Zenaida Gonzalez speaks out

So, we all know about Zenaida Gonzalez.  But who is the real Zenaida Gonzalez?  Casey Anthony reported Zenaida as the Nanny, but no one can find the lady who watched Caylee for almost 2 years. 


Zenaida has gotten hate mail for Zeni the Nanny, Zenaida says that her life has been turned upside down.  She wishes her name was something else.  Zenaida has never seen Casey or Caylee Anthony before this whole mess started.  She has never lived at the Sawgrass Apartments.  She did look at the apartment to rent it out, but nothing else.


Here is what she says about Casey Anthony:  “She doesn’t know how much damage she has done. Not only to me, that she has done to them, my children. They came out of me. I raised them by myself and now she is hurting them more than me,”


Not sure how I would handle this, but Zenaida Gonzalez is jobless, and the Anthony’s got money for the home video of Caylee from 20/20, so I would say maybe Zenaida needs an attorney and file a lawsuit against them. 


Here is the video WESH.


Crazy, but I thought Casey only ruined only Caylee’s life.  And I never thought to write to Zenaida hate mail.  Especially since I never really thought she was involved.


Check out Zenaida suing Casey Anthony.


20 thoughts on “Zenaida Gonzalez speaks out

  1. Zenaida should speak with an attorney to see what she can do to clear her name.She may have a problem getting a job,renting a house or apartment and who knows what else.Her poor children,this is a real mess for this poor woman and everyone knows her name.I’m sure there are some people who have their doubts about her,there are always that few who for whatever reason choose to believe the worse,even OJ has believers!! I’m sure there is an attorney that would be more than willing to help for the asking!!!

  2. I have been following this case like everyone else. I feel numb, angry, bewildered, confused, and exceedingly pissed OFF.

    How in the world could ANYONE protect/support Casey Anthony? Ms. Anthony and her actions, mindset, character ARE primarily due to her upbringing, or lack thereof. To many, her family represents a disgusting phenomenon that few families have ever experienced. How is it possible that her Mother and Father could protect her when they KNOW it is WRONG. It is WRONG to raise a child (Casey) without ANY sense of love, regret, compassion, responsibility, character, etc, etc. THAT FACT is what people are pissed about.

    I am not a physical person. BUT, when my kids were little, I always told them that they WOULD get a spanking IF they were doing something that either harmed themselves or another. A decent parent would have played it cool upfront and the MOMENT Casey was released to the parents home… I know I would have done ANYTHING to make that brat talk. Seriously, I would have beat the holy crap out of her on behalf of Caylee, Zeinida, LE, her friends she ripped off, the people who have wasted their time searching.

    The Anthony’s should be ashamed of themselves for being such crappy parents in the past and now. The job of a parent is to raise a child to be a caring, grateful, compassionate human. THEY did a piss poor job, and Caylee suffered for it with her life.

    I have a grandchild who is 2 months younger than Caylee. She is dying of CANCER.
    So, I have NO SYMPATHY for the Anthony family.

  3. Tammera-I am just so sorry to hear of your grandchild’s illness-that is just so rough-my heart goes out to you & your family. Sammy is a living breathing angel child, and with God’s help & grace,She will come through this thing-My thoughts & prayers are with you and yours.

    The Anthonys amateur dramatics pale into insignificance by comparrison-These people have zero perception of real suffering-I HAVE NOTHING BUT CONTEMPT FOR THIS FAMILY-George Anthony’s rant at a reporter just today reminds us once again of the persecution complex this family, feel they endure-I feel the Anthonys tend to transfer their personal feelings of frustration, anger & outrage at the continued absence of caylee,-and redirect those sentiments to the media & general public. Their sense of anger is clearly misplaced-they choose to attack the very people who came to their assistance at their time of greatest need-the media, the public,the police all desperately, at one time or another tried to search & find Caylee-People responded to the missing child-people really desperately wanted to find this child & return her to her home. It is a sad indicement of this familys inability to accept responsibility, for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth-It is an insult to the memory of this baby child-that these people remain complicit in the lies of Casey Anthony-To my mind, their collective behaviour is amoral & undignified, if not down right criminally minded-the complete lack of honesty & integrity reveals their complete disregard for Caylee in life as in death. Shame on them.

