Casey Anthony updates

Casey Anthony updates


I do feel really sorry for George!  I think he really does believe that Caylee is alive.  


The big thing right now that Baez did not ask for a speedy trial.  He should have done it in the court appearance this morning.  It is also said that Baez will be the attorney, but has no real experience.  He has had a few trials


Jeff Hopkins was shocked when he heard he was involved in a murder suspect.  Lee Anthony, yes Lee called Jeff the night this all went down and said that he was involved.  Jeff Hopkins said he does not know who Zanny is.  He also said he HAS NO CHILDREN!  Jeff knows Casey from school, and never really worked with Casey.  He did last see her in July. 


The dress found is NOT evidence.  Apparently Cindy Anthony proved that on national tv.  But is that the same dress in the photo of Caylee.


It is interesting that when Padilla was in the house and started talking about Jeff Hopkins, both Cindy and Lee said at the same time, oh that is a different Hopkins.  So with that said, it makes me wonder WHY Lee called Jeff Hopkins!  Seems everything starts to be a lie with this family!  Padilla said there are not 2 Hopkins!


A question did come up about Casey confiding in Lee, and I honestly think she did, so he knows what happened and that is why he is laying low.  I also believe it is true because he is making the OCSO get warrants for his blood, etc.  Maybe Lee is an accomplish and moved the body…….


With Casey being narcissistic (excessive self-admiration and self-centeredness), we will see a lot of her crying in the court room because NOW she is in trouble.  Oh isn’t she just about herself!!!


On my note, I just have to say that her lies have got her into this whole thing. And how much you want a bet, once a body is found, she will start singing up a storm and start blaming others for it.  I hope Tim Miller works his magic and find’s Caylee!  The defense will then have to PROVE it was an accidental death, and with decomposition it will be very hard!



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  1. Hopkins, Jeffrey Dale Hopkins, And Melissa – Parents of Jeffrey Dale Hopkins II. They live at 8406 Jefferson Boulevard; howver, their son does not. Said his cell phone was out of service. Parents deny any knowledge of Casey Anthony and said they knew all of their son’s friends. On July 16, 2008, at about 0500 hours (5 a.m.), they received a call identified by their caller IDd as “Anthony Casey 407-619-9286”; neither of them answered. Caller did not leave voice message.

    Hopkins, Jeffrey Dale II – Went to high school with Casey Anthony (graduated 2003). Had not seen her for years until beginning of July when he ran into her while they were eating with separate parties at the Orlando Ale House (631 North Alafaya Trail). They had a brief conversation and returned to their meals. He has never met Caylee Anthony and no idea why Casey had called his parent’s residence.

    Hopkins, Jeffrey Michael – According to Casey, Jeff is one of the two people (see Lewis, Juliette) she told that Caylee was missing. Said he worked at Universal Studios with her. Further investigation found that he had been fired May 13, 2002. Casey says he lives in Jacksonville, FL. It was through Jeff Hopkins that Casey says she first met Zenaida Gonzalez, around December 2004. ZG babysat Jeff’s son Zachary for approximately six months. According to Casey, she had contacted Jeff several times during the time Caylee has been missing to find out whether Jeff had heard from Zenaida.

  2. Humble, rather than have you listen to the whole tape…when I googled Casey Anthony and Jeff Hawkins..this is in the listing at google… Casey said that she found zenaida from jeff hawkins. …

  3. There is no Jeff Hawkins. There is a Mark Hawkins

    Hawkins, Mark – Active duty Marine stationed in 29 Palms, CA. He and Casey communicated on almost a daily basis via telephone and Internet. Casey said she was planning a trip to CA and she needed to tell him something. She had told her mother and brother and did not know how he would react to what she had to tell him. He had heard that Caylee’s father was deceased and that he was a security guard at Universal Studios.

  4. Thanks Monica. I wonder why google listed it as Jeff Hawkins. This case is getting more intriguing by the minute. I remember seeing a picture of some Hawkins in battle fatigue and that should be Mark

  5. DWillman:
    I get confused when there are two pages labeled “Casey Anthony updates” so I am moving your comment from the first one. You said:

    “Paradox, you are one step ahead of me. Cut that out!!!

