According to Leonard Padilla, the George, Cindy and Lee Anthony were asked by the FBI to do a polygraph test.  They did say they would do it.  But 20 minutes later Lee went outside to the FBI and said they would not.  Sure makes you wonder what they are hiding.  I have believed from day one, that they knew something and if they know nothing, then they need to prove it.  I remember when the Polly Klaas case came out; Mr. Klaas was all over everything he could do to help find his daughter.  He did polygraph test, searched for her, etc. I am really not sure if the Anthony’s are searching or not!  The large trailer in the front of the house has been moved, and I am unsure where it has gone.



30 thoughts on “Polygraph!

  1. You are exactly correct. If your child or family member went missing ,you would be frantic and do just about anything to exclude yourself from any suspecsion from the get go, so that law enforcement could then focus on finding the real person responsible for the crime and to focus on getting the missing persons photo out there. Was this done ??? Nope ! Not at all.

    Also, Casey cannot possibly be that stupid ,especially being the daughter of a former law enforcement Officer ,and not know that when a child is (alledgely )kidnapped , that time is of the essence and every moment counts and you have to get the childs photo out there in mainstream public within the first few hours of the child missing. Was this done ? Again, NO ! It took Casey an astounding 31 DAYS (not hours ) to report her missing …and THEN, it really was her mother Cindy who actually reported her Granddaughter missing !!!! UNREAL !

    Casey is just prolonging the inevitable…she will be charged with murder and it will shock no one if she gets the death penalty. I am afraid if she’s not , a lynch mob may ensue. I don’t believe in that type of justice….but there are those that do.I guess they call it “poetic Justice”. This family and especially Casey are soooo hated right now. I haven’t seen anything like it ,except with Scott Peterson ,etc.

    I think the parents are victims to a point . BUT, they raised this MONSTER named Casey !!! And, when you end up with a 22 year old liar, thief, moocher, and murderer…I am sure thats hard to accept.But , one cannot escape the feeling that Cindy KNOWS the truth. Watch Cindy’s face and eyes on the tape when she says (paraphrasing ) ” I don’t know , maybe SOMEONE ELSE put a DEAD BODY in the trunk of the car “.! IS SHE FOR REAL ???? Of course , body language shows she’s LYING ! And, if she thinks she was convincing, she needs to take a few more acting lessons !

    I mean, what are the astronomical odds that SOMEONE ELSE out there had a dead body they needed to dispose of and OUT OF ALL THE CARS TO DUMP THEIR DEAD BODY IN , THEY RANDOMLY CHOSE CASEY’S CAR !!! A BILLION to 1 odds and Casey hits the jackpot on that one !!! Whoopeeee !

    As I have said before ,this ENTIRE family NEEDS to “Come Correct” , stop lying and stop covering for their sick , sociopath daughter !

  2. Anne P.You say Casey can’t be that stupid being the daughter of a former law enforcement officer,LOOK AT GEORGE then talk about STUPID!!!What has he done that would lead you to believe he was ever a officer of the law??Once a cop always a cop.Cindy would also know better as the wife of a cop more so if the officer was in the homicide division.He was supposed to have been on the Sheriff’s Dept for 11yrs,if that were true they all should know the rules of the game,being a cop is not just a job it’s a way of life you live it 24-7 and these people just don’t have it.The stupid things they have said and the stupid things they have done just don’t add up,dead body in the trunk is a prime example.If he was a cop he puts a black mark on law enforcement and as of yet none of his former buddies have been seen coming to his aid no support there,makes you wonder?????

  3. Hey Mand,

    Maybe you have come up with the answer as to WHY George is NO LONGER on the Force ???? Makes one think . Maybe he wasn’t all together good as a cop and had issues . Could be . The whole family is wacko.

    And, this entire family now wants the rest of America to focus on setting up a Defense fund for CASEY ?????? Excuse me ?talk about living in the Twilight Zone ! I thought we were suppose to be worried about the supposedly kidnapped Caylee ???

