Tapes Released!!!!

Well, the tapes of the interrogation have been released.  Talk about bull face liar!  She says she worked at Universal Studios, gave the name of Juliette Lewis as a co-worker, and come to find out she hadn’t worked there for years.  She claims to have been at the apartment complex, and the surveillance tapes prove different.  She is all worried about her mother’s reaction, and says that she will never forgive her, and she won’t be able to forgive herself.  But all she wants to do is find her daughter.  Also in her interrogation, she refers to Caylee and what she liked to do, in the past tense.  She does get very friendly at the end of the tape.


I can’t even stand listening to this brat.  She is such a liar it makes me sick.  With all the lying she does, you can tell she in no way wants to find her daughter. 

Listen to the nut:  From MyFoxOrlando

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  1. She admitted to them that she was lying about working but maintained using a babysitter. She maintained the dropping off and pick up normal work hours. Did they question her on where she went since she admitted she was not at work? She needs to come up with quick answers on that and how/why would she pay for a babysitter. She swore under oath and they could verify those she was lying. I think she should not of been able to be bailed ever.

  2. When cindy went to find Casey at tonys apartment what was the conversation about on the way to cindys house??This obviouly lead to the call to the police.. I’m wondering if TONY enable her with transportation in anyway…indirectly???

  3. according to casey and cindy, caylee was being taken to same babysitter for a good while (more than a year) and i am wondering how casey (or anyone in the family) paid the babysitter….for instance, did they ever write a check to pay the sitter/nanny? if they did, there will be bank records that could be checked… oh gosh! i forgot! casey anthony is a “thief” as well as a liar!

  4. The tapes tell you that Caset will never admit what happened to Caylee. Perhaps had the questioning continued at that time she may have given it up but not now to much time has passed and she has her mother behind her this is what she was worried about so she says.Now with mom defending her she HAS to STICK to her STORY.

  5. I remember reading the 400 plus page of her continous lying. But to actually hear her voice and the lack of any emotion or sense of concern. It truly shows her manipulative ways. I hate to even think this but this is a person who could pass a lie detector test.I really don’t understand anybody who after hearing that could even believe she is capable of telling the truth. She’s a pathetic being.I wouldn’t even use the word human in describing her.

  6. She is sticking to the babysitter story like glue…she has nothing else.I listened to all the tapes …boy, she is a master of deflection.Its called “gaslighting”.They should call her “slick”. Or maybe nickname her ‘EX-Lax ‘…’cause SHE thinks she’s soooooooo Smooth ! Pardon my childish response , but at the moment, I am ” burnt out ” on listening to this sociopathic Liar. !

    She knows ,for example that she is not seen on any tape dropping her daughter off ANYWHERE, BUT, she keeps maintaining that she did, even though the Officers tell her to her face she’s lying ! They tell her the Apartment she took them to has been VACANT for months !!! Does she care ? Nope…

    Example : like if you are in a house at night with only one other person and that person keeps saying over and over ” Did you hear that noise “? And, you say NO. And, the person keeps maintaining they hear a noise and they say ” There ! You heard that didn’t you ? You had to have heard it that time ” ???? Point is , if someone keeps telling you something that YOU KNOW ISN’T TRUE,they are hoping they can convience you otherwise so that YOU’LL be the one to break down, second guess yourself and to keep you under their thumb and their control and keeping you off balance. !

    If you listen to the tapes ,she admits to lying about everything, BUT STILL stands by her babysitter story.If she’s lying about everything else ,what are the odds shes telling the truth about the babysitter ? Whom ,by the way , no one ever met ,seen, could identify,etc etc ???? The Grandparents( in the almost two years she claims the babysitter has been babysitting for her) never once met the babysitter . EVER ! Neither did her boyfriend or any of her friends ! Its an obvious lie too.

    WE ALL KNOW that IF Casey’s daughter was really kidnapped ,there would be absolutely no need whatsoever to even tell one lie ,or to waste the police’s time ,her family’s time and people across the USA’s time…now, she changes her story to say the last time she saw the babysitter and Caylee was in the park…Oh spare me !!!!

    She has mentioned at another time that she felt Caylee was with someone and “close by “. Another poster mentioned maybe they should start looking at recent gravesites…where people have been buried around the time Caylee went missing….Cememtraies in the local area ??? Have they done this yet ???? … right around the time she borrowed the shovel from the neighbor and backed the car up in the driveway near the garage…sad.

  7. Anne P. I totally agree with you. Casey would not be lying if Caylee was really kidnapped. This has really turned out to be a sad case. And very nuts how she said that if she didn’t want Caylee she would have given her to her mother and left. Would be a totally different story if she had just done that.

