‘PERIOD’

  7. YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!!! They would not be in this mess if they didn’t constantly support and enable Casey’s lies. Really if they hadn’t believed everything like having a job and a nanny, I believe Caylee would be alive. A nurse last night said to me at work, don’t you really think Cindy is just angry with herself and projecting it? Could be but she continues to lash out at the media, detectives and public. She should get off her a#$ and look for the child in Texas, Puerto Rico like she says Caylee is.

  8. George and Cindy are no more a victim in all of this than Casey is! They are guilty of lying, tampering with evidence and covering up as much as they can. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to read the documents and count the lies that everyone of them have told.
    My 16 year old wonders why a “nanny” that has supposedly been watching Caylee since she was a baby would wait until Caylee is old enough to talk to kidnap her, wouldn;t she have taken her when she was a baby before she could talk?
    That lawyer for Cindy and George is a joke! Does he really think that people are stupid enough to believe all the lies? Nope NO sympathy for any of the Anthony’s from me.

  9. I’m sick and tired and so sad about this poor little girl. If her parents new about all of her lies and how mixed up she is why did’nt they babysit her child or take her away from her. And a nanny thats what rich people call them. We poor people call them babysitters.
    I’m a Mother myself and my daughter ran away at 13 she is now 32 with 3 girls marriad of her own. I could not work I called people every 5 min not remembering that I just called them. When I was not oput looking for her I was on the phone, You do not sllep you do not eat all you do is look. I did find her well police did I thank God everyday. She is a wonderful nurse and Mom too.
    I would beat the s**t out of her until she told me the truth, And I would not be in my front yard all the time. Stay in the house because I think you l;ike all the publicity!!
    As the smell if dad was a cop oh she might of run over something ya cop uh! Well my eyes would look like the crying that I did once. I couild of washed the White House floors 20 times over.
    I do not believe any of this and when Caylee is found what then. Ms CAsey you I hope rots in jail.
    And a movie you all should be ashamed if you do any thing like that.
    Take all lie tetectors and settle this. But I huess you don’t care too much uh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Let me get this out first, I think Casey is guilty of a heinous crime, and of lying. She appears to be sociopath and has no guilt and no compassion for her family. With that said I do feel compassion for her parents as I think, they think, Caylee is alive. Maybe they are in denial right now but it does no good to crucify them. Or tell them to physically beat the truth out of Casey. Next I will hear how to do so maybe pull out her fingernails, drive spikes through her hands.

    There is a lot of selective memory going on here in the blogs. Or you are not reading the facts in the reports from the police that are published. As to the date, that the family thought they last saw Caylee this was not done on purpose. The time line was NEVER debated by the family nor covered up by them. There is nothing sinister in forgetting the date it was an honest mistake.

    The reason Cindy and George are not out hunting in bushes is due to the fact that they think Caylee is alive. This has been published many times. If they went out hunting in bushes you all would all be a saying, “There you go, they admit it, they are hunting for a dead body, and they know the truth else they would not be looking”. It is a no win situation for them. They believe that Caylee could still be alive and want to search for a live body not a dead one. They have stated this many times – please re-visit the videos it is spoken by Cindy.

    This witch-hunt on the parents is pathetic they are grieving please give them compassion. Nancy Grace has had a show on Caylee every day since the first 911 calls. She expressed distaste for the protesters earlier on. These protests are now generating great fodder and give great ratings. Like the interview with like the senior that is going to sue the Anthony’s. You talk about the Anthony’s trying to make money; well this woman was the first one to jump on the bandwagon! The Anthony’s are getting offers there are no substantiated reports that they have taken them.

    There are many observations in this blog about the protests.

    If a SPANKING would have prevented this from happening I may change my beliefs for corporal punishment and start beating my children. What is the most obvious to me that some of your parents needed to give some of you an education about compassion and a sense of what humanity is? I feel sorry that you were not innately born with this character.

  11. cindy stop holding on to your daughter. she’s gone whatever you hoped her to be as a person is not there and never will be. what you know she has done is hurt that beautiful baby you love more than life, make her accountable for her actions caylee deserves that from you. let go of casey to bring caylees love home. smile everytime you close your eyes and see her face or hear her little giggle. I’m a gamma of a 3yr old grandson who is my lil angel baby who I can’t let out of my sight ever, so to think he could just vanish bc of my daughter is unimaginable but I know I would never rest til that baby was in my arms again. make casey talk cut her off let her deal with what she’s done she robbed that baby of being loved to spite you so stop thinking you owe her bc she’s your child she’s an adult and made her bed now let her “lie” in it.

  12. Patricia no one is saying you need to beat your children, if that is what you are interrupting. A little chastising of the child never killed them! And remember never spank your child when you are angry.

