Some whoopers Cindy Anthony has said….

I have been working on some of the things Cindy Anthoiny has said.  This is a work in progress….


If Casey cannot trust the authorities with the truth then the people have to find Caylee so that we can sort the truth out after Caylee has been found.


There was a bag of pizza for, what, 12 days in the back of the car, full of maggots. It stunk so bad. You know how hot it’s been. That smell was terrible.


She’s leading me to a place, but she’s not telling me to the right exact location to which apartment it is because she’s afraid, if someone walks in, that something may happen to Caylee.


My daughter may have some mistruths out there, or half-truths, but she’s not a murderer.


Get off your asses and look for my granddaughter. I don’t care if this is on the news or what. She’s out there.


We’ve all made mistakes. But right now, she’s not making a mistake. She’s protecting her child. And no one can say or second-guess what you’re going to do to protect your child when you fear for their safety.


Here is what she says about the media in one breath:  I’m going to do whatever it takes to take advantage of the media, and if it continues to drag our family through the mud and whatever, as long as Caylee’s picture is out there every day and that picture gets ingrained on everybody’s brain and they look — as long as they don’t give up, she’s coming home. She might come home this afternoon. She may come home tomorrow. I hope she’s home by Saturday. If she’s not, you know what? I’m not giving up just because her birthday’s Saturday.


If they had something to charge her, why wouldn’t they do it today, with everything else? So I mean, hello? That’s — we’ve known this all along. Why else did they go and handcuff her and put her in jail? Because they feel that she — she needs to be there. And again, once Caylee is found, everybody’s going to know that she doesn’t need to be there. She doesn’t belong there, and she doesn’t deserve what everybody’s doing to her. No one knows everything. I don’t know 100 percent, but I sure as heck know a lot more, but I can’t say a lot of things.


Today is actually very hopeful day. You know, I just found out that, you know, they did charge her formally today, which actually is a good thing because look what they charged her with. They didn’t charge her with anything but with, you know, voluntary child neglect and withholding evidence. If they had anything concrete on her, I think they would have used that today. Today was the last day that they had an opportunity to do so. That is in essence, a victory for us.


I’m too trusting of people I’ve just met. I’ve gotten burned by all of you guys. So again, I can look you all in the eyes and you can say how you feel sorry for me, but then you can go back to your stations and allow them to make me look out to be some horrible person that had something to do with Caylee’s disappearance. So think about that.


Casey gave me an explanation where she was, and it was very — it was very, you know, believable. And I had no reason to ever doubt my daughter.   Casey has lied to me in the past. And when she’s lied, she’s told me the truth. We’ve always gotten to the bottom of the truth. The only thing that raised a red flag to me is the fact that Casey could not tell me where she was at.   I never tried to find out where Caylee was because I didn’t have a reason to find out where Caylee was. She was with Casey. Every time I spoke with Casey, I asked if I could speak with Caylee.


Well, again, the people that have her — the whole reason Casey is behind bars is because she’s protecting Caylee’s safety. And I cannot say that enough.  Unfortunately, you know, I can’t say things that’s going to jeopardize what we’re doing looking for this child. And I refuse to do so. And I’m not going to waste my time worrying about justifying pictures that you’re showing on your show every night that are two and three years old.


Casey’s telling us that Caylee’s life is in danger. If we go in there someone thinks that she’s going to tell me something more, then her life’s in danger. And I believe that.


Well, I hope that’s the case. I mean, every day, I feel like we’re getting closer to locating where she’s at. It’s — Casey’s maintained all along she doesn’t know where Caylee’s at. Casey’s maintained all along that she doesn’t trust the authorities. And you know, as much as I want to say I can’t blame her for certain things…


People don’t know my daughter.  Anybody that knows Casey knows that she is a loving mother and she would do anything, including sit in the jail cell to protect her daughter.


More to come………………….


21 thoughts on “Some whoopers Cindy Anthony has said….

  1. Washing the cadaver bits and cadaver stench off Casey’s clothes that she took from the car that “smelled like a dead body” and removing and cleaning Casey’s dirty knife from the car that “smelled like a dead body” BEFORE turning the car over to the police! Cindy and George knew what they were doing. Tampering and destroying evidence in a murder investigation.
    They found their granddaughter missing after reading on their daughters website “every body lies everybody dies”. Then they find they cadaver stenched clothes in a car that smells like their granddaughters dead body (who else was missing? they had been talking to Casey on the phone!) soo…. Gee George lets take a laundry break before we call the police.
    Hang em high. The entire Anthony family. Oh no, I think its old sparky in Florida. Or is it the needle?

  2. I see one of the national tabloids has a picture of Caylee on the cover with a black eye! The headline is Casey fed the rotten corpse of Caylee to the Alligators. HumbleO was way ahead on this one.
    Cool site O. I just wish you’d post those pictures of Casey wearing that yellow t-shirt. You know the ones where she was dropped her pants in public so the could photo her. Better yet how about the one with Casey squatting in a parking lot and defecating while looking at the photographer.

  3. Yes,they all know exactly what she did,thats another reason theyre afraid of lie destectors,an RN and A homicide detective didnt know the smell of decomposition??yea right!!
    I pray they all go to jail,hell even lees as guilty as they are,everyone thought lee was caring,haha yea,he cares alright!!!cares enoughh to lie so his mommy doesnt get upset!!Im starting to wonder what changed him,at first i thought he cared about Caylee,but hes forgotten Caylee now as they all have!
    I hope the chair,needles to easy but i say let them suffer for awhile first,like Caylee did and she got no help and never will from either one of them!!!!!! Let them put that million dollar movie money in an acct. where it wont do any of them any good but to just KNOW its there….LoL and of no use to them behind bars,cant have the finer things there!

