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My sister Casey Anthony has been M.I.A. for weeks, I assumed with her daughter Caylee Marie Anthony.  I came to the house this evening to see my mother and found Casey’s vehicle in the garage and no sign of anyone.  Casey and my mother showed up and both acted id they been fighting about Caylee.  My mother threatened to call the cops and Casey did fight her about doing so.  Once my mother went outside to clear her head I acknowledged to Casey that mom’s outside and she can’t heat us.  Casey began to break down and told me she doesn’t know where Caylee is and she hadn’t seen her in 31 days since she dropped her off to her nanny Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez.  She claimed she’s been searching for her Caylee herself and had other people helping her.  She says she’s been staying with Anthony Lazaro.  She’s mentioned that the person she met the nanny through is Jeff Hopkins whom lives in Jacksonville.  Anthony Lazaro said when I called his cell phone this evening that Casey has been telling him that she sees Caylee on a regular basis.


Funny that Lee can spell Zenaida correct, but can’t spell Casey’s EX-boyfriends last name.  It’s Lazzaro. 

Who are these so called other people looking for Caylee, are they still looking?  She never told Anthony Lazzaro that Caylee was missing, but I do guess that when you go to a neutral place, your stress and anxiety slip away! 


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  1. So detailed and in-sink with Caseys story that it seems well rehearsed.
    MIA? Cindy and Lee both talked to Casey several times on the phone during those 31 days.
    Interesting that in his statement Lee doesn’t say Casey is a habitual liar and the story is probably BS.

  2. well,at first I thought Lee might be the only normal one in the group, but I’m beginning to think he’s involved in a cover up as well. He knows something and he’s hiding it.

    Pathetic, I don’t know how they can stay in the same house with that monster. They know what she did. i can understand the denial, at first, but eventually, reality hs to visit them. I’m afraid George and cindy will have a breakdown when the whole truth comes out. Lee seems as emotionless as his whacko sister. Must be a bad gene pool.

  3. Lee and Casey seem very close. I think he would have been able to get her to talk before anyone else, I know he wants to protect her but I think things may be coming to a head. Leonard Padilla really seems to think that Lee knows something, for some reason he doesn’t want to take a polygraph. I sure hope something gives before Casey is tried on the economic charges, I know they have piled them on but she would never serve all that time, was it 71 yrs? This is so insane, I can’t believe it has gone on this long.

  4. They can all stay in the same house together because they are ALL nuttier than fruitcakes! Everyone of them are in on the lies and cover-ups, they know what happened to Caylee.

  5. If these people get away with this then I hope society takes care of them, by not giving them jobs, spitting in their food at restaurants,…..whatever can be done. Hell,….I hope other things happen but I wont say. Maybe a car accident where her spine is severed and she will be in a wheel chair for the rest of her life as a quardriphedic

  6. Debra, I thought the same thing in the beginning. Lee seemed to actually be trying to get the truth out of her in those jailhouse phone tapes. As time has gone by I have stated that I too feel he’s somehow involved. He just has not been seen or heard from and he was the one that convinced his parents not to take the lie detector test. Something is definitely up with this guy.

  7. I’m curious if , in the end, not only will Casey be charged with murder,but the other family members with various charges ???? Cindy did away with potential evidence in the car. Lee KNOWS something…so does Cindy. I just wonder the outcome….

  8. I agree at 1st I thought Lee was the honest one, but then I sat back and looked at the whole story. Brothers/Sisters usually protect each other with lies when needs be. Perhaps Lee did not want his parents/Casey/himself to take the lie detector test because he knows that they can not pass.
    Perhaps Caylee was missing since 6/9 and not the day after Father’s Day like we all think.
    Perhaps the money Casey stole from her grandparents was to pay someone off in helping her dispose of Caylee’s body???? Perhaps the fight they had was because Caylee didn’t show up on Father’s DAy for George.

  9. I think they all know or suspect something,Lee and Cindy may know more than George,I think they leave him out of the loop,if anyone might crack it would be George,I think this has been their way of life,Cindy keeps George in the dark and feeds him SH-T. And of course CASEY KNOWS ALL.

  10. Now ,why can’t we have a bit more stricter laws here in the USA…for people like Casey ? In Singapore, the Cane and flog people for throwing trash and littering !!!!! Casey would be beaten to a pulp if she were there !

    Can you just IMAGINE what would be happening to Casey right now if she had pulled the same crap in Singapore ??? Lets see, here in the USA, right now , we are looking at 70+ years for just all the OTHER charges against her,right ? For child neglect, stealing,etc…and the one charge that is yet to come…murder.

    Maybe we could have a “public whacking”….like the kids game ‘Whack the Mole’..where the little mole pops up and you try to whack it with a mallet on the head ???? LOL !!! Shoot, we could call it Whack the Casey” and charge $5.00 a Whack…and give the proceeds to CHARITY !!! To an ABUSED childrens fund, the Homeless, the elderly,etc. We could all get to deal out Fair, and long over due punishment, and help others in the Process !!!!!!! ITS A WONDERFUL IDEA !!!!

