Caylee’s search trust fund shuts down

A trust fund set up to help in the search for Caylee Anthony has been shut down.

Both the law firm that administers the fund and the bank where the money was deposited said they’re backing out.


Attorney Paul Kelly who works for the firm related to this account says he is saddened by the firm’s decision.


The bank has received harassing email about funds.  They are also saying that the emails could have come from 2 Equuseach volunteers. 


I highly doubt that they received only 2 emails!   There has to be more.  Also, funny they claim it came from equusearch volunteers.  Boy, they are always pointing fingers in this case except to the person who needs to be pointed at CASEY ANTHONY!  And mind you, the Anthony’s have NO COMMENTS!  I say audit the trust fund.  Make the account public knowledge….not who donated, just the funds received. 


14 thoughts on “Caylee’s search trust fund shuts down

  1. This family is manipulating everyone. I doubt the body of this child will ever be found. It’s probably better to leave them alone, and let them stew in the horrible situation they have created. Cindy Anthony does not want the truth to come out, so let her live with this daughter of hers without press. I think it would be alot worse.

  2. Dee I believe you are right, it would absolutely drive Cindy and Casey crazy if all the media packed up and left! They like being on the news and having people pay attention to them.

  3. If it is being said that the e-mails came from Equusearch,Cindy and Casey probably sent them,remember how angry Cindy was with Tim Miller for looking for a body instead of a live person? She is the one who asked them to come to FL.and then ordered them to get out when they didn’t do as she said.This would be a way for her to get even,it wouldn’t matter to her if the fund closes she had no control of it.

  4. These people – Cindy and George – manipulating everyone? Do you live on earth? These people haven’t the wherewithal to manipulate their duplicitous daughter. Believe me, they are not enjoying this. Their lives are a living hell right this moment. Their beloved granddaughter is missing and they know in their heart of hearts that their daughter is responsible. No, they are not enjoying the media attention. They live in dread of tomorrow and the unknown hell it will unleash on their hapless asses. They are not responsible for the craziness into which Casey’s life has slid. Parents are human and are fallible, yours were as were mine. Somehow human nature dictates and most of us overcome the mistakes our parents make raising us, but on occasional aberration arises. Casey Anthony is such an aberration. If Casey Anthony’s parents are responsible for her – George, a retired police officer, Cindy, not a serial killer, then I know several people that by all rights should be arrested on sight for murders they are about to commit due to their childhood circumstances. And let me assure you, I do not blame your parents for your narrow minded stupidity. Have a nice day.

  5. AMEN….Lazar Bel……Finally someone with a BRAIN!!! Thank you! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!! Exactly what I have been saying all along!! Well Done!!

  6. Lazar Bel,

    Cindy’s own brother contridicts what you say.Nobody said Cindy was a serial killer…but would she , once she found out her daughter Casey ,even accidently killed Caylee…would she COVER UP Casey’s crime and stoop so low as to LIE and point the finger at anone else BUT CASEY ?????? YOU BET YOUR BOOTY SHE WOULD !!!!

    You do not even have to know her personally or anyone else in that family …to know they LIE . WE HAVE ALL HEARD IT WITH OUR OWN EARS.Who SOLD Caylee’s photo’s top the media ?????? Who asked the pulic for help and when the public got involved, got upset cause people were not doingit her way ? Cindy.

    They treat Casey like she is a mindless 2 year old princess who can do no wrong ,cover up for her, raised her daughter for her, paid her bills, allowed her to live in their house while …so in a sense ,THEY ARE AND WERE STILL RAISING HER !!!!!! Where is she now ? AT THEIR HOUSE !The Anthonys are accesories….

    The best thing I can say is that the Anthonys are at least responsible enough that they both have jobs. So does Lee. Casey??? She is 22, jobless, and claimed to have been “An Event Coodinator”???? What EVENT was she spending her time coodinating ??? Well what EVENT are we all WITNESS TO NOW ??? Well…there ya go…

  7. Either they sent them through a remailer, or they could have a friend in Texas sending them to throw things off. I dont believe Tim’s people would have anything to do with harassing anyone.

    Here is an example of some fishy emails. Now, this is the most complete file I have found of the “400+” pages of docs in this case. When you go here, it will take a while for all the pages to load, and some of the pages are repeats. Sometimes this page slows my computer down, but it’s never crashed me.

    Anyway, as to the emails, go down to page 296. This is where Det. Melich tries to contact people Casey claims to have worked with. His email bounces back. Then, in the next few pages you see some emails supposedly from these people, but in some of them, it looks like she messed up in her little ‘forwarding game’ and changing of recipient names.

    She would have drafted an email, sent it, forwarded it around, and when opening to forward, she could have then changed all the TO and FROM addresses to reflect fake emails from co-workers to her ‘work’ account.

    I know my explanation is a little confusing, but if you follow those pages, maybe a few prior to see Melich’s incident report and various communication with (real) Universal Reps, you can see what I am talking about. Note the ONLY email with a real header is dated Dec. 2007, but if Casey provided that, I would still question if even the header wasnt manipulated.

  8. CLEARLY G&C need long prison sentences for trying to cover-up a homicide.
    Don’t feel sorry for them. They trained Casey to misbehave by never giving her consequences for her felonious behavior!
    They are living a lot nicer now than they would be doing 10-20 in the Florida State Pen.
    If Cindy hadn’t slipped up in the middle of her 3rd 911 call and mentioned that her Granddaughter was missing (a simple slip-up because Casey was frustrating her) AND if George hadn’t slipped up and mentioned Cindy washed the cadaver stained and stenched clothes (probably because he had a momentary flash of anger and was pissed at Cindy that day and momentarily wanted to throw Cindy under the bus) they would have gotten away with the cover-up. Hey’ just tell the neighbors Caylees gone to live with her fathers family and EVERYTHING is fine. One big happy family again. George is famous for his flashes of anger like the time he pushed his father through a plate glass window!
    Just some not too bright criminals.

  9. Just to prove this girl never knows when to stop lying – go to the doc I linked. Look at page 136. This is near the end of the interview at Universal – AFTER they have confronted her with the TONS of lies and proved everything she has said was a lie. But she declares every single thing she says ‘now’ is the truth.

    Page 136, lines 12 – 17, the detective questions her about going to college, where she says she got a certificate at Valencia.

    Jump to page 303. What does that say?

    She never went to Valencia.

    She can’t open her mouth without lying.

  10. Just a heads up, humbleo – supposedly a friend of Casey’s – I can’t figure out who exactly, was answering questions here last night:

    and today:

    and a user there posted a synopsis:

    And joy oh joys – get this, Dante has shown up at Webslueths:

    …somebody get the popcorn ready…

  11. Thanks Jez. It makes for some interesting reading. He says that he went to Caylee’s 2nd birthday……. He also says that Casey has not reached out to her friends. He also says he never heard of Zany before. He believes Caylee is dead and that Casey killed her 😦

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