  4. I don’t know why Casey Anthony hasn’t been charged yet. Supposedly, there is evidence of human decomposition and chloroform in the trunk of her car. Cindy Anthony said in her first call to police that the car smelled like a dead body. Cindy Anthony also admits to washing a pair of Casey’s pants that were in the car that smelled “just like the car”. I later heard that Cindy Anthony washed a knife that was in the car when it was found. And, now Cindy insists that the car had no smell when it was first found, and that the smell (that she previously thought was rotting pizza with maggots) wasn’t there until the car had been in the impound lot for a couple days! Sounds like Cindy is just as much of a liar as her daughter. I am so upset that charges haven’t been filed yet, and although I understand the need for a solid case, I would think there would be enough evidence against her to keep her jailed. Obviously, Casey wants her little girl’s body to be decomposed to either never be found or not to have a cause of death. As for the family taking a polygraph, it should’t be a choice. I heard on Nancy Grace’s show that the police haven’t spoken to Casey since she was first arrested in July. How can this be?

  5. They haven’t been able to talk to her anymore because of her blood sucking laywer whose only interest is fame and fortune. He will not allow them to talk to her. He does not care about Caylee!

  6. I think they have enough evidence to arrest Casey for murder.Just the way she lied and lied and lied to the police when first being interviewed is enough in my opinion.Why would a mother lie like that unless she had something to hide?Then when shes in court she will probably come out with what ever really happened. She will probably say it was an accident which it maybe was,but shes still a piece of s**t.She has gotten away with lying all of her life by her parents. Did you hear how Cindy was calling her sweety when talking to her the first time from jail.

  7. She needs to start selling her story, and get money. Like everyone else is. or talking about doing.. I just read clips from her friend Kristina in the Globe!

  8. Humble I agree 100%…if ever there were a case of “Defamation of Character” this would be it! As well as “Identity Theft”!
    Casey has friends in that apartment complex. Zenaida filled out an application for an apartment…Casey somehow got her hands on that application. How frightening!
    I believe the real Zenaida should go after them legally!

    How to Prove a Defamation of Character Claim

    By eHow Legal Editor

    Defamation of character is a catchall term that includes accusations of slander (spoken derogatory comments) or libel (written derogatory comments). Because defamation of character requires a showing of harm and because many defenses can be raised to a defamation claim, defamation of character can be difficult to prove. The following tips show the elements necessary to prove defamation of character.

    Show that there was a false statement made about you. Generally, to prove defamation of character, you must show that someone made a statement of fact about you and that statement was untrue and not privileged.
    Establish that the statement was relayed to a third party. It isn’t enough that the untrue statement was said, it must also have been conveyed or published to others and understood to be about you. Public figures seeking to prove defamation of character must also show that the false statement was made with actual malice.
    Put on evidence showing that the statement caused you harm. To prove defamation of character, you must show that the statement exposed you to hatred, ridicule, contempt, or caused injury to you in your occupation.
    Recognize the defenses to a defamation of character suit. Truth is an absolute defense to a defamation action. Privileged statements, such as those made in court, are also protected. Likewise, innocent dissemination of the statement and consent to the statement being made are also defenses.

  9. I’m really angry about what is going. I feel so sorry for Mrs. Zenaida. Is incredible how this Casey goes lies after lies and still out of jail. I wish zenaida can find a lawyer that help her to sue this family and the Sawgrass apartment for giving away private information. This Anthony family have no shame, no integrity, no respect for people. And their daughter is the most cold, selfish,lier person I ever seen.


  11. This case just makes…me so..sad! I can only say…I can’t wait until the morning I wake up and they have found Caylee. I just need to add to a comment left on Wednesday..that I am Sammy’s mommy…and she is doing WONDERFUL!!! The DR.s have nothing but positive things to say about Sammy’s future..she is a bright star…and she is going to be around for a long time. It is sad…when people like Casey use sad things to get noticed or to feel compassion…..Doing good..and trying to remain postive is the best on the brain and does wonders for the soul!!! xoxoxoxoxoxox

  12. I heard that caseys got a tattoo that was spanish meaning precious life or something like that, that could have referred to Caylee’s life.

