George Anthony…an EX-wife

Not sure I believe that George was married before, Cindy.  There is chat about a Terri Anthony, who is married to George.  I do see that the Ohio page has some information on them.  From what I can tell George married to Terri is not the George married to Cindy:

This is from 1984 George and Cindy:

This is from 1988 George and Terri (states George and Terri husband and wife):

Also, Terri VanderVORT 1983.

All of this is done in response to this: 

Didnt know if you guys have seen these,just adding incase and some are posts ive made before…….for curiosity purposes.

My sister terri was married to George Anthony during the mid to late 70’s. They dated all through high school and married for about 5 years, of not so wonderful wedding bliss.
She can tell you that George Anthony was an habitual liar. He had to always fabricate his stories, constantly lying, that was the main reason they divorced.
George’s father Lee, owned and operated a very successful used car dealership for many years in Niles, Ohio, called Anthony’s Auto Sales, before retiring to Florida.
I wonder were George learned to lie so well. He was born in to it, litterally.
As they say, “Like father, like daughter.”
Give my sister a call and she’ll enlighten you of George Anthony’s dark, deceitful side evidently passed on to his daughter.
Her name now is Terri Vandervault, living in Niles, Ohio

And after searching Vandervault in Ohio, there aren’t any.  I am really interested if there was a phone number to call this so called sister!  I am not saying the commenter is lying, not saying that, but whoever posted on another site, has a really big imagination, and should check facts.


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  1. Does not sound right to me if there is no one by that name and what happened to the phone number? A marriage license is a public record and should be recorded at the Trumbull County Courthouse.On your People Who Know the Anthony’s it was posted that Cindy was the one that wanted George to open the dealership,Sounds like someone else wants there 15mins.of fame no matter how small.

  2. Hm,i dunno for certain but i believed it to be true,b/c the name lee,also because george had a car lot,so did his dad,they were from niles Oh,his dad had a car lot,i dont know so please if you doubt it or till you get verification b/c i dont wanna be known as a liar………….LoL
    sorry for the confusement!!

  3. Cathyjo63 not calling you a liar. Just saying that the George married to Terri and the George married to Cindy are 2 different people.

  4. Sometimes relatives have same first names ? I have two cousins who both had the same first and last name I had growing up……possible George had a 1st cousin ALSO name George Anthony who lived in the same Ohio area …married to a women named Terri ???????

  5. I did a search for Terri Vandervort not (Vandervault) and came up with this.

    Born 1951 Record Created: 10/2004
    976 PARK AVE
    NILES, OH 44446


  6. Thanks everyone for clearing this up. I know the last name is Vandervort, the person who posted this, on another website, can’t find it right now, who claims to be Terri’s sister married to George in the 1970’s, should know how to spell her sister’s last name correctly.


  7. AnneP;Having the same name would not be right either,she says it’s her sister and she mentions the car dealership George’s father owned.I also found the Niles address and the age of Terri as 56yrs.past that it is not free to check records or at least I don’t know how. I’m new at this computer stuff a lot to learn for a senior!!! I’m Trying.

  8. mand, you are doing great ! keep it up.!!

    I am ,I guess now considered a senior citizen too ! And, I have a beautiful 11 year old soccer playing granddaughter that I love to bits !!!!!(I am a young grandma …heehee!

    I guess that why this case is sooooooo frustrating for me. Totally ticks me off! How anyone can have such disregard for human life and their own flesh and blood.!!!!Breaks my heart, hurts my soul …makes me so mad.!!!!

    An Anthony marrying an Anthony …okay maybe that is reaching for it a bit….I was just thinking that maybe there was a woman the the surname name Anthony that was claiming to have been married to George …I have heard of a Jones marrying a Jones,etc…

  9. ANNE P.No that’s not far reaching,The time frame does not fit,she has the fact right about the dealership,but could have gotten that info from Humbleopinion’s Weblog,but she say’s nothing about George also opening a dealership.Nothing about him being on the Sheriff’s Dept seems very vague to me. I can’t imagine why anyone would choose to be untruthful about this.WHY? For what reason?Iam a mother of 6 a grandmother and a great-grandmother,I have never seen a case such as this one,I heard some of the 600 pages just released,and Cindy has done a complete 180 and I think Lee is controlled by Cindy as is George.Without revealing to much about myself and family,there are LE.officers in our family as well as many in the medical field and we can-not believe that they have said such absolutely stupid things.I pray that beautiful baby is in a better place.