    Why does Casey need defending ? Thought she was and is innocent ? I could see them setting up a fund for the missing grandchild….but its OUTRAGEOUS to even think that anyone would even want to contribute to a defense fund for a lying , thieving ,pain in the butt, sociopath like their daughter !!!!!! What nerve !

    Give me one good reason WHY the rest of America should contritbute one red cent to support a liar when all evidence thus far points to a dead body being in the truck of her car !!!!!? Good luck on that one Anthony family !

    And, this million dollar deal thats on the table ….why REWARD lairs and Murderers ? Hope she never collects a penny.Its a slap in the face decent hard working people if she even gets a penny …for murder. All I know is her trunk of her car came up with Cloroform …and she sure as heck didn’t buy it at Walmart to clean her car out !

    And, the taxpayers shouldn’t have to sit back and watch the Anthony family grow rich on murder and deceitfulness. ALL the money, if any should go to innocent murder victims…

  4. I can’t pretend to understand the Anthony family’s actions because I’ve never been in their shoes but it does seem strange they haven’t been out physically searching for Caylee. Instead they seem to hide away inside as much as possible. According to Cindy they’re still receiving tips every day and if that’s the case why haven’t they been following up on leads by traveling to “sightings” etc? I’m sure there’s so much we’re all unaware of in this case but still it’s odd that the only “searching” the family seems to be doing (as far as I know) is to ask other people to get out there and do the searching for them.

  5. My question is this why did George loose his job?????
    Everytime I see that smirk on her face it makes me sick. She is almost telling her parents, ” I won, you lost her for good. HAHA”.
    Casey just needs to start telling the truth if she is even capable which at this point I doubt very seriously!
    As far as the parents doing/saying stupid things, not looking etc, perhaps and this is really stretching it because of George being a cop he knows what families have done to make them guilty???? I am not given them any excuses for not helping but just a thought.
    Cindy knows what a dead body smells like so who does she think she is kidding!
    This whole family has lied!!!! Now they say that someone between the time it was towed and they got the car back someone but a dead body in the car????? Please?????? Do you think we are all stupid?
    I do not understand why they will not take a lie detector test I guess it is because that we know of 1(Casey) and possibly more would not be able to pass the test.
    AS it was stated somewhere else when Polly Klass went missing her dad searched, took a lie detector test etc they wanted the world to make sure that we knew they were innocent.
    Casey why won’t you tell us where to find your beautiful daughter???? Were you so drunk/stoned you don’t actually remember where you threw/burned/dumped her body?????? Did you sell her to a life of slavery/sex????? So you didn’t have to keep stealing money from family, friends etc????? Did you lose jobs because you stole???????
    Cindy you are a nurse, you know what a dead body smells like! You DID say that it smelt like a dead body in your car!!!! They have it on tape!!! What someone magically changed that to??? Just like someone magically came upon a car – your car- and put a dead body in it for a few days, then came back and got the body???? Please Cindy do you think we are all stupid?????????
    George you know your daughter, she needs to come clean!!!! She needs to just tell want happen. Don’t you want to have a proper burial for your beloved Granddaughter?????
    How can you sleep in the same house with your daughter???/ She needs help!!!!
    Lee – I haven’t read a lot about you but I feel sorry for you because you have to hold this whole family together! Why won’t Casey tell us where she is??/
    If the police fully believe that the money that Casey stole from her friend took her to Puerto Rico then why are they not hounding this young lady?????? HMMMMMM could it be because that was a lie to???????
    Now only to find out the dad of caylee may not be the dad, as he was supposedly in an accident on the way to Caylee’s bday party/ Well he must have 9 lives then and he definitely traveled further then anyone I have every known. So he dies in May and he travels back here to earth to go to the party in accident???

    Come on Casey come clean!!!!!

