More on the Anthony Case!

Neighbors are suing protester in front of the Anthony home who are disturbing the peace.   Lawsuit states: “The association is seeking to reasonably limit the nuisance activities that have caused irreparable harm and damage to the quiet use and enjoyment of the residential neighborhood.”  Protesters are free to be near the Anthony home on public property.


A laptop computer and a kitchen knife were found in Casey Anthony’s car!  Of course that knife has been washed, and I am sure who washed it.   But I am very interested in why it was there. 


More charges could soon be filed against the mother of missing toddler Caylee Anthony, said an Orange County Sheriff’s spokesman. The new charges against Casey Anthony would likely deal with economic crimes.


If Casey cashes in on a book, pay-per view, etc, and she is convicted, Florida has a statute that prohibits convicted felons from keeping proceeds derived from accounts of a crime for which they are convicted.  (If any one knows where I can find this statute, please let me know. I would like to read it and see if Family members can keep the money)


The webcam link has moved:  MyFoxOrlando

This from about 10 pm in Florida


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  1. I can’t imagine leaving my purse and laptop behind when exiting my car. But then again, I can’t picture killing my daughter either.

    But anyway – anyone watchin the Fox Web Cam? Notice how when it gets dark and boring outside….someone opens the garage door and turns the light on inside. Almost like a spotlight on stage at a concert. It was like “Here we are..the Anthony’s….doors open….come on and harass us so we are on camera and in the press again for our upcoming book..” Oh, yuck.

    Hey Casey – where’s Caylee???????

  2. Casey and her boyfriend are probably did something to the beautiful little girl and she probably promsed him that she will not say anyting as usual. CASEY needs to go to jail for the rest of her life and her lawyer probably knows what happened because she probably said everything to him.

  3. Obviously the car was left with the purse on the front seat and a laptop in the car hoping someone would breakin and steal the car to confuse the crime scene.

  4. NCJ Number: NCJ 072315
    Title: In Cold Type – Statutory Approaches to the Problem of the Offender as Author
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    Author(s): J Rothman
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    Annotation: This article compares New York’s and Florida’s statutes concerning the problem of offenders making profits as a result of writing books or articles about their criminal acts.
    Abstract: New York enacted its literary profits statute, Executive Law No. 632-a, to prevent a killer from profiting from stories about his crime. In New York, anyone who contracts for the story of a person accused or convicted of a crime must deposit the proceeds of the contract with a crime victims’ compensation board which holds the funds in escrow for 5 years. The offender receives any funds remaining in the account after the 5 years. The majority of statutes curbing criminal rewards are modeled after New York’s law. Florida’s statute, however, places a statutory lien on the proceeds of a convicted felon’s account of his crime. Then 25 percent of the funds are distributed to the dependents of the offender, 25 percent to victims of the crime, and 50 percent to the State. Both statutes are thoroughly examined and described. The article concludes that the provision of material incentives for offenders to sell their stories, as provided by the New York act, fulfills two goals: encouraging dissemination of information and providing restitution to the victim. The New York statute also provides victims with a first claim to the proceeds to the extent of their actual damages, while the Florida law gives the victim considerable less than actual damages and, therefore, is inadequate. The New York statute shows it is possible for the victims’ equitable rights to be advanced while safeguarding the offenders’ constitutional rights. A total of 158 case notes are cited. (Author abstract modified)
    Index Term(s): Offenders ; Victim compensation ; State laws ; Constitutional rights and civil lib/ ; Restitution ; Florida ; New York

    To cite this abstract, use the following link:

  5. I listened to the intterogation tapes, I empthathize with the detective’s frustration during her questioning. She took them on a wild goose chase. However, although I could tell they were using the good cop/bad cop approach, they did the best they could. I wonder if Casey Anthony is like some sociopaths who love to hear themselves talk, I can’t remember which serial killer it was, but the guy talked for hours, litterally. Talking about nothing and then talking about everything. During this time as he was talking, he described what he did to his victims. Very matter of factly, like he was running down a job description, or something. No emotion, remorse, nothing. I also wonder what the psychological evaluations say about Casey Anthony, and if they will be released as well. Those interrogation tapes are very telling. She is definately a liar, and I, like many people believe the family is either directly or indirectly involed with the disappearance of little Caylee.



  8. Does anyone else feel the same as I do about Casey’s lawyer? I don’t care for him at all! He always has this smug look on his face- like ha ha I know something you guys don’t know. Yeah, be proud that you know the horrible story and we don’t. At least if we knew the actual truth of what happened, we wouldn’t be smiling all the time like you are. Another thing, he goes on Nancy Grace, and everytime she asks him a question, he always says I can’t talk about that or I can’t get into that with you, then why go on the Nancy Grace show if you’re not going to give any information?

  9. Rebecca – I can’t stand Baez either. It’s almost like he’s dating the psycho Casey. Chummy, chummmmmmmy. I’ll be his wife is sideways with all this crap.

