Defense sure wants alot….

The motions are:

* Defense wants the state to release all records about its investigation into Zenaida Gonzalez.

* Defense wants Anthony – who is on home confinement – to be able to visit “key points of interest in the case” to help in the search for her daughter. Baez is requesting that her travels not be made public.

* Defense wants the Department of Children and Families – which did its own investigation into the child-neglect issue – to release its records.

* Defense wants to inspect the polygraph exams that have or will be given to anyone related to the case.

* Defense is asking for the flight manifest of Air Tran flight 862 that flew from Orlando to Atlanta on July 2. Someone reported seeing Caylee on the plane. (Investigators later located the child and the toddler was not Caylee.)

* Defense wants to the state to turn over results of forensic testing, including testing on traces of chloroform allegedly found in Anthony’s car and any documentation about the air sample testing done at the Body Farm at the University of Tennessee. (Authorities reported the samples showed at some point there was a decomposing body in the trunk.)

* Defense wants to be able to inspect digital forensic evidence, such as computer hard drives, cell phones, SIM cards and media cards.

* Defense wants the state to stop testing and handling forensic evidence until the court rules on how the testing will proceed. ——– From OrlandoSentinel

And all we want to know is where Casey put Caylee……It’s always FUN to want!  I hope they get turned down on everything, and make sure the reference into how much Casey the lying brat has helped.


29 thoughts on “Defense sure wants alot….

  1. So she can travel? Don’t he mean FLEE? She has made no effot in all this time to search so why does she need to travel now to look for her. Heck even her own parents have not searched. The reason he does not want it made public is so she can sneak away and never be heard from again. I hope the judge sees thru this croc. All she has to do to “look” for her daughter is tell the truth, she certainly knows what she did with her.

  2. A lot of this stuff he will get during the discovery phase…so he can prepare for her trial.
    But i think it is a little early for that.

  3. All this is after her being named as a suspect. The defense team is desperate. If the judge does not grant this, which he shouldn’t, their defense during the trial will be that she couldn’t search. They are pretending to believe Caylee is alive. She doesn’t want to pay for her crime and wants to get away with murder!!!!! Just when I feel better about her getting closer to an arrest, the defense team says and requests the most outrageous things. I thought I had a wild imagination but Casey, the Anthony’s and her defense team come up with the wildest ideas (lies).

    Please, please arrest her already!!!!!!

  4. Problem I have with this : Why should she be allowed to search NOW ? She didn’t search before !

    It can be proved that when she DID have the opportunity to search for caylee in the alleged first 31 days of her missing…how did she search for her then ????? She didn’t !!! And, that can be proven by the FACTS, no phone records of her calling the alleged babbystter Zenaida..who supposedly has her.


    She never physically got off her butt to look for caylee.EVER !

    So…this shouldn’t be their defense …its a lame one at best and can be torn apart in a few minutes.

    Lets see…I will say the judge WILL NOT GRANT such an OUTRAGEOUS REQUEST ! Hope I am right…but ya never know !

    Hey judge …HEADS UP !

    Oh yes…is it just me…or does anyone else think that George reminds them of Scott Peterson’s dad ?

  5. I am wondering what kind of lies are rolling around in that head of hers now. She may lead them to Caylee’s body & claim that someone else put it there, possibly the REAL kidnappers, the ones that she said would harm Caylee if she talked. Maybe Zani’s sister Samantha got tired of hiding her & used the chloroform on her & has told her where to find Caylee. We know that she lies faster that most people can tell the truth. She has had plenty of time to come up with some real drama. Enough is enough! I hope investigators have just about got enough evidence to put a stop to this charade, she has made a mockery out of this since the beginning.

  6. Or, …ohhhhhh she just had a dream !! A dream that revealed to her where caylees body is at.! Or an anonymous tip came through …or whatever !

    I WILL NOT BELIEVE ANTHING SHE SAYS ! LOL ! Even if there are ‘THREADS OF TRUTH ‘ woven and inter-mixed with her lies …So what ? 99.9 % of what she says isn’t true …..

