More CASEY saga…it’s all about Casey

Watching Nancy Grace, she makes a great point.  Why should the cops help Casey with the protesters, but she will not help the cops find Caylee! Nancy also said that funny she called IMMEDIATELY and didn’t investigate for 31 days.    

Leonard Padilla will be talking with investigators tonight.  It will be interesting when they release the next set of documents in this case.  He also said that the lady security person Casey had, might know something’s that could be valuable to the case.

You can tell Nancy is getting more and more frustrated with this case.  But who isn’t?  I think Casey needs to figure this out and start talking!

Robert Dick, security for Casey, says that Lee Anthony only heard about Zenaida Gonzalez in the past 30 days from his statement.  It is said that Lee is backtracking because of his involvement.  As to what his involvement is, who knows. 

I did hear the guardian angels are at the house protecting the compound!

So, with all the fun going on outside the Anthony compound, maybe the National Guard should come out and guard them.  But I think that Casey LOVES all the attention.  If the protesters have to leave and go down the block, I think Casey will have an issue.  She loves all the attention.



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  1. I could not believe her audacity. Calling them punks if it had been anybody else to say that I would have agreed, but for casey to say it. I would like to know what terminology she would use in describing a mother that waits 31 days to report her 2 yr old missing then proceeds to make lie after lie and expects all of us to believe her. Guess I will have to buy the book to get that answer. Stay off the phone casey your making things alot worse.

  2. I also think it is crazy that George Anthony is blaming the News Media to ruining his family. No George, I think that was your daughter that did that. As for Casey, I agree that if the media, and the protestors walk away, she will crack. She couldn’t live without these people watching her, and following her every move. She lives for this.
    I also saw on FOX news Spetember 17th that Mildred Fernandez county Commissioner wants to take our tax dollars to pay for off Duty Police Officers to work in their neighborhood. I don’t think so. I have to pay homeowners dues to get off duty officers to work my community, and they should have to as well.

  3. Funny how she could manage to call 911 and demand that the police get there immediately for some protestors but her own daughter “missing” wasn’t given the same urgency.

  4. The Guardian Angels are a bunch of egotrippin mediawhores. What crap. Casey lied again and told 911 several times it was getting physical. Bull. No kicks, no punches, Nothing. A guy held Georges shirt sleeve. OOHH. Then Casey lied and said “No weapons. No weapons” Duh, stupid Cindy was waving around a baseball bat.
    There is more violence at every public elementary school, everyday.
    If these mediawhore GA’s really cared they would be cops or at least protect the children.
    The Anthony’s can stop this circus anytime by pulling Casey’s bail and giving the trashbag disney/20-20 people their money back.
    I don’t give a damn what happens to G&C. I hope we here “SHOTS FIRED INSIDE THE ANTHONY HOME”. If the skankyist most hated family in America kills themselves it will save the taxpayers a bundle. Maybe George will pull out the old 38 and ventilate those lying, scheming, murdering b*tches. We should have let him keep that gun.

  5. Casey sure had her numbers and details down pat when she called the police. It proves she did away with Caylee.
    She has no track of any numbers and fague about everything
    with the police when they needed her help finding her child. Notice that Casey has someone else to do her bidding for her now. Cindy, George, Lee, body guards,
    lawyers and media. Casey is loving the attention no matter where it comes from.

  6. I think she called 911 because, maybe she thought the protestors would get past George & Cindy & get to her! I think she was more worried about Casey than Mom & Dad.

  7. I want to hear more about DANTE.

    Could not find where he was interviewd by police. Does anyone know if he was. On another thread someone reported he moved out of Sawgrass 6/17; incidentally the same day Zenaida Gonzales viewed the apartment. But now I am confused, also reading he moved out 7/16-17, after this went public…

    what’s going on with this person? What’s was Casey’s connection. I see upthread someone mentioned an escort service and honestly, that was my FIRST thought a long time ago, she could have been involved in prostitution.

    Somebody DIG!

  8. This smug little bitc_ Casey Anthony, is really starting to aggravate me. I can only imagine the frustration of the police. Make NO mistake, the other shoe will fall on Casey Anthony. The Police and FBI have made cases on a lot less than what they have on Casey Anthony. I have NO sympathy for George and Cindy either. Cindy and Lee have been running interference for Casey her whole life. They cover and make excuses for her. I do not know how they can live with themselves knowing that their daughter killed their grandchild and all of them are leaving her out there to rot in some swamp or God knows where.
    She pretended to go to work each day, so where was she? I wouldn’t doubt that she was tricking and now that there is talk of “escorts” being run out of the
    Sawgrass is even easier to believe. It is no wonder why certain people won’t come foward and get involved in this case if they were part of illegal activities.
    She probably doped Caylee so she was not in her way. What else was she doing with the chloroform? It makes my heart sick for only one person, that is Caylee. What a freakin’ disgrace Casey is. She is soooo lucky she is not my daughter.
    The Anthony’s know what their daughter is and was capable of. Cindy was about to take Caylee, so when they prtened that Casey was this great mother, please, she was a mother all right. Casey learned to lie from the “queen” of liers her mother.
    Whether the Anthony’s know this or not, it is not going to get any worse for their daughter if they help the police to bring Caylee home. People cannot think any LESS of her than they do now.
    I want to see George and Cindy’s smug ass face when they walk in to the Medical Examiner’s office and have to gaze upon the bones of what was their beautiful granddaughter. It might sound cruel but TUFF! Then and only then will they know what THEY have truly done by protecting their daughter from the truth and who has really paid the ultimate price.