  6. Strange about the polygraphs, they would have been really helpful. I have wondered about this since last night. I think it strange, according to Leonard that George & Cindy agreed right away to take a polygraph, then after speaking with Lee, they all changed their minds. I am kind of like Nancy, I am beginning to wonder what else Leonard can tell us, she told him that she had spoken to him about 50 times & this was the first time he had mentioned polygrah tests. I think Lee knows alot more than anybody else, I think Casey may have said some incriminating things to him & he’s trying to cover up. He may know something. I really think that Geore & Cindy are really in denial & shock, & the protesters are driving them crazy! They will have to face reality sooner or later. There is just so much of this that doesn’t make since. I really believe that Casey is the one responsible for whatever happened to Caylee, if Cindy had been in on it, she would not have called 911, when you listen to that tape, you can tell that she was upset & angry, she wanted to press charges, I think she was trying to call Casey’s bluff then & make her tell where Caylee was. I don’t think she had any idea what a nightmare was to follow!

  7. Mand…I have wondered about that too….wondering if some of the officers George worked with will ever make any sort of comment about his character….it would be interesting.

    My uncle was a sheriff for several years and his daughter (my cousin) was ALWAYS in trouble. She got arrested an few time and when the police would realize who she was…they would let her go.
    Until…he told them that if they arrest her again…LEAVE HER IN JAIL!

  8. Cindy’s first phone call had absolutely nothing to do with Caylee, she was more worried about her car and money! Now if I had found my daughter after 31 days and she didn’t have my grandaughter with her I wouldn’t give a crap about a car and money!
    If Lee became aggitated at the thought of him and his parents taking a Polygraph then that tells me that they are afraid that the truth will come out.
    I stick by my original thought that Lee is the father of Caylee and they all know what happened and are helping Casey by lying and covering up.


  10. I’ll go along with the idea that Lee is the father. Gross, but a possibility. They say everyone handles a crisis differently but most people would be showing some sort of effort in finding their child/grandchild. Especially since Cindy said that Caylee is the light of her life. Nancy Grace’s show stated that Caylee had a closer bond with Cindy than with her own mother. So in the beginning Cindy was enraged, especially in that first phone call to police. Then she called to say her grandchild was missing. She seemed genuinely upset. Soon after that she changes her emotions and her story completely. Is is because once Casey had a chance to talk to her one on one she told her what really happened to Caylee?? (We don’t know what it is but assume she died). Well if Caylee is dead, Cindy should have turned Casey in but maybe since she can’t bring Caylee back she’s doing the next best thing in her mind, trying to save her daughter, thus the reason for changing her story? But then if what I just said was true, Cindy could get in a lot of trouble if she is covering for Casey and if she knows what really happened, right? This whole thing is driving me nuts.

  11. I’m sick of this Padilla guy! The incest and cover-up conspiracy nonsense is even Stupider than he is! Seriously people!! George, Cindy, Lee have all done nothing wrong! They love their granddaughter and whether we all like it or not they are Casey’s family. They are in denial and don’t want to believe or accept that Casey may have done something to Caylee – BUT THEY HAVE NEVER DONE ANYTHING TO HARM THAT LITTLE GIRL!! They Love Her, they have cared for her!! You all come on here out of the woodwork beating up on them. So what if they are making excuses as to what they said, or think or HOPE!! NONE OF US have a right to torment this family! And for all of you on here slinging the crap at them you are no BETTER than Casey is when it comes to causing those people pain and anguish!!
    Pray for Caylee! Hate Casey! Fine!!! But..Leave George, Cindy and Lee alone!! They have loved and cared for Caylee her whole life, You’ve only grown to love this little girl in the past 12 weeks…just imagine! Imagine their pain! Your all just as crazy as you claim Casey to be for making accusations about Lee being the dad, or George and Cindy covering up murder!! Please get a life!! And stop sounding so ridiculous!! Caylee’s missing – and we all know the facts about who did what and said what! Stick to those facts and stop sounding so stupid Mona with your unnecessary thoughts that do nothing to help bring Caylee home! Pray for Caylee!! And next time you all want to pen up something mean because you dont have anything else better to do with your time ask yourself “what would I do if it was my daughter or granddaughter?’ how would I feel if i was in that situation!!” or better yet, dont and just shut up! If you have nothing nice to say – you should say nothing at all!! Causing Cindy, George and Lee more pain makes you no better than Casey!!

