Casey you really are an IDIOT!

Casey Anthony will NOT tell the investigators anything about what she knows about Caylee’s disappearance!  Not sure why her attorney made this statement, she hasn’t help in anyway, shape or form from day 1!  I can hardly wait to see her being charged for murder.


Wonder why Cindy Anthony said that Jesse Grund had a motive!  What is his motive?  Or what would his motive have been?  The only one with a motive Cindy is your fricken daughter!  She is the only one with a motive…..the GOOD LIFE!  So there you go Cindy the only person with a motive!  And I guess your theory is null and void since Jesse Grund passed a polygraph……………..Maybe Casey should be taken behind the shed and get a good lashing!


The longer this case drags out the more upset I get!  Casey is without a doubt hiding something from investigators!  And if you’re not guilty, tell the truth and help with the search of your daughter. 


42 thoughts on “Casey you really are an IDIOT!

  1. Humble, her attorney said if she were to cooperate with prosecuters and tell them what she knows, it would give them what they need to put her in jail for life. Sounds like he knows what she knows, doesn’t it? She’s guilty of much for him to say that.

  2. Yes….seems the attorney knows the scoop. Now we finally know a bit of what has been kept out of the media…On Sept 4TH a woamn reported seeing a gal matching Casey’s discription coming out of the woods near the air port and getting into a white car like Casey’s. They are now searching that area. I smell an arrest. I think this is finally coming to a head. Casey’s lies and Cindy attempting to accuse Jesse in order to take the focus off of Casey has come to a hault. NO MORE LIES…they are no longer working. Time to throw in the towel Anthony family!

  3. Just heard that on nancy grace. That was the most stupidest thing a defensive lawyer could say. We are aware she’s not going to talk she’s to busy on face book.She’s the most aggravating, spoiled ,disgrace of a person. But her days of freedom are coming to a end and it’s about time.

  4. If one didn’t know better you would never guess this is all about her(Casey’s) daughter.I agree humbleopinion,if she were not guilty why couldn’t you tell the truth?? For her A*S of an attorney to say she is not going to help the police put her away is a way of saying she did something to Caylee that she is responsible for what has happened to Caylee. If her kidnapping story were true she would stand by it and help.I shudder every time I hear Cindy tell the story of Jesse G.and how Casey feared him BULL-SH*T!! That woman is a carbon copy of her evil lying daughter. You can tell she is lying making it up as she goes listen at the end when she stumbles and is searching a way to end her statement.I also agree that the longer this goes on the harder it is to hear their latest spin on things. I am at a loss for words to express the extreme dislike I have for these people.A poor excuse for a human being.Neither Casey or Cindy give a damn about Caylee, she is gone and she is not coming back so get over it and lets go on,she does not want her clone punished ,that’s how they have lived their lives,a couple of very EVIL B*T*HES

  5. Today when a person tells an un-truth, we say that person is telling a lie. The name “Casey” in the future will become an “Eponym” if it hasn’t already. Just like saying, “go make me a Xerox of that”, “I have to go to the John”, or “pass me a Kleenex”, people will say, “you are telling a Casey”. When said, it will mean that the person has told the ultimate lie, it could not be worse.


  6. The more I think about it …I remember Scott Peterson showing no real emotion at his sentencing,no crying, pleading for his life , no out bursts ,no nothing !!!! Casey anthonys personality is the same as scott’s …she will be in prison many years and will just adapt to her life inside and bribe and manipulate people there. Good news is …she won’t be able to do it to people on the outside !

    And, if her parents aren’t thrown in jail for tampering with evidence, they PAY FOR THE CALL,they will GO VISIT IT WEEKLY, BRING HER REQUESTED ITEMS,ETC…NOT MUCH DIFFERENT THAN WHAT THEY DO NOW ! SICK ! SICK ! SICK !

  7. I have a feeling it will be Cindy and Lee making the visits,I think George will turn his back on both Casey and Cindy especially if George is charged with something,and I pray they are charged with obstructing justice,tampering with evidence and lying to investigators and whatever else they can be charged with.Cindy and Casey can be cell pals in county lock up!!!

  8. Believe me===== KC will not be safe in general population of any prison in the US. Child molesters & baby killers are thought to be the bottom of the barrel by other inmates. Her life will be in danger. She will most likely be segregated from the prison population once she is jailed for murder. My hope is that when she finally gets the chair that her lying Mom is allowed to sit on her lap.

  9. I don’t believe anyone should get special treatment,if CONVICTED for murder.Death will be to easy for her.She needs to be put in general population,so that she can be tossed around like a rag doll.Cold blooded killers should lose ALL human rights. I don’t even think Florida uses “OLD SPARKY” anymore,they give them the needle, so they just drift off into a sound sleep for eternity.
    They need to suffer for the rest of their natural life.

  10. One more thing,being that she will not talk now,she needs to have her tongue pulled out,so once she is convicted,too late.

  11. When she is indicted, can they pull her out of the comfort of her parents home and return her to jail? Or does she get to stay home during her trial?

    I also don’t believe in the death penalty for her, she SHOULD be in general pop where she’s scared to death every second.

