More Anthony 911 calls

From 27 August-14 September 2008…….


14 thoughts on “More Anthony 911 calls

  1. The Anthony’s are really jerking the taxpayers off. The cops need to tell them the problems are their own. Tell them Casey needs to move on.

  2. Hey if they are a nuisance charge them like the fire dept and trash guys. $100 a call to cruise by or $1000 a night? Hell, the Anthony’s already cashed in Caylee for Disney/20-20 $’s…so let the bastards pay.

  3. Have these people ever heard of the boy who cried wolf?

    How can the police take seriously any call coming from that house anymore?

    And it’s hilarious that they are so quick to call…it’s probably alwyas Casey doing the calling, and she couldn’t lift a finger to help ‘find’ her daughter.

    She just wants attention and is only worried about herself.

  4. The Anthony’s need a police force just to take care of their needs. Shouldn’t they be thinking where they can
    put that monster Casey? They want the police at their
    house and out looking for Caylee. All the while they are cutting everyone down. Pitiful excuses for humans!

  5. I bet they have 911 on speed dial! They accuse the police of not helping them yet who do they call?? Then they again do nothing, they don’t file any charges,George threatens to but does not follow thru.Their late nite may come to an end should they actually do something to end the protesting,then what would they do??

    Jesse Grund just did 9 minutes on Geraldo tonight 9-20
    Claims Casey used to dump Caylee on him or even dump her with his parents when she went out!!!
    But only when she went to work? Doesn’t he get it yet that she wasn’t working unless it was an escort club! Enjoy.

  7. HUMBLE”O*************Oh yeah> Forgot the latest bomb
    Jesse sounded like an IQ around 80-90 max. Really dumb. Doesn’teven recognize FBI report Caylee dead. Real dumb and easy to manipulate. Can’t believe the cops ever hired him!!!
    Yeah I’m a retired special ed teacher. He is very slow witted.

  8. Hey J. Garrett got a link? Can’t find anything…makes for an interesting turn, if true but we know she got the info from the Notorious Liar….I’ll bet he made her steal from family and friends too!

  9. My original post should have said. New Geraldo interview with Jesse Grund ex-fiance. Grund actaully says Casey used to dump Caylee on him and sometimes HIS parents while she went to work but only when she went to work! He still doesn’t realize she lied about going to work. Was she tricking for the Paramount Escort Club setup in Sawgrass? This guy says he still thinks Caylee is alive! What a dope he doesn’t even understand the FBI and Tennessee Bodyfarm results.

  10. Does this mean Cindy is admitting Caylee is deceased? She was dating this guy when she got pregnant,he is not the father yet stayed with her,and believes she was working when he and his parents babysat,and still believes Caylee is alive!! This guy has his head up his A-S!!He and Cindy traded places!! Did you say this guy was a COP???What the he-ll are they doing,hiring the lowest IQ?? He is in no way the smartest and brightest.

  11. Hey, lay off Jesse.

    When someone is in love, they don’t ‘see’ what everyone else sees. So he got used…everyone has been used by someone in their life.

    This doesn’t make him stupid, or had his head up his ass.

    Sounds to me like the only normal person in Caylee’s life.

    And yes, you can bet he has felt dumb enough over the last couple of years for the garbage treatment Casey has dished out to him.

    Love is blind.

    I saw his interview and felt he was well spoken, and anyone who’s a special ed teacher would NOT identify a person of special needs as “dumb”.

    So I doubt that the post from the retired special ed teacher is on the level. Or that person is the most unqualified person to have worked in that capacity and should be ashamed of calling anyone with special needs “dumb”. No class.

    Jesse, as a person who loved Caylee as his own, obviously doesn’t want to believe that she’s dead till there’s absolute proof. That is his right.

    He also was incredibly gracious towards the Anthony’s even though they have accused him of the most horrific crime in the world.

    I think this is a kid who unlike Casey, was raised properly and respectfully. Who deserved better than what he’s been drug into.

    I feel very badly for him.

    And he’s NOT “dumb”.

  12. Sorry Sophie I am a retired special ed teacher (old school). I taught Severely Emotionally Disturbed (SED in 70’s speak) children in a special school setting. Most my kids were sociopaths and had attempted murder on a fellow student or teacher. Young kids 10-14.
    I also did home visits and evaluations. The Anthony home sure sounds interesting.
    Instead of dumb I could have said “below average intelligence” or low functioning. He is not mentally Challenged or Handicapped, retarded or even borderline MH.
    I feel sorry for this guy too but, he really needs to sharpen up. If the person your engaged to can’t keep their pants up around strangers… like hell!

  13. Thanks J. Garrett for explaining. Usually when someone says special education most people decipher that as ‘mentally challenged’…not necessarily ’emotionally challenged’.

    And there’s lots of emotionally disturbed people who are alarmingly intelligent. So I still feel that your statement was very unkind.

    However, yes, this Jesse guy has probably been a doormat, naive and trusting…maybe Casey was one of the first girls to give him the time of day…who knows.

    There’s not a one of us who doesn’t have that special someone in our life who took us for a ride. Sounds like he did sharpen up…although a bit too late. But he’s committed no crime in believing in someone who was slick and crafty. It happens to the best of us.

    In addition, some people are not media savvy nor comfortable on camera and their nervousness can translate into not appearing to be the sharpest crayon in the box.

    I think that all this ‘Caseyness’ is bringing out a lot of negativity in people. Including myself, since I posted somewhere on these blogs that I hope the protesters go for the gold on the Anthonys in a moment of anger.

    That’s not really the ‘me’ I like to think I am. But that little bit of me that can sometimes be not very nice at all slipped out…I am not proud of that and am sorry that I didn’t cool off before writing it.

    And I imagine that there’s other people posting here who feel the same way about their initial reactions and postings.

    It just seems like everyone is becoming so mean…I hate to think that Casey is contagious.

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