Casey Anthony…an accomplice?

Leonard Padilla says that Casey had to have an accomplice to dispose of the body.  This is Padilla’s theory.  He says that someone had to help her.  Who knows, maybe the accomplice is also dead.  Casey’s friend Kristina said: Casey is the type of person who could connive a friend into helping.  Leo has come to this theory because of all the phone talking Casey had done on the 26 June through 28 June.  Leo has seen the phone records, he got them from Lee.  Leo did confirm THERE WAS NO PHONE CALL AT NOON ON THE 15th of July from ANYONE!!  (She must have had her phone on silent and acted like she received a call)  There is also confirmation that there was NO NANNY phone calls on Casey’s cell phone records. 


Casey even lied to Robert Dick.  He was head of security for the Casey Anthony, now police are going to question him, and Leonard Padilla.  He said that Casey said she was given a SCRIPT to follow when talking to the police….oh this girl is up and over the top and ready to roll down the hill into a grave! 


Jeff Hopkins has been questioned and said that he worked in the vicinity of Casey Anthony, but did not know her, and did NOT have a Zenaida Gonzalez work for him.   


Padilla thinks that Casey got the information on Zenaida Gonzalez through her friends that live in the apartment complex.  He said she somehow got the application for Zenaida.  I say Zenaida needs to sue the Apartment complex for giving the info out and also the Casey Anthony for slander.    


I STILL think Casey thought she DID the perfect crime.  Zenaida, the unknown was the last one with Caylee, the car was stolen, she left work and couldn’t find them.  She made up names using her friends names, by re-arranging them.  She claims a script was involved.  I would love to see the script.


Here are a few questions: why did Jesse Grund take a polygraph and Casey Anthony did NOT!  If she is NOT guilty, then step up and take the test.  Where did she really go if she was not working, that so called day of 9 June 2008, or was it the 16 or 17 June?  Whose phone was she really using she claims to have lost.  (We know she did not work for Universal)

On another note, Cindy Anthony went on uni-vision with a Spanish speaking interpreter.  Guess she is looking for Caylee via the TV.


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  1. These people are just nuts. It will all come out sooner or later and I bet we will be more shocked than we are now. I cannot believe her parents lie and take up for her.

    The lies are coming apart little by little and Casey is going down big time.

  2. Casey said she has dropped Caylee off at that apartment numerous times, so my question is who lived there at that address ? I’ve never heard this question asked, nor have I heard anyone talk about it. Someone had to have lived there. There were other addresses she’s told the Police she’s dropped Caylee off at and I’ve not heard who lives at them either.

  3. I don’t put much stock in Padilla’s theories,hence his theory on Casey getting bailed out of jail and she would talk,he got involved to get his 15mins.of fame.He couldn’t find his way out of a paper bag with directions!!He was positive Casey was telling the truth about the kidnapping due to the spanish name Zenaida,He wants to remain in the spotlight so he dribbles out a little info at a time.Take what he says with a grain of salt!!I don’t think Casey had help,she would never chance someone else knowing what she did,and if that were so that person would tell someone and so on.With the reward money out there someone would have come forward by now.If Padilla told Cindy she should search in Puerto Rico why is she just now getting around to it? Why is it only Cindy,no Casey Lee or George no family unity WHY?? Cindy can ask someone to help her but she does no more than this,they refuse to help themselves,no wonder they have become the most hated family!!

  4. Why hasn’t a police sketch of Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez
    been released to the public?I know that Casey Anthony provided a description of her to the police.Lie or no lie,if we are suppose to be looking for Caylee, then we should also be on the lookout of her as well. In the video
    of Casey Anthony seen numerous times exiting the courtroom,
    who is she smiling and waving to?

  5. I am thinking Jose has advised against any polygraph tests for Caylee because he knows she will FAIL! All he has right now, so he thinks, is mis-treatment of his client by the detectives.

  6. Cool 3. The “most hated family”. Lets ammend that to the most hated family “in America”
    Don’t forget Disney/ABC/20-20 are financing this criminal family in their continued criminal coverup!

