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Does anyone remember when Casey had the conversation with 911 and reported her car stolen, child missing and who had her?   


Here is the blurb: 


911: OK, did you guys call and report a vehicle stolen?
CASEY: Yes, my mom did.
911: OK. So is it a vehicle stolen, too?
CASEY: No, this was my vehicle.
911: What vehicle was stolen?
CASEY: It’s a 1998 Pontiac Sunfire.
911: OK. I have deputies on the way to you right now for that. But now your 3-year-old daughter is missing, Caylee Anthony.
CASEY: Yes, Caylee Marie Anthony.
911: White female.
CASEY: Yes, white female.
911: Three years old, 8/9/2005 is her date of birth?

911: Can you tell me a little bit what’s going on?
CASEY: My daughter’s been missing for the last 31 days.
911: And you know who has her?
CASEY: I know who has her. I’ve tried to contact her. I actually received a phone call today now from a number that is no longer in service. I did get to speak to my daughter for about a moment, about a minute.
911: And you last saw her a month ago?
CASEY: Thirty-one days. Thirty-one days.
911: Who has her? Do you have a name?
CASEY: Her name is Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez.
911: Who is that, the baby-sitter?
CASEY: She’s been my nanny for about a year-and-a-half, almost two years.



So she claims her car is stolen, her baby is missing and Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez has her.  We heard that her car wasn’t stolen, according to the EX-boyfriend, there is no Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, and the air samples show a dead body was in the trunk.

What a great cover-up she had, but seems to be falling apart.


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  1. This is facinating. Cindy tells the operator that her child Casey has been missing for 31 days.

    Why in the hell did she not report her missing?
    The car missing?

    Will see if I can find your answer humbleO.

    Here is something to chew on in the meantime.

    I think Cindy has a lot on her plate and is in denial due to the greif. If I was her I would feel guilt and I think she does as she cares deeply for Caylee. Would things be different if she had called the police when Casey first went missing, reported the car missing. From all what I have read I have never seen this question posed to Cindy “why did you not call the police”. As both Casey and Caylee were missing at the same time.

  2. Yes,I feel that their is some peice’s of the story missing from the Cindy’s side. I frist believed that she was helping cover the death of Caylee up now that more about the weekend before Casey & Caylee went missing it seems to me that after Casey just up & left after the arguement that Cindy would have reported Caylee & Casey missing.Due to the fact she had been the soul provider for Caylee since she was born.As a parent I would think that the guilt that Cindy is feeling now along with the stress of having Casey in the house,knowing that she knows more than she’s telling & now all the evidence is starting to shed the light on all of Casey’s lies is just crazy.I don’t think I could have a child of mine in the house with me in a case like this,knowing that i am putting all effort in finding my grandchild & your just walking around like nothing ever happened even seeming happy it could not be me!!!!

  3. Hi Patricia, from what I hear and see, Cindy is in denial. And I feel for her, but she does need a reality check. I am unsure if things would be different if she had reported Casey missing, Casey is 22 years old, things might be different if she would have answered Casey calls. I am sure they blame themselves.

    : )

  4. I don’t even think it was a good cover up. I think Casey is getting way to much credit as being a “Good Liar”
    In my opinion her story made no sense from the start. Yeah she provides a lot of details in her lies.
    Like walking the police through Universal to her “office”? How ignorant!
    She is a very sick young lady.

    I too feel terrible for George and Cindy Anthony and I made up my mind two days ago that I would not bash them or continue to point out every mistake they made…and yes they have made mistakes.
    But they do need to face the facts. The chance that Caylee is dead and that Casey was involved in that death is very high. I know it’s painful but pretending is not going to make it all go away.
    Everyone involved from the Anthony’s, to all the searchers, to law enforcement is in my daily prayers.

