Not guilty plea

Casey Anthony entered a plea on Sunday to 10 felony check fraud charges filed against her last week.  She has also turned down the right to have an arraignment on those charges. Her attorney wants to see what evidence the state plans to use in their prosecution of Casey Anthony.

Wonder if the notorious faxing attorney faxed in this plea?  Also, wasn’t it mentioned that there is video of Casey at the stores writing checks, etc?   

Cindy Anthony had a run in with a protester.  She had a screaming and swearing match with a woman protester outside the Anthony compound.  When the woman went to leave, she shut her son’s arm in the car door.  Apparently her son is doing well.



5 thoughts on “Not guilty plea

  1. Cindy and George have protesters outside daily. They are under so much pressure no wonder Cindy snapped back. Serves her right! These protests will lead to someone getting killed in the Anthony home. Or a clash between the protesters.

    How old is the child? Nice Sunday outing to take your son to confront the Anthony’s. Great education! Church or a nice family picnic would have been a better option.

  2. I’m starting to think that Casey has a crush on her attorney and is relishing in all the attention that she gets from him while spending 6-8 hours a day in his office. After all, it has been clearly shown that she is in pure heaven when she thinks she has the attention of men. Even on the recently released tapes it sounds as though she is flirting with the police officers at the end of the interrogation. The girl is a true head case. Personally, I think as long as she is getting the attention that she so desperately craves, regardless of whether it is bad or good, she’ll never feel punished. I’d like to shake her myself… As a mother, I don’t understand how and why Cindy can stay in the same house with her day after day and not jerk a knot in her. I’ve come to conclusion that Cindy and Lee, possibly the dad too, are covering for Casey now. I believe that Cindy and George truly want that baby found, I also think that they know MUCH more than they’ve confessed to know… I also believe that they’re in denial – in so much pain that they refuse to believe what they’ve known all along and that is that their sociopathic nut job of a daughter killed their granddaughter.

  3. I am surprised that someone hasn’t gotten seriously hurt, I don’t know what these people are thinking! Wonder if the protester mom had to make a stop at the ER? Why are people taking children there anyway?? I am beginning to understand that there are all kinds of mental problems out there, & we all tend to display them in different ways, geez. As for the not guilty plea, I am sure that is what Jose told her to plead. But, hey, Jose, she didn’t need your advice for that, she probably changed that story to one in which she didn’t write those checks & that is probably someone else on that tape!

  4. Dee:

    Casey will gravitate to anyone who will sympathize with her. A textbook sociopath, she, like O.J. Simpson, believes that nothing in the sequence of events that led to Caylee’s demise is her fault; further, she believes that it is none of our business and that this should all go away.

    What we DON’T know is how Caylee died. There is still the possibility that this is an accident cover-up. If it can be proven, however, that Caylee died as a result of gross negligence (or worse,) then there is a wide range of charges which can be brought against her.

  5. I think that the Anthony’s are in denial, but not because of Caylee being dead. They have been in denial as far a their daughter having problems all along. I read on one of the blogs that Cindy denied that Caylee was pregnant even when she was 7 months along. I think that they know that little Caylee is not coming home and the longer they can keep her alive then their daughter won’t be a murderer. I believe that if they had done something to help Casey a long time ago none of this would have happened. I also believe that Casey is enjoying these fights that her parents are having with the protesters because they are being punished further and she seems to wan’t to get even with them. I know one thing that if it were me that was in Casey’s shoes I would do something to take the heat away from my family, I would either tell the truth or ask to be moved to another location so they would not be involved.

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