George Anthony lashes out…again!

George says:  “You are destroying my family, all of you. I wish you would get the hell out of here,” he said. “I feel sorry for all of you. Some day you’re going to have a judgment day, all of you.”


STOP right there George!  We are not the one’s ruining your life.  Maybe you have forgotten, but your daughter, Casey Anthony, is the one who has brought this on.  We supported you up until we found out your daughter has LIED about Caylee’s where abouts.  Which had we have known, was day one.  We also found out your daughter, Casey Anthony is the one who was out partying after her disappearance.  Stop blaming everyone for what your daughter, Casey Anthony has brought on herself.  Get a little scruples and blame your daughter, Casey Anthony!  Maybe you don’t realize, we don’t have a clue where Caylee is or what your daughter, Casey Anthony, has done with her.


FACTS, George, your daughter WAS the last one to see Caylee.  Your car was NOT stolen.  There was NO phone call from Caylee on 15 July at noon.  There WAS a dead body order in the trunk of the car; there was also chloroform in the trunk.  STEALING from friends and family is enough to throw a butt in jail!



  And yes George I will all have my judgment day, but not like this!

George are you and Cindy out searching, I would love to help, but I do not live in Florida.  Why aren’t you out there?  This is about Caylee, remember?




27 thoughts on “George Anthony lashes out…again!

  1. So because George’s daughter probably did this, he deserves to have obnoxious people standing around in his yard all day. Okay, so they think casey is guilty and they think that he is not helping, what ever. All that protesting isn’t doing ANY good. None. Who are these people?? I don’t agree with a lot of things and/or people but I have my own family and a life of my own to worry about. I don’t have time to keep up with my own house/chores/etc. let alone stand around holding a paper sign in front of a house. George is right. Who are we to judge??? Is that our job? How about those protesters who have all this time to stand around, use that energy to go look for Caylee?? Or go volunteer at a homeless shelter or something. Put the energy towards something positive.

  2. anyone who thinks that standing in front of someones house protesting is going to bring this child back is a moron. why dont they search for her body instead. let the good man above be the judge. these grandparents did nothing but love there daughter and granddaughter. dont you think they are hurting. i hope nothing like this ever happens to your family. for all those protesters i hope god will forgive all you morons when it becomes judgement day.what ever church you go to. i dont want to belong if that is what they teach you. your just as bad a casey.but she is really not well. what is your excuse.

  3. Breaking news..Go to Wftv.Her exboyfriend,Jessie gund is saying?polygraph results that Casey asked him about Xanaxe(spellling)also how Zanny the nanny is the street name for drugs.and how the people said introduced her to Zanny are bits and pieces of classmates she knew in school..Very creepy.I think this is going to blow sky high real soon…Keep up the good work..God Bless..Cynthia..

  4. Jeez, I’m actually starting to feel very sorry for George and Cindy….their eyes are sunken, they’ve lost weight, and poor George’s voice is starting to crack when he’s shouting.

    Now if their daughter would just crack too and start talkin…..

  5. Now see…I didn’t even know “Zanny the Nanny” is a street name for drugs !!!!!! So when Casey said ” Caylee is with Zanny the Nanny” is she in effect saying: ” Caylee is drugged or knocked out ???? Dear God. Maybe she meant ..”I chloroformed her and the Nanny /Drugs /my form of the babysitter is watching her ?????

  6. Bonnie..

    Protesting is a way of saying publicly YOU disagree with the way SOMETHING is being handled. I don’t think the protesters even assume that if they stand out there long enough that all of a sudden the doors will swing open and Cindy will come running out and say; ” Oh people, you are all so right about us !!! We are a sad bunch of Liars who are protecting are Sociopath daughter ” !

    Protesters want the right to be heard. And, they are infact being heard. I personally, if I lived in that area would not waste my time in front of the house protesting. But thats just me. I probably would search for the child ,ask questions, hand out flyers,etc.

    They say it “takes a village to raise a child”. Personally, I think Cindy and George probably would have been better off if they DID let THEIR Village (or neighborhood) raise Casey. But too late now .

