Emails from Mark Hawkins

Here are the emails that Casey exchanged with Mark Hawkins.  He pretty seemed to like Caylee.  Too bad Caylee was a burden on Casey! 

On 7/22/07, casey anthony < >wrote: take me home, huh??? haha. maybe we can arrange that! You won’t believe how HUGE caylee is. growing more and more everyday. i’ll try and teach her something funny to say to you, between now, and the time you FINALLY get your ass home.


On 7/23/07, mark hawkins wrote: oh i can beleive i see it its amazing how cute shes gottin since te last time i saw her shell be beautiful just like her mother .You have no idea how much ive missed talking to you. i care about you a lot and i hope that maybe this could be something and i only hope that i can be an amazing male role model for your daughter


On 7/23/07, casey anthony < >wrote: you are seriously one of the sweetest guys i have ever met, in my entire life… and it’s funny. for years, i always looked at you as just my “friend”, and lately, it’s been so much more. i care about you

a lot too, i always have. i just can’t wait for you to come back home, and to see what happens. and dude, stay away from the coffee! haha. question… do you have an address that i can send something to????

mark hawkins wrote: ive had three cups of coffee and im bouncing off the walls wooohoooooo ive

downloaded a sh*t load of music and movies so ill be on here till you get on or till i pass out


On 7/23/07, mark hawkins wrote: yes the adress is LCPL Hawkins MACS HQ DET unit ***** fpo ae 09509-8081 lol its wierd but it works . I cant stop smiling i have to be honest ive always though of you somethign more i jst had to

be patient and wait for te right time in my life and i think that time is now and ya know whats great about it is that for once im

happy and i know who i am and what i want out of life


From:”mark hawkins”

To:”casey anthony” <>

Subject: Re: &&&&&i think i

just poped the best kettle corn ever no peices were burnt speeking of whcih how do you like your marshmellow cooked ? i like

mine brown and crusty on the outside but melted in the inside the perfect marshmellow



86 thoughts on “Emails from Mark Hawkins

  1. What happened to this relationship?? He seems like a nice young man.He has an innocent look about him,similar to JesseG.and that makes me think of what Cindy said about her police interview. Casey was afraid of Jesse,I said Casey does not choose men that she can not control and look at Mark same look.She doesn’t hook up with the kind that look like they can not be controlled,she knows exactly what she is doing,takes them all for a ride,as I said before she is “SATANS” “PLAYMATE” A truly EVIL person.She preys on men.

  2. Cindys flips it….says whats true of casey and projects it onto Jesse Grunde. Or, anyone else for that matter !!!!

    Casey is fearless…she will only stay where she knows she has the upper hand in a relationship and manipulate .Otherwise she moves on in a heartbeat to the next VICTIM .

  3. Was Casey arrested on July 16th? These emails are from July 22 and on. How could she even be talking about little Caylee when she was missing!!!

  4. The year is 07 Anne P, these are emails from last july…but she does call him on july 16th 2008 to say that she has something she needs to tell him, something she already told her mother and brother and he may not be happy about it…

    you know what though, i really want to know what is going on to find caylee, even if all we can find is her body, seriously where is the actual investigation going, are there any credible leads that she is alive, are there any credible leads as to where her body is if she is in fact dead, i almost dont need to know anymore about casey, and unless she wants to tell the truth about what happened i feel like at this point this information only takes up time and space when people could be praying for, thinking of, and looking for caylee.

  5. There is so much more going on behind the scenes than what is let out for media coverage. The police are miles ahead and won’t devulge most of what they know. This is a complex case. The police knew about Amber Fry LONG before it was in the media (Peterson case). She was a major key witness and an inside look of who Scott Peterson was. Eventually, the details of this case will unfold. Caylee’s remains may or may not be recovered as so much time has passed.

  6. Caylee is not alive, and she has appeared to me several times from the Spirit World.

    She appears to be unhappy at the bad treatment of her grandparents whom she loves and she wants the world to know that her grandparents had nothing to do with what happened to her.

  7. Casey knows more than she is telling the police. I think that someone needs to break her and get her to tell the police what happend to Caylee. I have been watching this case since it was made public and I am outraged by the fact that this woman is getting away with this. What is the truth? Why is she not being questioned more? Why shouldnt she be forced to take a lie detector test? Where is Justice here? Isnt it a crime to lie to the police?