  9. Good one SSChapman !!!!!

    Now thats getting into the mind of person with NPD…she WAS more worried about HERSELF ! Of course …sense its ALL ABOUT HER !

    Did you know most NPD’s are cowards,tattletales , whistleblowers,etc. They will collect info. about oTHERS and at just the right time,use it against them .????? They do things usually in STEALTH. Its true.

    AND,there difinately IS a way to scare the crap( in this case THE TRUTH ) out of Casey…its just that no one has found that WAY …yet. Maybe the only way to get the truth out of her is when they finally slam shut the prison doors on her…..Then watch her DEMAND special treatment.

  10. everyone-from caylee, to the media, to the cops, to the lawyers, to caseys’ parents, friends and neighbors-are all victims of casey and continuing to let themselves be victimized by this case. casey needs to be put back in jail or other place and her parents need to begin getting their lives back by being away from their toxic daughter. the mystery surrounding caylee will eventually solved and justice will happen – and alot faster without all of the distractions and high drama of protesters and vigilantes.

  11. also, another safe secure place for casey to be is perhaps the rubber room at the state hospital…she is not insane, but is mentally ill….those “rubber” rooms can be just as bad as being in solitary cell at the jail.

  12. Did anyone notice in Casey’s phone calls to the Police, that she never says please get the Police out here, she says you “need to get some PEOPLE out here”. She never calls them the police. Shows how much respect she has, what a piece of lying scum, it was only her ass that she was worried about, not about her parents.

    I have thought all along she was running some kind of escort service because she certainly had no 9-5 job. George even said she left to go to work about 2 o’clock or so. What the hell was he thinking, her leaving for WORK at that hour?

    Poor precious Caylee, having Grandparents looking the other way, while her Mama was doing God knows what, besides all the stealing she was doing.

  13. What did you guys think about the most recently released interrogation recording, during which Casey says, “I’ll lie and steal to protect my daughter.”

    This is her escape from all of the dishonesty she’s perpetuated since mid-June? One massive lie to explain the thousand others?

    Nice try, Casey, but word up: the cops are far more shrewd than you think. We’re not idiots, either. I wouldn’t try that one in a court of law. You’ll convict yourself, with little effort on the part of the prosecution.

    You lie because you’re a liar and you steal because you’re a thief.

  14. Exactly GB !

    One lies when one wants to COVER UP SOMETHING.

    There is NEVER a need to lie if your child is missing.The statement she made ,according to her she “meant it with all her heart”. Got news for Casey…your heart is DARK and the statement she made was STUPID AND MADE NO SENSE !!!!!

  15. That person’s myspace page:

    Someone refers to him as ‘Daniel’ in the messages though. But you can see where Casey left messages dated prior to Caylee going missing.

    Sometimes digging around those pages can lead you to people. It shows a friend of his also as ‘jonathan’ of Cast iron tattoos. Isnt that where she got the tattoo early part of July?

    (Sorry aobut the multiple postings. I just leave them as I run across them.)

  16. Hey Jez. I posted a photo of Sean and Dante together on the next thread at Humble’O. It’s the thread about Ryan Paysley comment #1. Dante last name may be Salaha or Salita but he’s the guy from the Sawgrass. Greta has ID’d him.
    It seems like Dante disappeared (6-17) the day after Caesy killed Caylee. Sean is an unbelievably lewd individual who Casey called about a dozen times on the day (6-21/6-22) she was supposed to dump Caylees rotting corpse.
    For killer pictures of Sean (9 all told) visit this link. I strongly recommend you skip the commentary but view the entire album in SLIDESHOW FULLSCREEN. Enjoy.

  17. On comment 21 pull the r from infront of http and remove the ecommend after =1 and you have the good address. Sorry my keyboard skills are primative.

  18. I just can’t believe it. I tell you I feel sick to my stomach when my children are sick with fever, let alone out of my sight for more than five minutes!!!

    Has anyone else noticed that this pathetic excuse for a mother has the mind to change her sunglasses on a daily basis, tie her “where’s Caylee?” shirt in a fashionable knot, or switch her teeny bopper bracelates daily? May sound strange but as a mother I CANNOT even imagine taking the time for such petty things when I haven’t seen my daughter in months! I think I would still be over the toilet – unshowered!

    I am SO frustrated with this case, it is consuming me. Where is this beautiful little girl??????? The lies are unbelievable, her tone makes me sick and funny enough she believes that she is smarter than all including the police. I pray that they find the evidence they need to bring this pychotic to justice. I’m beginning to believe that the only way to get any information from this loser is for someone to torture her slowly…what are the chances?

    God bless,

  19. First of all, If the media would quit talking so much about Casey she would be upset because she loves this attention. Then maybe she might start talking. Second, maybe if you analyze everything she says like a serial killer’s notes to police, then maybe they can find Caylee. Has anyone searched at the park she supposedly last saw her? Maybe she is there? As Casey stated, that was the last time she saw her. There are truth’s within her lies? Just wondering….

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