  5. Patricia, the operator says “so it is a vehicle stolen too?” and Casey replies “no, it is my vehicle”. So do you think she was saying no, it wasn’t stolen?? I am not sure, her words are kind of mixed. As for Cindy, if you look at it from her side and if she really is innocent, she tells the 911 operator that Caylee has been missing 31 days. She didn’t know that Caylee was missing until she found Casey that day at Tony’s apartment, that’s when she called 911. Cindy knew Casey and Caylee were gone from her house around the 16th of June but she thought Caylee was with Casey the whole time. Am I correct in assuming this?? Basically she didn’t know that Caylee was “missing” 31 days until it was 31 days. I hope I am making sense. I think Cindy should have tried to find Casey earlier than she did, knowing that Cindy knew the car was abandoned at the end of June and the fact that her and Casey had a big blow up right before Casey left home. But I don’t know if Cindy would really think that Casey would harm her child.

  6. Slim, I agree with you based on what we know now but if you try to make sense of things and put yourself the best you can in Cindy’s shoes, would you have called in a missing persons report? Us maybe but the Anthony’s?? Not so sure. I know they knew what type of person their daughter was, so any odd behavior should have raised a red flag but do we completely know the actual detailed circumstances that led to Casey leaving home in mid June? What really happened between Cindy and Casey that made Casey up and leave with Caylee. Was it a mutual decision or did she just up and leave? George saw them leaving the house but I never heard HOW she left. Was it in a fit of anger or was it a normal going off for vacation thing. That being said, even though Cindy was the main provider for Caylee, Casey is 22 which is a legal adult and Casey had custody of her child. She could come and go as she pleased. Cindy had no control over that. Plus they fought all the time from what I hear, so maybe Cindy didn’t think much of it and didn’t think Casey would harm Caylee either. I don’t know.Just a thought as to why the delay.

  7. I think people have right to voice their opinion. The home
    assocation can’t do nothing about it.Poor fools of the anthony’s.They put so much afford it but not looking for the baby.The home owners have no problem of casey living there. One day she’ll baby sit their kids they come missing.I think the her neighbors love that tension. I think they get kick the anthony’s out.

  8. casey, where is the baby. The anthony’s say they go to church. Cindy should tell her daughter enough is enough confess you evil sins………………………………..

  9. I’ve heard on the Greta show that George told Greta that on June 16th, Casey and Caylee left the same as any other day- he and Casey said their I love yous, he told Caylee he loved her and off they went. Now, that we know Casey and her parents had a big arguement that weekend, and she wanted to take Caylee away to punish her parents, I’m sure the whole story that George told were lies. See, Casey has told lies from the beginning, and even though her parents desperately want Caylee back, they also have lied. Fess up, George and Cindy- stop defending Casey and saying she was a wonderful mother, you guys had a loving relationship and all that other stuff. You guys should have told investigators from the beginning how Casey was a problem person and lied and stole her whole life, instead of making her out to be the greatest mother of all time. Actually in a show I watched, Cindy Anthony said that Casey was innocent of harming Caylee and that her silence is protecting Caylee from the kidnappers, and when the truth be known to the world, and Caylee is back home, the Media will want to give Casey a Mother Of The Year Award! I hope for everyone’s sake that Caylee is found alive, but even if she is, Casey will never get a mother of the year award. No mother waits a month to report her child missing! And then it was Cindy who reported it. Casey would have never reported it. If Caylee is found alive the first thing George and Cindy need to do is get full custody and keep Casey away from her!

