Casey at hospital and drug use……

Here is one of the statements written by Cindy Anthony in the 437 page document released.  Jesse Grund, I believe to be an ex-cop and ex-boyfriend, took Casey Anthony to the hospital for a seizure.  Apparently Cindy Anthony called him up to ask him to take her.  Why in the world would Cindy, an RN, not be able to call the 911 number or even take her daughter to a hospital?  Makes me wonder if the seizure is from a drug overdose?  There is no mention of any other seizures.  It is noted that she did use drugs.


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  1. casey looks like a rabied dog her evil and proud look of getting away with murder make me sick, i would like to rip her buck teeth out of her mouth and shove them down her throat until she tells where the baby is located, then i would like to do to her exactly what she did to caylee

  2. where can i read that statement? have heard the reports of the hospital visit, but not seen any verification of this.
    If this young woman had a significant substance abuse problem-then this begs the question, what on earth were these grandparents thinking, leaving a 2 yr old child in her care?

  3. Today I again see Nancy Grace speaking with the Grandparents of this little “missing” girl.

    Popular opinion seems to point to the child being deceased. Police evidence seems to point to the child being deceased.

    Looking back at what I have heard, it seems to me that the grandparents knew that the little girl was in some sort of danger (the Grandma seeking counselling) or at the very least that she was being neglected. A counsellor surely would not suggest taking custody of a child unless there was a very good reason. Seems that Casey was backed into a corner- getting kicked out of her parents home and was, perhaps, just angry enough to either hurt or “get rid” of this child just to keep her Mother from getting her. Murders have surely been committed for less than this.I keep wondering, though, if Casey may have sold her into the sex trade or some such. However, if she did that- why would she have needed to steal from all these people that she has been accused of stealing from. Surely this is national news by now and we would have heard something if she were still alive.

    My heart hurts thinking that a Mother would not come clean (Casey) when the jig is up, so to speak. This woman seems to have a narcissistic personality disorder.I think her parents are supporting her because they are afraid of her; afraid of what the truth may be. Listen, I love my daughters- but if one of their children went “missing” like this I think I would be almost homicidal toward them if they gave as little help/refused to cooperate like this woman is doing????

    Am I the only Grandma out here feeling the same way?

    My heart goes out to the elder Anthony’s- whether they are in denial as their lawyer suggests or are thinking that by supporting their daughter they will get some answers…I really don’t know. But each day that passes it seems to me my heart feels a more sinking feeling than the next- that this little girl is now an angel baby- not on this earth. I hope I am wrong about this. I guess we who are concerned and unable to be there to search or help in any way can only pray that a power greater than us can put some resolve to it- either way.Either way, I pray that this child is found…..

  4. I’d say Casey better get ready to prove the seizure was not drug-related….and Cindy’s got some splainin to do too -why she couldn’t handle this situation like any normal lay person would do – CALL 911….nobody else….and you’re an RN? Grrrrrrrrrrr……

    What’s goin on here?

  5. I read a story in the Orlando Sentinel which talked about the time Jesse Grund took Casey to the hospital for a seizure.There was absolutely no mention of drugs and I got the feeling it was something more emotional and random. There was no mention of calling the mother or asking Cindy for help-it was strickly between Casey and Jesse. It wouldn’t really matter if it were drug related-she is so over the top now that a trip to the hospital last year isn;t going to make much difference in her defense in November. Of all the things that have been stated about her drugs have never, ever been mentioned. Narcissist would never tamper with mind altering drugs of any kind-let’s face it, why mess with perfection.

    Remember when she told the Police and Cindy that she last saw her child on the 9th of June-how she could not remember that it was Father’s Day. That has always intrigued me. It was only when the cops saw the time stamped video from the trip to the assisted living facility did she realize that she was wrong. She kept saying after learning this “I haven’t seen my daughter in 31 days” Who talks like that? Who’s that calm? Drugs don’t do that to you. She’s hanging onto the facts like they were a life line for her. Maybe she knows she snapped and can’t feel the pain. That must be a frigtening way to wake up each morning and know that your interior life is gone; that you may never have had a conscience or that you were some type of monster that even Casey finds difficult to reconcile.

