Outside the Anthony Compound!

Friday night!





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  1. After listening to the tape today,she kept saying,”I don’t know where she is”….i mean she has always said that but in this interrogation she seemed to be addament that she didnt know where Caylee is,so i wonder now if she had someone take Caylee’s body somewhere so she wouldn’t be able to tell or if she was ever asked to take a lie detector test,now having said that,where did all this money go that she stole from everyone,i am still very curious of that strange jailhouse visitor….He is the only person that was brought into this and has never been heard of since and i know everyone online was curious of that guy.probably silly thinking but something is just too odd and i didnt think it could ever get odder!
    She lied about every single thing even after they called her on her lies,she is made of pure stone!!!!

  2. i have been asking about this for awhile….surely the parents of casey are about to have serious “meltdowns” having her in their home. especially with the obvious problems between casey and her mother.

  3. perhaps Jose Baez can have her relocated to his office or his home since she is at the office for hours on end and when she is home he visits her there.It would save him some time and I’m sure the Anthony neighborhood would be delighted to be rid of her and all the baggage!!!

  4. If Casey had someone else do something with Caylee’s body then it was probably her mother Cindy. Cindy has been caught in a few lies herself and I believe that she knows exactly where Caylee is.

  5. Wow…interesting observation…could she have ‘paid’ someone to get rid of the body for her and ‘maybe’ she is telling the truth when she says she doesn’t know where the body is ? Scary thought ! But, she must know the person she paid to do the job ,if in fact it was done this way ? But did she have enough money to pay someone to do this ?

    I am sure the Police have thought of this senario …..Guess they should ask her outright ” The last time you saw your daughter was she ALIVE ? YES OR NO ? Or, was she ALREADY DEAD ? Was Zanaida the person you HIRED to DISPOSE OF THE BODY ? And, you don’t know where this person took the body ?

    ….But,then again ,you couldn’t believe the answer she would give .Sooooo……

  6. I don’t think she paid anyone to help her with the body,one she has no money and two she would not let anyone know what she may have done for fear the person could use it against her.As for Cindy helping I don’t thimk so,regardless of what we think of her,she loved Caylee,thus the power Casey has over Cindy.Casey is the kind of person that does not let people get close,that is she does not confide in anyone ,she has lied to all her friends ,they don’t know her,now that this has happened they have been enlighten as to what and who she really is.Deep down Cindy has to suspect Casey espically after all this time but she will probably never admit that Casey did anything to her baby,just as Scott P.mother has never admitted he murdered Lacey and their baby.

  7. They say the father is deceased but, I’m sure the grandparents on the paternal side are not. The paternal grandparents need to file a law suit for wrongful death in civil court against Casey Anthony. I bet the family could win just like in the O.J. Simpson/Brown & Goldman case. They many not actually ever get any money since Casey doesn’t seem to have a pot to piss in but, at least there would be some satisfaction of her being found guilty in civil court if not in criminal court.

  8. Hey, Sandy – I totally agree with you.

    I have said before, I still think JP Chatt is definitely Caylee’s papa and wrongful death is a given IMO.

    And if nothing else, a foundation in lil Caylee’s name would be the best.

  9. Cut up your DISNEY dolls and chuck them at the Anthony’s. Disney paid those scumbags (that admitted destroying evidence of Caylee’s murder) huge money for their 20/20 video images. Why do you think Killer Casey is out on the town? Burn Disney in effigy and toss those cutup Disney dolls!

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