Cindy Anthony…watch what you say….could get sued!

Thanks J. Garrett for letting me in on Cindy’s latest nutty accusations!

Cindy Anthony is making claims that EX-boyfriend Jesse Grund is the one who killed Caylee and stuffed her in the trunk of the Casey car.  SO, is denial coming to a close?  Does Cindy Anthony believe Caylee is dead?  Well, she must, she said that Jesse Grund has now done this terrible thing to her granddaughter which we believe that Casey, the unbalanced mother had done.  I guess when all else fails, blame someone else for your own daughters actions.  
Wow, sound like he need to look into to an attorney to press charges against the Anthony’s.  Looks like they will try to take everyone down, except their daughter.  Hey Cindy, you are missing a screw.   

Jesse does seem like a really nice guy!  Thank goodness he never married this nut bucket!  And just an FYI, if they were engaged and he had the tests done….sure looks like she slept around while she was dating Jesse.  This poor guy will probably never have a normal life! 

Jesse should sue the Anthony’s for Defamation of Character.  Then they would stop this stuff!






40 thoughts on “Cindy Anthony…watch what you say….could get sued!

  1. Whaaaaaaat ? Now Cindy IS admitting that Caylee is dead but that she was killed by Jesse, the ex-fiance of casey’s?

    Then why was Cindy recently on Spanish speaking TV making a plea for the RETURN on Caylee. She needs to make up her mind !

    See….SHE DOES KNOW and HAS KNOWN FOR QUITE SOME TIME THAT CAYLEE IS DEAD BUT SHE NOW NEEDS TO SHIFT THE BLAME TO…ANYONE BUT CASEY !!!!! She is become unraveled at the seams. She is losing it …fast !

  2. Cant get blood from a turnip anyway,she will have a hard time suing the entire world,even bushmen know who killed Caylee,but if i were cindy and wanted to really look for another person who could have done it,i’d start realllllllllllllllllllllly close to home!!

  3. btw,remember when george went to visit casey alone in jail before they got mad at media.and when he came out he was hmm cant think of the word to describe it but when he said,yes i believe her 100% .she told me Caylees close to that clip and then compare it to all his other statements,notice everything,voice,pitch in voice,his eyes,mouth!!
    he put to much into it too,like casey does,georges ex-wife said he lied constantly too!!!
    In my opinion He was lying about that!!

  4. If Cindy is blaming this guy for Caylee’s disappearance, then she is as nut as her daughter Casey. This nice guy had no fault other than falling in love with a psychopath.

  5. Well, Miss Casey who changes her story whenever it suits her has yet again changed it and is accusing someone who ‘hurt’ her by dumping her.

    She’s probably come to the realization that this will be a murder trial, that there IS enough evidence to convict her so now she’s going to pin it on a guy who eventually saw through her BS and dumped her.

    Remember, she’s lied all along about the identity of the father.

    Why not accuse someone else of killing her daughter?

    And you can’t tell me that Casey dumped Jesse….she’s willing to string along as many guys as she can get away with. Odds are he figured her out and lost her as fast as he could.

    Problem is, for Casey, didn’t he already take a lie detector test? And PASS?

    No worries Jessie, Casey has already painted herself as the Mother Of Lies…no jury in the world would believe her.

  6. Whoa…I just now watched the interview with Jesse Grund…up to this point my sympathies were growing for Mr. and Mrs. Anthony.

    Now they are shattered and I am so disgusted by Cindy Anthony’s new behavior and accusation.

    The few photos I saw of Jesse and Caylee show more love on his face for that baby than any one has ever seen on Casey’s.

    In Casey’s photos with Caylee..they are all ‘posed’. No genuine love shown, just a nice pose.

    But you see the love in Jesse’s face. He took on that baby as his own even though Casey lied to him, slept around on him, and he is to be commended for that.

    He was the primary caregiver to the grandchild of the Anthony’s for some time and they repay him for his love and devotion to Caylee in this disgusting manner?

    I am so pissed I could spit bullets now.