    It must be a new form of torture for Juan Beaz to have to house her in his office for 6 hours a day. I hear she’s on Facebook and will only accept positive, nurturing comments. Brother Lee is the only one who sees the comments and can delete those that are negative. Does this sound normal?

  6. RE: Comment by ann | Sunday, 14 September 2008

    Hi Ann, it is in the large file that was released in August. It states that the defendents mother mentions Jesse Grund as the one who took Casey to the hospital when she had her seizure. Can’t remember all of it.

  7. Abby read the 437 pages of swarn statement testimony. It clearly states that Cindy called Jesse to come pick Casey up because she was having a seizure. Period. Sworn testimony.
    Several of Casey’s friends related that they KNEW Casey to do Marijuana and probably ecstacy. Booze was a big hit with Casey. And friends in sworn testimony stated that she got agressive and violent when smashed.
    She fought with Cindy on June 15th (fact) with Cindy telling her it was time to move out and leave Caylee behind. On Monday the 16th Casey probably got loaded. Still angry with Cindy she probably finally whacked Caylee to punish Cindy.
    What we really need is some former friend or hospital staff to tell us about the drugs and seizure. The testimony given police about drugs was not pushed as it was clear the people testifying had actually done drugs with her and didn’t want to incriminate themselves too much.
    The police need to test Caseys and Caylees hair for dope usage. Hair records you dope usage for about 60 days.

  8. I have smoked pot and drank alcohol and done extacy but I had kidds and grew up I always know where my kids are if one of my children were missing I would be on phone with the FBI in 2 minutes Its not drugs making her ate up its just her

  9. I think the media and protesters has been a distraction to the Anthony’s home. They feel under attack and love to come out and get their frustrations out on others. They are making their family ties stronger because everyone else is against them. I think if they were left alone, they would then start to dissolve. Their frustrations would then begin to focus on the one person who has created all of this. They will have the time to realize that Caylee is not there. They will have a chance to start to miss her. The silence will allow them to think clearly. Then everything will start to come out.

  10. I agree with Laurie whole heartedly on this one. All this media, protesters, etc…are a distraction from the truth for the Anthony’s. It takes the pressure OFF Casey to tell the truth, which is the opposite of what these protesters are going for! Without the distractions, left to their own devices they will self destruct. I found the fact the George was “sent to work” the day after Caylee was reported missing, who could possibly do that with their grandchild missing. He said “I was told (By Cindy and Casey)that their wasn’t anything more I could do, so I went ahead and went to work” Did they want him out of the way or what the hell is up with that? Anyway, I don’t think miss casey will ever tell the truth. It’s up to LE to build a case without her, and maybe without the body, although I hold out hope that her little body will be found. Lee knows much more than anyone else, I believe he helped come up with this kidnapping story while him and Casey were talking for that Hour or so in her bedroom.

  11. I was curious as to why Cindy Anthony would tell Casey that she would never forgive her….If she believes that Casey is innocent of a crime than what would she “never forgive her” for what??? Casey told police she was petrified that her mother would not forgive her…and she said that her mom already told her so….and she said she cant forgive herself if she never sees caylee again….This doesnt make sense…if you believed your daughter you wouldnt make this kind of statement….even if she turned away from her child and went missing….you would still feel bad that your daughter lost her child….not blame her…Unless you knew the truth…..

  12. Marijuana doesn’t make anyone violent. With Casey drugs had nothing to do with this. No drug in the world is going to make you calm after your child is gone. This is about Casey’s mental state of being … How her brain works. If you research sociopath you will get a basic understanding. I would bet you will be very surprised if you look up sociopath as it sounds like it means serial killer but that’s not even close. They appear to be ‘normal’ people by most accounts. There has been tons of stuff published within the last five years concerning brain research. Most people willingly accept a physical abnormality but a mental one is often viewed with skepticism to say the least. Most people do not seek help for mental issues because of the social stigma attached to it. I know it is a difficult concept to grasp, however the fact is Casey’s brain functions much differently then most others. A sociopath does not have the capacity to feel what is happening here. People have expressed a desire to “kill her” for her lack of emotion but she cannot give you what she does not have. This is a horribly tragic situation.