  13. Casey has admittedly lied – she said in one of her early statements “I have lied and I have stolen from friends and family while searching for my daughter, and I will lie, and I will steal. Whatever it takes to get my daughter back.” But what is going on that she would say she needs to do these things? She has no prior criminal history before June and all family and friends testimonies have said she was always good to Caylee and they never saw her harm her, and I have seen 5 family videos that strongly support this.

    There is something very strange going on, and I doubt all of the evidence or facts are being released truthfully.

    I am a researcher and worked at NASA for 17 years, and there are a LOT of inconsistencies in what the police are saying too. For one thing, you cannot definitively say 30 days later that there is DNA from a decomposed body (it could be from a live body or from the maggots or another animal — if it even exists). I am glad the defense attorney is asking for their own evidence exams. If they really had legitimate evidence, they would be charging her and going to trial.

    Also, many studies have concluded that cleaning products can degrade and when combined can indeed form chloroform, again if it even existed, because these results were 30 days after the car was found and a strong smell would be obvious, and it wasn’t. The grandmother admitted she cleaned the car. (“Recent studies have suggested that triclosan in antibacterials can form dioxin, a carcinogen, in the presence of sunlight, and chloroform, a probable human carcinogen, in the presence of chlorinated water.”

    The guy who towed the car vouched for the plastic bag with the pizza box and maggots which he removed. I suspect the prosecutor was exaggerating and hoping to coerce her to admit.

    Casey said Zenaida’s mother Gloria lived in the development on E. Michigan St. in Orlando, but the police claim no one by that name lived there. In an earlier interview by Cindy she also said Zenaida had a Fort Lauderdale cellphone number. I found Gloria L.(Lopez?) Gonzalez living in that development at 5500 E. Michigan, Suite 3128 from Sep of 2005 until she was foreclosed on in April of 2008 by a mortgage company in California, and considering it might have taken 30-60 days to evict them, her and her daughter could have been out of a home and moving by June when Caylee coincidentally disappeared. Also, Intelius shows Gloria formerly living in Ft. Lauderdale a few blocks from a Zenaida F. Gonzalez who also lived there previously. How did I find Gloria there and the police couldn’t?

    It would be easy enough for investigators to contact the mortgage company, check postal forwarding, utilities, insurance, etc. on this Gloria to confirm if she is related to and locate Zenaida if she exists.

    Also, these are not common names one would just pull out of the air – Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez (btw the guest card for Sawmill Apartments did not say Fernandez per the official documents released), Gloria, Samantha, and Victor. The Anthony family had heard of Zanny for a couple years, including Caylee talking about her, and Zanny not existing would be a little too elaborate to fake and pull off.

    The other thing that I think is key is the big blowup on Father’s day where Casey left. Her roommates testified that she said she had to get Caylee out of that environment and was letting her stay with the nanny. Jesse Grund said when he was over there Cindy would tell Caylee to call her Mom, he said he worked with Casey also at Universal (even though she was with a contractor Kodak & that is why she would not show up in employee records at Universal), and there are other strange things.

    I don’t know the answer, but I tend to believe and hope Caylee is alive and either Casey knows where she is or Zenaida wanted to keep her with her for whatever reason — to protect her or because she felt she would be a better mother.

  14. i would like to exrend my blessing to caylee she is a gift from God, she is a beautiful little angel. i think she needs to be brought home. God bless you Caylee and may he keep you safe in warm in his loving embrace.

  15. To D Bromley, what is your opinion as to why Casey took police on a wild goose chase to Universal studios and pretended like she worked there? Just curious. If indeed some of what Caseys is saying about her daughter being taken by someone,why then is she not coming totally clean about everything? If she is messed up with something unlawful would a person lay it all out in order to help get your daughter back?

  16. When you have lie after lie after lie from anyone, and then their family back them up with lie after lie,it means only one thing…THEY ARE COVERING UP THE …TRUTH ! Its as simple as that.

  17. I don’t think anyone really believed she was involved…However I don’t blame her for suing Casey…I honestly think she should be charged criminally for what she did to Zenaida….it is in a different kind of way Identity theft.

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