  13. Hello humbleopinion:

    Thank you for the blogsite this is the first one I have been to. My friend told me about it.

    My point is that Casey expresses sociopath behaviour. Most people agree on it. Spankings would have not cured her would only have contributed to this disorder.

    I note that you have a weblink to make up a poll. Can anyone make a poll on this site? My friend wanted to make one up regarding protests: Many people think it is great, many think it is wrong. Can one be made up?
    with thanks

  14. Hi Patricia! I was just saying that when she was younger a spanking would not have hurt. And yes, she does have a sociopath behavior. I have been caught a few times not saying exactly what I mean, and changing the verbiage. This time I didn’t change it. I will email you privately about the poll. I will gladly add it for your friend.

  15. This is a good example of parents needing “parenting classes” when raising their daughter. Casey’s parents are covering up out of GUILT. They were poor examples and raised an evil daughter. Plain and simple. Hard to admit and to face, I am sure.
    Like mother, like daughter. Casey lived what she learned.

    Like the Peterson case, Casey wanted to be “the baby”. The one getting the attention. She eliminated the one thing holding her back.

    Every dog has their day and Casey will have hers. I believe she will be convicted and Caylee’s body will be found.

  16. I follow this case almost daily in St. Louis, with many sad emotions…for Caylee, for Cindy & George, and brother Lee. This is a typical example of a form of mental illness that simply “falls through the cracks” in our health care system because it does not reach such visible proportions until the public becomes aware after an illegal event occurs. Most of the time medication does nothing, even at a younger age. Many times the behavior is so below the radar that the family enables it to the breaking point. Our health care system has little long term (paid for) support for the family. It is difficult to “feel” sorry for the Anthony family, in a sense, because they are THERE. but time and “got used to it” have made objectivity almost impossible. May all of us who can. be more aware of situations in which each of us can make a difference, i.e., voting on health issues, support for young parents, education, volunteering, etc. Maybe in a small way WE can make a difference in soomeone.s life. My prayers are with the Anthony family, the Police Dept, and the Attorneys who are guiding this case.

  17. If I were George or Cindy, I’d be sleepin with one eye open. This girl is completely nuts and conscience free. She’s all about the “glory” and press now. Look out folks.

    Scares me and I ain’t afraid of nothin……

  18. George and Cindy are victims by there own doing,they have handled this poorly from the start.When asked to take a LDtest by the FBI at first they said yes and Lee told them not to.Had they done so they could have cleared up a lot of things,and by the way if George is former Cop why did Lee have to give advice?Another reason I don’t believe he was ever in law enforcement,he hasn’t done one thing in all of this like a cop would have done.I have a few family members that are on a police dept. and a few retired and they find George’s actions very odd for a former cop.They need to stay away from the spot light and SHUT-UP.Try to ignor what is happening around you and concentrate on doing what is best in finding Caylee,it’s about her not the two of you.Try for once to co-operate with the police.I don’t understand why Cindy calls the police when she wants to threaten Casey,like on the stolen car the stolen money,the call to report Caylee missing then she turns on them and will not help,instead she SIDES wiyh Casey and it’s now the fault of everyone but her daughters.CASEY HOLDS THE KEY!!!She is never going to talk it is not in her best interest to do so and her kind loves and needs the attention,and everyone is feeding into it.Check the Brit.S.shades!!!We all have opinions on this and discuss it but I doubt the Anthony’s read any of it we just get the chance to vent It is such an unusual case,even seasoned attorney’s say they have not seen anything like this and it is bringing all the cockroaches out of the woodwork,all looking for their 15mins.of fame,attorney’s bounty hunters,PR.firms protesters,yes they may be victims but the real VICTIM is lost in all this crap.MAY GOD BLESS CAYLEE.

  19. The Anthonys were not only well within their rights, but wise to seek such an imminently qualified attorney to represent them. They’ve been accused, not by the investigators who know better, but by too many people (as evidenced by some of the posts here) of everything from a cover-up to actual complicity. And let’s not forget that George has been accused of assault.

    They are guilty ONLY of desperately needing to believe, in spite of all reason or logic, that their precious granddaughter might one day be found alive.

    Remember, Cindy is the one who refused to give Casey another day to produce Caylee; Cindy is the one who forced Casey to talk to the police and report the child missing; Cindy is the one who, during a jail phone call, flatly accused Casey of lying.

    Cindy, George and Lee do not know what happened to Caylee any more than we do. Do they believe very much of what Casey is telling them? Of course not; they’re the ones who are the most familiar with her web of lies because they’ve had to second guess her since she was old enough to manipulate her environment and everyone in it.