  7. I agree that she should not be allowed to go searching, unless she has agreed to show where she left the body…

    As soon as she was arrested she began to say she could find Caylee if they would only let her out of jail to help search. I thought it was nonsense then, and I still think it is.

    I mean, it’s not like losing your glasses or your car keys, you don’t just walk around going, lemme think, did I leave her over here? No? Has anyone checked beneath the couch cushions?
    Wait a minute, I think I remember having her with me when I went to Fusion Ultralounge… Maybe I left her with the hat-check girl!!

    I hope they don’t allow it, or if they do, she should be handcuffed and closely watched…

  8. The defense is hoping to find a thread of something to build on. What else can he do? He has NOTHING. Yes Anne, George is a carbon copy of Peterson’s father. Wasn’t his name Lee Peterson? Casey wants out not to search for Caylee…..but to meet up with her ex- boyfriend. She also has to join her parents keeping up the phony front for her defense pretending Caylee is still alive. It will also give Casey the opportunity to tamper with evidence if Caylee’s remains are near. OF COURSE SHE WANTS OUT….PRAY the judge will decline.

  9. Sounds like she’s finally getting scared that Caylee’s body will be found and wants a crack at it first. Why on earth doesn’t Baez set her straight…unless he can’t stand her himself and is using her as a means to become rich and famous…and is setting her up to go to prison like he knows she deserves. The things he comes up with are so dumb he has to be setting this up to ensure that she will be convicted. What other attorney in his right mind would allow his client to further convince the public she’s an idiotic quilty twit?

  10. What the hell does she mean she wants to look for Caylee?? She knows damm good and well where she is and what she did to her.She is getting cabin fever and wants to get away do different things. She thinks we are all as stupid as her parents,she can’t get it thru that thick head of hers that we the public know that she is a liar and we do not believe a word that come out her mouth. I’m sure the judge is not going to allow this.

  11. Casey will probably ask for the state to furnish her a car to look for Caylee. That way she won’t have to steal another car. She is sitting in that house and can’t stand it anymore. There are many people that would look anywhere and she won’t give any information. I bet there’s a party going on somewhere
    and she’s missing the drugs! If she pulls this off
    there are more crazy people than I ever expected!

  12. Mary…so far Casey has gotten her way and had her butt kissed by everyone in hopes she would talk……so why not a car handed to her on a silver platter? Sickening……Every dog has their day….hers is around the corner. She is goin’ down. Be patient everyone.
    Leave her cooped up in that house with her wacky family, she may talk just to get away from them!

  13. Not even I can believe that KC would be so naive as to think that if they let her go, they wouldn’t secretly be following her. No ones that stupid.

  14. Tess and Tanner, do you really think that if the judge allowed Casey to have this extra freedom that she desires that he would let her be able to roam around without being monitored??? There is no way she would be allowed to flee; LE will be watching her like a hawk.

  15. Casey lives in a world where everyone does her bidding…its her fantasy world…where everything is suppose to go …HER WAY ! Of course she believes its a reasonable request to make…I believe SHE WOULD FLEE …IF SHE COULD . But …she probably wants to take LE on YET ANOTHER WILD GOOSE CHASE…and get a little fresh air while shes having fun ! And, making LE look stupid in the process. Bottom line ? She controls the circus show , and she is STILL THE STAR OF IT. Such is the life of the true Narcissist…

  16. Everbody, thinks casey is going to flee or have some fun…Wake up guys…Casey Anthony wants to do her own private search for Caylee’s body, is beacuse she wants to get to the body before texas Equusearch finds the body..It all makes sense, the minute texas Equuserach said it was coming back to finish the search this week in key areas, Casey Athony all of a sudden wants to do her private little search on her own for Caylee, without nobody finding out where she is..BECASUE CASEY IS TERRIFIED THE EQUUSEARCH WILL FIND THE BODY FIRST, AND SHE WILL BE CHARGED WITH MURDER. So Casey, has to get to Caylee’s body first and get rid of all evidence..People are tricked into thinking she needs some time out of the house or she may flee, or she going to get back with her boyfrieds. That is not her motive, But if Casey can fool everybody into people thinking she wants to get with boyfriend or flee, or she needs to get out of the house because she is bored, she might get the chance to accomplish her primary objective, that is to get to the body first before Equusearch and dispose of the evidence for good….Casey wheels are spinning in her head..HER MAIN PURPOSE IS TO GET RID OF THE EVIDENCE AND THE BODY AND GET AWAY WITH MURDER..(Wake Up People)

