Sunday night vigil for Caylee

The Anthony’s held a vigil Sunday night, but for the first time it didn’t happen outside their home.  Friends and Family have gathered almost every week since the toddler vanished, but last week they agreed to move the vigil, after neighbors appeared before the Orange County commission looking for help.
Neighbors said all the publicity and protests surrounding the case has turned their Hopespring Drive community into a circus, but protesters said they’ll remain in the neighborhood, vigil or not.

“I’m glad they moved the vigil to a more appropriate place because protesters won’t be here.  Vigils don’t bother us on the contrary, but protesters can go away.  They can go to their own churches and pray,” said Ms Graziani.

“We’re out here protesting the fact that this mother is not cooperating with the police and she is allowed to be in the luxury of her own home rather than jail where she belongs.  So whether the vigil is here or not it’s irrelevant to us,” said Ms. Harris.


16 thoughts on “Sunday night vigil for Caylee

  1. I am sure the Anthony’s attorney is behind the vigil. It confirms their phony belief that Caylee is alive. They have to keep up this act of denial. The protesters are pissed that Casey is in that house having a good ol’ time on facebook and myspace while people are at the church lighting candles for her daughter. Right or wrong…..Casey is inside that house until she is arrested. Protesting won’t change a thing, but I understand why they are so angry.

  2. I sure hope that when they hand down the indictment they get another search warrant for that house…they need to confiscate all the computers in the house to show that this whole time that Casey’s been confined, her concern for her daughter was non-existant, but she sure was worried about her social life on the world wide web.

    For the persons concerned that Casey’s facebook has somehow disappeared….no worries there, her parents probably got smart and made her get rid of it because it only makes them all look worse.

    Doesn’t matter, though. It’ll all be on their computer and facebook is probably getting suppoenaed when this goes to trial, as is myspace. Just because you delete something doesn’t mean it goes away. Casey should have figured this out by now, not to mention her brilliant homicide detective father.

    They should have never allowed her so much as to look at a tv this whole time, let alone allow her to live in her dream world bowing to her facebook ‘fans’.

    Those parents have proven that they are the reason their daughter is so ‘odious’.

    Baez already confirmed that Caylee is dead. There was no reason for him to say that Casey won’t show her cards now because it would only land her in prison for the rest of her life. What else does that mean?

    The Anthony’s are holding that vigil because they are now worried about what is going to happen to THEM when this trial is over.

    They know that Casey’s going down, probably for life.

    They still have a lifetime in public, the grocery store, work, movies, shopping, dining, etc.

    They will be stared at, be taunted and shunned as well as their daughter.

    For the rest of their life..I don’t think this will ever die down for George and Cindy Anthony.

    Suddenly they’ll start going to church I bet. Doesn’t matter, they’ve already shown their spots.

  3. as everyone is so quick to disstort findings .she is still innocent in this country until proven guilty and they havent done that yet. this country is only going on assumption. if and when they arrest her for murder then you know they have enough of evidence. the idiots that stand in front of her house are just as bad as casey. i would like to get my big disfuctional stamp and stamp their foreheads for some of the stories. walk in the grandparents shoes for awile and then you might change your thinking. as for nancy grace she is another idiot. read all the discovery all 1000 pages and think with your brain not your dumb ass.

  4. Bonnie, wth? Every thing this mother has done, everything this FAMILY has done, has screamed guilty. It’s not the distortion of findings anymore. It’s the truth, and the public wants justice. If your own little girl were murdered by someone you trusted, would you cover up their steps and deny it happened? No, you’d be screaming for blood. Sad to say, that’s the way justice works. Mercy is something else entirely, and Casey is too far gone for mercy. She had plenty of time to turn in her “accident,” but she waited 31 days and partied the entire time. She’s lied ’til her ears have bled, mocked the public, mocked law enforcement, and wasted tax-payer dollars in the sick effort of publicity. She’s wasted time, and inspired other with her sick ways. She TOOK THE LIFE OF ANOTHER, whether accidentally or no, and then lied about it.
    I’m one screaming for blood in this case, and it’d better be Casey’s blood. This has got to stop. If she gets away with it, we’ll have a new generation of murderers on our hands.

  5. Right On CM! No room for pro Anthony’s on this blog.
    NG is the best of the best. She calls it like it is. The only people who need to change their ways of thinking are Cindy and George. They are the people responsible for spending 22 years screwing up their daughter and then covering all of her stealing and lies. I bet they never dreamed Casey would actually go this far. They under estimated her.

  6. Bonnie maybe you are the idiot not Nancy Grace.

    You need to read the documents more carefully.

    As a Reired Federal Criminal Investigator I have read all the documents and fully understand them as does Nancy Grace an Attorney.

    Maybe you are a member of the Anthony Family or Friend?

