Casey Anthony a tough b-otch?

 A veteran investigator in the case of missing Caylee Anthony describes the child’s mother as one of the toughest individuals he’s ever run into, according to Orange County Sheriff.  Casey Anthony, who is the only person named as a suspect in her daughter’s disappearance, has provided what investigators have called “deceptive responses” in connection with the case.


OCSO Beary said lead detective Sgt. John Allen has described Casey Anthony’s attitude. “Sgt. Allen said that’s one of the toughest individuals he’s ever come in contact with when it comes to attitude and as you called the poker face.”

“You know, we know that something’s wrong,” Beary said. “We know something happened and that’s why we are still building the evidential case for the future.” Evidence from the trunk of Anthony’s 1998 Pontiac included traces of chloroform and DNA pointing to a body in the vehicle. Also, hair in the trunk was linked to the missing 3-year-old.


Beary said the evidence could play a criminal court showdown with Casey.  “Florida has laws on the books like that, I think before anybody does anything, the state attorney, the sheriff’s office, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the FBI will make sure that if that is the scenario, we will have all our ducks in a row for a good solid case.”

I am really not sure if Casey is tough!  I say she is a spoiled brat who has gotten what she wanted all her life, and gotten away with everything.  She is just a piece of work!


11 thoughts on “Casey Anthony a tough b-otch?

  1. Casey may be deceptive and speak in circles…..but remember people, she is 22 and not quite as smart as she has been given credit for. Even if that girl gets LIFE…she will walk away with a smile thinking she fooled the police, friends, family, and boy did she get attention! Plus she is satisfied that she was powerful enough to permanently remove Caylee and nobody can change that. Being smart?…..I think the police have so much more that will come out in the trial. Once in prision, she will work her evil ways with anybody she can. A Leopard does not change it’s spots. Look at Scott Peterson….he refers to himself in prision as “Scotty To Hottie” GEEEEEZ.

  2. I totally agree with you Christine in reference to Casey in prison; but remember Scott Peterson refers to himself as “Scotty To Hottie” because he is “Big Bubbas B*tch” in prison and Casey will be too.

  3. I think I agree with you, Casey is just a spoiled-rotten brat. She did get away with everything where her mom and pop are concerned. And I think she thought she would get away with murder.

    But her walls are closing in on her now!
    Just my thoughts, Just my opinion and always in a conversationalTone

    Mary Caliendo

  4. Casey by no means is tough. She’s one of the weakest people I know. Tough people take whatever is coming to them without making excuses. Tough people are the single parents who go out there and make it work for thier kids. Tough people are the ones who battle a life threatining disease and fight everyday to stay alive. She doesn’t break because she’s a evil spiteful b*tch and that came out of the horses mouth. Casey couldn’t have said it better. When people tell you and show you who they are believe them and I have no doubts whatsoever.

  5. hey Jim-that would be ‘BETTY BUBBAS BEOTCH’-whom is waiting on Casey Assthoneys arrival with open arms-that should be the film that lifetime should be making-‘the real life consequences faced as soon as casey waltzes into the general population ‘ -‘BETTY AND CASEY LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER’-they should film caseys face as she first walks in and meets Betty,and how betty will describe caseys daily routine-TO HER-Id pay to view caseys expression and her daily activities schedule with betty.tick-tock-until then though the Assthoneys should be surrounded by a roomfull of TV sets with a live feed from Ohio DEATHROW-where caseys cousin’Richard Cooey” awaits being put to death on the 14th for murdering 2 young beautiful and innocent women in Akron,Ohio-tick-tock,tick-tock-I hope the death penalty wait in Florida is shorter but sweeter than here in Ohio.

  6. When Casey goes to prision, she will finally get the structure and disapline that she has been lacking all of her life. She will be told what to do when….something her parents should have done! To little to late. She can say good bye to her manicures, pedicures, and party dresses……she has seen her last night club!Yes, Jim…I agree, Casey will work it in prision!


  8. Spacey Casey is the contrast of smart. She is is arrogant and removed from reality too a point she lives outside herself in a make believe world. Perhaps, attending the toddler’s funeral would have brought a human emotion back to her. She has apathy not empathy. She is passive agressive and deviant to the point this is a thrill for her. She has so much grandure for herself that if she were denied attention she would wither. Perform a DNA test, find the Daddy of this baby, the toddler deserves closure. This bugged eye creepy woman is an example of the many trolls one may find in a club in Orlando on a Saturday night. Superficial, shallow, stupid, vain party girl. Went to bars while her baby is dead in her trunk. Her toddler looked sick in her last pictures, perhaps she often used her trunk as a baby sitter.There are so many trashy women like this in Orlando and so many men looking to perpetuate them, just like that whop of a looser she met on the net. Nasty horrible trolls.

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