  13. i wish the media would just stop reporting on this casey case . why give her and her family the spot light . the whole family is plain nuts in my book anyway..i say give them no more 15 minutes of fame . this stiry makes me sick to think that a mother will not help locate her daughter and this mother’s family is covering up for her. no way would this mom live in my house knowing my grand daughter was missing at her hands

  14. I agree wholeheartedly with post #10. Further, Casey had no reason to seek psychological help because she doesn’t believe she needs it or has ever needed it. I opine from the experience of having dealt with a sociopath on a fairly regular basis.

    The only tears Casey has ever shed or ever will shed are for herself, because self-pity is the only emotion even resembling a normal human response.

  15. thank you MR. Sorry for your personal experience with such. Personally I suspect Cindy maybe the genetic source of this abnormality. She twists things as well but not to the degree Casey does. That’s probably why she (Cindy) now appears so odd to everyone. She seemed rational in her 911 calls, but after a few days she started trying to spin things. Spinning the truth seems to be totally acceptable within the Anthony family. In any event, Casey’s parents allowed her to get away with this behavior her entire life. Her irrational behavior was tolerated, actually enabled. I listened to her interviews with the detectives and in them Casey is repeating what she has always done to get out of a bad situation.

  16. I also wish the media, protesters, etc…would just leave the Anthony’s alone, let them self destruct. Without the distraction of the media and such maybe the truth will finnally come out. (not from Casey though) All these distractions are actually taking the pressure “off” Casey, providing an outlet for their frustrations besides her. If you listen to Cindy’s testamony at Casey’s bond hearing, she says several times how she hasn’t slept or ate for days, blah, blah, blah, she sounds very “poor me” during the whole thing. She constantly was pointing out how hard this has been on her, no mention of how scared her grandaughter must be, her comments are all very self serving. I suspect that some of Casey’s behavior was learned from Cindy. Who seems to worry more about the family’s image than her missing grandaughter.

  17. mik:

    Thanks for the consolation. It wasn’t necessarily my heartache, though. I was protecting my best friend by mediating with this sociopath, who happened to have married my friend’s handicapped son.

    I may ultimately be proved a fool, but I still sympathize with George, Cindy and Lee. I’ve posted this before, but it’s worth repeating: I have a granddaughter who is my world. If she were missing, and if all evidence pointed to foul play, I would desperately need to believe any stranger, liar, or lunatic who claimed to have seen her alive. I would climb mountains, swim oceans, or walk through hell fire to dance with the devil if someone would bring my baby home. If anything ever happened to her, you may as well dig her grave a little deeper to make enough room for me.

    Rest in peace, Caylee.

  18. I saw on another post, somewhere, that there are apartments in Orlando called Bella Vita– words Casey had tatooed on her. Also, read that there are ponds there. I did a search and indeed there are like 3 ponds around this place.

  19. Interesting …..

    Casey had Bella Vita tatooed on her body …and there are apartments in the area called that ? Seriously ?

    Does anyone know how far the apartments by that name are from her home ?

    Are the apartments close to any of the cell tower Pings ?

    Does she have friends who live there or not ?

    Maybe she had a relationship with a guy who lived in that particular apartment complex ?

    If not, why that particular phrase ? Sometimes veribage and phraseology can really play into matters like this.

    Tatoo… Especially after her daughter went missing ? NOT THE BEST TIME TO GET A TATOO , NAILS DONE ,ETC…WHEN YOUR CHILD IS MISSING !!!! DUH !

    That is a creepy thought….someone should drag those ponds…SOON !!!!.

  20. Bella Vita apartments is about 19 miles from where the Anthony’s live. 20 miles from where the boyfriend lived. It was only 9 miles from where she says she dropped Caylee off. and about 2 miles from where the car was towed from.

  21. CASEY ANTHONEY killed her daughter WITHOUT the help of her family .I really want to blast the protesters for thier invasion of the anthoneys neighborhood and for their blatant disregard for the emotions of this family, wether its denial or what,they deserve if they wish to believe their granddaughter is alive. YOU pathetic protesters that obviously have absolute no lives of your own should just leave this family to believe what they want because the truth will come out, they will find li9ttle Caylees body eventually but yelling and screaming and throwing f bombs at the anthoneys isnt working they deserve their privacy and then maybe when its quiet and peacefull around them, maybe then the truth will register with them .