  8. Amy; Have you heard of civil rights? They can not question her more unless they charge her with something more. They questioned her charged her and she lawyer-ed up END of QUESTIONING!NO ONE can be FORCED to take a lie detector test,they are not accepted in court.How would you suggest they “BREAK HER”? I’m sure they would love to use some GIT MO tactics on her but that CAN NOT be done.The 2 people that should do something to make her fess up(mom&dad) are to busy meeting the press and making their TV gigs.Oh and don’t forget the protesters that fills their evenings,so you see they don’t have time to pressure Casey or more important LOOK for CAYLEE! Yes it is a crime to lie to the police in an investigation and Casey was charged with it.The police have to abide by the law if they do not they could end up with no case at all.It is frustrating for everyone and more so for the police who want more than anything to bring this case to a close.

  9. Mand,

    That was a perfect answer. I agree…the police would love to FORCE the truth out of Casey and many other criminals just as much as we would… OJ Simpson for instance, and especially repeat offenders. That is why from time to time we will see a police officer beating a suspect…most likely they have arrested that suspect over and over again.
    The officer is usually dismissed…deep down everyone really knows the criminal deserved it.

    I believe Cindy and George need to snap out of that denial and try to get the truth out of her…If she were mine…we wouldn’t eat, we wouldn’t sleep until we got to the bottom.
    She wouldn’t be sitting in my house watching TV and using the computer…and if she didn’t like that arrangement…I’d send her back to the lockup.

  10. It really is SO sad the way she strung all these guys along. She had a bunch of guys willing to take care of her forever and be a father to Caylee. How much more could she ask for? Yet she still used them and moved on. That really shows a sick person. If she was really looking for a good guy, she had several, she obviously didn’t want that. So what’s her deal? She just gets a thrill out of bringing them up and letting them down?? Very odd.
    As far as the police are concerned, I think they are doing a fine job. If you watch the interview with Cindy, they confront her that she’s a liar and that she’s smelled dead bodies before. They told her Casey has lied about everything etc. We may think they haven’t covered all the bases but they have.

  11. I agree with monica111466,

    The parents are just as whacked out as casey is.None of this BS about walking on egg shells around casey. MAKE HER LIFE AS MUCH A LIVING HELL AS YOU CAN SINCE YOU HAVE TO ENDURE HER NASTY PRESENCE UNDER THAT ROOF !!!!! NO PC, NO TV,NO PAMPERING HER BUTT !!!! SHE IS STUCK UNDER THAT ROOF WITH THEM…MAKE IT HELL FOR HER…or she can just go back to jail. Nobody else would want her !!!! Get a portable fog horn and blow it in her face and yell at her “WHERE’S CAYLEE !!!! WHERE’S CAYLEE !!!!” Don’t let up on her ! That goes for her parents ,LE and anybody else ! DON”T CUT HER ONE OUNCE OF SLACK !!!!!

    NOW is the time to let this kid sink or swim ..ON HER OWN ! LET HER GO ..and see what happens !!!! Either she will see ALL support removed from her and TALK HER STUPID REPUGNANT HEAD OFF…or she won’t ever talk. BUT ,what good does it do the anthonys to stick by casey now ??? If she somehow, miraculously ‘gets off’, they will have to deal with her garbage the rest of their lives…and they are NOT GETTING ANY YOUNGER !!!!! Take a lesson Anthonys !!! Look how she tapped into her own grandparents’ bank account without any feeling whatsoever…THIS AND OH-SO-MUCH MORE is what the anthonys have to look forward to in old age ! And, the “hits will keep on coming”.

    If she gets away with murder this time, she will believe she can get away with ANYTHING. She will eat people ALIVE in her path a grotesque monster that SHE REALLY IS ON THE INSIDE.

    The anthonys need to watch out. But there again, I believe that the anthonys are GUILTY themselves of destroying evidence and LYING to the police …and should be charged.

    JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE ! We should all stand up for those who have no voice and GIVE THEM A VOICE !!! “We the people” ARE CAYLEE’S VOICE !!!!

  12. Why do people kill people to teach people that killing people is wrong?

    Answer dumbsh** casey: They don’t…they kill people to keep people from killing people again.

    RIP Caylee
    BIH casey

  13. Mark Hawkins, aka Markymark on myspace, at one time had a picture of Caylee in the heroes section of his myspace page. He stated that Caylee was “the strongest little girl I know”. I found that statement rather odd. We normally refer to a small child as being “strong” or “brave” only when we know that child has been through something very traumatic. What did Mark Hawkins know that we do not? Why would he call Caylee strong? The page was altered and marked private shortly after I saw it about a month ago.

  14. Maybe, but he sure seemed awful giddy that casey was paying him a bit of attention. I just am wondering about that reference, as I think he was misled just as others were about casey’s value as a mother, or a human being as a matter of fact. I really think he may have been told a different fairy tale, and it sure would be interesting what that particular lie was that casey put out there.