    And, sometimes it takes a village or the masses to figure out a crime. LE cannot solve the case without ideas opinions etc.. I am sure LE has asked some of Caseys friends “Where do you ASSUME she went with Caylee ? Where do you THINK she would do such and such iifshe did this or that ???? Its a part and parcel of the process…

  7. If you could yell at your daughter the way you yell at the media and the protesters maybe you would get some answers and this would all come to an end!!Is this man for real??The media paying the protesters to be outside his home??PLEASE,this man is A real DUMB A_S!!and someone wants you to believe he is a former dep.sheriff??I certainly do not condone the protesters they serve no purpose they have no consideration for the neighborhood and those that have nothing to do with the case.Yelling obscenities no regards to the children in the neighborhood or their own.They should all be arrested for disturbing the peace,maybe if they had to pay a few fines they would stop.Most look like trailer trash and they may not be able to pay a fine and would have to sit in jail awhile.I have said it before but it’s worth repeating,George and Cindy need to keep their butts inside,they feed the fuel and say the dumbest things and use foul language just as the protesters do,that does nothing to help their cause which they seem to have forgotten,CAYLEE,CAYLEE,CAYLEE,God Bless this child.

  8. I think The SMUGNESS of the entire Anthony family is what grates on peoples nerves. I agree, things would be better off if they just stayed inside their house and not egged people on.

    One poster mentioned a few days ago that the Anthonys complain when protesters are outside …and on the few occasions when there were barely any protseters there…Cindy would be out there at all hours of the night opening the garage door, turning the light on as if to say “here I am people “. ?????? As if the garage is her stage and the light was her spotlight ? SAD.

    The protesters would probably go away if they stayed inside …and not come out trading insult for insult. Cindy has a mouth on her…even before all the major protesting began. She likes to point the finger at others ..ALOT.The more she refuse to accept the FACTS and points the finger at others ,the more she invites speculation ,resentment.

  9. The protesters will remain there as long as there are cameras to capture their images.

    If there were no media, these people wouldn’t bother. They just want their 15 minutes of fame and the chance to goad the Anthony’s into assaulting them so they can have more media time and sue them.

    Two wrongs don’t make a right. I don’t care how the Anthony’s are acting. It doesn’t make it right for me or anyone else to act the same way. It just lowers the ‘protesters’ down to the Anthony’s level. Geez, can’t anybody see through all this crap?

  10. I disagree Sophie, and this is just my opinion, I think as long as Casey is there, the protesters and media will be there. I also believe Casey will never crack, especially when everyone is gone and it will definitely not be about her anymore. This is all about the attention. I also think George needs to focus his anger to his daughter.

  11. Casey is nuts ! Plain and simple. Thank God people are protesting outside the Anthony house. Hopefully the Anthony’s will crack under all the protesters pressure and then, and only then will they start directing their anger towards their crazy Daughter.

    They know their Granddaughter is dead, and now they are circling the wagons around Casey to protect her.

  12. How will they tolerate living with Casey when deep down they know she did something to thier precious granddaughter.I understand why those people are protesting.Its a release for them.The Anthonys know something,that is why they wont take a polygraph.

  13. George is a bomb just waiting to go off. He has a bad temper,I read on another site that he and his father had a disagreement,at eiither George’s car lot or his fathers and George put his father thru a plate glass window.I think it was Cindy’s brother that said it. Someone is going to get hurt and he will end up in jail while Casey is out, sitting at home not talking!!! This happened in Ohio.

  14. I feel that the protesters represent the views held by a great number of individuals-It is a matter of honesty and integrity. I feel many people who present outside the Anthony house seek the opportunity to represent/give expression to their heartfelt feelings of emotional disgust at the manner in which these people choose to disgard the child at the heart of this case. I think the protesters have every right to make known their sentiments-This is a case of a missing child-and in this instance-the family failed to report/respond to the plight of this child-This child was absent from the family home-the only home this child had ever known, for well over a month-the car the child ordinarily travelled in, was found abandonened-and still these people failed to notify authorities-They did in fact, manage to report the break-in & theft of property(Gas cans)&subsequently report that the car was stolen/The inital call to the police was in direct reference to economic crimes- & not a direct attempt to seek the assistance of the police in relation to the missing child.
    For most people the behaviour of these people in relation to Caylee’s disappearance is utterly inconceivable-It is impossible to empathise with a woman, who (a) allegedly hands her child over to a babysitter-whom she and/or anyone else close to her knows little or nothing about(b) upon discovery that the babysitter has allegedly snatched the child-FAILS TO RESPOND-She does not inform anyone(except 2 alleged “friends”,whom in turn fail to check out)She just goes on with enjoying her life, till eventually she is forced to confront the issue.(c)When the police are informed&involved-At this critical juncture-child is missing over a month-this young woman affords them the benefit of her ability to lie to a pathological degree- She sends them on a wild goose chase-everything she offers them, basic details, employment,friends,ect., is a lie-a blatant untruth. She point blank refuses to tell even the most basic of truths-she persists with the totally discredited account-She wastes valuable police time &efforts, by a concerted attempt to mislead the investigation team actively seaching for the child. As if to add insult to injury, the parents & brother of this young woman then choose to become complicit with the lies-They are suddenly on TV, holding conferences for the media/press day & night, They collectively seek to discount the police investigation, at every available opportunity-They refute the forsenic tests, ect, They literally become the mouthpiece of Casey Anthony’s defence team-They persist with Casey’s claims, that remain unsubstaniated “Caylee is close”, “the people who have taken caylee know they are being watched”-They persist with the media bliz-until eventually,obviously angry & stressed out-They lash out at everyone whom has at one time or other endeavoured to assist them in the search for Caylee-they castigate the media intrusion, the police, the public at large, the California bondsmen, Tim Miller & his EQu search team-the people who went out in droves to search-They shout & accuse people of failing to respond-of failing to “get off their butts” and search. The Anthonys have used everyone & anyone whom was sympathetic to them-They have attempted to manipulate the media, the public perception-They have sold the exclusive rights of home video footage of the missing child for a reported million plus to ABCs 20/20 programme-They have persisted with the claims that this child is alive-to negate the truth-They would have us believe that a crime has not taken place, thus their daughter has no case to answer. To my mind their conduct & behaviour is amoral-their efforts to convey that Casey Anthony has no involvement in the child’s disappearance has denegrated the memory of this child.