  4. I wonder how the family dog reacts to casey now,anyone ever heard,i think thats why she moved Caylee out of the backyard once she thought about it,why the dogs hit,but i’d be curious to know how the family dog reacted!wish i could ask Leonard that one!

    oops sorry,lie detectors. MEANT TO SAY IN MY LAST POST!)

  5. Cindys stupid,
    casey didn’t even want to go with her that day she came to tonys with amy,she told the detectives she’d been reaching out and wanted to talk to cindy,lol what a joke.
    if amy hadnt been there the night before and cindy hadn’t hid while amy knocked & knew where tony lived, cindy would still be trying to find casey!and still nobody would know Caylees missing even now!

  6. I am watching a new show called,interrogations!!
    Thats what they need to do to that stone cold hearted tramp with a child killin stamp!!

  7. As I wrote in my blog – CINDY is the one who turned this whole thing into the circus that it has become. She should have shut the hell up from the outset – she just kept digging a deeper hole for Casey with her silly, irrational explanations and her numerous contradictions.

    The 911 calls tell you almost all there is to know. Once that audio of the call was out to the public, Cindy tried her damndest to explain it all away and hope that people would believe her – in the end, she just made it worse and worse for her family and Casey.

    George is a whackjob. Cindy is a mega-whackjob. And Casey is a murderer. The family knows damn well what happened to Casey and they’re covering it up – it will come back and bite them all in the ass.

    I have no sympathy for any Anthony except little Caylee.

    Rest in peace, sweet angel.

  8. Somebody brought those very photo’s to my attention on the internet . Nasty photo’s !!!!! And, I do remember Cindy at the very beginning of all of this mess stating that the press was leaking out “OLD” photo’s of Casey and that she was just doing what alot of girls her age do …she was partying and having fun ! Excuse me ? Where does she get the idea that young 22 year old mom’s all “bear their butt’s for the camera ” ???? That all 22 year old Mom’s are doing nasty “hoocheechoochee” dancing with other women ” ??????? Cindy is “out there ” … If she thinks so ! I’ll bet many of us remember being young mothers…and never doing the stuff Casey doing for ,uhhhhh, entertainment ????? Try staying at home with your kid ,and renting some DVD’s or having a Bar-b-que or something. But being a party girl ? I don’t think so. Poor Caylee…………..

    And, yes ….we should all see the photo of Caylee with that black eye………My child all got through their entire childhoods without a black eye…when I see kid’s with Black eye’s ….it makes you think. I mean, scrapped up knee’s and arm’s …from falling down from playing too hard , sure…but blackeye’s ?????

  9. Hey J. I don’t have the the yellow t-shirt pictures. Have a link for me? I did find a nice one added to the many faces page.

  10. freewebs. com / equalizeyou / apps/photos/photo.jsp?photoID=10444713
    I couldn.t get your site to take a paste so I broke it up with some spaces. ENJOY

  11. Cool, that got it. 44 pictures of George and Cindy’s best work. Their pride and joy!
    Notice how G&C’s PR dudes have wiped them off the internet. When I google George, Cindy, or Lee photos or bios or history you get nothing!
    Have you noticed that Lee looks just like the guy in the club Fusion closeup photo with Casey cheek to cheek. He told police Casey was at the beach and he hadn’t seen her. If this is indeed Lee…..
    Was this Fusion party Caylee’s going away party (wake) in Casey’s head?

  12. HUMBLE”O please do me a favor. Start a thread asking about Casey’s convulsion hospitalization and drug use.
    In the 437 pages of police documents there were several strange testimonies.
    1) Nurse Cindy called an old school friend to take Casey to the hospital in spring 2008 because she was convulsing. An RN doesn’t call 911 or drive her herself? Some orderly or friend must know why.
    2) Several of Casey’s friends testified in depositions that she was in the Ecstacy and Marijuana scene. What was she using? How much? What was her boyfriends backgrounds and drug use habits. I know Lee has been convicted of DUI at least once. She even had Caylee sleeping in the same bed with one of the guys she was doing. What was her real scene?
    Thanks O. Great sight.

  13. Hey J. Thanks, I tried to steal one from your site 😉 but it won’t let me. I was also going to put on it borrow from you. As for Lee’s mustang, I think he had it before this went down. If I remember from long ago, it was at the house in July. Don’t quote me though; so much stuff has gone on since July!

  14. If Cindy were a real mother she would sit Casey down and read her the riot act-“Casey you have 15 minutes to tell us the truth,all the truth as to where Caylee is,or pack your bags and get out of our home”-why support the progression of an asshole any longer?Maybe the neighborhood should do the same and demand that the entire Anthoney household end the charade or pack up and get out of town-but please dont send them back to Ohio,we dont need these ‘Richard Craniums’ trashing Ohio-oops no-gator ponds in Ohio,just swamps with 40 lb snapping turtles !!

  15. “casey will get mother of the year for what shes done for caylee.” Cindy anthony quote… “I haven’t been getting any threats again, who said that? IF it doen’t come from the sheriffs department or from my mouth, or my sons mouth , or my husbands mouth, should you believe it? Have I lied to any of you guys yet? ok.” (8-29-08)….”OH we are getting threats everyday.we get written threats. WE get threats on our home phone. we get threats on our cell phone. we get threats in our the threats are out there.”(8-11-08)…He (Jose baez)was actually coming up and bring a couple of the videos I guess for me to watch from some of the news stuff thats going on,I guess some of the talk shows. just trying to update me on some of the stuff. plus he wanted me to get a good laugh.(recorded conversation with her (cindys brother). just a few more she has said

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