  15. I am sure the police have already gotten an answer to his “myspace” page. If Casey’s lips were moving…she was lying! What ever she told him…you can bet it was only to get something from him.

  16. Thanks Christine..

    I think we are all here pretty much for the same reason …because this case and Caylee has touched our hearts…and we are all sick and tired of seeing monsters like casey anthony get away with murder.


  17. Jenny, I am WAY GROWN UP, LOL. OLD for lack of a better word. My point is that I think you may be on the wrong blog. However, I have not found one that is PRO CASEY. I have read your comments and they all seem to be in Casey’s defense. I think you are out numbered here.

  18. I know Mark personally and there is nothing innocent nor good about him. He is not a sweet guy or a stand up guy. I have heard him threaten a life and also threaten to take his own to teach a lesson. He has a bad temper and can’t be trusted. He is just as bad as Casey and even worse if he knows what happened to Caylee. Don’t let because he is in the military fool you. There is nothing trustworthy about Mark Hawkins.

  19. Anonymous, this is your personal opinion on him. More than likely, he will not lie to save Casey’s butt. He has more to lose by lying than anything.

  20. So anonymous, are you saying that Mark could have taken part in all of this or at least might have known about it? It seems as though Casey was leading him on here. Have you told what you know about Mark to the police? I suggest you do so ASAP.

  21. So, if you know Mark so well, why are you anonymous???
    And why do you choose a “blog” to air your bad feelings about this young man???…I DO know that while you sit in front of your computer, HE defends our freedom!
    Christine: I am not “pro Casey”. I DO feel that she is responsible for what happened to Caylee…But read the emails…they really are just filled with things that friends talk about…

  22. Jenny, It is my opinion that Casey is truly leading this guy to think she feels more than friendship for him. Her history proves that her MO was to play several guys at once. He is clearly flattered and hopes for more with her. That is what I read in the emails. I do agree with what you say to anonymous. If he knows something..he needs to tell the police not rip this guy apart on a blog.

  23. I put anonymous for my own safety. That should say a little bit about the man you are defending. Also we have already been in contact with the FBI and Mr. Padilla. I wrote what I did to show what he is really like. It isn’t right for you to defend someone you don’t know. Casey and him had known eachother for a long time. He on several occassions spoke about her and he knows exactly what kind of person she is. We even asked him if Caylee was his because the way he was acting. Also why is it so hard to believe that he can’t be playing games as well. Believe me Ive seen him play them and munipulate people for his advantage. Also just because he is in the military doesn’t make him a saint nor someone that can’t lie or be a bad person. I have plenty of respect for the military, I am married to someone that fights for our country and I have been without him for 7 months and will give respect for men like that but not someone like Mark. When it comes down to an individuals actions they shouldn’t be praised just because they joined the military. It may be my opionion but I knew him and you didn’t. So I think I can say a little more than you can. Why is it ok for you to bash Casey from what you read or hear on the news. You didn’t know her, so how wrong is that?

  24. Hey Anonymous or are you Casey~Not sure why you have contacted the FBI or Mr Padilla for that matter, unless Mark Hawkins is more involved than what is being said. And if he is involved in Caylee’s disappearance, he can be tried by the state of Florida and also by the military. He has quite a bit to loose! And where is anyone defending him, because he is in the military. No one has said he is a saint! As for the military, I too am married to military personal. If he is such of a person you say, then I suggest you had reported him to his command. This is how it works, and why wait until such a publicized case. And why are you, a married person, if female hanging out with a man like this?
    Why would you defend a person who claims to have given her CHILD to a nanny she can’t even remember when, nor where! Can’t tell the truth, and has a decomposing body in the trunk of her car? ❓

  25. I wasn’t defending Casey. I was comparing the two and how you can’t judge one and not the other. I hundred percent think she killed her own daughter. Also I didn’t contact the FBI or Padilla they called. Did you ever stop to think that maybe I know him personally through a family member. Also if you read above I was accused of saying things about someone in the military. How can I talk about someone who defends our country like that. So I was defending the fact that I do respect the military. Also I know how the chain of command works. There was no point in reporting him once he was removed from our lives. My family didn’t need the extra stress of having an unstable person wanting to get back at us. All I was trying to do is let the bloggers know he isn’t innocent. I read the blogs and agreed on how Casey had a part in it. I didn’t agree with what was being written about Mark. You know whats funny is it was intended to let people know the truth about him. Instead I am being bashed for knowing what kind of person he is. I apologize if I offended anyone but don’t apologize for telling the truth.

  26. Wow Anonymous your pretty defensive. As for apologizing, the truth is yet to be known about the marine. I dont’ believe you were bashed, I think Humble was just defending fact you claimed saint in your comment, and that has never been said. I think if you ask anyone here, anyone in contact with Casey is far from a saint!