    Personally feel the Anthonys have pointed the finger of blame at everyone but the one person whom is actually culpable. If the presence of protesters outside the front of their house serves to remind them daily of the childs plight, then that is fine by me. Certainly, the Anthonys would prefer if everyone would go away, and mind their own business-but the fact remains that the fate of this child is our business-As members of society, we should endeavour to seek the truth, we should endeavour to protect those whom are vulenerable, whom for whatever reason have no voice of to give voice to their words- I feel it is a gross derelection of duty, of care to turn a blind eye-to ignore the child at the centre of this.

  15. HEY! 1,2,4…You are mentally ill. Whether its estrogen or drugs…GET HELP!
    6 is right on the money.
    These criminals G&C have admitted destroying evidence in their granddaughters murder and took megabucks from Disney/ABC/20-20 selling the victims images. Cashing in on the corpse. Come on: George Anthony, Cindy Anthony, Lee Anthony, and Disney Corp are the absolute fecal matter of our society.
    Hey, G&C helped Killer Casey get away with theft without consequences for years. They also condoned her trash ho tramp behavior by not reigning in THEIR daughter.

  16. In my opinion the protesters shouldn’t bring their children with them.I saw a picture of a 3 yr old holding a sign a few weeks ago I felt in my opinion it was wrong and with so much traffic going thru and the hostility there it isn’t appropriate or safe. But the same rights that allow casey to be out on bond are the same rights protesters have to voice thier opinions. Is it fair to the neighbors and children who just want to be in their yards in peace and quiet? I know I wouldn’t want to be living anywhere near cindy and george. Are they guilty? In my opinion is they are cracking under the pressure as days go by they are just grasping for hope. While thier daughter shows no signs of stress. She’s walking around bodyguards and being whisked away like a superstar.And unfortunately all the woulda’s coulda’s and shoulda’s they didn’t do as parents with a problem child like casey isn’t going to bring caylee back. And to the protesters I would say do domething creative and positive for caylee. Because to those of us who believe she is gone, We know shes in a better place without one feeling of hatered.

  17. I do believe that this poor little baby is dead by the hands of her mother, and I say that losely.I think that Casey waited long enough so no one would find Caylee’s remains, also think she was put in or near water and with all of the alliegators in Fl. it being this long you would never find her. I have thought this from the frist time I heard about this on Nancy Grace show. I have lived in Fl. and yes any alliegator will eat any thing dead or alive! awful to think like this! With Casey’s father being any ex cop,who knows what she learned growing up, we all know what she did not learn, how to love someone more then her self.They are all nuts!! Also on the tapes you hear where she tells the cops,she did not want to get the media involved! She loves all of this, if she does get away with this,just think she will be rich just makes me sick! If you have kids or grandkids hold them close with lots of hugs and kisses! lets say a prayer for all the missing kids out there and for the parents that would give anything to have them home.Lets ask God to hold Caylee close and may he give her all his love forever this I ask in Jesus name Amen

  18. CHILDRENS PROTEST!!! 1000 Caylee’esque children standing still like statues, staring at the skANkTHONY”S house chanting “where’s Caylee’s Body!” softly and slowly repeatedly for hours. Like a scene from Children of the Damned but with 1000 kids while all adults stand back. 1500’s pipe organ playing in the background.
    Lee is stone cold and wouldn’t care but, …Killer Casey,& G&C might start to crumble and start repenting and confessing.
    If they have no sympathy for 1000 toddlers request then the stone cold killers should fry!!