    Now I say (admittedly in great anger) Protesters, you GO for the GOLD on the Anthony’s. Make their life hell. I think at this point they fully deserve it.

  7. cindy knows from what evidence they have that caylee is not
    alive. cindy knows why and who did it. cindy cannot face reallity and must blame someone so looks like jesse is it today but tomorrow, she will tell you, caylee is out there, get off of your b u t t and go find her.

    this family is soooooooooodisfunctional

  8. She must’ve changed her mind when things started coming in that definately points to her daughter doing the worst imaginable thing to her daughter. O.K., is this, too, a part of the grieving process?

  9. Looks like the lid is about to blow. They’re have been so many twists & turns its hard to keep up with everything. Does anyone know if Geraldo will replay the same segment tonight? I read somewhere that ES is holding a press conference tomorrow, wonder what that’s about? Cindy’s sudden about face is strange.

  10. When did Cindy say this and to whom did she say it?? When did she realize it was JG? Better yet when did she realize that Caylee is no longer alive? Sooooo many questions.Kathy Jo 63 TN.You said George’s ex-wife said he lied also,I haven’t heard that George was married before Cindy,where did you hear that? It will be interesting to see how they all spin this new theory,why did they wait so long? How did he manage to get Casey’s car to put Caylee in it? Is she now saying there was an odor in the trunk.They wasted all this time saying she is alive she is close by they are watching the kidnappers and on and on.Why did Cindy go on spanish TV.and ask for help in finding Caylee saying she KNEW SHE WAS ALIVE.They should bring charges against Cindy.

  11. Okay I missed something….George’s EX-WIFE says he’s a person who constantly lied too ????? When and where id this come out in the media ? I missed it and would ike to hear it or read it .

    Another possibility from a Biblical perspesctive is …that Casey is posessed.!! The Bible says that Satan is the ” Father of Lies”.Also, that Satan came to Steal, KILL and DESTROY.

    Like I said before…I think the whole family are a bunch of Liars and enablers.!

  12. Hi HumbleO

    Where do people find out such info about George having an ex-wife.? If thats true ,wonder if Cindy was married to someone else before as well ? What are Cindy and George’s ages ?

    Does anyone on this blog think Casey has not only read whats being said here but as RESPONDED under another alias ? Somebody hinted at that ……………

    I wonder why more people who have personally known the Anthonys have not come forward revealing what they know about them ? Why isn’t the media searching out these people for interviews ? It would be VERY INTERESTING to hear……………….you never know what bit of info might be important.

  13. Hi Anne P. I am not sure where to find info about George being married before. I did search google about an ex-wife of his and found nothing. I think that someone misunderstood something about a divorce/ex-wife on the web.

    As for Casey, she is all about herself and probably is afraid to read blogs as she knows the world is onto her. But one never knows, it is all about CASEY, Caylee is now in the past!

  14. I am absolutely SURE that Hurricane Casey is looking on these blogs.

    All she does all day is play on the computer and tune into Nancy Grace to see herself hold the nation emotionally hostage.

    I have wondered myself about any statement from people stating that Caylee is alive, Casey might be innocent, etc.

    Anything favoring Casey is suspect in my opinion.

    I would also be careful now of any posts accusing this Jesse Grund person. My first impulse is that the Anthony family will try to besmirch him in the public eye any way they can in order to create doubt.

    They don’t mind lying and letting someone else pay for Casey’s crime, so don’t put fake blogs or responses past them for one second.

  15. Thank you Sophie, for confirming what I have felt. ! I have had that gut feeling all along.

    Narcissists cannot resist knowing what others are saying about them, good or bad ! She has nothing else to do but go to her lawyers , stay at home watch TV and be on the PC .!!!! Bet she is combing the internet with a fine tooth comb, checking out all thats being said about her ! And, what a high for her when she see’s herself on Nancy Grace , Geraldo, or Greta Van Susteren !!!!! I don’t think she even cares whats being said about her family !!!! For the narcissist,any attention is better than none.

