Casey wants to visit “PLACES OF INTEREST”

The Attorney for Casey Anthony will go to court Friday to try to convince a judge to allow them to take Casey to “places of interest” in her case without the public knowing about it.

Casey must get permission from the jail to leave her house.

Casey’s attorney also wants the judge to halt all lab testing so he can have a say in where and how it’s done and he’s demanding access to Casey’s car and all kinds of other evidence.

Her attorney is also trying to get access to the DNA evidence, even though there’s no indication prosecutors will use that evidence to show Casey neglected Caylee by not reporting her disappearance for a month and by not searching for her.


Well, I thought that her attorney said that the OSCO has already leaked all the evidence.  And why does she need to go to places of interests?  She hasn’t been interested in finding Caylee.  She butt needs to stay home and enjoy the 4 walls surrounding her.  She has gotten what she wants, she needs to stay home!  Wonder if she will show up in court, or will an email be sent?!?


Check out what Local6 says. Claims she is going to search for Caylee. 

It’s a little late to start searching for your daughter.  Didn’t Casey search for 31 days with help from other avenues?


24 thoughts on “Casey wants to visit “PLACES OF INTEREST”

  1. Casey Anothony, wants to search in places of interest for her daughter Caylee in private without the public knowing, because Casey wants to move the body and get rid of the body and evidence for good..The same time Equusearch is coming back to search in key areas, Casey wants to go search for her daughter Caylee, in private without the public knowing. It SOUNDS TO ME CASEY WANTS TO GET RID OF THE BODY , BEFORE TEXAS EQUUSEARCH FINDS THE BODY..People have wrote that Casey is going to run or she is going to look for a living Caylee…First, Casey is not going to run anywhere. Second Caylee is Dead. People seem to forget about the dna evidence in the trunk, body decompostion, and post mortum hair that matches Caylee,s DNA code..Those are the facts..All Casey wants to do is move the body for good so nobody will find it and she will be free, and not charged with murder….

  2. Tammera…I just visited the myspace…hehe

    Humble…yep “places of interest”…what??? …did she think of those places AFTER she got arrested.
    I am really starting to believe the girl may have had a stroke or maybe has a brain tumor or something because she just AIN’T RIGHT!

  3. haha…..that’s the joke of the day! that skag KC is up to no good! “without people knowing” where she is going!! ya right….people are so peeved she won’t be able to leave her front yard without someone on her tail. she gave this whole song and dance to LE and the bounty hunter about being more forthcoming if they let her out on bond. i guess she thinks she’s done a good job getting her way so far….but i don’t think this is possible, her getting to leave her house. i think she is freaked because waters from the hurricane have diminished and receded and she knows Equasearch is going to be looking in the right places and she is grasping at straws to get to the body first.
    I am excited and hopeful that this is a sign that Equasearch is getting one step closer to laying Caylee
    to rest!

  4. Perhaps Mr. Baez needs to go back to law school. How stupid does he think the courts are? Perhaps this motion has something to do with the return of Equusearch. Casey needs landmarks so that she can tip off someone to move Caylee before someone else locates her. Also, I believe Cindy Anthony is hiding something from the investigators. I want to know if they can subpoena her credit card records? She was let out once before promising to help. How is this time going to be any different? If by some insane chance this motion is approved, the smartest thing would be to have someone tail her 24/7.

  5. Yep….I agree with you guys! I think Casey’s attorney has advised her this is her ONLY chance in hell of saving herself. Remove/distroy the evidence. HE KNOWS THE TRUTH! Lets all hope and pray that the judge declines this request or that Equasearch beats them to the punch by starting the search EARLY….like NOW!

  6. This girl is crazy if she thinks she can go without the PUBLIC knowing. Does she think folks don’t follow her when she leaves home. There is no Caylee to look for and KC knows this. KC know exactly what she did to her and she is wanting hide the body better as someone above said or flee. This skanky scuzzy heffer thinks every person is as big of fools as her parents. We don’t believe you KC, Caylee is not alive.

  7. She would never even get out of the house without being followed by the press…they have web cams set up so they don’t miss the BIG ARREST.

  8. This ‘evil witch casey’ will not even step outside her house to take part in a candle light prayer vigil for her own daughter …so NOW she wants to go look for her ????????? Oh please , SPARE ME !

    HELLLLLO ! She didn’t even go looking for poor little Caylee when she was supposedly missing for the first 31 days !!!!! And, all of a sudden she gets a wild hair to go look for her ?????? They shouldn’t let her go anywhere…has anyone thought of the fact that she may flee ????? She NOW knows that time’s out for her,and she’d run …. AND WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF HER MORON FAMILY !!!!!!!!

    Anyone remember how Scott petterson was found in Baja California ,about to cross the border, with dyed blond hair,his brothers license and several thousands of dollars given to him BY HIS FAMILY, camping gear,etc… They (LE) NEED TO WATCH THE ACTIONS OF THE FAMILY AT THIS TIME AS WELL !!!!!

  9. Jose Baez’s crazy request says, “We are totally guilty of murder”. If they were so confident about her having a compelling story against the evidence, they would not come up with all of this. Maybe it is normal for the defense team to do this but it just seems crazy to me.