  27. well I will be the first to say I don’t know casey. But I do know enough about her and the facts that have been released. And her actions during the 4 months her daughter has been missing leaves no room for doubt she’s guilty. And as far as the marine Mark Hawkins if they have released emails between him and casey. You know they have checked his where abouts during that time. And whether he had a bad temper or made threats has nothing to do with this case unless he directed that to casey or caylee. And If thats the case she waited a 80 plus days to late and one lie too many to ever be belived. Casey deemed a saint? Yeah right .

  28. Just putting it out there… I know Mark Hawkins. He is NOTHING like what anonymous said. Mark is a stand up guy, and a total gentleman. He has a huge heart and love for his family and his friends. He also has love for Caylee. Your claim is completely erroneous. That is not the same Mark Hawkins I know and respect.

    Quit blogging for attention.

  29. Mark Hawkins IS the father. I am a mutual friend of his and Casey’s. SHE ADMITTED to me once that the father was a Marine. The reason why she will not admit that Mark is the father is because during the time they had their one night stand, Mark was dating a girl named Tara and was about to get married with her, and Casey was “serious” with Jesse Grund. They both cheated on the person they were with so instead of just telling Mark he was the father, she told Jesse he was instead so that it would not ruin her engagement to him, and so that it would not ruin Mark’s engagement to Tara. He soon there after joined the Marines and has been left in the dark until recently when his name exploded all over the media. He is now in denial because he does not wish to break his mother’s heart, and because he does not wish to ruin his current relationship with his current beauty queen girlfriend, Lauren.

    He was recently flown out to FL for this investigation.

    I would also like to throw in this website I found

    this also proves why Casey does not want to reveal that Mark Hawkins is the father because she wants to save HIS family the embarassment.

  30. Also, I don’t understand why anyone else seems to not see this! This is why Casey needed to fly out to 29 Palms CA, WHERE HE IS STATIONED, so that she could tell him in person that he was the father of their child. This was information that only the “mother and brother” knew about.

  31. wow you realy dont know what your talking about do u marks not with lauren and if casey told you that it was a marine she didnt say it was mark sounds like your reaching for attention maybe your bored get a dog or something read a book casey and mark never had sex they never even kissed they were freinds that was it this case started out being about a beautiful little girl who went missing and now all you can do is bash people that have nothing to do with the case how do i know mark? well i am mark and im tired of reading this bullshit dont bother asking me any ?s this is the last time i come on here because it makes me sick to my stomach that all you give a shit about is your voice on a blog not caylee and for those who said nice things thank you please pray for caylee and the family

  32. USMC,
    Are you out looking for caylee, or visiting poor casey in jail ,or putting money in her account ?

    Why say a prayer for someone whose ALREADY made it into heaven and is in God’s hands ???? You ususally pray for the sick , dying,etc…caylee is already dead. EVERYTHING points to that.

    I pray that the anthonys will stop lying, milking the public, using people and preying on their symapathies..when THEY ALREADY KNOW THEIR GRANDDAUGHTER IS DEAD.

    What makes me sick to my stomach ? ANY and all supporters of george and Lying-I just-can’t-shut -my mouth-cindy and their murderous daughter !

    So Mr. SemperFi…take leave,and go look for caylee since you think shes still alive…stand by YOUR convictions and put your actions where your mouth is.

  33. Hey outofsiteoutofmind~So your here telling us that Mark is the father, when you watch this video:
    You can sure tell that Lee has no clue who it is. How do you know this? Casey already told Jesse Grund that he was the father and took a test in hoping he was, then she said the father died in a car accident, then Cindy gives another name. Casey has no clue who Caylee father is! And if it was Mark’s I know she would have gone after him for child support, easy money. And if he refused there were other channels she could have turned to, to get money but the military is not that dumb and just say, ok your the dad, a paternity test would have had to be done. Her going to 29 Palms, well, I think she was trying to run, that was the purpose of cashing Amy’s check for $250.00 to get a start on the money for a ticket. As for him dating a beauty queen, good for him and more power to him. It is very sad that Casey has drug all these people into her little ploy to get rid of Caylee.

  34. OK…Why doesn’t Mark Hawkins offer a DNA for a paternity test….that would solve any speculation. The father of Caylee and the extended family have a right to know that she was part of them!
    I do believe that Casey was planning to go to see Mark for whatever reason. Her messages to Mark indicated she was “working” him and leading him to believe she wanted more than a friendship with him.

    Neither of you have given any substanial information to confirm who you claim to be. Just here say.