    Yes …I hear you. I have had that feeling…that some (but maybe not all) of the posts that STILL think Caylee is alive , could be none other than………”YOU KNOW WHO” . I mean, is there a law that says she cannot use the PC at this time ?

    I would love to see an “ALIVE Caylee”….but the facts just aren’t supporting that. Shoot, it would have been almost a RELIEF if we found out Casey sold Caylee to a family that couldn’t have children !!!!!! Caylee would have probably been better off than to be raised by Casey and the rest of the Anthonys.

    I have no problem whatsoever eating my own words and saying I am sorry ,I misjudged someone…BUT NOT IN THIS CASE ! NO WAY !!!!!!!!!

  16. George and Cindy are taking cues from the ‘Jackie & Lee Peterson Playbook of Defending Your Sociopathic Child’.

    I’m half expecting the white van full of devil-worshipping satanists who sacrificed Caylee to show up any day.

  17. Tried to post this elsewhere with links, but it didnt seem to go through. I don’t know if it was the links or comments are just being held, but I thought I would let you know, supposedly one of Casey’s friends from “Lake Vag” and “Dante” are chatting it up on Websleuths.

  18. Reply to Ann P

    If you would like comments from people who knew the
    Anthony’s google “People who know The Anthony’s”
    There are many blogs there with interesting info even a comment from Cindy’s brother Rich about Casey’s pregnancy.

  19. Thanks Barbara G !

    So far I am getting tons of info here on this blog. I have read other blogs too….watching Nancy Grace and all the other shows.

    I wish some people who personally have known the Anthonys in the past would show up on this blog and tell us what behaviors they have observed from the family over the past 20 years or so. To understand someone or something, look at the HISTORY.

  20. I feel so bad for this poor guy Jesse! I watched the Geraldo interview and he genuinly seems like such a nice guy! We had all heard before he was Casey’s and ex and such, but the whole paternity thing and him being s big part of newborn Caylee’s life was news to me.
    And I feel so bad for him and his family. Sounds like all they did was love Casey and Calyee and help take care of her. And once she finds something better for herself, she moves on and leaves them in the dust. Doesn’t even keep in contact!?! So sad for them.
    And Cindy Anthony is such a nut job herself. No wonder Casey is so screwed up. Now she’s gonna blame the ex?? What is wrong with her?? I hope they find little Caylee soon and give her a proper burial and let everyone have some closure.

  21. It’s odd that no one has come forward with anything good or bad about this family’s past.No co-workers of Cindy or George.No teachers of Casey or Lee’s.Does anyone know of this family? What about people that knew them in Ohio? I agree with Anne P.the history of a family tells a lot.

  22. WOW..RogerVadim…that could be it !!! Or, if they did have any aquaintences,that those people are now putting distance between themselves and the Anthonys as they probably don’t want to brought into this huge mess.!!!So…any friends are scattering to the winds…

  23. yes…yes…yes…we are on to something here!!

    I just feel so sorry for such a beautiful child like Caylee, I have tears in my eyes when I see her sweet face! read all the blogs from Rich, he has a wealth of info about that family!

    oh, one more thing….that I always was wondering about… come that Dame Casey never collected any SSI for Casey if the Father had died??? because Caylee would have gotten are very handsome monthly sum from SSI. Since Casey seems always so broke and greedy about money….!?!? unless…..Caylee’s was fathered by a “family-member” as some suggested (incest) I don’t know what to think about Casey….I hope we find something out tonight on Nancy Grace…

  24. You are so very correct..if the father of Caylee died in a car accident she could have collected benefits for Caylee without question. So, why didn’t she ? After all ,it would be for Caylee , not her. Although from all I have heard about Casey ,even if she were able to get benefits for Caylee, SHE WOULD PROBABLY USE THE MONEY ON HERSELF !!!! You would think George and Cindy would have seen to it that Casey did apply for SSI or assistance of somekind.. Then the Anthonys wouldn’t have had to pay for everything .