  19. After reading about the zannie the nannie thing I think she was drugging Caylee with zanax as a form of “babysitting”.Maybe her Zanax connection was gone so she turned to Cloroform.So then it would make since for her to use the name Zanieda as the nannie.How she knew about the apartment rental I dont know.

  20. J. Garrett:

    You’re the one who needs help! George, Cindy and Lee are not killers. You don’t even know if Casey is a killer.

    There isn’t another poster who spews the anger- and hatred-laced venom that you do.

    And since WHEN is a fluctuation in estrogen a mental illness?

    You’re proving my point yet again. You’re nothing but a misogynist and a hate monger.

    Why, oh why does it not surprise me that you’re an advocate of dumping children in the middle of the chaos?

    Seek help at once.

  21. Hi Anne P.

    I really agree 100% with you. I think she drugged her daughter and kill her. Remember, those crazy path are smart. They look for things that will match with what ever they can. You see her face on t.v like “what ever” but I know God will make justice. I hope this end soon and she life in prison.

  22. remember when george said the dead body in his trunk was not his granddaughter.That is really sad,he is really in denial,which is understandable for a while.I wonder if it has sunk in yet.

  23. Shame on ALL of the Anthonys for taking money to do shows to “try and help find Caylee”. If these corporations want to pay money for interviews etc. it should go to someone other than the family of Caylee like to a charity to help find missing children or to the police to help find Caylee, or to other investigators that truly want to find this precious little girl. They are all keeping secrets and protecting Casey. They have all be hateful even to people who are trying to help them. Now they are seeking donations to help find Caylee? And exactly where do they plan to spend that money? Are they looking for Caylee? I just don’t know about any of these people. I do know that little old Cindy Anthony better stay between her husband George and these people he keeps trying to attack so nobody gets hurt. If it wasn’t for Cindy “holding George back” his bad self would have already went off on somebody — Yeah right! He is all about showtime for the cameras too just like the rest of them! God bless Caylee and I pray that she is ok but fear that she is not.

  24. I have thought of everything there is to think of on this family,& now wonder about cops protecting their own,that should have been so obvious from day one but with so many twists and turns its hard to figure out a lot of things,like extended family we all wondered why there was none participating,and now we know well why?but the cops for cops thing is really awkward,they always defend one another,as they should but why not with george??
    i think also casey didn’t want to talk to the le there,she had 2 and possibly more as bf’s!that’s why she called them too for an alibi,IMO.
    Ya know,i am not blaming any one person here but i do believe that casey was sexually abused as a child because she fits the traits ya know,that would explain a lot of her behavior,promiscuity,seek male attention constantly,has no feeling whatsoever for anyone or anything,emotionally detached,cant love anyone,i do believe that happened but that doesn’t excuse what she did,i hadn’t even once really thought that until they found that gun in georges car,its really weird and who knows that whoever had abused casey wasn’t abusing Caylee and that’s the jealousy that comes in?and sometimes wonder if thats why the gas was used,to hide evidence of such a thing,and who drives the car home from the tow yard?
    and from day one cindy kept saying”shes protecting someone” not that i believe anything from her now but she kept saying that!!”
    Who knows it wasn’t found out and thats the huge fight on fathers day? and the reason they put casey out!

    I also think media and protests need to stop it,theyll suck every bit of sympathy they can out,and also yes,they knew the cops were coming and they went out anyway,so then why call 911?? they know what theyre doing and the reason they are doing it.
    I guarantee ya if media leaves and protesters,wait and see in about 2-3 days things will go back to NORMAL in the anthonys house?Theyll end up ratting each other out to get attention.The way it is now they fight with media and public but if theyre not there theyll have to fight with one another which will help most of all.

  25. George I FEEL your pain. The Anthony’s really need a good nights sleep. They have been tromping through the gator infested swamps and landfills from sunup till sundown 7 days a week since 7-16. They have personally flown to Mexico, Texas, and Puerto Rico searching for Caylee.
    And most of all the have given their murderous daughter tough love by having her sit in jail till she finally produces the body. Kudo’s G&C!

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