  35. outofsiteoutofmind…YOU ARE WRONG. Casy was ALREADY pregnant (and showing) when she BEGAN dating Jesse Grund. It is true she cheated on him after Caylee was born and that along with her stealing money from him is why Jesse broke it off. This has been confirmed by Jesse Grund and his father.

  36. If I am so wrong, then why did Jesse request to take a paternity test when Caylee was born? If he was so sure that Caylee not his child, then why would he need to get tested? So Mark, if you are so sure that Caylee is not your child, what is the harm in taking a paternity test to clear the confusion? I mean, Jesse took the paternity test even though according to Christine, Casey was “already pregnant and showing when she began dating Jesse”

    Jesus Ortiz (the one she claims to be the father who died in a car accident last year) looks NOTHING like Caylee. Jesus is tan, and has dark black curly hair!

    This child astonishingly resembles Mark. Compare pictures with the two, especially Caylee’s baby pictures.

    As for your girlfriend, I’m glad she realized what a liar you are and left you before any more information was released about you.

  37. outofsiteoutofmind:Jesse offered to take a paternity test to PROVE he was not Caylee’s father. Casey TOLD everyone he was. SHE LIED. Jesse was willing to marry Casey anyway. Jesse did this mainly for his family.

    You are right about Mark taking a paternity test. He should.

    I think Caylee looks like LEE

  38. Wow, I have to agree with usmc. Whether its really Mark or not, all this going back and forth is pointless. Maybe he didn’t take a paternity test because there isn’t a chance he’s the father?
    And according to outofsiteoutofmind, he came back to Fl for the investigation. Don’t you think the FBI already established if he was Caylee’s father then? The FBI doesn’t always need to let the public know things so bloggers can sleep peacefully at night.

    Anne P, usmc never wrote that he thought Caylee was still alive. You can still say a prayer for someone and their family, even if someone died. I think its pretty harsh words to get upset someone prays for a little girl when something awful happened to her.

    As for HumbleOpinion, I saw the link you posted. Now there is a man who resembles Caylee. I agree with you on pretty much everything you’ve written on here.

    Outofsiteoutofmind, you sound like you are in highschool. Beauty queen, or drama queen? You sound like you know so much, when really you know nothing about whats going on. Nice assumptions though. I would take usmc’s recommendations and read a book. Or a newspaper.

    Now its my turn to ask for prayers for CAYLEE (God bless her soul) and the family, and everyone who is involved with this whole mess. Let these people who got dragged into this situation by simply knowing Casey have their lives back without their name being dragged through the mud.

  39. Potter, I said I was a friend of Casey’s. I went to high school with her, and with Mark, and graduated in 2004 with both of them from CHS. That is why I know so much detail of both their lives. We do actually all have mutual friends and network with the same people. It’s not coincidental that I “sound like I know so much.” As for drama queen that sounds like I am in high school? No no, I am a grown man, I am not causing any drama at all. I am just stating what was repeated from Casey’s mouth when Caylee was first born 3 years ago. I asked her who the father was, and she said it was a marine that she knew. It’s just unusual that Mark happens to be a marine, who Casey was close to and spoke with daily via telephone, who also has other websites with his name all over it as well as pictures right next to Caylee’s accusing him of being the father. He’s the only marine I know of that she ever spoke to on a regular basis, and ever spoke of.

    I was a really good friend of Jesus’ and I was very offended and think it is absurd that his name was dragged into this. The only reason why she lied that he was the father was because he can’t defend himself since he has passed away. The media needs focus on more realistic “potential fathers.” I just believe that every man who has been accused of being the father of this child needs to be tested for it and needs to stop being a coward by getting out there and helping the team find this child. Her family has done nothing but run their faces on the media. Where is the extended family in all this bs? They are not doing anything to help either.

    I do agree with “usmc” that people should continue praying for Caylee because I certainly believe they still need to find her remains so that she may have justice in this mess.

    Jenny – the truth is harsh.

  40. Out of site….no, what IS harsh is people like yourself who care nothing about what your words are doing to the families involved with this nightmare. Stop. Please. Knowing who the father is will not change what has been done, only bring heartache to more people!

  41. Caylee’s father needs to step up to the plate and claim her. She deserves this honor. All this crap about Casey not telling because it would cause embarresment to the family is such a lame excuse. Who and what family would not accept that child? rediculous! I think this will be resolved during the trial.

  42. Christine, I hope it is resolved. But since it has nothing to do with the case against Casey, I think her lawyer will not allow it. I am positive that whomever is Caylee’s father as well as his family would be honored to find out that Caylee belonged to their family. She is a beautiful little angel, and anyone could easily fall in love with her!!