  7. In response to the question in post #4. She was waving at her mom and dad. That was taken at a bond awhile back. i agree with humbles statement Zeniadia should get a lawyer and sue. what i don’t get is she metioned the names of the 2 girls on the application during an interview with detectives but i’m not sure in what regards .i remember Zeniadia saying the detectives did metion that casey had said those 2 names. But during the recordings Casey states Zeniada had no kids. I found that a little odd.

  8. Curious, Casey’s phone silent – no pings for 24 hours. Who did she dial within the time period just prior to the 24 hours? That may be who she asked for help with disposing of Caylee.

    Perhaps someone told her to turn off her phone during the time she was traveling to/from the disposal site so no pings could be picked up by towers – now WHO would know to do that? Likely not Casey – but a police officer would – they would also know, no body – no murder charge – Hmmmmm ?

    Why did the police officer deny knowing Casey when he was first asked about having a relationship with her? Again, Hmmmm ?

    If Casey slept with four guys during the period she was away from her parent’s home, who did she sleep with prior to the 24 hour phone silence (an opportune time to manipulate someone into being an accomplice), and immediately following the 24 hour silence? (Probably not an accomplice if they have any conscience at all.)

    My theory of the case – Casey’s mother constantly rescued her from consequences in life at the same time she criticized her parenting of Caylee – and everything hit the fan when Cindy found out Casey stole money from her grandparents.

    I think Casey left with Caylee – and disposed of her to “get even” with the grandmother for criticising Casey and for being closer to the child than Casey was. The video of her the first time she entered the courtroom shows a quick smile and look of satisfaction as if to say, “this will really embarass my mom – and she’ll know she can’t see Caylee anymore – that will teach her!” Just a theory, but I think it’s pretty close to what happened.

    I think Casey used cloroform to kill the child because it was the easiest,and quietest way to get the job done, and it wouldn’t be painful to the anesthesized sleeping Caylee. And, being anesthesized – there wouldn’t be any yelling or noise.

  9. It’s possible Casey owed a lot of money to someone {drugs, gambling}. She stole from her family to help pay off these people and maybe it wasn’t enough and they took Caylee until she came up with the rest of the money. This could be why she and the family say Caylee is alive and Casey shows no emotion. she could of been warned not to cooperate with the police by these people.

  10. I am beginning to think Leonard is on to something, he may know more than we think he does, I admit I think he bailed Casey out the first time to draw attention to his TV show, But I think he has been doing some investigating on his own. I hated that he bailed her out to start with because that started the revolving door saga, but someone else would have done it eventually,probably whoever did it this time, Padilla may not be so dumb, I think he said he had gone to law shool or something. I think his dress code is just show biz. But he has come through with some pretty good info lately. He & Rob broke the Nanny with the script story & she may have had some help, not sure about that. He has a copy of her phone records. Come on, Leonard, tell us more. I think maybe he is trying to redeem himself, I think he would love to solve this thing. Think what that would do for ratings! Besides, I think he really would like to see Caylee found, just like the rest of us.

  11. Just one quick thought to everyone. It just hurts me to no end thinking where the child was everyday and night, since Caseys mother didn’t have her, nor a babysitter. Where do you all think the little was day after day. Knocked out in the back of the car so she wouldn’t be seen. If the boys saw her leave for work, she had do put her somewhere. We just don’t know what Caylee had to endure.

  12. In repsonse to poster #3. I will agree that I don’t know exactly how credible Padilla is but I don’t know, can he get in trouble for going on Greta or Nancy Grace and saying all this if it’s not true?? If everything he’s saying is a lie then could he be charged with something?? Not sure. I think that he apologized and/or admitted that he made a huge mistake in thinking he could get her to talk. So he DID admit that he was wrong. I don’t think he was 100% sure she had help but he felt she would have needed it. To say that Casey would never chance getting someone else involved, you don’t know that anymore than I do. Maybe the friend didn’t know what they were moving was a dead body. Anything’s possible at this point.

