Casey calls 911

Casey Anthony called 911 about 130am.  It is about protesters and all the action going on there.

“It is getting physical?” 911 operator said.

“Yes, it’s getting physical right now,” Casey said.

“You see them physically fighting?” 911 operator said.

“Yes, I see them physically fighting,” Casey said. “We have surveillance.”

“OK, do you know if there are any weapons?” 911 operator asked.

“I don’t know if there are any weapons,” Casey said. “I know that my father is outside and so is my mother. So, send as many people as you possible can.”

“And, who is this?” 911 operator said.

“They need to be arrested because this can’t keep happening,” Casey said. “We already had six or seven officers out here for almost 45 minutes and they did not do anything. And they are the same punks that were out here all night throwing stuff at our house.”

“OK, stay on the line with me,” 911 operator said.

“I absolutely will, but they need to hurry up,” Casey said. “They were…they just left not that long ago.”

“The police officers left?” 911 operator said.

“The police officers just left at about 1 a.m.,” Casey said.

“A media van just pulled up and that is when all of this started happening,” Casey said.

“About how many people are out there?” 911 operator asked.

“There are at least a dozen people and now two media vans,” Casey said. “And there is actually more people walking in from……………etc.

Makes you wonder if you can believe a word she said.  Had it not been on TV, it could be another story.  Needless to say, this is brought on all because of Casey’s lying and not telling the truth.  Casey makes me sick.  The more I listen to her talk the more sick I get.  She is just dreadful!                                    HEY CASEY, tell us where your daughter is, and ALL OF this will be over! 


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  1. “OK, do you know if there are any weapons?” 911 operator asked.

    “I don’t know if there are any weapons,” Casey said. “I know that my father is outside and so is my mother. So, send as many people as you possible can.”

    uhhh, she must have missed CINDY walking out the door with the baseball bat in her hand, or didnt see it on their ‘home video surveillance’ system, huh?

    I have issues with the protesters, but they should have let the police handle it.

  2. Question,does anyone know about what TES(Texas equi search)said on Fox35 last night about shocking news comming about Caylee Anthony?It was at the end of a news clip during Nancy Graces show..Tha reporter said she had spoke with someone at TES,and they said they speak Le daily and that shocking news was comming…I pray that Caylee is found..God bless all,and keep up the good work..Cynthia

  3. I agree if they have survillance cameras.why do they walk out there? They know what’s going on . I started to feel a little empathy till I heard caseys 911 pathetic pleas. Cindy should get that bat and knock some memory back into her daughter. I’m not saying what the protesters did was right because it wasn’t but the anthonys need to try not to react like they do it just encourages more of the same behavior.

  4. Well, I find myself agreeing with everyone.
    Yes, if Casey would tell the truth, or had told the truth to begin with, none of this would be happening.
    Yes, if Cindy would stay inside and not talk to protesters, they’d eventually have to get bored and go home.
    No, George has no right to get physical with protesters, and is just asking for someone to get hurt when he does.

    But, NO, protesters do not have the right to scream obscenities, get physical, or disrupt the neighborhood.
    And most emphatically no, protesters who intend to scream, curse, and fight should not bring children to witness and/or participate!

    A quiet prayer vigil is most appropriate, or stay home and donate money to the searchers if you don’t want to search yourself…

    Ms. Ericka Courtney was emotional and outspoken, but she did behave with dignity, like a civilized person, no cursing, no physical contact, no rock-throwing…

    I can’t believe in the year 2008 people are actually standing out there throwing rocks and screaming like savages!

  5. Its a sure bet that whatever Casey’s problem is ,she did not get that way overnight. This is an issue that has been manifesting itself for years. So for me, the Anthony parents have no real excuse.If you join in a persons fantasies and that person ends up killing some one , you are an enabler and accessory to the crime. I am surpised that there is no record of the Anthony’s taking Casey to counselors, doctors,etc,earlier ? Isn’t Cindy a nurse who works in a doctors office ?

    Did the family think Casey’s lying was all harmless,or something she would grow out of ?

    Tonight, they are talking about Casey herself making a 911 call ? Seems like she’ll do anything to be in the limelight !How come she can all IMMEADIATELY when protesters are on the Anthony’s property…but cannot call and waits 31 days to call police when HER CHILD IS MISSING ???? NOW SHE IS ASKING LE FOR HELP ?????

  6. This is typical narcissitic behavior…they will not lift a finger to help others , but when they think they need help.. its call out the Police , national guard and FBI !!! Take Casey back to jail .