  12. Just curious…why some people assume Lee is the father of Caylee ??? Why do people assume there was an incestous relationship going on between Casey and Lee ? Is this just someones opinion or did someone close to the family leak this bit of info. out ? As far as I know or have read, no one has suggested that George might be the “father” of Caylee ? I don’t think that Lee or George are the father ,but I am just wondering how this got statrted . In this case , its good to throw out all the senario’s. Because just about anything is possible when you are dealing with a family of liar’s.

    The best thing this family could do for their daughter right now, if they truly loved Casey is to withdraw their support, focus all their attention on the search for Caylee, since THEY believe she is still alive,(I personally do not .) and let “Miss Thing” rot in jail. Seriously..I mean ,either way ,shes not talking about Caylee’s whereabouts. She ‘s not talking when they are bending over backwards and kissing her rear, she’s not talking if they are ignoring her. Casey is controlling this whole circus. So I say ..CLOSE THE CIRCUS DOWN ! Re- arrest Casey. Just let Casey deal with it all on her own. Defense fund ?????? Let her sit in jail. Withdraw support. She got herself ,her own family into all of this and dragged the rest of the world into her sicko world and this farce of a search for her daughter and then she refuses to tell the truth ??? Force her to grow up and take responsibility for her mess .Thats the big mistake her family has made . Covering up for her and lying for her. They family is making is worse and complicating things more !

    If not ,whats the flip side of all this ??? God forbid she “gets off”. Can anyone imagine this monster Casey lose on society …again ? If she gets off…its like letting a flesh eating disease unleashed on humanity. She will be drunk with power and she will “eat alive” anyone who is in her path. Like OJ…she will sell books, movie rights,etc…At least we all know where Scott Peterson is …

  13. I’d like to pose a question, but I’d appreciate only enlightened responses, as I’ve probably heard every conceivable theory.

    I’m interested in learning why the timeline focus has shifted to June 28th, other than the fact that Casey placed no phone calls for a 24 hour period between the 28th and 29th. This is certainly interesting, and is atypical of Casey’s normal cell phone usage, but there could be a number of explanations for her non-use, i.e. drunken or drugged stupor; temporarily misplaced; service temporarily interrupted. We know for certain that AT&T is one of the entities she defrauded.

    If you’ve read or heard of other incidents of curious behavior concerning the 28th of June, I’d appreciate your response, because I’m not having much success.

    It still seems to me that the 16th of June was a far more suspicious date; it marks the last time anyone (George) other than Casey remembers seeing Caylee alive. In addition, the afternoon of the 16th was when Casey placed that flurry of phone calls, alternating between her parents’ cell phones and office phones. Also, by the 28th of June, Casey had already gotten that tattoo.

    Does anyone know?


  14. Mona, I totally agree w/you about the 911 calls & have wondered if anyone else caught that. Cindy made 3 calls to the police & the last one only mention her granddaughter. How can u report an stolen car after you’ve picked it up from impound? Why did Cindy say her daughter had been missing for a month on the 911 call,then say on Nancy Grace that she was in contact with her the whole time,but she wasn’t able to speak with Caylee? What woman doesn’t know what is going on in her own back yard? How could someone bury an body & then dig it up in your yard & you don’t know? So what if Cindy is the one who called police? How many criminals call & report an missing person only after they were the ones responsible for that person being missing in the first place?

  15. i’ve also believe the parent were involved some how maybe not in the beginning but after the fact. grand mom is a nurse grand dad so they both knew it was a dead body in that truck because both work in fields where they would smell dead bodies. i understand they lost their grand daughter and will lose their daughter but they love her then casey needs some tough love they should not have allowed anyone to get her out of jail or allow her to do her house arrest at there house. america is in love with caylee and is upset that her own mom won’t help find her. your first reaction or thoughts are always what u feel and think therefore once cindy knew for a fact caylee was missing she knew casey did something to her she just didn’t know what. my heart goes out to the family but when u won’t prove u have nothing to hide then u are hiding something….