  8. She wanted to punish her mother, that’s why she took Caylee. Caylee was her bread and butter, the only reason her parents were supporting her. Her mother was about to kick her out and take custody of Caylee. This was only to HURT and for no other reason. She just thought she’d get away with it.

  9. This entire saga has been scripted-a liar is a liar-one lie leads to many,many more-I am a father of 4 daughters and 2 grandaughters.If one of them were missing for 30 minutes,I would be on the phone with LAW ENFORCEMENT.If I were in Cindy or Georges shoes,I believe I would tell my daughter to ‘tell the entire truth NOW or pack your bags and get out of my home”…they have ‘enabled’Casey.Do we hand a book of matches to a pyromaniac?Or a fifth of booze to an alcohollic?TO THE ENTIRE ANTHONEY FAMILY-STOP ENABLING YOUR DAUGHTER-STOP THE LIES AND THIS SO,UGLY DRAMA QUEEN FESTIVAL!!!!PUT CASEY OUT ON THE STREET!!!’ANGELS HAVE WINGS’…

  10. There was never a NANNY,why would she need one ,she didn’t work,that’s why no one ever met the NANNY.You’re right she wanted to punish her mother but by doing so,she had to care for Caylee and Caylee was getting in the way of her new life,the boyfriend didn’t want Caylee around at night,Casey wasn’t going to take her back to her mother,that would defeat her purpose,plus Cindy would probably have made her come home,so she had this child she had to do something with to continue her lifestyle.

  11. Caylee was absolutly used between her grandparents and casey. Caylee was used for monetary reasons, sad………Im wondering how much money estimated she used from everyone involved. Where did she live(d). lots of chaos…I wonder how long Casey was going to let her child go missing before really really asking for help???Her parents are defending her now.

  12. By defending Casey NOW, it only serves to make the Anthony parents look like a couple of low-life’s who should have administered tough love and disciplined YEARS ago but had no backbone as parents THEN, and are STILL spineless NOW ! Its all for show now. As if to say ” SEE ? We stick by our daughter ! We take care of and support our own !!!! but THIS SHOW is a sick and twisted one.

    No REAL bonding in the Anthony household. No real mutual respect for each other. If there were a real parent-daughter relationship, their daughter wouldn’t have waited until she was 7 months PREGNANT and SHOWING before she actually caved in a told you she was pregnant !!!!!! It must have been a real shocker to have people coming up to the parents and asking “how far along is she ” and Cindy and George being CLUELESS and denying she was even pregnant ! Must have made them feel stupid. SAD.

    The truth is the truth is the truth and a duck is a duck …if it looks like a duck , waddles like one and goes QUACK…its a DUCK ! And, not a Monkey or a Turkey !!!! But then again , you have Casey telling people : ” I know I have lied about EVERYTHING , and yes my car was tested and came up with SIGNIFICANT amounts of CHLOROFORM, but SOMEONE ELSE TOOK MY DAUGHTER ! I DIDN’T KILL HER ” !!!!!! You all be the judge …..

  13. I thought the detectives did a good job questioning her, they gave her every opportunity to change her story, to tell the truth. I don’t think eveyone agrees with me about that after reading some other blogs, some seem to think they were brow beating her, or that her rights had been stepped on, but they told her they were recording her & gave her numerous chances to tell them what happened even offered her different scenarios. She continued to lie even after they told her that they knew she was lying, caught her in those lies. You could tell they were doing everything they could to get the truth from her, good cop, bad cop. They sounded so frustrated, she’s good, very good. She seems to be more afraid of what her mother will think than anything. She either believes what she is saying or she is going to a hard nut to crack! I don’t think she will ever tell.

  14. The theory that Casey buried Caylee in someone else’s freshly dug grave is interesting. I would have never thought of that. But Casey seem coniving enough to.

    I think she got Zenaida Gonzales’ name and was able to connect her with the Saw Grass by standing behind her in line. Zenaida could have possibly wrote out a check at a convenience store, then asked the clerk directions to the Saw Grass. Casey was standing beside/behind her in line. I hope Zendaida goes through bank statements for that day and trys to reconstruct the situation. I doubt that there would be surveillance tape after this amount of time though.

    I don’t understand why Casey has not been arrested for obstruction–her constant lying would substantiate that charge. Maybe the police/courts feel if Casey is out, she may lead them to something. You know, put her in a familiar place, she may let her guard down and slip and say something.

    I fell sorry for poor little Caylee. I feel sorry for the neighbors. I feel sorry for a whole nation that has watched this story for months and still have no answers.