  10. I agree with all of you, this is the most rediculous thing I have ever heard of! The suspect is crazy & the attorney is nuts! They have been spending enirely too much time together!

  11. For what it’s worth, it’s my opinion that she isn’t scheming anything, because she’s nuttier than a fruitcake. I agree with the poster who said she’ll be telling us she had a dream or a secret note from Zenaida telling her where to look, and by the way, confessing to the murder…

    I don’t think she gets that the entire civilized world knows she’s incapable of telling the truth. She just figures we need more convincing…

    I’d like to hear how she explains that she might be able to find Caylee, now. Is she really saying she can’t quite remember where she put her daughter, and walking around the area might help jog her memory???

    Like, I know! I was at Fusion Ultralounge that night, maybe I left her with the hat-check girl!!! Or, goodness, do you think I could have forgotten to put her in the car? Maybe we should check the lost and found at McDonald’s…
    If it weren’t so nightmarish, it’d be funny.

  12. I think Baez wants her to take him to the exact place that she dumped Caylee so he can search it himself to see if there’s any intact body evidence.

    Or, he’s getting ready to set up a deal that if she leads them to the body she might get a reduced time.

    There was a case in San Diego about a girl who was abducted and the evidence was there that the neighbor took her and killed her. The prosecutors were just about to give him a deal if he let them to the body and right smack dab before the deal was signed, the searchers found the body. The deal was then OFF, and now the scumbag’s on death row.

    Baez is probably scared Equisearch will find the body and the gloves will be off. Perhaps if he can talk Casey into leading them to the body, he can get a lighter sentence for her.

    Something’s up with this, beyond the ridiculous.

  13. I would love to hear the private conversations Casey has shared with her attorney. I bet she played him like a fiddle in order to talk him into going before the judge to let her out and about. Casey can talk the balls off of a brass monkey!

  14. Casey will never admit to killing Caylee or knowing where she us. Deal or no deal. Covering up evidence, yes. Is she a flight risk?…I think so. She also wants to talk to Tony. Remember how she begged to talk to him while in jail? Unfinished buisness. Somehow I think Tony is her motivation for asking to search for Caylee. She desires to talk to him and to be with him. Who knows why?

  15. If KC admits to Baez where the body is I believe he would have to remove himself from the defense. Otherwise he could be prosecuted for obstruction of justice. Even though you are defending a client you can’t impede an ongoing murder investigation by withholding evidence. If he removes himself he can claim attorney client privilege and dance around an indictment I believe. As for his ridiculous motions==== They will all be 100% denied because KC hasn’t been formally charged with the disappearance of Caylee. You’d think even a second rate lawyer would understand that principal of the law.

  16. OH MY-lets just give caseyslutbag a ‘get outta jail free card’-she will skip town so fast with her families help,and disappear into the great wide open-no judge in his/her right mind will ever give caseykiller any free pass to go search ‘places of interest’-GIVE THE DETAILS YOU ARE HIDING TO LE MISS IGNORANT-none of the ASSTHONEYS have any respect for there missing little angel CALEY-if they did they would be squeeeeeling like piggies and doing whatever it takes to get to the bottom of this BS-I could respect George and Cindy a little if they kicked casey out of the house and told her not to come back without the truth whole truth and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH!!!

  17. No judge in the world will let her stroll off and “find” her daughter. Even if they did, she’d never make it to her destination..She knows exactly where Caylee is.
    I wonder why she didn’t petition for release to attend even 1 vigil..with the rest of her unstable family. She has been out for hours on end sitting in her attorneys office “discussing her case”.
    Her facebook was down when I checked, but she probably has an underground account. But you can bet she checks this site, and anything else she can gratify her unbelievable narcissism and stay up on what’s being said, thought and done. I’m hoping Equusearch is back after the storm to magnify their efforts in a concentrated area, and bring this to a close.

  18. I seriously doubt that the judge will approve any such thing,but I will feel better when friday has come and gone.Baez will have to come up with a better reason than that she just wants to look at points of interest.I cant think of any reason what so ever whythe judge wouldnt just tell them to relay what or where these places are to the police.I think kc is just really tired of being stuck in her house.Baez isnt a very bright attorney,which is why he jumped on this case to begin with.He should be handling it completely different.It will all come out in the wash soon enough. Everybody does seem to forget about the decomp in the trunk of the car.I even try to think, well maybe there is some weird thing going on and someone has Caylee,but than I remember about the decomp.Maybe Baez wants to see the proof of the decomp so he knows what to believe.He might think the police have faked all this to get a confession.He has probably fallen into Kc’s web of lies.Maybe hes just a really nice guy that really gullible.I wish he could do his own testing of the trunk.

  19. Casey has her attorney wrapped around her pretty little finger…He is just another one caught in her spinning web. I am sure she is telling him what to do and how to do it! He is a puppet on her string. To crazy!

  20. The only hope is that the judge has ears, eyes, and a brain! Oh yeah….it will be most helpful if the judge is a straight female with children. Lets hope her request is denied and the search can go forward.

  21. Christine,I bet casey has more than her little pug ugly finger wrapped around Mr.baez’s meatseeballs,its called her pie hole that she cant keep closed,nor her legs crossed either!!

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