    Okay….I AM BEING SILLY HERE.and this iS A SERIOUS CASE..But, seriously, this case is enough to burn anyone out.It wears you down just to think that a little nutcase like Casey could continue to do this to LE and EVERYONE ELSE ,and get away with it for THIS LONG !

    I’ll bet Nancy Grace is losing focus on her show BECAUSE she is burnt out on this Circus Clown act. Tired of seeing Casey Clown leading this Physcotic Parade with her Family of Enabler Clown’s following and them carrying shovels to shovel up her poop as she goes !!!! That family needs to get better jobs than being her 24/7 s**t -picker-uper.

    LE is probably waiting to find the remains…but I am SURE they have more evidence against her that we don’t even know about.

  11. Has anyone considered if lee anthony is actually little Caylee’s father(CAseY / LEE – CAYLEE)? This family is so horribly screwed up and the poor little angel has had to pay the price for it. If she is dead, she deserves to be laid to rest properly, SHE DESERVES THAT! If she is alive her mother and grandparents have to help the police by telling the truth. WHY ARE THEY NOT TELLING THE TRUTH AND HELPING? I think that if the lawyer jose baez was a decent man, an ethical lawyer, he would have helped not hindered in the search for little Caylee. They all make me so sick.

  12. From the beginning, when Lee talked in cod with his demon sister, I knew he had more to do with the missing child.From the phone records he is in contact with her, but his statement indicates otherwise. I think that it is possible that he helped her or did it himself….i.e dispose of the body so that she does not know where it is, and thats why she says she knows that she is close to home and really does not know where. Also now, that the family knows there is a big cover up by the family, becuase the Grand parents know they already lost a grandchild, and with the brother-sister involvement, they will lose all whats left in the family. So I hope that in the end, all of them are charged if this is found to be true.

  13. george, cindy, and lee (in my opinion) know full well what is going on, what has happened, and what will eventually happen….just being a cops family puts them at an advantage and “in the loop”. what really tears at my heartstrings is how in the world can these three people take the strain and grief of having casey in the same house with them 24/7. casey has got to be a monster to put them through this day in and day out without so much as a tear. i still think it would be in her best interest and the interest of all involved if she were committed for treatment of “mental illness” at a state mental hospital rather than the home. a rubber room can make you crack just as much if not more than a jail cell.

  14. I really don’t believe that this post even came from Lee Anthony. Too rehearsed and the exact same stuff that the media has released.. Furthermore, while in the beginning of this whole tragedy, he seemed like the only same one, I now wonder where has he retreated to?
    Three people in a house ( with no cameras) and not one can find out what is going on??? I am pretty sure they are all aware of it by now. They don’t deserve the media attention they are gettin gbecause unfortunately it is more about their 15 minutes of fame than of this baby girl.

  15. Does anyone notice how Casey hangs on Lee, her attorney or any man that is around? I think there are some sick relationships in that family which may be the reason she is so screwed up. She sure seems to like police officers and men in the military. Lee has changed his story several times. First he never heard of the nanny, later he said he knew about her for the past year and a half. Yet no one knows where this nanny lived. The family did not even know where Casey and Caylee were everyday when Casey was suppose to be at her imaginary job at Universal. How would she have been paying for a nanny when she was having to steal from family & friends? This family can’t be that stupid. They are all hiding something.

  16. Interesting 17! Casey also loves dope smoking Latinos and loaded tattood party boy thug wannabees. Never straight normal guys. Cop-types and criminals.

  17. Caseys’ cell phone records show a flurry of calls, one right after another… no one answers! And not once did she call her brother…weird!!!

  18. Maybe he was with her? The flurry of calls was hypothesized by someone as just trying to figure out where everyone was, who was home etc..? It will all make sense really soon. I can’t wait for the trial.

  19. Those are the types of questions I have … 1) where did she get $$$ for a nanny ?? 2) where did Casey go when she ‘dropped Caylee off’ with the nanny ?? She wasn’t going to work ! G&C #1 is for you. Seriously with the cost of child care neither of you ever wondered ?? No flags … ??

  20. If Casey didn’t have a job,no nanny was needed. She may have got her parents to GIVE HER MONEY TO PAY THE NANNY EACH WEEK…and instead , she PAID HERSELF !!!One possibility is that she Chloroformed Caylee telling her “its nap time” and put her out…and left her in the car or some place and then went back for her later on. Something along those lines…I mean she could have chloroformed Caylee and dropped over a friends house with a “sleeping ‘Caylee…no body would be the wiser.