    The REASON there are even protesters to begin with is because OF CASEY’S OWN ACTIONS !!! None of this would be going on if it were not for Casey.

    The Anthony family should look at the “root” of WHY this is all happening. Duh ! This is enough to tick of the entire USA. !

  7. Yea,there she sits calling 911 saying the protestors need to be arrested……….LMAO my god!!!
    it took her 31 days to call 911 about Caylee,well she still didnt but cindy did ,casey doesnt have the gumption to go out there and face anyone,she only intimidates 2 yr olds.
    cindy and george brought this on themselves,as long as no violence and kids around i hope they finish driving em crazier than they are now,they deserve it and then some.They know damn well she killed Caylee!!

  8. It is very ironic to have her calling police. Here you have someone calling police on people because of something you originally created. Very bizarre. This case is beyond strange.

  9. Cathy ,
    You are so ‘right on’…she was AFRAID to involve LE (she claims) when her daughter supposedly went missing…afraid to tell her mom or ANYBODY ELSE…as she told NO ONE her daughter was missing for 31 days…BUT . CAN JUMP ON THE PHONE AT THE SPEED OF LIGHTNING and call LE and REPORT the PROTESTERS WHOM SHE DOESN”T EVEN KNOW ???? TALK about BACKWARDS !!!!!

    The part on the 911 call where she(casey) acts all authoritative…and says “YOU NEED TO COME OUT AND TAKE CARE OF THIS MESS” !!! (paraphrasing)Who is she to order ANYONE AROUND ?

    She ,who I might add, was found with significant amount of Cholroform and decompsistion is the trunk of her car !!!!!!!!????? the trunk kinda shoots a big hole in the theory that she sold her daughter to anyone.If she chloroformed her daughter to put her out during an exchange of some kind…in the selling of her daughter and did not want a scene,etc… there maybe be chloroform in the trunk. But explain the DECOMPOSITION?

    People wanna believe little Caylee’s coming home. I say she is home…in her “Heavenly Home”.

    Like the Anthonys are the VICTIMS ???????? Whatever happened to the real Victim…CAYLEE ???? If ,after that last 911 call from Casey…if people cannot see how calculating and evil she is …then i feel sorry for you.

  10. Oh yes …LOL…the part on the 911 call where casey saying very seriously :

    ” They need to be arrested because this can’t keep happening,” “We already had six or seven officers out here for almost 45 minutes and they did not do anything. And they are the same punks that were out here all night throwing stuff at our house.””


    Earth to Casey !!!!! Its happening because of YOU AND YOUR ACTIONS !!!!!!!

    She wants action and HELP …but gives none herself.

  11. And George is blaming the Media for ruining his family’s life. Casey did that, all she has to do is call Orange County, or the State Att and tell the truth, and this could all be over. I say everyone walk away and leave her alone. When she sees no lights, and news crews outside, she will come up with another story. I understand people being upset, I am, but she loves the attention, and will keep playing along as long as we pay her the attention.

  12. What more can be said?? This is one screwed up family they live by their own rules the ones they make for themselves.They show such distain for the police but feel they should come running when they call.Why didn’t they call the police and stay inside? They stoop to the level of the trash every time they choose to confront them. How does any of this help with finding their grandchild?

  13. I can’t believe she has the nerve to call the police for help with protesters but can’t report her own daughter missing and goes out parting and living it up.
    Let her rot. Guilty!!!! hang her!!!!

  14. I thought the same thing grace they asked her twice she finallly said I’m the resident what a FOOL like no one knew who she was,bet they all had a good laugh on that one!!!

  15. Yes …I noticed how she wouldn’t give he name. BIG CHICKEN ! COWARD ! Like her name isn’t ALREADY OUT THERE !

    The big baby should have just said ” Boo hoo whaaa whhaha, hurry send the cops out here, my mommy and daddy are trying to fend off a BIGGGGGG mob that are throwing coins at our house…sniff sniff sob sob…and if they get past my mom and dad…THEY’LL THEN GET TO ME .!!! I DON’T WANNA GET HURT ,YOU KNOW !!!!! ITS ALL ABOUT MEEEEEE !!!!! And, by the way…THIS IS CASEY ANTHONY…THE ONE WHOSE DAUGHTER IS MISSING !!!

    But….no ,she just acts like shes the owner of the home, holding her head up high , ORDERING THE LE TO COME OUT TO HER HOUSE ASAP, and thinking that HER LYING REAR END DON’T STINK !!!

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