  43. Jenny: It may become part of the case because the question will come up regarding the father’s participation in Caylee’s life/knowledge, responsibility and his extended families involvement…..
    Casey claims the father is deseased, but others challenge that.
    Either way that family deserves to know that Caylee is part of them.

  44. I agree whomever it is has a right to know. I think it would only bring heartache to more innocent people, but I so agree about disclosure. However, I do not believe Mark is the baby’s father.

  45. Remember Casey and Jesse dated for a short time in the fall before she met back up with him very pregnant. I think that no mater what his father would have had him take a paternity test. But because they could have been dating when she became pregnant is the reason for the test.

  46. Just my opinion here. But if my daughter came home pregnant and single. She would definetely have to tell me who the father was and a paternity test done. Because first and foremost due to any medical condition that may arise that information is already available. Ding bat Cindy who is a R.N should know how important that is. I believe Casey never knew who the bioliogical father was. remember we are creatures of habit and she had lived her life as we saw in those few months following Baby Caylees disapperance. FRom bed to bed so I believe she just never knew and fabcricated stories to appease Cindy. In some pictures she looks like JP chatt he was supposedly out of the country at the time so I guess it’s not him. And she definitely looks like Cindy at other times. I’m wondering if LE already has those answers and are waiting to drop a bombshell at trial. Maybe Maybe..

  47. I think you are totally right Joanne. In many ways the stories sound crazy to people. I believe this is the way they lived thier lives in that home. Casey came up with stories to appease Cindy. Cindy accepted them because she wanted to live in this charade. I believe she has wanted to live in this charade long before Casey was pregnant. I think she has always has painted a picture for the outside world to see of her family. I think this is why she never held Casey to task for her actions. I also think that is why she is going so crazy in the media. Like LP said last night she wants everyone to believe her. I don’t listen to her anymore it drives me crazy. But, she has always seemed desperate to make everyone believe what she is saying.

    It is just unreal to me that Cindy even if she wasn’t an RN could believe Casey wasn’t pregnant. I believe Casey was 7 months along when they found out. I just don’t understand that at all except we get back to this make believe world they lived in. I had gotten pregnant at 16 and had my daughter at 17. I didn’t know I was pregnant I also didn’t live at home. I did however have a great relationship with my mom, I am totally a mama’s girl even after raising my own kids I still am. Anyhow I stayed the night at my mom’s house didn’t know I was pregnant. I woke up in the morning getting sick. My mom said your pregnant I was like no I’m not. I ate something or had a virus. My mom just knew and I took a test and then the doctor. I was 4 weeks pregnant. Moms know so much they just can feel it. My daughters would tell you the same thing. Cindy lived in a whole different world.

    My heart goes out to Caylee’s fathers side of the family. If they have found out who the father is and it has nothing to do with any of this we will probably never know. The family and the father will be dealing with the grief of the child the were NEVER allowed to know and how her life was stolen.

  48. I remember seeing pictures that Rick (cindys brother) had posted of a wedding If I remember correctly it was his. they had a picture of her taking pictures Casey was very big which she is small framed so it doesn’t take much weight for it to be noticable. Even Jesse Grunds dad told his son she was pregnant. And if a man can notice I really don’t know how her own mother missed it.Cindy had told family casey wasn’t pegnant that she was still a virgin. And ding bat believed it!! Cindy plays the role because she needs the control.. its so plain to see. What mother goes and tells a guy(caseys friend ryan) stay away from my daughter she’s a sociopath . Right there and then she should have gotten her daughter help instead of using it as a means to control a situation.

  49. Joanne I totally agree with you. The arguement with Cindy that Jesse spoke about and what she said, who says those things especially in front of your child. I think she wanted Jesse out of there and to keep control.

    I always just had to look at my kids and say excuse me, I think it was the look. 🙂

  50. LOL.. yes stephanie68 thats all a mother needs to do is just give that look. And yes but go back to how she describes what happened that night how george and her had gone out and come back to find Jesse and casey in bed watching t.v and George gets upset. She then tells george she will handle it (just like she did july 16th and sends george to work) then she tells LE I sent george back to his hotel (they were in the process of getting a divorce) then she says “after all george wasn’t the man of the house he wasn’t living in the house anymore.” I find that odd because even if he wasn’t living there THATS STILL HER DAD!!!.That shows how she justifies her narcissistic ways..

  51. It is very odd to all of us. But in that house I think it was a another day in the life of the Anthonys. I didn’t her the part where she sent George back to the hotel. I tried to go back last week and relisten to everything but I couldn’t. I listened to a little very restlessly. Cindy just made me sick to my stomach. I wanted to jump through my moniter and slap the crap out of her. I don’t normally behave like that and it may sound horrible, sorry. What can I say that is what I wanted to do.