  16. MR,

    You seem to want “inside” info. that just isn’t being made public…yet.I doubt if you’ll hear fron personal friends and family members up here. Her Uncle Rick had posted….maybe he would know ?

    Wonder if she used, borrowed someone elses cell phone during that time ? She could have said she lost /misplaced her’s…the other party could have allowed her to use theirs…..maybe she used a pay phone and purchased a phone card ? Who knows ? Nothing would surprise me at this point…

  17. A sociopath can pass a lie detector test with flying colors.
    they have no empathy or quilt. she can lie and her heart possibly won’t skip a beat.

  18. I think that her parents are in a very particular position and we as the public are frustrated by what seems to be their extreme denial. We know that they are not allowed to question Casey, and that according to their attorney Casey spends most of her time alone or with her own attorney. It is my opinion that they are appearing as supportive to her as they can in the hope that it may make her feel she is able to tell what really happened to Caylee and where her body can be located. I don’t think for a second they are blind to their daughter’s role as orchestrator and most probably murderer, but they are unable to express themselves given their daughter’s stone-walling. I do think they hold out hope, like we all do, we all, even though we know Caylee is dead, still really want this to turn out in a way that she is found alive, so it is not suprising that as her grandparents they cling to and focus on that hope, when her body is finally found they will have nothing left at all to live on…so tragic…

  19. In response to post #13

    Anthony Lazzaro claims that beginning on June 9 Casey basically moved in with him and spent every night with him without Caylee. He stated that Casey told him that Caylee was with ZANNY the NANNY, Zanny the Nanny is a character from a children’s book. She would take all her calls outside the apartment and never let Lazzaro hear what she was talking about, when he asked her about it, she said she didn’t want him to hear her fight with her mother.

    There is video from June 15 Fathers day and investigators found pictures from Father’s Day on Casey’s computer that prove Caylee was alive and spent time with her granparents.

    The next day Casey made six calls to her parents on the afternoon of June 16, with the first call at 3:03pm to her father’s cell phone and the last of the six made to her mom’s cell phone at 4:24. During that time she also tried her mother at work and called her ex-fiancé, Jesse Grund.

    June 17 – Someone fills out a card at the Sawgrass Apartments. The signature on the card reads Zenaida Hernandez-Gonzalez.

    Then, on June 18, there was another spike in calls to her parents, six in 45 minutes during the early part of the afternoon. According to the leaked records, three calls were made to her parent’s home phone, two to her mom’s cell phone and one to her dad’s cell phone, all between 12:33pm and 1:11pm.

    Yuri Melich testified during Casey Anthony’s bond hearing that a witness came forward who said he had talked to Casey on the phone on either June 24 or June 25 and that he heard Caylee in the background. The witness (her ex-fiance) said that at one point in the conversation Casey told Caylee to get down from the table. However now Casey’s ex-fiance now claims he is not certain if he heard Caylee.

    Then on June 30 the car Casey had been using is towed from the Amscot store on Goldenrod Road and Colonial Drive. So Casey was without the car from June 28th until July 15th. It then is not until July 16 that her car is picked up by the Anthony family from the tow company. So the time fram between June 24th to June 30th is when she probably went missing.

    Then on July 4th, Cindy Anthony had posted and deleted that blog that said:

    “Now she is gone and I don’t know why. All I am guilty of is loving her and providing her a safe home. Jealousy has taken her away. Jealousy from the one person that should be thankfull for all of the love and support given to her. A mother’s love is deep, however there are limits when one is betrayed by the one she loved and trusted the most.”

    But it is not until July 15 that the Sheriff’s Office is finally notified by Cindy that Caylee Anthony has been missing since June.

    Something happened between father’s day, when her granparents were able to spend time with her and the 4th of July when they were not. I too wonder why the focus on the dates mentioned by post #13, but this is what I have collected from several timelines available online.

  20. after talking about all of this with a co-worker i think what happened was she left caylee in the car while she lived with the boyfriend (not my idea from a blog) and that either from the chloroform or from the heat Caylee died in the car on the night of father’s day or the morning of the day after father’s day. She then drove around with her for a few days, body in the trunk, decomposing, gets rid of the body and abandons the car.