  22. Bless you Mel in Canada !

    Being Canandian, I understand that you “don’t understand ” ! Here in the USA….we have a right to protest, a right to blog ,a right to express ourselves and have our own opinions.No one has a right to live in denial if murder of a innocent child is involved . They need to wake up ,either on their own or be forced.Ever she in an old movie someone in denial and hysterical and the other person slaps that person and says “Snap out of it ” ????? Thats probably they kindest thing to do to someone in denial. I do not believe the Anthonys are in that type of denial I believe they NOW know what Casey has done, and they are now trying to save this monster. Why ? because they KNOW they have lost a granddaugter, and do not wanna lose pathetic Casey.

    We DON’t have a right to be in denial to such a degree when it comes to our children that we end unleashing an absolute monster on society ! Which is exactly what the the Anthonys did.Listen, if I own a Pit bull, care for it, feed it shelter it,I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR ITS ACTIONS. Yeah, humans are different, BUT,we are talking about human life here, a smalll childs life.

    They have NOW incured the wrath of DECENT society, people who think what Casey did was an abominable act.The anthonys attitude only make things worse. Maybe they should be a little more grateful that people are still putting up with their crap for the sake of Caylee ?

    Whom may I ask was sheltering this Monster Casey and paying for her to party, have fun ? The Anthonys were.When she was out lying ,stealing from her elderly grandparents ,and hurting all in her was THEN a private family matter ..IT WAS IN THE ANTHONYS COURT AS TO WHAT TO DO WITH CASEY !They did NOTHING . Now, its : “YOU NEED TO FIND OUR GRANDDAUGHTER…SHES MISSING ‘CAUSE OUR STUPID PARTYING DAUGHTER WOULDN’T TELL US FOR 31 DAYS WHERE SHES AT ” !!!! NOW, its everyones problem.

    THEN, IT BECAME “PUBLIC”. When something becomes PUBLIC its a free for all,and open to scrutiny and public open.

    ESPECIALLY IF YOU WAIT 31 DAYS ,LIKE CINDY CLEARLY SAYS ON A TAPED PHONE CONVERSATION, ” I” have given you 31 days to produce Caylee, and I am not giving you one day more (paraphrased )”.SHE then decided to make it a POLICE issue ,a public issue ….to involve OTHERS.

    Then she slams the media , protesters,voulenteers for “NOT HELPING ENOUGH ????” Did you happen to hear ‘Cindy’ Anthony’s glorified pathetic Narcissistic response to the Media ,Law Enforcement and all lay people within earshot ?????? It went something like this ” YOU NEED to get off your A$$ES and find my granddaughter !!!!

    EXCUSE ME ?????? What does she think EVERYONE has been doing ? What about all the VOULENTEERS who are combing woods ,swamps for HER GRANDDAUGHTERS BODY ????? Maybe they should all stand out there crying there guts out saying how much they apprecaiate everyone and please continue helping to search…INSTEAD of YOu ALL NEED TO GETS OFF YOUR A$$ES………

    Hello ? Maybe I would personally feel loads better about it if I saw Cindy get off her ‘IN DENIAL’ BUTT and PHYSICALLY COMBS SWAMPS TO FIND HER OWN FLESH AND BLOOD GRANDDAUGHTER THAT SHE CLAIMS TO LOVE !!!! I wanna see George knee high in water, Lee covered in Mud ,and maybe if Cindy would STOP EGGING ON the already angry mop in front of there house and maybe stop coming out of her house and trading insult for insult with strangers , maybe the protests would get the hint and leave .Maybe if she were out literally searching for Caylee,she wouldn’t have time to worry about the protesters ?? For me, wearing a t-shirt and yelling at others to find “HER” granddaughter just don’t ‘cut it.’

    The problem is the attitude of the Anthony family. People are as mad as hell that the Anthonys let this go on as long as it did .