  25. Wonder why a security guard and not LE ? How old is George anyway ? Both parents have jobs and yet they seem to have alot of financial problems…and now Caseys “problem” compounding all the other stuff. SAD.

  26. yes, very sad indeed! He never cares to much for LE. You need to get certified to work again in LE, and he does have a anger management problem. Remember the story Rick ( Cindy’s brother) had told about GA throwing his relative thru a class-pane door? window?
    Cindy always wanted him to make more money. She told him how stupid he was. They did wanted to get a divorce because of his online gambling problems. That’s why they had to re-finance there house to pay off 25,000. thousand dollars. She had wanted him to go into the used car-lot business in Ohio with the family. When all this started to happened in Florida, George didn’t even live in the house. He was totally clueless when ppl and LE finally showed up at there house. Perhaps Cindy and George were on the brink of a separation because sh always stuck up for Casey and he was sick-n-tired of her lying and live style (smoking pot and doing drugs) I think he is a kinda OK guy, but Cindy is something else, very domineering. Remember, Casey said she is absolutely petrofied of her (Cindy)…..clue???

    there are just so many ????

    also….Casey got pissed with Cay-Lee because she did not want to go to sleep and Casey wanted to go Party with her friends and have “good sex” OMFG!!!! what a Dingbat..

  27. I thought of the income tax and how G&C would not know that Casey didn’t work as she said, but I forgot about the SSI if the father was killed,you are right as greedy as they all are ans especially Casey she would have jumped on that good thinking RV. George is 56yrs.old. It was his father that he put thru the plate glass window,it was at his father’s car dealership. I also read that it was Cindy who said George was in homicide when on the Trumbull Co. Sheriff’s Department in Ohio. Now that is starting to make sense if she said it, I’m still trying to verify that he was a regular on the department he could have been an auxiliary.Tom Altiere said he served with GA.and he is the Sheriff there now but has said nothing more and still NO VERICATION,I also read he left the department under not so good terms the person did not elaborate.I think their past would help to make sense of the present,their years in Ohio because it seem like they were having problems there,they moved escape the problems financial and family, this is probably why no family or friends have come to support them.ANNE P. is right history of a family tells a lot!!!I realize this is page is not new I was bored and started looking thru past pages.

  28. I am STILL perplexed as to why no one from the anthonys past has come forth to talk about them …mand.

    You would assume an old neighbor from Ohio would say something and give some insight as to what kind of people they were . I mean, doesn’t anybody remember cindy when she was in High School ? What was she like then ? George ? I mean, we haven’t heard ANYTHING…GOOD OR BAD ! Zero !

    Its also a RED FLAG…I mean, if you cannot find even a couple people to come forward from the past and say what they know…maybe the anthonys have always been loners..kept to themselves…been very anti social.

    BUT…maybe during the trial we will hear from people in the past who have a testimony to share that may somehow be relevent to the case at hand.

    I am betting that Cindy has a background of dysfunctional personality disorder of some kind, George, a anger management issue,etc,etc. Two people ill equipted to raise children.

  29. ANNE P. There is so much out there and NO ONE has come forth VERY ODD! High school,nursing school,think of how many people knew of her in these schools,teachers,nursing instructors in the hospital when she did clinicals not to mention job related people, WHERE ARE THEY?? George,did he graduate,go to college?? It’s reported he joined the sheriff’s dept,in 1974 at the age of 22,as I said 1 person said he was a nice guy,WHERE ARE THE REST??? Not even family well 2 family members Cindy’s brother Rick??? and George’s brother-in-law last name Eddy,in Ohio. Perhaps someone should post this web site in the news paper in Youngstown O. or one of the other towns nearby and see if there is a response????

  30. Don’t worry….all of these people from the past will appear during the trial. They will explode out of the woodwork. Think of all the people Cindy worked with, patients, Doctors, ect. Casey’s school teachers, past employers, lovers, George’s co-workers, just to mention a few. The distant family will be drug through the mud over this. Believe me….there is so much that is being kept under wraps until the trial.

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