  21. Padilla says the reference “Zanny the Nanny” is from the book “Double Trouble Squared” which features a set of twins and their nanny.”

  22. Zanny the Nanny and the Starbuck twins !!!!!!

    Hello people ! Even Zanny (whom everyone assumed was a nickname for Zaneida ) is FICTIONAL CHARACTER !!!! Oh brother…good point Adrienne !!!

  23. okay this blog has sparked my research and I read all 400 and some odd pages of docuementation that was released and here is a time line as best as I was able to get from the police reports:

    Begining at some point to May 2008:
    Casey creates an imaginary work enviroment and co-workers at Universal Studios where she is involved in imaginary entertainment, she sends herself emails from ficticious co-workers and even an imaginary HR contact regarding her payroll issues and tells her friends and family about her wonderful career.

    Monday June 2:
    Casey takes Caylee swimming at her new boyfriend Tony Lazzaro’s apartment complex.

    Monday June 9:
    Things come to a head at the Anthony Household, mom Cindy finds out about ALL the LIES Casey has been telling her, the money she has been stealing, and wants Casey out, but Caylee must stay. Instead Casey leaves with Caylee and spends the night at ex boyfriend Ricardo Morale’s apartment.

    Tuesday June 10:
    Begins staying at Tony’s apartment, without Caylee, because “Cindy and George are having marital issues over his affairs” this is her version of being confronted and thrown out of the house by her parents concerning her imaginary career, stolen money, and pathological lying.

    Thursday June 12:
    Casey takes Caylee for a walk in Underhill Park between 6 and 8:30 pm with her best friend Kristina Marie Chester.

    Friday June 13:
    Casey takes Caylee with her to visit a friend Roy House. Later that night Casey goes out with Roy and new boyfriend Tony to Fusian.

    Sunday June 15:
    Father’s Day: Cindy, Casey, and Caylee all head over to the assisted living community to visit with Cindy’s dad.

    Monday June 16:
    Casey calls her parents six times from 3:03pm to her father’s cell phone and the last of the six made to her mom’s cell phone at 4:24pm.

    Tues June 17: A Z. Gonzalez inquires about a 2 bedroom/2 bath apartment at Sawgrass Apartment Complex, leaving the telephone number 407-219-6558, this telephone number does belong to a Zanaida Gonzalez but she denies knowing either Casey or Caylee.

    Wednesday June 18:
    Casey again makes six calls to her parent’s home phone, two to her mom’s cell phone and one to her dad’s cell phone, all between 12:33pm and 1:11pm.

    Thursday June 19:
    Casey makes a phone call to a friend Allen Crisp, she wants him to help her help Tony lease an apartment in Crisp’s complex.

    ***At some point this week Casey asks to borrow a neighbor’s shovel and has her car pull up the driveway and into the garage backwards.

    Wednesday June 25:
    Casey makes a phone call to friend Jesse Grund, he just lost his job and she offers to cheer him upby inviting him out this weekend.

    Friday June 27:
    Casey’s car is first spotted by an Amscot emplyee at 7am parked next to the dumpster.

    Saturday June 28:
    The police are notified that the vehicle is still outside the Amscot and they confirm it has not been reported stolen.

    Tuesday June 29:
    Casey’s boyfriend Tony heads back up to NJ for a visit and Casey is not staying at his apartment.

    Monday June 30: The car is finally towed from the Amscot dumpster.

    **At some point she begins to borrow her friend Amy’s car.

    Wednesday July 2 or Thursday July 3:
    Around noon Casey gets a tatoo on her shoulder that reads “Bella Vita” or beautiful life in italian.

    Friday July 4:
    Cindy post jealousy blog.

    Saturday July 5:
    Casey is seen with Tony (just returned from his trip home) eating at Buffalo Wild Wings.

    Monday July 7:
    Casey runs into Allen Crisp at Subway.