    The most honest thing to ever come out of Cindy’s mouth during this entire ordeal was ” IT SMELLS LIKE THERES BEEN A DEAD BODY IN THE DAMN CAR”. That statement wasn’t one of DENIAL . Think about it….now shes changed her tune…..

  23. Humble’O. How about a new thread. ” What made killer Casey the way she is, environment or genetics?” I’ll bet your mental health proffesionals bloggers could have some real insights.
    I totally see Casey in Cindy. The way see ignores reality and presents lies with an angry attitude. The way she sees people as small and dismisses them with “sweetheart” like shes talking to a 2 yearold.
    Really sick families that victimize their children with hate or incest always isolate the children. Notice that there is no info on Caylee ever being in daycare. Also, no photos of Caylee with other children!
    Does Casey show any symtoms of being an incest survivor?
    Please start a thread for mental health professionals only, please. I’m sure you have many MH profs.
    Thanx, killer site.

  24. I to see the same traits in Cindy & George Anthony. They keep saying they have all these leads but don’t tell us what the leads are. They don’t go out and look for Caylee. They wear their t-shirts and have the signs on their cars but it looks as though it is all for show! I have 3 grandchildren and I would turn over every rock, twig, leaf,etc. if one of them was missing. If my daughter was telling me the type of lies Casey is telling(and proven lies) you better believe I could get the truth out of her. Casey is also portraying this is all Cindy’s fault because she is so afraid of her that she couldn’t tell her Caylee was missing. Come on the Anthony’s are not stupid! They choose to look the way I think they too are enjoying this ride.

  25. Protest:
    Cut up your Disney toys and dump them in front of the skANkTHONYS. Disney gave the Anthonys, who admitted destroying evidence in Caylee’s murder, buckets of cash for Caylee videos on 20/20. Where do think the bail money came from! Disney must pay!!!

  26. Thats what makes this whole story so freakish…George use to be in LE ??? Seriously ? Why this man cannot even make sense and is either stupid or an ostrich who just sticks his head in the sand when the going gets tough. If he were my partner in LE, I would NOT want this man watching my back …’cause he wouldn’t ! And, hint..hint…he’s not in LE anymore ! He difinately does NOT wear the pants in the Anthony household. He was probably a poor disciplinarian as well.Hence ,the making of the “Casey Monster”.

    Cindy….I think she has NPD to a degree…and shes a Nurse !!!! Who on this forum wants her to take care of them ???? I wouldn’t want this woman even to schedule an appointment for me in a doctors office.!!! She has disorganized thinking and SHE LIES TOO MUCH ! Shes a cold mother as well. And, it appears she used her granddaughter as a “trophy Grandchild”…maybe even showered attention on Caylee to make Casey mad and jelouse and to keep Casey under her thumb. If so, it ROYALLY BACKFIRED, DIDN’T IT ?

    Lee…He is strong enough to high 5 his sister…but cannot take time off to physically go look for his niece ???? Why not ? Whats he afraid of ? That people may think he’s different from the rest of his family and call him…human. ?

    I haven’t heard any inside reports of this family even privately shedding any tears over Caylee. Anger, yes, they have shown that and expressed it ….but deep anguish and sorrow over the loss of Caylee ? Where is that ? Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla spent some private moments with them in their home….no tears.


    This WHOLE family is sick.

  27. !!!!BINGO!!!!!

    you hit the nail right in the head….incest….I thought about it….C A Y —L E E get it!

    also the Cindy is a sicko…..please tell me were she is a Nurse… I never go in that Hospital again!

  28. Interesting that you came up with the name theory…Cay-Lee equals Casey and Lee !!!!!

    I would like to know who the 1st person was to mention this or post this …that Casey and her brother Lee had an incestous relationship.? I am curious as to what made this person think so. Were there rumors before Caylee went missing ? I also heard Lee is Gay. But there are Gay men out there who want to father children and get woman to have their babies so that they can raise them.Could he have gotten his own sister pregnant just to become a father ? Sick possibility.

    But, I cannot shake the Chloroform in the car truck….to me, its not important if Lee is the father at the moment…something happened to that child and Chloroform and decomposition were without a doubt found in the trunk.