  21. How could George Anthony possibly remember what Casey Anthony was wearing the last time he said he saw her leave his house with Caylee on June 16th. He said she had on gray pants and a white shirt and they both had backpacks. I think he slipped on the description because those were the pants that were in the car when the car was returned and smelled of decomposition. Those were also the pants that Cindy Anthony so promptly washed after telling police it smelled like a dead body was in her daughter car. Another thing is that Casey Anthony didn’t want George looking in her trunk, George said it was because the gas cans were in there and she didnt want him to know she had taken them. I think George realized more than he bargained for when he opened the trunk, he would have smelled the same smell his wife did , actually even more so and possibly seen other things. I think they are all covering up for her. George also said she didn’t drink at all, but as we can all see from all her “innocent” pictures on the internet she drank excessively and that is the lifestyle she now is ready to pursue! They are all guilty to me for another reason, not one of them is actively or has been actively searching for Caylee yet they are the ones that keep saying she is alive. Actions speak louder than words. They are not looking because they know she is not alive.

  22. Didn’t George argue with Casey about getting something to fix his wifes car out of Casey’s trunk and Casey pretty much fought him on that ? He says he found the ‘missing’ gas cans ….does anyone think he opened the trunk and found Caylee? Its a wonder he didn’t flip out then !!

  23. he said he wanted to change the oil in Cindy’s car but he needed ‘some tool’ to help him do so. That tool was in Casey’s trunk, she resisted, he persisted, found gas cans. No body smell at that time, right ??

  24. See ? Thats what I am not certain of…wonder if he DID open the trunk and smelled that a dead body had been in there ???? If he was LE, HE WOULD KNOW IF HE SMELLED A DEAD BODY, WOULDN’T HE ??? Wouldn’t that change alot of things ? Time-wise and time frame of things ? Possibly that George may have helped Casey in some way ????

    Also…usually in dysfunctional families,tragedy or great stress can tear a family a part. Didn’t it say somewhere that George and Cindy were at a point of divorcing each other ? Now, the family is sticking together like glue. What gives ?

  25. That family is very disfunctional so why wouldn’t they help get rid of Caylee’s little body. I believe that when Cindy opened the car and smelled that foul odor she knew what it was, and she found Caylee dead, called her son Lee to come help get rid of the body while she went and found Casey, and that is why Casey keeps saying she does not know where she is. Because why did she take Casey’s pants and wash them ? Caylee is probably buried out of state somewhere under a different name. cindy probably got mad at casey because she would not tell what happened, and that is why cindy called the cops, and i am sure that they never thought that caylee missing would ever get this kind of attention.

  26. All families have problems. No doubt. And none of us are perfect or even close to it. But do all of us kill our kids ? Thats true dysfunction. Dysfunction means not to function in a normal manner. Are all families habitual liars and have as many issues as the Anthonys do ? No. I would say you are correct in implying that MORE families are getting more and more dysfunctional. But personally, I know of many families that are average loving caring human beings and are highly effective functional people.






  28. #

    Has anyone considered if lee anthony is actually little Caylee’s father(CAseY / LEE – CAYLEE)? This family is so horribly screwed up and the poor little angel has had to pay the price for it. If she is dead, she deserves to be laid to rest properly, SHE DESERVES THAT! If she is alive her mother and grandparents have to help the police by telling the truth. WHY ARE THEY NOT TELLING THE TRUTH AND HELPING? I think that if the lawyer jose baez was a decent man, an ethical lawyer, he would have helped not hindered in the search for little Caylee. They all make me so sick.


    20 Sep 08 at 15:26
    I’m so glad you had this in mind. I now know that I’m not the only one thinking this. I think there’s a very good possibility that Lee COULD be the father and they ARE a screwed up family for sure.

  29. I am also a believer that Lee is Caylee’s father. And the whole family is trying desparately to hide that fact. The more this goes on and the more I hear and read, the more I believe it. I’m really glad to hear that Judge Stan is not allowing the defense to have anything to do with the autopsy on the bones they have just found. Just the fact that they insisted on having a presence at Quantico tells me again (first knew it when she was CHARGED and JAILED for murder) that Casey is guilty. I feel sorriest for all of her friends who were duped by her, not her family. I agree with what others say about all of them being charged with obstruction, but I also think LE is going to eventually charge at least one of them with conspiracy to commit murder as well as being an accomplice to the murder. What a bunch of whack-jobs. May Caylee feel all the love of decent people like us who actually do give a damn about her.

  30. i’am also certain lee is caylees father, i also think there was some sexual abuse going on i n that family. in the video where caylee is with her great grandfather , she looks terrified ……

  31. Now that it has been revealed that Lee Anthony is in fact NOT the father of Caylee, don’t you all that were so sure he was.. feel really stupid? If you don’t, then you should. Any statements that have ever been made about Lee being inappropriate with Casey or anything suggesting that he was “hitting on” her, have all been made by Casey herself and we all know how Casey is when it comes to telling the truth. That girl couldn’t tell the truth to save her life….literally.

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