More Files in the Casey Anthony case

Jesse Grund Cell phone records

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Casey Cell phone analysis


19 thoughts on “More Files in the Casey Anthony case

  1. I think the reason why Casey isn’t talking is, Cindy told Casey that George killed Caylee.(When really Cindy did.) And Cindy is the one that wrote the script that Casey talked about. Casey isn’t talking because she thinks she protecting her Dad. And George is just so CLUELESS!!!!!!

  2. Well, that is one wild scenerio…

    However, IMO Casey wouldn’t hesitate getting the blame off herself even if it meant ratting out a family member.

    She did it all by herself. This was an overdose of something..

  3. Just W. Surely you jest??? Have you read any of the reports? Have you listened to any of the taped interviews? If not do so and if you have then as I said SURELY YOU JEST!!!!!

  4. This is JWon’s ‘spin’ on things….but , oh yeah, surely you jest !!!!!! RIGHT ?????!!!!

    I mean ,I will throw out all kinds of senarios…I still think she either killed her in a ‘FIT’ of jealosy and rage because of Cindy, or she was chloroforming caylee and using it as a convienient ‘babysitter’ of sorts while she partyed and it went wrong …she gave her too much and she never woke up ,she paniced and had the body in the trunk of her car for a while till she could think what to do with it ,OR Caylee drowned in the pool or some kind of accident. Whatever way it went…you CANNOT get away from the forensic evidence found in the trunk of the car…decomposition and chloroform and the fact she was up searchng about BOTH missing kids and Chloroform up on the PC !!!!!

    But, JWon….you’re senario is a bit …uh…out there. But, at least it was ORIGINAL !(smile) But ,SERIOUSLY JWon,what do you really think ??????

  5. Ok, I admit I can’t make head or tails of these phone records—anybody get any sense out of it?

    Pretty much what the cops said, is it? Nothing whatsoever from or to Zenaida… A brief calling frenzy around 6/16-6/17–anything interesting?

  6. My 2 cents….. Our speculations combined with the evidence we know so far can lead to many different senarios. When this case finally goes to trial, we will be lead on a wild ride through the history of the Anthony family and Casey’s background. And of course ALL OF THE EVIDENCE will be presented. People will come forward to testify. Casey will begin to unravel before our eyes. That family has to be in a panic right now. The walls are closing in and they all know Casey is responsible for the unthinkable and an arrest is coming. One thing we can all agree on ……they know what happened to Caylee.

  7. The evidence will convict Casey,She will never talk another S.Peterson,he and his family still deny he murdered Lacey and baby.The Anthony family will do the same,they will continue to lie on the stand,just as they are doing now,Cindy will continue to spin her web of lies as will Casey.For some reason I feel George may be the one to try and tell the truth this may be his ticket out,he is going to learn a lot of things he didn’t know about Casey and Cindy.

  8. Mand, I think you are right about George. I also agree that Casey will never talk. I think Cindy will be cornered on the stand and it will be difficult for her to be cross examined and keep her lies straight. Even though Casey won’t talk….her friends, lovers, faimily, co-workers, ect will enlighten everyone about her habits and demenor around Caylee.

  9. I think that when Jose Baez says “they are just trying to come through the back door to get information”…I can see ALL of America rolling their eyes.
    I think that the things that come out of Jose’s mouth are as “lame” as the things that come out of the mouths of the Anthonys.
    BACK DOOR?????? Sheesh…The information from this investigation is SO obvious… that it is like….almost ridiculous!!!!
    I’m sort of thinking that Jose and Casey would like to “exit” a “back door” about right now though …… because the evidence that is coming through the front door is pointing to one person and one person only!!!! And that is the lovely Ms. Lying-Lie-face, Casey.

  10. There is no way out for Casey…..and I don’t think any attorney no matter how high profile can change a thing in this case. I doubt any other attorney would agree to take this circus on as it is a no brainer. Casey has no defense!!!!I think Casey is STUCK with Baez…unless he himself backs out which may happen. Who wants to play the roll of a FOOL! His reputation will go down the tubes by attempting to protect this sicko…You can bet Casey has him twisted up in knots, too.

  11. There wouldn’t be a lack of attorney’s that would take this case for the high profile case it is,look at Scott P. and OJ. The big name attorney’s make the big bucks and get their name in all the media.The person is a client only they don’t get personal.Baez is not a high profile attorney and doesn’t know how to act like a professional.

  12. You are right….Baez is NOT a high profile attorney, that is for sure. Baez is a money grubber as he knows he can never win this case and he is over his head.
    I live in Sacramento and Padilla’s bail bond buisness has current radio advertising attempting “to explain” his envolvment in this case. It is clear that his involvement and comments about this case has damaged buisness.

  13. Honestly, at first I thought Leonard Padilla was a real idiot, bailing casey out. I now see him in a different light. At least he pulled out when he really found out what was going on, and once Cindy and casey showed their true UNGRATEFUL selves.

    Even he KNEW there was way too much BS going on , and that CASEY DID IT !!! So he pulled out . He has been slowly giving out details on Nancy Grace’s show…he knows alot more about whats going on. I respect him a HELL OF A LOT MORE THAN BAEZ.!!!!!!

    Baez will be comitting ‘career suicide’ if he doesn’t pull out of this casey . Casey WRECKS EVERYONE’S life that she’s involved with…so watch out Mr. Baez….casey is about to DEVOUR YOU TOO !

  14. I agree Anne, Mr. Padilla has really gone out on a limb. He put his ethics first and foremost in this case after seeing the truth. The radio advertisement guarantees that Padilla bail bonds will stand by their clients they represent. They are concerned that people will get the impression by the Anthony case that bails may be revolked. The Anthony case was mentioned in the ad as “Mr. Padillas involvement in the High Profile Case”. Mr. Padilla’s ethics are something to be respected.

  15. I also felt Padilla was in this for his 15min. of fame,I know he is now trying to redeem himself but he did get a lot of publicity out of this not all good as he was hoping for however,so now he is putting on another face.I agree ANNE P. I give him a lot more respect than Baez,that guy is a total jerk not at all professional.He is in it for the publicity and at the time he was retained the Anthony’s didn’t have any money he probably gave them a good deal. Now that the Anthony’s have a little MONEY wonder if OLD BAEZ will be replaced when the Big charges come down????

  16. Good point Mand…..Yes, I believe there is a good possibility Baez will be replaced. One way or the other as he is over his head!

  17. I think Baez is a money grubber too. I also think that he tries to extra “drama”…………if that is in fact even possible. I respect Padilla. I think he really wants the truth. He realized right away what Casey really is.

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