Where is the money going?

Does anyone know if any of the government agencies are looking into the helpfindcaylee website?  I am VERY interested in where the funds are going that the Anthony family is asking for, to find Caylee.  It is said, and been posted before that the money is going to Lee.  Is this money being turned over to the Missing Children’s foundation?  We know it didn’t go to the EquuSearch people; they got donations from the Sheriff’s office.  So where is this wad of cash going?  Anyone donated to them and received an explanation?  I did donate to the missing children’s foundation.


4 thoughts on “Where is the money going?

  1. Perhaps it went for Casey’s bonds?George and Cindy seem to have money now that they didn’t have before,they couldn’t bail Casey out the first time,maybe they should start there.

  2. Non-profits can’t solicit money without filing with the state. Normal nonprofit operating expense is about 70%. So, Lee can pocket 70% of the cash without raising any eyebrows. Freedom of information act allows you access to their books so you can see what is really going on. Someone really needs to do it.
    Of course the big money is the Disney/ABC/20-20 cash in CINDY did, selling images of the murder victim. Estimates have ranged from $100,000 to $1,000,000. However much, it was enough to post with bail bondsmen the next day to have Casey “free to do her Casey thing”.
    Just wondering. In Casey head; “Was that drunken blowout at the Fusion on the 21st of June a going away party (wake) for Caylee?”

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