    When they replay the tape on TV where Cindy actually opens her mouth and says : “Maybe SOMEONE ELSE PUT A DEAD BODY IN THE TRUNK” ! That was so ridiculous and bizarre…like sure , someone else just happened to need to dispose of a dead body and just happened to pick Caseys car.Imagine out of all the cars in Florida and they pick Caseys car ! IS CINDY ANTHONY FOR REAL ? Like a small child who got caught doing something wrong and says : “It wasn’t me …don’t look at me …it was the other guy…not me !!!. ”

    I have a feeling that soon its all gonna hit the fan with such great force…this case will be shocking, I just have that feeling…it already is the biggest mess and web of lies you’ve ever seen.Each family member will have played his /her part in this horrible crime.

  29. Once again, I must object to some of the outrageous theories being floated “out there.”

    Caylee Anthony is not the product of an incestuous relationship. There is no evidence to support this speculation. My daughter is named for my sister. Is she the product of an unholy alliance? Casey may well have chosen to spell Caylee’s name as she did in honor of her brother.

    Caylee’s demise was tragic and degrading enough. Allow her at least a shred of dignity.

  30. Hey GB … sorry you take personal offense. Blogs such as this are for people to express and share their thoughts just as you have in this post 🙂


  32. Anything is ‘possible’. Especially when you are dealing with an habitual Liar.

    Even law enforcement throw theories around….they troubleshoot, and see all the “possible’ senarios…and they go out in the field and talk to as many people as they can.

    Its like 3 people witnessing an accident. Talk to all three, and none of the three will give the exact same description.but ALL witnessed the SAME accident.Police want to hear all sides of the story.

    Granted ,non of us here witnessed anything that happened .Nor, do we even know the Anthony family. BUT, sometimes even your ‘average joe’ can come up with a possible idea that hasn’t been thought of or brought to light yet.

    FACTS have been released to the press and GENERAL PUBLIC. Therefore it becomes public knowledge. If the public wants to kick around idea’s…why not.? Its our right to do so. Our ideas on this forum will NOT sway a jury or even come into play in court.UNLESS, one of us is RIGHT ON THE MONEY and we guessed correctly.

  33. I’m the strongest proponent of the first amendment you’ll ever meet – but why base theories on speculation with virtually no foundation? There’s a wealth of scientifically verifiable information to discuss.

    I’ll give you this much: with as many thousands of theories people are offering, someone is bound to have hit fairly close to the truth…and it will probably be the simplest explanation imaginable.

  34. Kudos to Post 9 and 10 –get them all off the spot lite and back into reality(whatever the hell that is for this dysfunctional family) and maybe truth will sink in.
    also to roger vadim #30-i posted earlier that i thot sexual trauma was a factor. However i wrote it before and i must reiterate–I am a survivor of incest in of all places south florida, but me and amillion other survivors do not turn into sociopathic murderers or any other type of criminals. also i’m a recovering junkie and drugs dont make someone act like that either. its either mental illness or a severe personality disorder and the b*tch just snapped. the way cindy behaves-probably inherited.
    Why they all walk on eggshells ’round Casey is beyond me. Does she have some fantastic family secrets they’re terrified are gonna come out?? And why did george and cindy refuse the polygraph?? according to leonard padilla, he claims lee told them not to do so.. What is it with these parents–do their adult children run the SHOW??

    Also am originally from cocoa beach area and visited orlando and surrounding bergs as a kid–lots of man made ponds and lakes all over filled with gators. growing up in fort pierce us kids swam in gator filled rivers and ponds all the time. just the grace of god we never got ate.
    but these theories of casey dumping wee caylee in lakes or rivers as gator bait aint too far fetched, even as ugly of an image as it is.

    and amen to whomever it was that dubbed the anthonys the “most hated family in america”!

  35. It is obvious that this family has many secrets. None of which they want to go public. They lie to cover them up. If they had nothing to hide…..they would tell the truth and take the lie detector test to PROVE they are innocent. This goes for the whole family!Incest…maybe true. Seems Casey was acting out sexually and experimenting with drugs. Common behavior for sex abuse.

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