  15. Didn’t I read somewhere that one of her friends asked about something, I am assuming what happened, I think on the phone, and she said that someday when she was drunk she might tell them? Did anyone else read or hear this?
    If so, maybe thats how they should do since she seems to like to party and drink? Just a thought.

  16. I agree with you SSChapman.

    I thought the police did an excellent job questioning her.They absolutely did give her every opportunity to “fess up”…but like all Narcissists, she will take it to the very end, she believes her own lie !

    She knows the difference between true and false , but she CHOOSES to go with her lie…it sounds better to her ! Remember when she told police : “NOT EVERYTHING I TOLD YOU WAS A LIE” ? She therefore knows the difference…and isn’t crazy.She admitted that most everything was a lie, BUT NOT THE PART ABOUT THE BABYSITTER ! Of course thats a lie too…it will all come out in the end.

    She’s not crazy…not by a long shot….but she is not a well balanced person for her given age either. When she said on the tape that she already knew her mother would never forgive her for what she did. That was an eye opener. She actually sounded like she was afraid !!!!

    I mean, if one of us truely gave our child over to a babysitter ,who in turn , kidnapped the child, your parents would be heartbroken for sure, but YOU ARE THEIR DAUGHTER…and IF they TRUELY loved YOU…they would forgive you. It wasn’t done deliberately.

    Most Narcissists do not care a hair what others think UNLESS that other person is the one who constantly strokes their ego, feeds their ‘Narcissistic Supply”.Gives them what they want or enables them in some gratifying way.

    Casey said ‘I KNOW MY MOTHER WILL NEVER FORGIVE ME…SHE TOLD ME SO”. I am sure at some point Cindy has told her ” I have had it with you Casey…if ANYTHING happens to Caylee, if they find her dead, I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU !!! “. Casey isn’t afraid of losing her mothers love…shes worried about losing her steady ‘SUPPLY” of ego stroking,etc. she is well aware that NOBODY believes her now, friends and aquaintances are dropping her like a hot potato… she knows she needs people to lie to and to get her ‘supply’ from. (She’ll get that when she goes into prison .)

    Go up to some of the websites on Narcissism…you’ll get a clue into Casey’s ‘problem’.

  17. joann68, I agree. Reading the interrogation and then listening to it is two totally different experiences. Not only do you get to hear the tone of Casey’s voice you get a better idea of the frustration from the police. They are almost to the point of laughing because her answers are all so ridiculous. The way she answers seems more like an 8 year old kid than a 22 year old. To SSChampan, I agree with you too. I hoped that the police interviewed her well and after hearing this, I think they did. THey never jumped on her but the were very firm, explained everything to her and got everything out of her except to admit where Caylee is.

  18. Thanks guys, I was beginning to think that I was looking at this in the wrong light. I didn’t see anything wrong with the interview, at one point they asked her if she needed anything, they weren’t disrepectful of her, all they asked her for was the truth. I bet they secretly wanted to shake her! They are trained detectives, they were striving for one thing, the TRUTH! She just wouldn’t go there. The thing about her mother never forgiving her & her not being able to forgive herself, and a couple of times speaking of Caylee in the past tense makes you wonder. I would give her the benefit of the doubt if any of her elaborate lies would lead to Caylee’s return, & I think that’s what are parents are hoping for, that there might be one sliver of truth in anything she has said if it would bring Caylee back! They know she lies & they know she steals, she has done it to them. And Joann you right, reading the transcript & actually hearing her voice as she wanders around in her maze of deceit is really something! I felt just as frustrated as the detectives!

  19. This women is crazy ! I dont know what you do with a person that can lie like this ! Why dont they put her with the inmates in jail they will find out what she did with Caylee. Bless little Caylee ! Dear God help Caylee be found so she can have a resting place for ever and ever……

  20. I live in Canada and I don’t watch TV and until yesterday I had amazingly been ignorant of the Caylee Anthony story. I stumbled upon it mid-afternoon and spent from then until the wee hours reading blog after blog on this heart-breaking tradedy. I am sickened at our society that breeds phychotic mothers who murder their chldren.

  21. I seen the visit tape from the friend and Cassey mentioned getting drunk and telling her.
    I also think if the parents and brother would back away from her and not have anything to do with her, she would come around, as long as they coddle her she will never open up. She needs to feel she is totaly out there by herself.
    She needs to sit in a cell and have no contact with anyone,
    I really believe she would open up and tell.

  22. She may talk IF she felt 100 % abandoned by everyone,family , friends,etc. True Narcissists are really terrified of being alone and without a way to gain their’supply’ of attention . They need mega doses of attention from people …any kind of attention is better than no attention. Shes getting negative attention now…which is fine by her. But leave her alone ….she will either talk or go completely …mad.