  13. Joe, from what I’ve heard on tv and through reports, the police have interviewed the apartment manager who said no one had lived at that apartment that Casey said she dropped Caylee off, for over a year. Casey had friends that lived there in a different apartment, so she probably knew that other apartment was empty, so she just told police that’s where she dropped Caylee off. She should have known that they would check to see who lived there.There was also another place Casey had pointed out to police where the so called nanny lived, Casey saying she dropped Caylee off there before, and that building turned out to be a nursing home.

  14. re: a sketch.. the police (and tv stations) have interviewed the actual Zeniadia who filled out an interest form at the apartment. She had never lived there, and when the police showed Casey a lineup of photos she could not pick out which one was Zeniadia.

  15. Interesting, Barbara G, I wondered about the sketch also, I live in SC where Susan Smith is from, she managed to come up with a sketch of some supposed kidnapper that she had never seen, yet Casey knew Zenaida for something like 4 yrs. but the police didn’t ask her to help come up with a sketch? They didn’t believe her from the get go, but they didn’t believe Susan Smith either, but her story was more believable, than this one. And her cold, cold heart finally admitted where her sweet babies where. The tapes tell what a tangled web Casey wove, her lies were so obvious, her story involved so many people, names & phone numbers, it was crazy! How could anyone believe her?

  16. I don’t think anyone had to be around to ‘witness’ her getting this noon phone call. I think it is just something she made up later.

    But she is a piece of work with the lies. No doubt!

    Notice how even after it has been well established she has NO JOB, as this comment was made in the recording at Universal – but she STILL makes a comment about picking Caylee up AFTER WORK, and saying ‘as usual’…it can’t be ‘as usual’, you stupid b*tch!! You didnt work, AS USUAL! I’m really surprised the officers didnt pick up on that but they were probably just blown over by the sheer enormity of her lies they couldnt even process them as fast as she was telling them!

    The whole ‘park and script’ thing – I think she dreamed that one up IN RESPONSE to the officers telling her they had video from the apartments and she wasnt shown on there dropping off Caylee. She knew she was caught (again) in that one, so she just made up something else to justify it. I dont know if it is a fact they had access to video from that day at the apartments or not, could have just been something the officers threw in to see her response. Tell her now there are videos at entrances of JB Park, and I bet she’ll come up with something new. She lies, gets caught, lies more to cover lies…it’s a cycle she only goes to when her back is against the wall. Never admitting the truth though.

    Why havent they charged her with obstruction of justice yet?

  17. So what Casey’s saying is, that everything she told her family and police for the first month of investigations was completely scripted, written by the kidnapper.

    Therefore, Zenaida Fernandez Gonzales ‘ordered’ Casey to use her own name and tell everyone that she kidnapped Caylee.

    Now, most kidnappers who have been able to spirit away a little girl for THREE months are usually pretty savvy. They tend NOT to want their name out there in the public eye.

    For Zenaida to order Casey just to lie about where she last SAW Caylee, and oh yeah, lie about Casey’s entire whereabouts for the last two years, seems a little dubious.

    So either Zenaida lied to Casey for four years about her real identity, plotting to kidnap her baby three years later or someone’s telling a stinky story.


  18. I dont understand why she took the police to Universal and pretended like she worked there.Why did she lie about working at all.Did she think they would picture her as this hard working mother and then just believe her at her word about the babysitter and then just say okay we will look for her.Then when they catch her in a lie she just says ” I lied” like its no big deal,with no explanation why she lied.The phone that had everyones number in it (zenaida’s and the friend that also knew Zenaida) is also on her desk at Universal where she doesnt work.I wonder why she got fired from there.Does she think shes not going to go to prison? She must be pretty sure. Her attorney must have told her she has nothing to worry about or she would have taken the deal they offered.I hope they arrest her soon.