  7. nancy grace cant even pronounce her name correctly. also talks about alot of things that have nothing to do with the fact that calyee is still missing. alot of her supposed facts are inncorrect. take the hair samples. everyone knows that death rings on the hair could be anytime a item was in the trunk of caylees. hair starts decompossing if even the smallest amount of tissue were to be on the hair it dosent have to come from a dead body. chloroform can be anything from a bathing suit with chlorine to actual chloroform to help intensify pot. the smell could be what she or grama said squirrel or someone dead body. until they prove otherwise that caylee is dead. i still hold on to that hope. we all know that casey is not right . that i will agree. prove she is guilty not just hearsay and maybes and, give me a body.

  8. Hey Bonnie / or Casey ??

    Don’t want to be rude here…but YOUR AVERAGE AMERICAN GIRL DOESN’T GO UP ON HER PC LOOKING TO PURCHASE CHLORFORM !!!! If she wants a cleaning agent…she goes to Walmart ! I am told cindy now works in a doctors office and she doesn’t need to search to purchase chloroform either ! No reason for it …NO EXCUSES !

    Decomposition is just that …a body decomposing! There is a difference between human decomposition…and let say …a Squirrel’s remains ! ROFLOL ! CADAVER DOGS do not hit on Squirrel guts,or smelly old bathing suits that have been left in the trunk too long !

    IF you heard NG mispronounce caseys name …MAYBE SHE DID IT DELIBERATELY ? Probably gets tired of casey …its not Nancy’s fault casey is a SICK JOKE , is it ??? Did Nancy ask casey to become a lowlife ? Nope ! Shoot ….EVERYONE IN THE FREE WORLD is tired of the lying vomit casey spews out !

    So bonnie, my question to you is …as CINDY SAID HERSELF..if you recall…CINDY DID NOT DISPUTE THE FACT THAT THERE WAS INDEED A DEAD BODY IN THE CAR TRUNK….she said ” maybe it was (LOL!) SOMEONES ELSES BODY !!!!!”

    So…okay…WHOSE DECOMPOSING BODY WAS IT ? Did the LE at that Time RECOVER a decomposing body from anywhere in that area, or the area of where the car was towed to? The tow truck guy SAID HE SMELLED DECOMPOSITION…so..wheres the body ???? If they recovered a dead body…it would have been REPORTED, AND IN THE NEWS AROUND THE SAME TIME THE CAR WAS TOWED IN ! Someone REMOVED a DECOMPOSING BODY from the trunk .

    More difficult …but you don’t always need a body to prove a murder was commited.

  9. Hi Bonnie~I believe there will be a body soon. Lets nor forget Equusearch will be out there. The probably Casey will have is to PROVE the death of Caylee as an accident, and since the body will decomposed, her attorney will have an extra hard time proving she didn’t murder her. As for Chloroform, not true. It has been proved numerous times that it is not from a swimsuit, nor a dirty diaper that was in a pool, etc. Nancy Grace knows her stuff, Casey Anthony didn’t plan accordingly. She thought she did the perfect crime!

  10. Bonnie/Casey/Cindy? Please tell me your qualifications as an expert in crime scene investigation or evidence analysis. Your statements to the good people on here insult their intelligence.You keep trying to defend Casey.What real evidence to you have other than hearsay? Do you even look at the statements, reports, etc?

  11. Does anyone know what ever became of the gal that befriended Casey and organized the first vigil?
    Seems, she freaked out and had to be hospitalized when evidence of foul play appeared. She wigged out and later was diagnosed with post tramatic syndrome. I think her name is Dakota? I am sure she will be called as a witness.

  12. There is no doubt that this blog has had visiters from the other side of the fence (if you get my drift). Public opinion is something to consider for a fair trial. Baez has already mentioned that he believes Casey won’t get a fair trial due to public hatred. There have been a few comments on this blog that sparks red flags. We are not idiots. The funny thing is instead of just reading opinions….they actually post something.

  13. Thanks Jim for picking up on that and bringing to everyones attention.What bonnie was doing… insulting everyones intelligence. And really, isn’t that exactly what Casey herself has been doing all along.?

    Christine, do you know anything more about Dakota ? When did she befriend casey ? Poor girl….

  14. I think Casey will get a fair trial,becouse as we see here there is people out there just like BONNIE!! that seem to think poor Casey. They do not want to really look at what a true MONSTER she is,with not a care in the world but for herself and what about me!! I think with all the work she did on the computer,also Dad being a cop,that Casey planed on killing poor little Caylee. The little girl was holding her back from doing what she wanted to do!!I just believe she thinks she will walk free, and get away with it how ever I do think they have everything they need to but her away for life and its about time!!I also believe the family knows what Casey did hard to believe they all would stand by her and still say how much they love little Caylee!!

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