EquuSearch return to search

Volunteers with Texas Equusearch are planning on returning to central Florida to start up their search again.The teams were forced to stop looking for Caylee when tropical storm Fay hit.

A spokesperson from the group says they should be back next week.

I wonder how Cindy will deal with this?  Equusearch will more than likely be looking for a body.  Wonder if there will be any contact with the Anthony family…….


7 thoughts on “EquuSearch return to search

  1. I am glad these people are still attempting to recover Caylee’s remains. Unfortunately, unless she is buried I doubt anything will be recovered. We can all hope for the best! I do not think the Anthony’s will get involved with this search as they are to busy with their attorney PRETENDING they believe Caylee is still alive by planning vigils. With a head count of only 80 people at last night vigil….that pretty much speaks for itself.

  2. I am glad also for the return of ES. I hope they will be able to find something, but with Casey’s diabolical mind, there is no telling what she could have done with that little child. I think she tried to make sure she would never be found. Thank you, EquuSearch!

  3. I think that this time they will find something. Notice how this coincides with that witness about the woman at the airport with the car that matches Casey’s.

    I don’t think Equusearch would come back here after the hell the Anthony’s put them through if they thought it was a lost cause. I think the police have a good idea where specifically to look and they wouldn’t waste the time and money if there wasn’t a good chance they’d find something.

    Match that up with Casey suddenly being interested in searching for her daughter.

    She knows the jig is up and they will find SOMETHING.

    She wants to find it first. Either to cop a plea or make sure there’s nothing left to convict her.

    There’s definitely something up with this new development.

    It’s going to get really, really interesting.

  4. I hope they do find something, even if it’s a shread of clothing, anything, after all this time, I hope they get the goods on her & I think she is worried about them coming. I think you are right Sophie, it’s strange that she finally wants to get out there & look after these recent developements.

  5. i love tim miller!!!!he just seemd to be such a wonderful man…i wish he had more joy in his life he always looks so distressed….such a same his daughter was taken from him…i know he was a wonderful dad…does anyone know if he has a wife?

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