  20. i am intrigued by everyone’s comments/opinions. i agree with alot stated. as a sober,recovering heroin addict and survivor of childhood sexual trauma-i see alot of secrets and fear/shame of those secrets getting out. it’s possible casey suffered some kind of abuse., However-the difference between me and many other survivors is we didn’t become sociopaths/chronic liars, and commit heinous crimes. the reason i feel there are guarded secrets is the strained and overprotective relationship b/t casey and her folks, esp. her loopy mum. Why did her parents refuse a polygraph? why does her father, george flip w/rage so easily? and her parents are being too protective of this cold, narcissistic, vain, self-absorbed, self-seeking of a daughter that it is beyond reason!! Isn’t it bad enuf that casey stole from them(the parents) and then the grandparents-numerous times–and NOW her child’s gone most likely dead ‘n buried, and yet cindy and george remain silent and guarded and continue to protect this Monster-Casey? So sad. Little Caylee to me resembles her grandmother more than her mum. I bet my next ciggy, that george and cindy felt they’d lost out with casey and had a 2nd chance in wee Caylee only to have her stolen from them all. i just don’t think it’s all denial with the Anthony’s.
    Somethings terribly afoote….

  21. Also, I want to know, did anyone, her family, friends, etc., even hear the name Zenaida BEFORE Caylee went missing? I know they heard about a nanny, but that exact name? If she didnt pick that name up til after the 17th of June from the apartments, there’s no way she could have used it before. And if you have a ‘nanny’ at all for almost two years, surely a specific name has been mentioned. What does the family have to say about that?

  22. Ive also thought about the sketch. Casey is the only one to know what the so called nanny looks like. I don’t think the police believed her about the nanny from the beginning, since they never had an accurate address for her, but if the family wanted to, they could have helped Casey with the sketch, or Casey’s lawyer, and they could have given it to the media to distribute. Another thing, the Anthonys believe Caylee was kidnapped. why haven’t they gone on camera begging for Casey’s safe return? Even Susan Smith had done that. Remember. she was on camera, crying and begging the people to bring her boys home? That is what I’ve been expecting George and Cindy to do, but so far they haven’t.

  23. I think Casey should be beaten with a cane til she decides to tell the truth. This girl is obviously a SPOILED lil brat that has no remorse, moral values. Her parents as far as Im concerned her parents are condoning her actions, they HAVE to know shes guilty.

  24. Even though it’s not logical, A wildly stupid theory keeps popping up in my head… but I will share it anyway…I was trying to think under what circumstances might this child be… not dead? What if the mom, always needing money, agreed to “loan” Caley to a friend, that is (or is trying to act as) a drug mule. I know that babies have been used for diguise purposes, for a price? I think that Caley is too old to be used for this purpose but it would account for her missing if something went wrong with the drug deal. And because Caley is too old= too smart…she might have been a witness or repeated things the drug people did not anticipate. Whether they could all be in hiding, which they do alot or whatever???…I guess I watch too much Law and Order!!!

  25. I think Casey accidently killed Caylee, most likely by using Zanax, so that she could be with Tony partying or whatever. Casey says the last time she saw he daugher was at the Sawgrass apts. That could be true. Hwever, she didn’t leave her with Zenaida, she probably left her with Dante. He lived in apt 218 until June 17th. I feel Dante has something to do with the where abouts of Caylee, and Casey really doesn’t know where HE put her. Has Dante been given a lie detecter test? Does anyone know where he might live today?

    Casey did all this just to get back at her own mother—-that woman is sick. Mom (Cindy) has covered for Casey her entire life and is still trying to do so. Tough Love should come into play now.

  26. RE: Comment by Nancy | Thursday, 18 September 2008

    It may have been an accident, but now it is too late. If they find Caylee, and she gets charged with murder, the defense will have to prove it is an accident. Not sure they could get a jury who would actually believe Casey anymore she has lied soooo much!

  27. Nancy – how do you know Dante only lived there until June 17th? I had heard that was the day the real ZFG went to view the apartment and now this stuff from Padilla that her friends lived there, but not that he moved out that day. That could be interesting. I’m not doubting you or anything, I just had not heard that specifically.

    I’ve read a lot of the statements from friends but haven’t ran across one from him yet.

  28. Sad…she cannot produce a script ,she cannot produce phone calls and numbers , she can’t produce ANYTHING because ….its all a LIE. I would love to see the alleged “script'” Too !!!!