    Wednesday July 9:
    Casey calls an old friend Kiomarie to borrow almost $200, and Kiomarie confirms a voice, that of Caylee, is heard in the background calling “mommy, mommy”, to which Casey replys “hold on mommy is on the phone”.

    Thursday July 10:
    Casey runs into Mark Hawkin’s mother Anne Marie Chase at Target.

    Tuesday July 15:
    Cindy Anthony receives a certified letter notifying her the car has been towed on 6/30. George heads over to get the car back while Cindy tries to track down her daughter and granddaughter. The car has no gas and George must get gas before the two can pay (unhappy over the excessive fees) to get the car out of the lot. They go through the car and find a piece of paper with a telephone number for an “Amy” as well as clothing, shoes, a doll, and the infamous garbage bag/maggott/pizza box/decomposition in the trunk. Cindy calls the telephone number and Amy confirms Casey has been staying with Tony and borrowing her car. At 1pm Tony call Casey’s cell phone. At 3pm Casey heads back to the tatoo parlor to make an appointment for the 19th to have some more work done. At 3:35pm someone name Kyle called Casey’s cell phone. Mom Cindy heads over to Tony’s apartment with Amy to confront Casey. After Casey refuses to tell Cindy where Caylee is other than that the little girl is “safe” she drags Casey home. A witness also places a little girl who looks like Caylee and may have introduced herself as Caylee at Chuckee Cheeses’this day between 11am and 1pm.

    Wednesday July 16:
    Cindy makes two calls to 911, to report the car stolen
    (maybe in a effort to recoup the fee from the two yard) and to report Caylee as missing. Casey is also seen by Jeffery Hopkins (an old school friend) at the Orlando Ale House this day, they speak briefly. Investigation begins and K9 signals decomp in trunk of Casey’s car.

    Thursday July 17:
    Casey makes a phone call to friend Mark Hawkins living out in California, she tells him she is planning a trip out to California and she has something to tell him, something she has already told her mother and brother but is unsure how he will react upon hearing. Police have begun questioning Casey’s friends and acquaintances.

  24. In all 400 pages not one of her friends, all who recognize what a pathological liar she is, could say anything about her being a bad mother, or not loving her daughter…if it wasn’t for that damn decomposing dna in her trunk i might be able to start really believing Caylee is alive somewhere. But if the body in the trunk really was not Caylee then what in the world did this girl get herself involved in?

  25. I think there is a window, some point between June 16th (the day after father’s day, Casey and Caylee spent the night at her parents house and left in the afternoon with backpacks) and July 15th (the day Cindy contacts police).

    There is the possibility the window is smaller, July 9 (the date Kiomarie says she could hear Caylee in the background during her phone conversation with Casey) and July 15.

    However I think a key element that would aid in a resolution of this would be to figure out where Casey or with who Casey would leave Caylee when the two were not together.

    Here are some possibilities:

    With another friend (Maybe her friend Dante who actually lives at Sawgrass Apartments)
    Alone in her car
    Alone in the empty apartment at Sawgrass

    And there is always the possibility that whereever or with whoever she left Caylee, the little girl was actually abducted, and if that is the case then Casey would have no information to go on as to who took her child.

  26. Thanks for all of your hard work, Adrienne. You rock!

    I wasn’t aware of Casey’s phone call to a pal in California, announcing that she planned a trip to “tell him something.” How utterly, utterly typical of a sociopath – no consequences for Casey, she’s free as a bird, able to travel coast-to-coast at will, believing the authorities were unconcerned about a two year old child having been missing for a month.

  27. i would like to know what she was doing with little caylee while she was with her new boyfriend at nite. if she left her in the car alone she, really has no information on where she is. if something like that were the case we can hope that she may be alive. i always thought the boyfriend played a role in whatever happened. you dont sleep with someone for a month and not ask where is your daughter. has anyone checked his flight to N.J. maybe they sold her almost anything is possible with this crazy story.

  28. Maybe Hawkins is either Caylee’s father? Or could he have been a distant accomplice and she was going to tell him the deed was done?

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