Casey is punishing everyone….

………….according to an article I found on the web:

According to Dr. Schurman-Kauflin, Anthony is manipulating everyone, including the media.

“She knows everyone is waiting with baited breath to hear about Caylee, so she is punishing everyone by being silent. To her, it is unfair that people are more interested in Caylee than her, and she will punish investigators, her family, friends, and the public. Not cooperating and staying quiet is a way of ‘getting even’ for perceived wrongs. Remember, it is all about her, not Caylee. When you make it about Caylee, she will stop talking. You have seen that already. Right now, Casey is feeling hurt. Her pain is her priority. No one should make the mistake of wondering why she doesn’t seem to care that her baby is gone. The truth is, one must look at this from Casey’s perspective. She is free now. She thinks if she talks to police, that freedom could be taken away.”

Here is the link:  Dr. Schurman-Kauflin

Sure does shine alot of light on why she is the way she is.


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  1. i think we all agree, casey takes after cindy. now, does anyone know the dates casey had her friend amy’s car (when she stole her checks) and why she needed to borrow amy’s car when she has a car of her own?

  2. I don”t know if Casesy will ever talk, probably not. Look at Scott Peterson. He has never admitted that he killed his wife Laci & their unborn child. He was a liar who was leading another life, socipath. This case reminds me so much of that. He could look into the camera with those same void eyes & ask people to help search for her. The differece though, is that he did attend vigils & pretend to look for her, all the time knowing she was dead! I think they have that same smug confidence, its all about them & what they want. Laci & unborn Connor posed a problem for Scott, got in his way, so…. he got rid of them. So sad!

  3. Put Casey in a room full of good looking guys who swoon over her, along with plenty of her favorite alcoholic beverages and she will talk. The guys will have to make her believe she did the right thing, though. And as far as her freedom-she has none really. Her conscience is so seared her freedom is only percieved. Perhaps her pastor should have preached more on how the truth sets one free. Poor Casey! In bondage to her self centeredness and desire to be worshiped.

  4. Lisa, I am not sure of the exact dates she had Amy’s car but it was within that 30 day time frame. I think it was around the 4th of July. Amy let her borrower her car because she was going to Puerto Rico and obviously wouldn’t need it, plus Casey was her ride to and from the airport. Casey didn’t have a car because her’s was broken down at the Amscot parking lot. So at the time Amy felt it made sense to let her borrow it. I remember this info from reading the interview transcripts.

  5. No, she won’t talk. When they say this women is mentally ill…they mean it.
    She is a sociopath…she is not going to show remorse unless she feels it will benefit her…
    Look at the video of her second arrest…if she felt any remorse or shame or even fear she…her head would have been down…that is a reflex we all have…a way we protect ourselves.
    She doesn’t have that…she looked directly at the shouters and even appeared to be annoyed.
    Personally I think rather than allowing her to spend 6 hours with her attorney each day…the judge needs to order that she spend time with a psycho therapist.
    Then again…perhaps they are having her meet with one already in the presence of her attorney.

    But the hopes she is going to breakdown…I doubt it will happen… Just like Charles Manson…She just doesn’t have it in her…

  6. I hope she gets the death penalty. She reminds me of Ted Bundy who did not confess to his crime until few hours before his execution and then it got into him that he is really going to die and no way out of it.

  7. I believe that cindy knows her daughter is crazy and that she is only playing to casey’s good side hoping that casey will tell the truth or that cindy can piece together some truth from casey’s lies the more she lies. catch more flies with honey…..I believe that casey is a sociopath and if locked up all hope of finding caylee will be lost. I hear the “your so full of crap” tone in cindy’s voice on the taped phone conversations.

  8. Of course, to a narcissist the only important thing on earth is themselves.That attorney of hers is really wasting his time, this case is a 100% loss and Casey will definitely be convicted. At least at Scott Peterson trial some people had doubts about him as to whether he did it or not, but in her case almost 99.99% of people say that she killed her daughter.

  9. I just can’t believe this woman will not talk, allow the authorities to find Caylee and bring closure to Caylee’s short life. Who ever said she reminded them of Ted Bundee is right, even the picture on this post looks a little like him. Same evil eyes, cold eyes. Very creepy.

  10. george and cindy need to rescind the bail premium they signed for and let their daughter spend her time in is the only way they will be able to start piecing together the rest of their lives. also, i think casey not only is like scott peterson, but she is also alot like susan smith…it is one thing to be a chronic liar but like susan smith, she is also vindictive…she hates her parents, her brother and anyone else who puts caylee before casey. susan smith killed her children because her boyfriend did not want to marry a woman with children and she did not want her husband to have them…and of course scott perterson is still fairly fresh in the minds of most people.

  11. I feel everyone knows the reality of this case. All it takes is a little common sense. Casey fooled everyone her whole life and felt she was smarter than everyone (she truly IS smarter than her parents!) She put herself on that pedistal and rid herself of the one thing that was stealing the show, her baby.
    Well, she is about to be knocked of the pedistal and shown that she IS NOT as smart as she thought. Like Scott Peterson(he refers to himself as “Scotty to hottie”)she will play the princess in jail trying to seduce the officers! She needed strict guidance growing up with suitable parents! Now she will rot in jail.:-)and rightfully so.

  12. I’ve been following this case since it first appeared on the news and I’m having a very difficult time understanding why Casey hasn’t been charged. That is if everything is as it appears. I just don’t understand why no formal charges. She won’t talk. Four cell walls haven’t started closing in on her. I believe once in confinement she will still look for the attention she believes she needs. To get it, she’ll talk if that’s what it takes to get someone to listen. She has rights but so does the public and it just doesn’t make sense why no formal charges for Caylee’s wrongful death. How tragic for that little one and how tragic George and Cathy haven’t seen past that. Little Caylee was an innocent life taken for nothing more than selflessness. As hard as it would be to turn my back on one of my children there has to be some empathy for that little baby girl who only brought pleasure to the grandparents. How can they turn their backs on that beautiful baby girl and deny their own child’s guilt? Right is right and wrong is still wrong. Its clearly aout time Casey quits getting her own selfish way. That little tramp needs her rear kicked. Maybe a bit of negative attention will spark some memory.

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