  29. I agree with so many of you. I am so disturbed by this. I think she did this to get back at her Dad for loving that little girl so much, and he didn’t look at Casey that way for years. She had screwed up, and done so many bad things that when Caylee came into this world, and her popa saw his little angel, Casey got pissed, and figured I will show you. That poor baby not only had that CRAZY family to deal with for her 2 1/2 years of life, but what did Casey do to her during that 2 1/2 years. Casey will one day get what is coming to her. And for the grandparents and Lee, what goes around comes around… I say Good luck with the rest of your lives.

  30. think about this casey has never reported her missing. the grandmother did. is there the possibility she very well may be alive. maybe she knows she is alive and everyone went into hiding. (drug dealers porn people or just plain sold her) and she really dosent know where she is. the whole story is sick with so many possibilitys. god be with this family and little caylee.

  31. Reply to Jez I also only heard that Dante moved out on the
    same date that the police went to talk to him. There is
    a private detective desperately seeking to speak to him.
    Dante knew Casey since Middle Scool and was also friends
    with some of the same friends Casey hung out with.
    Why disappear if you have nothing to hide? Is he the

  32. poster #9,

    I too have run through just about every scenario in my head .Yours sounds very possible and that would mean Caylee is possibly alive somewhere.

    HOWEVER, that does not acount for forensics finding decoposition is the truck. If Caylee’s out there alive,then whose dead body was in the truck???

    Its a 100% sure that SOMEONES dead body was in her car trunk.

    Its priceless and yet pathetic when you hear Cindy act like a 6 year old and say , on camera :” I don’t know, MAYBE SOMEONE ELSE put a dead body in the Trunk ” !!!!! As I have said before the odds of that happening are astronomical..such a far fetched idea its hard to believe that Cindy actally dared to “Go there” !

  33. I don’t know any Mother anywhere who would just drop her child off in a “general area” such as stairs, etc… and not know the exact apt., house or whatever…and how come no one ever met or saw this supposed babysitter in the 2 or more years she was suposedly being babysat?…Casey had a whole month to come up with a bigus story and make believe names, she rehearsed it over and over untill she has convinced herself of these ridiculous lie…she fits every detailed descripton of a sociopath seen below…

    The main characteristic of a sociopath is a disregard for the rights of others. Sociopaths are also unable to conform to what society defines as a normal personality. Antisocial tendencies are a big part of the sociopath’s personality. This pattern usually comes into evidence around the age of 15. If it is not treated, it can develop into adulthood.

    Visible symptoms include physical aggression and the inability to hold down a steady job. The sociopath also finds it hard to sustain relationships and shows a lack of regret in his or her actions. A major personality behavior trait is the violation of the rights of others. This can appear as a disregard for the physical or sexual wellbeing of another.

    Although these symptoms are all present, they may not always be evident. Research has shown that the sociopath is usually a person with an abundance of charm and wit. He or she may appear friendly and considerate, but these attributes are usually superficial. They are used as a way of blinding the other person to the personal agenda behind the sociopath’s behaviour.

    Many people with antisocial personality disorder frequently indulge in alcohol or drug use. They may use these substances heavily as a way of heightening their antisocial personality. The sociopath sometimes sees the world on his or her own terms, as a place of high drama and risky thrills. The sociopath may suffer from low self esteem, and the use of alcohol and drugs is a way to diminish these feelings.

  34. I just found info that the man Casey once claimed to be Caylee’s father was Jesse Escobar Ortiz or Jesse Ortiz who
    died in a car accident on May8,2007. His mother’s name is
    Zenaida Gonzolez also known as Zenaida Ortiz.What a coincidence that Casey is using the name of the alleged father’s mother as the babysitter who has Caylee. Don’t know if there is any proof Jesse Ortiz was Caylee’s father.
    Did anyone else hear of this? The obituary may have been
    under the name Jesse Gonzolez.