  10. My own personal theory and long winded opinion :

    I think Cindy is how this whole thing got started. Thats why I would love to hear about Cindys past , her childhood, adolesence,etc. She seem like a really Cold self centered person overall.Could have been a real trouble maker growing up. I will bet she wears the pants in that family…shes not happy unless shes running the show.

    George is a spinless jellyfish who cannot stand up to people, so he hides in his own addictions ,gambling for one,and dragging the family deeper and deeper in debt.

    A girl really needs her mom growing up and if the mom is present in her life but is cold and distant, thats tramatic. Its enough trauma to damage and wound a girls soul. And, if she see’s her Dad, whom she looks up to as a Protector,bowing down to the cold fish mother, the girl (casey in this case) would not feel she was loved or protected or could expect protection from her Father.This could be where she goes inward,and develops a fantasy world of her own where she plays by her own rules, shes the star of the show,and trusts no one. She becomes narcissistic. Many narcissists are both sociopaths and psychopaths. I think BOTH parents are distant, but cindy most of all.

    Lee, sadly seems to have no real relationship with his dad, but probably is closer to his Mom, and does as she says.I think he plays it both ways .A friend to his little sister ,but can easily be manipulated by both his mom and sister.I think he would help his sister in ANY situation.

    Anyway, I also think there was zero discipline when it came to Casey with a “hands-off” approach from cold mom…possibbly Cindy was very jealous of Casey when she was born. Lee being born wasn’t an issue…casey dethroned Cindy ,as far as Cindy was front of others ,I think cindy treated her like a prima donna , but at home,it was a different story with Casey. An anything goes …do whatever you want casey…wanna party forever ? Okay by Mom and dad. Don’t wanna go to school, get a job or go to college ??????… thats okay by us, we’ll support you give you money ,food clothing, shelter,etc etc..They also made it waaaaaay to easy on her to live in her own world….They don’t want the responsibility of raising her..

    But bottom line is Casey is NOW a monster,and I don’t think people like her can be rehabilitated. I really don’t. If Casey walks free, she will be so drunk with power, because of the fact that she got away with murder, and if she gets money from a movie deal….she will be like a tornado whipping around and causing more destruction wherever she goes and to whomever she touches.No one will be safe. I am sure, in the mind of a true narcissist, she is at this very minute setting up her next possible victims in her head. WE GOTTA KEEP THIS ONE BEHIND BARS.! The biggest mistake would be to turn her loose on society again.

    This case is so bizaar and has angered and outraged soooo many people..that I am afraid if she does walk free ,someone out there may try to end her life. Ever think that someone ,a protester, in an angry mob may try to get at her.???? Wonder if this has occured to her ?????????? I mean,if she thinks she’ll be released after all this and just go back to living in her parents home and go out partying and clubbing again as if nothing happened without any consequences….she better think again !

  11. George’s ex-wife is in fact, Terri. I know her and remember the marriage. I am from the same hometown. I remember George, also. It was not a sister of Terri, but a brother, who wrote in. Terri has no sister….only brothers. She is a wonderful person. Her brothers are wonderful also. Just because they did not spell her last name correctly does not mean that the report is incorrect. My younger brother does not spell my first name correctly!

  12. mikka george told le that caylee was wearing bluejean skirt. however, the autopsy reported finding multicolored shorts which have pink, green, orange, thin stripes. there was a pink button on the front waistband. shorts also had pockets. what’s wrong with this picture?

  13. @ Anne P.

    Sociopath and psychopath are the same thing. It was originally coined “psychopath” but people seemed to correlate this to psycho crazy pick them out of the crowd reference so the term sociopath is now used instead.

    Also, Cindy’s history (childhood) is described in “Mommy’s Little Girl” by Diane Fanning. She was the youngest of 4 – her and 3 brothers and spoiled rotten and ran the show then..

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