  17. One other thing, Scott peterson only fled to california, when the body of his wife and unborn child washed up at the river bed..Then Scott knew he was done and finished, That is why he fled..But before the bodies washed up at the river bed, Scott peterson was down by the river every week to see if any evidence washed up, so he could get rid of it for good..THE SAME THING CASEY WANTS TO DO BEFORE THEY FIND THE BODY……….

  18. I believe the lady who spotted her car near the airport on that secluded road may be telling the truth. And has gotten Casey shaking in her lying skin. That’s why I believe equisearch is going back. And Casey wants to take the attention off that search and have them wonder what she’s up to . Nice try Casey!! ..Baez doesn’t want to give investigators any information. But yet he wants everything they have building against casey in his hands. Stupid sure must be getting contagious in Orlando. The countdown begins as Caseys house of lies comes tumbling down.

  19. There is no such thing as a “PRIVATE SEARCH” for casey. She will be escorted by LE no matter where she goes…I would think she would NOT wanna be in the area where her daughters body might show up or be dug up . What would she do then ? Push out a few tears and break down ? She wasn’t doing that when caylee allegedly went missing,and shes not doing it even now !Too busy smirking, smiling, high fiving people etc.

    No, she just now realizes that things are unraveling and she cannot keep this circus under the Big Top much longer…so she is thinking of other ways to deflect,confuse, and possibly get herself into a position to run….They might have to shoot her !!!!….

  20. Chuck….Scott Peterson was on his way to Mexico with bleached hair and beard, money, camping gear and a fake ID. Yes he was attempting to RUN! He knew he was goin to JAIL! He had nothing to lose by running. Right now Casey wants out to do many things. She has an agenda. Moving Caylee and distroying evidence can be done by SOMEONE ELSE with Casey’s instruction. Who knows what that woman has been involved in and with whom? That is why that search team needs to get going and get out there! ASAP. I have always believed Casey had some help with all of the details. Someone had to have given her information about Zanny. Possibly the manager of that Apt complex? Or someone in that tattoo parlor that Casey and Zanny both went to on separate occassions. That tattoo parlor and the apt complex seems to be the only connections. Someone who knew both of them. Casey cannot manipulate anything being secluded behind closed doors (other than people on the computer). Anne……shooting her would be to quick and painless.If all else fails…I think she will flee.

  21. law enforcement needs to tell the defense team that they will hand over all of their polygraphs as soon as they hand over caseys, cindys, lees, and georges.

  22. Here we are again talking about casey Anthoney for what let’s talk about Caylee is she alive? I wonder why the police are not doing a better job in florida almost seems like a joke just the other day there was a shooting somewhere in Florida and a Tank was brought in can you believe that. persons shooting from a car and here comes the tank. The police need to get a little tougher with the crimes including Casey. The girl is no way being punished for her lies and holding back evidence like mommy dearest snatching her clothes before the police got them to get rid of the evidence yeah that is the Grandma I watched her take Casey’s slacks/sweats and tennis shoes so she could wash away the soil from her clothes and her shoes. Something is definitely wrong in florida their dealings with crime is like a pat on the wrist. No wonder Casey is living it up. She needs to be with all the girls in jail/prison and see what the inmates think of how Casey is handling finding her daughter. Those women are dying to see their children so what do you think the girls would say to Casey??? I was told that they took the death penalty away I do hope they reinstate it. Maybe knowing she could die may shake her up a little and the girls in with her may shake her up-gosh that means she will turn on her phoney tears. Casey has cost the police a lot of money lying to them but no one seems to care except us tax payers lets feed the criminals. What do the rest of you people think? Let’s not sugar coat the girl

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