    I just hope they find Caylee and bring her home. I know they talked the other night about if they find her and don’t follow the proper procedures. I hope this doesn’t happen but more then anything I just want them to bring her home for a proper place to rest. It is all so sad and heartbreaking.

  52. stephanie68,

    I think all of us at some point wished that we could jump through the TV and snatch that woman cindy bald !!!!! And, then staple her lips shut.!!!

    She hurts the ears when she talks…and her lies are outrageous…and I sometimes think she DELIBERATELY says the most outlandish stuff …just so she can hear people gasp in utter shock over what she has said. She says stuff to get a rise out of people…she seems to LOVE to disagree and hurt people. I think she loves it…its a stroke to her pitiful ego if she can make people believe the UNBELIEVABLE.She reminds me of an …’imp’.

  53. I would like to hear from CINDY’S Mother.
    You can bet, she is a piece of work, too. This behavior is a family pattern.

  54. Yep…looks like Caylee, maybe Casey? If you look at Jesus’s profile where it asks “children” he stated “someday”. Clearly, he is not Caylee’s father.
    Not only by the comment, but she looked NOTHING like him! Caylee did not look Hispanic.
    Thanks Willman interesting.

  55. Christine, that sure looks like little Caylee. No I don’t think Jesus was the father altho Casey tried to convince some that he was after his death and he wasn’t around to defend himself.

    There was an autopsy done when Ortiz was in the car accident and DNA on file. I believe LE are going to have tests done now they have DNA from the hair samples. This may help in the case. I still do not trust Lazzaro.

  56. this gets weirder and weirder and weirder. i do NOT think any more that lee could be the dad. i think it could be mark. the parents and brother are good people. casey is a bona fide sociopath. an absolute nutbag. there is nothing anyone could have done to have had her come out differently. she is just ridiculous. she lies and lies and lies and doesn’t care. she has NO remorse whatsoever that her kid is dead although i do not think she premeditated the murder. the parents and brother KNOW caylee is long dead. they know. for some reason i cannot figure out, they’re protecting the bitch, casey, to prevent her from going to prison for life which she will go to. oh yes. and she’ll continue spending everyone’s money for beauty products and snacks while behind bars. she is a narcissistic idiot. she’s getting life and rightly so. the ONLY one who is still being honest is george. but lee and cindy unfortunately have fallen into casey’s web and are now accomplices in this mess. it’s LIE LIE LIE. no zanny, jeff has no kid named zach, no abduction, no job, identity fraud/theft and credit card/check/cash theft..etc..etc..she is a felon and murderer in sheep’s clothing. i’m SICK of this girl. fed up with her.

  57. Well,
    In my humble opinion,
    mr. hawkins is a close match to being this childs dad,
    however jesse, appeared to really want to be a father, But with this BOTTOM feeding HO caylee didn’t have a chance!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The baby took all hot-bot’s attention!!!!!!!!!
    From every one around her. men and family. perhaps that should have told her something right there!!!!!!
    And now she is sliding out with a few yrs. in prison, wonder how much she will “PAY” for that. its assured, and our justice center shoulld have given her case to a female defence attorney, Because of her narci, attitude, she is also taken out a decent attorney????????? At least i thought so.
    I guess biaz doesn’t remember scott petterson’s attorney, and the result’s of his actions of the dog and pony ride. he got thrown OFF. and became nothing!!!!!!!!????????????????

  58. There is NO way Jesus is Caylee’s father. They don’t even look a like. Also, being the thief that she is, why didn’t she go after Jesus’s Social Security benefits for Caylee? If she (Caylee) was his, then Casey (on her daughter’s behalf) has every right to petition SS for his benefits.

    Mark H. and Caylee have similar features and coloring.

  59. I just read all of the blog posting’s to this site from everyone. This is all very informative information about who the father may be, and very interesting. I posted a blog comment on a previous site

    I posted my impression a few days ago regarding my opinion of who the father may be, and many of you already agree with my justification. Mark Hawkins is certainly the father of this child. There is no doubt in my mind at all.

  60. Jenny –
    Are you with Mark? Do you have a child with him? You seem to have sympathy for the Caylee, but you continue on two different sites to be so concerned about him being Caylee’s father. It is obvious that for whatever reason, you do not want him to be the father.