    But, you know what a chameleon she is…I have a feeling she’ll adapt quite well and wind up being feared rather than being frightened.

    She’ll have a posse before long, because of her ‘celebrity’.

    So then again, maybe isolation for the rest of her life is better. Can’t show off in isolation, manipulate others or have a girlfriend.

  12. In the clip I heard, Baez is saying, “It’s not in her best interest to tell what she knows, to give them what they need to put her in jail for the rest of her life…” That’s the wording as I recollect it, but it is so incriminating that I have to wonder if somehow it is out of context???

    Surely the lawyer you are paying to defend you would not make such a statement, clearly implying your guilt—-unless they are about to change the plea to guilty??

    And not just implying guilt for the charges we’ve already heard, because you don’t go to jail for the rest of your life usually for that stuff. Though taken all together, the multiple crimes she has committed might indeed add up to the rest of her life.

    Something’s screwy. I mean aside from Casey.

  13. I agree with Kari……….her attorney knows what everybody else already presumes……….which is the truth……….that Casey killed Caylee.

  14. They are ALL idiots…this family obviously believe that the rules we all live by do not apply to them.

    Kari they are not planning to admit guilt…they are currently blaming Jessie Grund….Once they figure out that isn’t going to work…then they will look for someone else to point their fingers at…

    My heart is just breaking for that precious little girl…her family would rather leave her out there somewhere rather than tell the truth.


  15. Monica,

    Casey Anthony will never be a free woman again. Even if she does not get the chair she will either be held accountable by the other inmates during her stay in captivity or at the very least she will be shunned the rest of her life by all others. She lives for the spotlight and once that goes away it will be a very cold and lonely world. It would not surprise me if she tried to commit suicide and tell people that someone tried to kill her. What a piece of trash.

  16. True Justice,

    I pray that you are right. People said the same thing about OJ Simpson and he walked.
    If she is paid enough for a story or a movie…she may be able to buy new friends.

  17. Casey Anthony is a nobody and far from an OJ Simpson.
    She will be locked away and forgotten just like Scott Peterson. Nobody so much as mentions his name anymore. Justice was served. Casey will be forgotten once convicted and all of the book deals, fims, etc. are over and done with. Look how many books were written about the Peterson case! Now all forgotten.
    OJ may have seemed to slide by, but look at the mess he is in now! Nobody cares about him anymore and he will get his this time around. It is all about Karma.
    Casey will be convicted with or without the body. She has NO DEFENSE!

  18. Hi Niecey I totally agree with you! Her attorney knows alot and knows that if Casey helped, she would definitely put away.
    Christine I am hoping for an arrest soon, also.
    Mand I totally agree. Her attorney is an @ss
    AnneP she surely is acting like a Scott Peterson.
    Juggler I think she needs to be with general population, would serve her right!
    Kari, nothing is in her best interest!


  19. Oh Christine I hope you are right…I don’t think my heart could take her getting away with killing that beautiful child. I don’t think any mother could take it.
    I just don’t understand why if all she wanted was to party that she didn’t just leave Caylee with Cindy and George…I guess she explained it herself..Spiteful B*t*h!

  20. I was the woman seen on the camera in Murfreesboro Tn with my Granddaughter. She has never been seen anywhere because she has allowed that child to just dissolve away. I do believe Cindy didnt know what was going on and didnt want to think her daughter could do anything like that, but I am sure she in her heart knows that Casey has spitefully killed little Caylee. That is a terrible situation for a Mother and Grandmother to be in because I am both and cant imagine how horrible that is. I was at Mcdonalds with my Granddaughter and I went back and showed them it was me and not a sighting of Caylee.

  21. Wow, everyone is really fed up!
    I like what True Justice said, and I’ll add a bit; even if Casey never goes to jail, I fervently believe that God, and all the natural laws of the universe, will not excuse her from her punishment. She will suffer until her karmic debt is paid in full.

  22. I feel like everybody,Casey will get whats comeing to her in or out of jail!!Also if you listen to one of her phone calls from jail to the fricken family,she says I want Tony”s phone no; just becouse I did not get to talk with him before they put me in jail over something I did not do,and they ask well does he know where Caylee is? She says no last time he saw her was frist week in june! she always knows where everyone is and what they where doing but,not where little Caylee is? I wonder if she knows how dumb we all think she is,we know she never loved or cared about Caylee I don’t believe that hole family cares!!I believe we are the only ones besides God that holds little Caylee in our hearts. God Bless all of the little kids in this world and my they never be hurt like Caylee Amen

  23. If she walks, (and she won’t) she’ll probably be dragged to a dark alley and beaten to death after staggering drunk out of a nightclub to pee in the parking lot.

  24. At first I thought it had to be an accident and Casey was just scared to admit….I don’t believe that anymore…I think she killed her either in a drug induced state, rage..or both.
    She was jealous of the relationship Cindy had with Caylee.

  25. there are some pics out that have lee holding caylee,and shes reaching away from him with a strange look ,i wonder if she had a fear of him ?and possible family inscest?i know this could be possible.