  23. Casey’s former school chum, Kristina Chester, thinks Caylee was killed by her mother and fed to alligators. Has anyone questioned her as to her knowledge of what Casey really did with her daughter? After all, they had been friends, each having a small child of the same age and each having met at parks while their kids played together. I had a nightmare of Caylee reaching out of a cement/concrete grave with one small hand saying, “Help me!” I woke in a cold sweat and looked around my room. This was too real to even believe. I feel consumed by the stupidness of this whole case. The mother won’t talk, doesn’t seem to care and spends her days sitting around her lawyer’s office. The grandparents think the child is alive and their daughter couldn’t do something as heinous as killing her child. We, the public, are considered so stupid we are suppose to believe all of these blatant lies. The police supposedly have “evidence” but apparently not enough to re-arrest Casey. This is like a TV program, where no one gets charged if there is no body found. The killer walks away free as a bird. End of case and the victim, in this case Caylee, becomes part a of large “unsolved crimes” file. I see exactly where this case is going…into unsolved mysteries!

  24. Cindy George and Lee really dont have to be involved with this at all….This is so crazy and bizzare!!!Makes you wonder the involvement. Defense attorney for C&G??? Hes suppose to help them find Caylee and help them handle this situation?
    The Anthonys have put themselves in the middle of this. Damage control could have been handled by letting Casey stay in jail yet they helped bond her out. Mr. Baez could have visited her in jail. Im sure that Casey is going to face disappointment when she sits trial for the money she stole….

  25. Dr..Seuss is correct.

    We are talking about a 22 years old ADULT woman.! She may act like a child or a blithering idiot,(actually a child is more real and honest than this monster called CASEY is ! ) …either way you cut it, she is an adult who knows right from wrong and keeps choosing to do WRONG !

    The Grandparents and Lee should just LET GO of her and FEED HER to the authorities. LET HER FEND FOR HERSELF. As the saying goes : she is a “BOIL ON THE BUTT OF HUMANITY”…time to lance that BOIL OFF !

    People are burnt out seeing her grinning smiley face high fiving as if to say ” Ha ! I’m winning ,I’m putting one over on everyone ” ! (And Bro. Lee was in on that one ! Whatever it represented ! If your baby is missing….I don’t think you should be high fiving anybody UNLESS THEY JUST FOUND YOUR BABY FOR YOU ! DUH ! ) .

    She needs to be left to her own devices…take away her high powered lawyers and lets see her smiley face and her high fives then ! I still say, withdraw all support and she’ll crumble and we’ll all get answers…..

  26. I am a mother of two (2 1/2 & 8) & I know that being a single mother can be very stressful, but from the information I have Casey was’nt raising Caylee on her own. It looks like George & Cindy had a bigger part in raising Caylee than Casey did! I know you’re suppose to be innocent until proven guilty,but ALL signs point to Casey!!! She has been caught in so many lies! If she is’nt guilty of doing something to Caylee or having something to do with her disappearance why won’t she cooperate? None of this makes any sense!!! No matter how mad my girls make me,I could never imagine hurting them!!! My girls are my world… I hate to judge anyone,but if she did kill Caylee GOD will handle it & I don’t want to be anywhere around her on judgement day!!! I hope & pray that they do find Caylee,but it is’nt looking good.

  27. Casey Anthoney is a nut case. She should be made to confess as to what has happened to little Caylee. No one has the child. Look at the real side. A $225,000.00 reward has been posted for weeks. If anyone had this child or knew of anyone that does have her would hav come forward by now…don’t you think? I hope Caylee is alive but it doesn’t seem likely. I would like to have the privilege to slap that smug look off Casey’s face. I want to up chuck when she appears on camera. Her lawyer is also sickning. He knows she is lying. He is in it just for the money. Puke!

  28. I commented that Casey’s lawyer was in this for the money. Wrong! He is in it just for the publicity. He is not known for anything ecept for being a lawyer so this has given him a chance to be in the news and be known. He absolutely makes me ill.


  30. does Cindy know about this babysitter?Casey wasnt even working why a babysitter? How did she pay her? I think that was a lie as well.She doesnt even know its wrong to lie or that she will eventually get arrested and put in jail. I cant wait!!! She is sooo stupid.Her attorney is heading down the wrong path.He might get a name for himself,but it wont be a good one.No one likes baby killers or people that protect them.

  31. How can Casey plead not guilty when they have her on tape cashing those checks.Her attorny is an unknown for a reason.It would have been smarter to just plead out get probation and get it over with. I think hes stringing this whole thing out for his publicity.Why isnt he advising her to tell what really happened,cuz he doesnt care, he wants it to go to trial.

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