  61. GEORGE…..she called her daughter that girl!adoption wasn’t an option? No shit. Cindy wouldn’t want it found out. You can easily do a home paternity test.Think Casey wanted to admit to sleeping at 20 with her dad..she extorted $60,000 bucks off them!! She tried to pin it on every guy to take (hope they’d take her headache away)…. On Lee’s apternity test it clearly states NO OTHER NUCLEAR (patenity) testing DONE they had their match once Lee ruled out…. SOOOO obvious. he will not be charged pre trial as he would plead the 5th to not testify at her trial..he (george) called cops by the 24th June about them dang gas cans to tie her to it right away….sick of being blackmailed..and right after his fbi interview….. the Hawaiii his suicide note…kept sealed for trial….Leave Mark alone.. and all these other dudes…. it is so OBVIOUS..LEE at the memorial NO Caylee badge..why? HE KNEW BY THEN he had to be told in case it came out! She was Zanny listen to lee’s part4 LE interview…he tells clearly how he brought home her stuff from Tony’s the cops took AN ID …snatched he said……..older style… ZENAIDA AKA CASEY..she is screwed… and left her decoy purse in the car…calls home from jail…..GIVE ME TONY”S NUMBER ….what if he didn’t have her Id!!!!!!??? She knew the wheels were in place to get caylle(Cindy) and she was NOT having it and by trying tpin it on Mark she hoped he may fight Cindy……….and take caylee -her headache out of her life is all… Cindy never would want to prove it was GEORGE”S and may let it go and so on…….. listen to george’s FBI interviews all there HE worried about HIS age HE wanted to walk caylee down the aisle!!!!HELLLLOOOOOOO NO grandfather says that a father does…..he would ahve assumed she would marry at some point and her new dad would otherwise but HE had NOOOO intention of allowing CAYLEE HIS DAUGHTER LEAVE ANYWHERE WITH CASEY………or otherwise….notice even at the memorial how distraught he is..HE ALONE…HE no one but him……….CINDY calls them her HER DAUGHTERS come on!!!! She was blessed with 3 children she the depositions she posted the message on my space for HER DAUGHTERS..any more clues needed..Caylee the best MISTAKE CASEY EVER MADE>>>>>>like it was CASEY”S FAULT for sleeping with George!!!!! she is crapping (CINDY) it will come out she is terrified of how SHE will look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. PLUS Cindy kicked him out RIGHT after Caylee born!!!! casey posted on some blog or something back then a message to LEE to bring beer as dad coming over and how AWKWARD it was going to be!!!!!!!!!!! Cindy is only playing a sherade that she and George are so cozy to keep you off the obvious as always…… She told Tony too he molested her……….she felt nothing at all for caylee because of this. I feel sorry for all these guys…Mark ect..she was crazed…….and desperate to rid herself of this mess in her life.

  63. they were looking for the mitochondrial dna when testing Lee… incest…the mom-baby allelelic ..they know by ONLY looking at this incest or not before they need ever test anyone….they would NEVER have tested Lee if the alleles did not show me.. not because Casey said so…think how similar obviously the genes would be in the same family (pool)..where as if you had an outside guy there would be different right????????Men pass on Nuclear DNA women MITOCHONDRIAL DNA (mothers)……that is how Lee and George’s dna differs different moms.

  64. remember she wasn’t exactly running all over Orlando bragging about this……..who would be!!!? Cindy told her co-workers how bad the fighting had gotten between George and Casey at home…Just recently The A’s had a church service for Caylee…no Lee at that one either…. nnot out of disrespect to Caylee but the OBVIOUS makes him SICK…… will just show motive …… to why for it all.. but..did you notice how she now avoids them all together in court!????? Toss him under the bus time…….. to try to save her neck…..tell all……. she was sooooo pisssssed they were all home having chilli in the beginning………… she must be really getting pissssssssed now at his new eye lift and all the money the mi$$$$$$ing kid stuff ha$ brought the A team…oh yeah!!!…..Recall there was a computer search for missing kids PRIOR to this…….. Lee friends with ( Ducket fellow)….hmmmmmm no money for murdered child…mi$$$$ing oh yeah..

  65. I just have to say I know Mark. He is a good person he has tought me alot in the time that I have known him. you know everyone had somewhat of a temper but I have never herd him threated himself or anyone. people are trying to make him seem like a suspect.. first of all.. he was overseas how would he have anything to do with this… second of all my husband is in the military they record or listine in on all calls so im pretty sure if their were any conversations about caylee their would of be some sort of comotion

  66. friend of mark, no we are not trying to make him out to be a suspect. I do not believe that he had anything to do with it! I believe he knew Casey and Casey, the skank, she is brought his name up to be looked at like a suspect. Casey is a selfish person and if she can point her finger at anyone, she will do it! Everyone’s whose name was brought up by Casey should sue the pants off her and her family! She has brought in people who didn’t need to be!

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