    The only “crime” committed by Cindy’s familiy is that they’re not ready to accept the loss of this beautiful child. I don’t know that I’d have done anything differently if I were in their place. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I would walk through hellfire to dance with the devil if there were a shred of hope that my baby would come home to me. I have a granddaughter who is my world. If something were to happen to her, you may as well dig her grave a little deeper to make enough room for me.

    Rest in peace, sweet Caylee.

  20. MR PUT DOWN THE PIPE! You are way too high in the clouds. You bring home a car that you says smells like a dead body. You’ve talked to your daughter but not your granddaughter for over a month. So she is the only possible rotting corpse to stink up the car. So the last thing you do before turning the car over to the police is take a laundry break before you start looking for Caylee(remove Casey’s pants with corpse bits and corpse stench from wrestling a rotting corpse in and out of the trunk and wash them)? Why not remove a dirty knife from the car and run it through the dishwasher too? They were pretty certain Caylee was dead and started destroying the evidence in a murder case before they did anything. G&C need to get the chair as conspiritors after the fact and obstruction of justice. Otherwise they are going to continue to cash in ala their 20/20/ABC/Disney winfall.

  21. P.S.- The Skankthonys have a long history of covering up Caseys felonious criminal behavior. Theft and bank fraud against the elder parents of Cindy. Cindy talked them out of prosecuting Casey. Caseys stealing of money and unauthorized use of credit cards from G&C never prosecuted. They created Casey the monster by conditioning her to think she was above consequences.
    I don’t want to hear any whining crap about Casey being a great mother who would never hurt her daughter. Several of her friends stated that Casey loved booze and Casey could be Violent & Mean when loaded.

  22. Hello Mr

    I am in total agreement with you. The lack of humanity and compasion is for Cindy, George and Lee is lacking.

    There are many that think because of what Casey is presumed to have done it is okay to be evil to the parents. This does not qualify her family to be treated poorly and called baby killers.

    I have read in some blogs nothing but rubbish. About Lee being the dad of Caylee, the parents are in on it, and the comments about how ugly (physically) Casey is. She is a nice looking lady I think some people call her down due to her attractive looks.

    George and Cindy are hoping that Caylee is alive and I hope they find her. They are victims in this. I feel more compassion each day for them.

    If anyone doubts the love for this child please look at the videos of George and Cindy with her you may change your mind.

  23. I remember seeing on TV Cindy showing Greta Van Susteren Caylee’s bedroom which was filled with Toys ,stuffed animals etc. My first thought was that the Grandparents loved little Caylee.

    Then , I am thinking that ,for some people ,its all about ‘show’ and ‘appearances’.”I made this for Caylee, I Bought Caylee this ,etc”. Have you ever met someone who ,when in front of others puts on an act so that others will say “Wow ,what a wonderful person !”…But that same so called wonderful person will go home and treat their own family like dirt.? Or, stand by another person for all the wrong reasons ?

    I don’t get it …Cindy LOVED Caylee soooo much, but allowed Casey to get away with murder,lie , cheat and steal,because she thought her own daughter Casey was above discipline ??? I thought TRUE love ALSO disciplines ? ???? You kid can get away with all that Casey has unless she has been ALLOWED to. Other parents can control their kids and don’t have even a fraction of the problems that the Grandparents have had with Casey. Why can Cindy and George LOVE Caylee but never could love and control Casey ? Hmmmmm…..

    I am not saying that the Grandparents didn’t love Caylee. BUT, I do think that NOW they do know more about whats going on …and to stand by their sociopathic daughter is so distasteful ,low class ,and a slap in the face to their possibly deceased Granddaughter.Thats not showing LOVE towards Caylee….

    Cindy was ready to have her daughter arrested for STEALING and was also about to go to court to get custody of Caylee. People forget that.

    Having said that…how much of a victim can you be if YOU CONTINUALLY ALLOW SOMEONE TO BULLY AND ABUSE YOU ? If the Grandparents ALLOWED Casey over the years to steal from them , Lie,manipulate them …WHOSE FAULT IS IT ? Casey’s behavior doesn’t manifest itself over night . WHO AGAIN IS THE VICTIM? You cannot play the “victim card” forever. The grandparents are victims ONLY because THEY ALLOWED THEMSELVES TO BE. So, again, whose fault is it ????

    I have said before and will say again..Casey is a Phyically nice looking young woman…but sadly her beauty doesn’t extend to her soul. She is not beautiful on the inside at all. Just look at all her smirking and grinning she’s doing while her daughter is missing…The more you look at Casey and the more you hear about what shes really like and what her OWN FAMILY says about her…her physical attributes are rapidly disinergrating. She has made herself …UGLY.

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