  26. OJ Simpson is the perfect example of someone who gets off…with murder ! That person then hinks they can DO ANYTHING THEY WANT TO …and will get away with it.!!!! This is a TRUE NARCISSIST.And look what happened to OJ ? He thought he could just go and do it again and get away with it !!!!! NOW HE IS FOUND GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS ! Almost to the day he killed his ex wife. TRUE JUSTICE !!!!!! God was WATCHING !! And, IS WATCHING !

    Thats WHY its Soooooo important that we(the justice system ) GETS IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME AROUND….and cnvicts Casey and finds her guilty. Otherwise , two things will happen…without question :1) She will become DRUNK WITH POWER and thnk that if she got away with all her lies and with murder…there will be NO LIMIT as to what she will next do !!!!! And, SHE WILL ATTEMPT THE IMPOSSIBLE. She will not ‘lay low’…thats against her narcissistic personality of wanting all the attention on “her”.

    2) The next thing that WILL happen, is that someone will take it into their own hands , and murder her…..the way she did her own child. “What goes around comes around”.

    The anthonys should think about this NOW ! Do they want a daughter alive in prison , or a dead daughter who was aquitted ?

  27. Oct.3rd was the date OJ was found not guilty.It’s not his lucky date this time!!! You are right Anne P. they have to make sure they have as much as they can possibly have and hope it will prove her guilty they have one chance to get it right. The Anthony’s can’t think about that because they feel if she is not charged she didn’t do anything and if she were to be found not guilty again she didn’t do anything and that would prove what they had said all along. These people CAN NOT REASON they don’t know how.

  28. mand,
    One thing to be concerned about is “double jeopardy”…if casey is found not guilty the first time..then she is free. Even if a year later they find new evidence that she killed Caylee…she cannot be tried twice .Pray that doesn’t happen !

    I hear you Christine ! I hope they are building one heck of a good case against casey…its lying caseys turn now …to get whats coming to her ! maybe they will even have charges against some of the other anthonys as well !!!

  29. Anne P. That is what I meant by they have one chance to get it right,if she were to be found not guilty it’s over forever,she can outright say she did it and there is nothing they can do.I think we are all on the same page and hope they charge other family members and that the lying b*t*h gets all she deserves!! I just read E.SEARCH is back searching,lets all PRAY this time they find something!!!!!

  30. Oh Mand, I really am praying for them to find something evidence, the remains of Caylee.

    This case has touched my heart….other cases have bothered me as well BUT, this case is different somehow. Breaks my heart every time I see the video of caylee on her great-grandfather’s lap and she reached up to kiss and hug him . She was so wide eyed and innocent. She didn’t know what her own mother was capable of doing .

    Probably its caseys’ “IN YOUR FACE BOLDNESS AND FLAT OUT NPD ARROGANCE”, plus her ACTIONS during her daughters absense that is like a real slap in the face to the rest of us, to society as a whole.

    I mean we are not a perfect people…but a great majority of us LOVE our kids ,that come from our very flesh and blood and labor…and we wouldn’t dream of killing our babies.

    But this monster has got to go ! We NEED to get her off the streets. Cause if she not killing ,shes lying or robbing someone ! No good use whatsoever ! If she has the chance ,she ends up hurting everyone in her path…like a hurricane or tornado…totally DESTRUCTIVE.

  31. Where is the body?
    Dark Water is a movie about a young dark- haired mother in a bitter custody dispute.
    She has financial problems. She has to move to another apartment.
    She is having nightmares. The other part says she “lives in her own fantasy world.”
    Her daughter name is Ceci…
    Apparently, Casey Anthony copy things from movies: chloroform, the name Juliette Lewis.
    Watch this movie and look where the body of a little girl is found.

  32. Okay Jessie -girl..

    I cannot wait to see the movie ending !!!!!! Tell me where they find the body of the little girl ?????? Spare me (us ) the suspense ! How similar is this movie with what casey is doing ?

  33. I’m with you on that ANNE P. this case is so different in all ways.It also breaks my heart Caylee with her great grandfather,look at her as she reaches up and puts her little arms around his neck then cuddles against his chest,such a sweet,beautiful,innocent child and to think in such a short time from when that video was shot she was to meet her doom,makes one weep.Casey is a cold evil person,how could she destroy her own flesh and blood and for the reason she did to whore around parties,sex and who knows what,she is truly a product of SATAN.

  34. Jessie.. you should share this information with the Florida Police Department. This may be the lead needed to find Caylee. CALL NOW!

  35. The movie is not similar to what she did. How Casey’s mind works? She is a sociopath. Casey believes she is as fabulous as Jennifer Connelly. Her boyfriend told she was having nightmares. I believe she was faking that as well. Remember her mother was threatening to try to get custody of Caylee. Also, the relationship between the mother and the grandmother was terrible in the movie. The girl in the movie had to move and Casey was talking about having to move. Maybe she used some type of container filled with a dark, viscous liquid like gasoline or oil to dispose of the body.
    In the movie is the mother who, mysteriously, discover a body. Maybe she thinks she is the only one who can know where to find it.

  36. I think we know how Casey’s mind works. Right now the focus is on finding Caylee’s remains. If that movie indicates a similar situation and disposal of a body, it could provide a helpful clue.

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