  35. I think casey anthony should tell what happend she is causing all this she needs to stop her lying and tell the truth she hurting her parents becase she cant tell the truth where caylee is and let there be peace another thing CASEY if you reading this i have a 3 year old son if he got missing i would be going crazy i wouldent be lauging and high fiving my bother i would be other looking for my child i think you should be put back in jail with other woman inmates and let them get it off you and if you did kill your daughter i hope you suffer as much as little caylee did i know if she is dead she is in a better place then being with you and i hope if you did something to caylee you should fry in the eletric chair and hell will be forever your home and then you can laugh and highfive the devil for all the evil work you done

  36. If Casey had an accomplice, I think it was her brother, Lee. I think if she confided in anyone, and needed desperate help from someone, she would have contacted him. Also I feel Lee was wrong to tell the world on camera, any toys that were donated to Caylee that smelled of cigarettes, they threw out. Fine if you don’t want them if they stink, but don’t tell the world you threw them out. That shows everyone who donated things for Caylee that they were unappreciated. Just thank the public and that be it.

  37. I think that protesters are doing the wrong thing. They are not going to get anywhere by yelling and bothering the innocent neighbors. The Anthony’s are enjoying that. It makes them ” victims” I think instead the community should gather and protest in the manner of a funeral. Instead of screaming and hollering they should be saying how sad they are that Caylee is dead. How short her life was. Talk about how sad it is that children are born into families who don’t want children etc. Nancy Grace’s program makes it sound like Casey was not only an unfit mother, but is an individual with severe mental disabilities. Someone who probably can’t even balance their own check book, be responsible to pay their own bills,do their own laundry, and thinks that no matter how old she is her parents are responsible for her. I bet the reason Casey does not have a job is because she has the emotional IQ of a 12 year old. Her parents knowing her disabilities have treated her like a child because she is a child. However, unlike a mental retarded adult child Casey’s learning disabilities do not prevent her from knowing that murder is against the law, and is her reason for telling all these lies. Casey will be given the death penalty, and will hopefully be sent to San Quenton . My theory of what happened is: I bet she goes online to the bondage chat rooms where they role play online, and met some strange man who she called “Master”. I bet she met her BDSM Master in person I bet he helped her kill the child, or if the child is really alive that is where the child is. If this is the case, then the online ” Master” and her child have left the country. I also sadly bet the online “Master” is a pedihole. (spelling)
    I think they ought to use waterboard type punishment just to get the truth out of her. That is what they do to soldiers, and there is no health risk . They stopped searching for Casey just like they did in the Laci Petersen case… I bet they know for a fact Casey killed her own beautiful daughter. .. To the protesters .. do the funeral in front of the house and have a toy drive in Little Cayle’s name. Take those toys to a local homeless shelter because Christmas is right around the corner and there are many children that will not be getting anything. Use Cayle’s death in a positive way. Like I said above, if the tot is really alive, then perhaps with everyone else accepting she is dead will get the family to tell more of the truth. God Bless the little beautiful tot ! She will be missed!

  38. Barbara..yes I did hear that. Could be a “partial truth” of Casey’s lies. I do not believe that Caylee’s father is the deseased Jesse, however.

  39. Well, now there’s a witness tipster who thinks he saw her coming out of the woods with a shoved and bag, and a guy standing nearby “pretending” to fish. Could it be Lee, helping his sister by keeping an eye on the car, just in case a pesky State Trooper stopped to check why it was parked by the road. (Or maybe one of her many boyfriends, or her pimp!

    Very interesting! This might explain why Cindy is standing by her creepy daughter, who she seemed to have turned against and turned in early on. I think Cindy has done a complete 180 on this because not only is her daughter a murderer, but her son Lee may be the accomplice, and although she could send Casey to the big house, she doesn’t want her son to go, too, which he will for about 20 years for helping her. Nobody can possibly be as stupid as Cindy Anthony. It’s all an act at this point, her saying Caylee is still alive is BS. George knows it and probably wasn’t been included in the pow wow when Casey and Lee told Mamma the truth. Lee was the one who refused a polygraph and told Cindy to refuse it, too.

    I think that Cindy knows Caylee is dead and is doing a heck of an acting job to try to keep her two kids from both going to prison.

    Any thoughts on that?

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