  10. I don’t believe Cindy is in denial,George yes, but not Cindy.In the beginning I had a lot of sympathy for Cindy,I felt that she retracted her dead body in the car story because she realized afterwards what the impact of that statement meant. I don’t fault her there,but I do believe that was a true statement,her emotions during that call were raw and stressful. She basically put her foot in her mouth and then tried to recoup with the pizza story. In the beginning she was the one talking,while George remained in the background.There was one news conference where George actually tried to push Cindy away,saying that’s enough,we have to go,but Cindy kept running her mouth.Her main problem is she doesn’t know when to stop.She continues to tell lies and concocted stories to keep the belief that Casey is protecting everyone alive.My problem with Cindy is that she goes on television straight faced and tells lies. Denial does not give you a license to tell lies. Denial is believing that Caylee is alive,not that someone happened to pass by Casey’s car and put a dead body in it. George’s denial is that the dead body in the car was not his granddaughter,he does not want to admit it was,that is true denial. Cindy just made up a story,much the same as Casey does.I do see where Casey gets her fairytale ability from.If Cindy were in true denial she would just say that she believes that Caylee is alive. Cindy has admitted Casey is a habitual liar, and that maybe she has told half truths ,so what has changed,that she is going to start believing her now.She put all this information out there,which is made up and than criticizes everyone who can pick the story apart.They have a spokesperson who is supposed to handle the media,but Cindy is still giving interviews. Now they have a lawyer who is acting as a spokesperson.He says until you walk in their shoes you don’t know how you would react.I can honestly yes I do.I would not be telling lies and misleading the police. If I thought my child was involved,I would be keeping my mouth shut,I wouldn’t be defending a liar by telling lies.I would be begging my daughter to please tell the truth,I would confront her about all the made up stories. I would tell her no matter what I love,but I don’t the believe her version of what happened.Just because Cindy is in a very bad stressful situation does not give her the right to lie, especially to the very people who are trying to help. Casey is the only one who has the answers and there is no reason she cannot tell the truth,except she doesn’t want to. No matter what anyone says or does and no amount of,wearing tee shirts,criticizing the public and police is going to bring Caylee home.The bottom line is Casey.

  11. I really do think that the family believes Caylee is alive I do not think this is a cover-up. People have been very cruel to them. They are under the watchful eyes of the public and media 24/7. With all that is going on I do not think they would subject themselves to this lack of humanity, if they thought her dead. It is very easy to think after the fact, we are not in their shoes.

  12. P.S. Caseys parents (Casey being an Adult lets remember this) do not have be involved at all..They could have casey at another location like jail to wait for her trial. You can care for your daughter from afar…..The fact that Casey is at their home they become involved with the 24/7 media…….Simple as that………….

  13. Evidence is rapidly mounting and pointing to the fact: Caylee is not alive. If I were in the shoes of the Anthony grandparents, YES, I would want to believe my granddaughter was alive, but also if I knew my daughter was ,(by Cindy’s own admission ) a Sociopath and a HABITUAL liar…I would also weigh the pro’s and con’s and think ” If my daughter is lying about EVERYTHING else , why should I believe her when she always lies??? Habitual Liar’s …LIE ! They tell UNTRUTHS.Thats what they are the best at !!! Telling the ‘REAL’ truth is a rare occurance for them ! So if she does this HABITUALLY…the odds are AGAINST her telling the truth about the baby’s whereabouts.In short, what Casey says happened to her daughter is …a LIE.

    Its not a lack of humanity to get in someones face and try to jolt them back to reality. The grandparents have been living in Casey’s WORLD OF LIES for far too long . They don’t know if they are coming or going !!!!They wouldn’t know what the truth was anymore if it ran them over !!!

    “Wake up Anthonys” is what the rest of the world is trying to tell them.Thats probably the kindest thing you can do for them now. Sometimes you have to get in somes one face to get their attention. Sad ,but true and necessary.It just may not look pretty .

    The rest of the world is shocked and deeply hurt at what this Casey is trying to get away with. To feel shock, rage, anger over this is an APPROPRIATE response to this situation. Not shove your head in the sand and live in DENIAL.

    When a child is missing and a habitual liar is taking Law Enforcement on a wild goose chase and wasting people’s time and time is running out…..what should we feel ? Happiness ? Bliss ? Or Frustration and Anger at this Casey person ?

    This family on one hand are victims, victimized by their own daughter’s web of lies and deceit…yet on the other hand they brought this on themselves.Its not lack of Humanity….its other people straight forwardly showing their disaproval and appropriate OUTRAGE at how these people are handling this situation NOW and how THEY raised such a lying theiving monster and unleashed her on the rest of society. In short, people are PISSED OFF !!! In , many ways ,the Anthony family deserve their own portion of “Tough Love” from the rest of society.

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