    And to think she spends from 10-4 all day every weekday lollin around his office, havin lunch with him, watchin TV, goin online to research HER OWN CASE.

    At least the pix they show of her on TV are not very attractive – stubbing her toe in court, getting choked with the yellow tape when she thought the cop would hold the tape up for her to cross under……grrrrrr, damn, I can’t stand this girl…

  10. Notice Baez’s hair line….remind you of Count Dracula?
    He’s just waiting for the big bucks to roll in. Free
    publicity….he doesn’t care about any child! Caylee
    could be in a lake and he wouldn’t care. It’s the buck
    not the baby! Casey is heaven sent for him!

  11. I don’t care for Baez at all.

    I didn’t really care for the Bounty hunter Padilla at all at first . However I did find it interesting that supposedly he was the one that brought out the fact that “Zanny the Nanny” that Casey kept refering to…(that we all thought was a nickname for the alledged Babysitter Zanaida Gonzalaz)…WAS REALLY A CHARACTER OUT OF A CHILDREN’S BOOK ????????

    Shes feeding people a fictional character out of a kids book !!!!! Wonder what Cindy has to say about that now ?

    I mean its like if you asked me the name of my grandchildrens babysitter and I told you :” Winnie the Pooh, or Mary Poppins,or Barney the Dinosaur, etc….sick. I mean, I wasn’t familiar with the kids books about the adventures f the Starbuck Twins and Zanny the Nanny (I know now !) BUT, My point is , does she live in a fantasy world or did she really believe no one would ever pick up on that !!!!????

  12. The legal representative of a notorious criminal never wins any popularity contests with the general public.

    Rather than thinking of Baez as a bad guy, try to think of him from this point of view: Baez is defending the constitutional rights of an American citizen, albeit a scum-sucking-sleazebag-sorry excuse for a human being.

    If not for defense attornies, prosecutors all across this great land would tap dance on the grave of our individual rights.

    I actually admire Baez, and I think he’s doing a remarkable job in the face of impossible odds.

  13. In reply to the question about the Florida Statue re: not profiting from a crime….The statue is F.S. 944.512—-this was originally into law in NY state after “son of Sam”…..

    I didn’t research it to see if family can profit or not….but they did SELL some of the most recent photos seen of Caylee…..that was noted on one of the local stations within the last week (I think the photos had originally been used by 20-20 on Friday, 9/5)

  14. Yep! It was 20/20/ABC/Disney that rewarded the skANkTHONY’S with a windfall profit. Please tell everyone you know that Disney paidoff the people that admitted that they destroyed evidence in Caylee’s murder. How about a Disney toy burning out infront of the Anthony”s. Like burning disco records in the old days.

  15. the comment suziejane made about Casey tripping in court and the crime tape made me LOL!! I noticed the same things.She probably hates when they show them over and over and over.I also noticed when she was coming out of the jail the first time with her lawyer how close they were physically. I know he was trying to protect her from the crowd, but when she whispered in his ear I just thought she seemed very comfortable.I think she reaally enjoys male attention no matter how or why she is getting it.What is wrong with this girl? She has ugly teeth too.Someone (maybe her lawyer) should tell her it doesnt look good for her to be accesorizing her outfits,like the little knot on her find Caylee T shirt and her sun glasses.Did anyone see her BIG white ones.She only wore them once,she must have seem herself on tv and realized how stupid they looked.I know im being caddie but she deserves it.She thinks she so cool.When shes been in prison for a while she wontr think so.

  16. I think Baez makes himself look stupid when he gets in front of the camera and says bad things about the police force.Why shouldnt they arrest Casey for forging bad checks, thats their job,Duh! and so what if they play games to get her to talk.Baez is just as bad as Casey in my opinion.I know that someone has to defend criminals but he acts like he knows the true story,he aluded to that fact once,well then tell the cops.No, hes waiting to spring it in court,cuz its a ploy to get her off.Some people shouldnt get off and he should not help her to get off.He can help her to get a better sentence,if it was an accident,but to try and get her off completly is wrong.He is not ethical in my opinion.

  17. Grace:

    Yes. I admire him. He is doing precisely as any other good defense attorney would. He just happens to have the most hated client on the face of the planet.

    Defense attornies do NOT help their clients develop a story; they merely build a defense around the story their client tells them. In fact, I can assure you that he’s already advised her to tell him NOW if her story is going to change.

    He’s not a publicity hound, either. Believe me, he could build a much stronger case if the media attention would subside. Thank goodness there are some of us who could actually listen to the testimony in the case, when there IS a case, with an unbiased ear, and render a fair and impartial verdict.

  18. MR…in a perfect world. FYI Defense attorneys are not created equal. Some DO help their clients develop a story and tell them not to change it if they plan to WIN. When a case like this so obvious, I have confidence that there will be a fair verdict.

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