Text messages to Amy Huizenga



Thanks J.Garrett for the links!



5/2 706pm I asked him for a little alone time so we could talk.  That was before we had a conversation today that made me want to kill him. Ill fill you in later

707pm Oh for sure!

741pm JP is going to tryst tonight. Have you been

757pm J I need one

801pm Haha works for me

1231am I started drinking.

1233am Just a little captain. Might as well %-)

1235am Its not and wont be. Its comforting. Thanks for being here.

1236am Likewise 😀


5/3 144am I cant remember the last time I cried over someone. God it hurts

147am I just called him and left a message. I cant do it anymore. It hurts too much. Im getting in too deep I just cant

153am Thanks for being my rock through this. I love you girl

154am Same here. Im home. Just got in bed. I think for once I need to cry this one out. I have my closure


5/4 317pm Ill be in tampa for the concert

319pm Text him. See if he wants to hand out

321pm Honestly I am too. Don’t feel bad.

325pm Yeah. Its hard. Haha. Oh well. We need new boys anyway

628pm So what are you implying 😛

759pm What time are you getting done?

933pm We are going to sportstown. Call me whe you get done


5/15 845am Haha yeah. I feel like crap this morning. Voyage was fun but seriously that ruined my night

848am Hun that’s awesome!

1101am Hul(?) silly boy

1122am What time do you get done?  Its not going to be more than 80

1126am That’s perfect. Thank you so much amy!

1134am No worries. Im going to call the company to see what the time frame is

1136am She said within the next 45 minutes. So an hour  or so before they get here

1141am Will do!

1142am highway or no highway

1146am 408 to goldenrod. Right on goldenrod. Left on curry road. Right on chichasaw past the middle school and the church.  It will be the 3rd neighborhood on the left after the church. Chichasaw park. The street name is Grandee.

338pm What a day

1013pm How soon?

1016pm Sounds good love.

1141pm Hey girl. I actually just got home. I ned sleep. Have fun. Lets do something silly this weekend J I owe ya one


5/16 1011pm Whatre you doing?

1020pm nope. Tell Will (?) I said hello. Have fun!

1047am Tomorrow. Im working all night tonight. Tomorrow it is J

1050am Hmm. Wish I wasn’t working.

1053am I know! That’s awesome

1124am What time is the show?

1112am If you need any help let me know

5/17 133pm Going out somewhere by (unknown) Bring will! Haha Im so excitedJ

210pm I have no idea exactly where.  Ill find out where there are good drink specials.

213pm Yeah. I feel ya

322pm Nice!


6/12 1024pm Imgetting ready to make a stupid late call for work. Ill call you back in a bit!

6/13 616am Im on my way to the hospital with my dad. Ill call you when I can

619am Thanks love.

750am My dad almost had a stroke. We are still waiting for him to get checked out.  I promise I will call you asap

753am I love you too!  Im really sorry about this.

755am He will be. He just gave my mom and I a huge scare.

549pm Awesome

756pm Probably tomorrow afternoon.  Ill call you later.  Sorry youre not coming

812pm Love ya too!  Im glad hes alright. Hes stubborn


6/14 609pm Sutton Place. On university between goldenrod and forsyth

610pm Awesome

820pm Awesome

821pm He said it doesn’t matter where you park

823pm Anytime love! Illget it towed to the house one day this week

825pm Actually we probably could. I don’t see why not, ill check with the people at his clubhouse tomorrow morning

827pm Agreed. Thatll work

855pm Depends on which way youre coming.  If youre coming from goldenrod its on the left. From 436 or forsyth its on the right