    Now the reason Annie Downing seems to make a light bulb go off in this old head. (1) I read a text msg somewhere in my travels that Casey said ‘we should hit up Annie for some Xanax’ not in those exact words but close. (2)Annie lived with her boyfriend at Sawgrass Apartments. Remember that Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzales was at Sawgrass checking out an apartment around June 23. Zenaida also frequented the same tatoo parlor that Casey did…maybe Casey got the info about Zenaida when she visited Annie or from the tatto artist…you chat when you are getting poked with that needle. (3) when I was checking the cell calls, Casey called Annie or vice versa almost daily (expect for the couple of days she had fallen off the planet) OMG Jeff Hopkins is on NG…gotta go”

    Hey, you can now be steps ahead of me . . . . I had to take time out to iChat with my 18 month-old granddaughter. (She lives 1600 miles away and resembles little Caylee so much that it’s scary).

    Your recollection about Annie Downing and all the rest of your post is what I remember, too.

  6. L. Padilla stated today on NG that LEE told Padilla that there are 2 different HOPKINS and that is why there was confusion. Jeff Hopkins and Zack Hopkins….2 different people. Lee lied. Casey Lied.
    Cindy then AGREED with Lee. Cindy lied. There is no Zack Hopkins. Furthermore…..Jeff does not have any children (rules Zack out as his so called son).
    Casey lied about Jeff knowing Zanny, Lee covered for Casey by saying there were 2 Hopkins (why?) Then Cindy tied it in a bow when she backed Lee.
    Right now I think Lee knows what happened to Caylee and I think Cindy knows more than she is letting on or at least strongly suspects. George is getting wiser as the days go by. MORE IS COMING!

  7. Uh-Oh, my mind must be on overload. I seem to have gotten the impression that there are indeed two Jeff Hopkins that Caseyt talked about. One (according to Casey – and we know what that’s worth) was a school friend. The other (again, according to Casey) was a former boss/ co-worker at Universal who had a son named Zack one year older than Caylee and Zenaida was Zack’s nanny. That’s how Casey met Zenaida. And this second Jeff Hopkins moved to Jacksonville.

    Casey had a Jeff Williams in her cellphone contacts. The number she listed was of the schoolmate Jeff Hopkins. I conclude that Casey fabricated the existence of the second Jeff Hopkins.

  8. From NG’s web site:

    “Two documentary specials with video and interviews you’ve never seen!

    November 27th at 8 & 10 PM ET
    What happened the first 24 hours Caylee was reported missing? Nancy Grace dissects the timeline.

    November 28th at 8 & 10 PM ET
    What happened the first month Caylee went missing? Nancy Grace pieces together the story.”

    Well, I guess NG will have her staff put all this stuff together for us!

  9. Cindy holding that dress up proves nothing! The way this family is they could have gone to the store and bought the one that Cindy said she took out of Caylee’s closet. Why would Cindy tell the truth about anything now and why would anyone believe her?
    I haven’t had and continue to have no sympathy nor compassion for any of the Anthonys.

  10. WOW I just found something interesting…Remember the lady that claimed she saw Caylee at the airport…well I goggled her and her name is all over the place…She is a dog breeder and it looks like complaints…the person is calling her a con artist…and this was before Caylee went missing so it is not someone trying to get involved.
    here is the site:

    This is her website

  11. All of these lies and trails indicate Casey had been planning this murder for quite sometime. Jacking names, places, people, and locations. A very tangled web to keep everyone confused and hard to track what was what.REMEMBER LE stated clearly they have solid evidence and a solid motive. The evidence is begining to be revealed little by little. The motive will most likely come out in trial. Attempting to make rational sense out of what Casey has lied about is useless. I think Cindy pushed Casey into committing the murder when she did. I do not think the day was planned ahead just that she was going to do it.

  12. Christine:
    Well, I dunno — Nov. 27 is THANKSGIVING! Boo and hiss! and Boo-hoo, too!

    I think I’ll record and watch much later — the next week, after family, esp. my 18 month-old granddaughter and her parents leave.

  13. Hi Everyone,

    I have been following this case almost daily since the news broke that Caylee was missing. I do not watch television,(only internet videos and articles) so I am limited on the info from the story. I’m sure there’s a lot more info on TV. My question is what do you all suspect happened to Caylee, how and why? I have my suspicions and opinions on what happened, but I’m just wondering what everyone else thinks, too. Would love to hear your answers!


  14. Hey Hope~Great question!! I can’t really tell you what happened, but I will tell you what didn’t. She wasn’t dropped off with the Nanny, her mother didn’t search for her for 31 days, and she didn’t plan the perfect crime. Other than that, I think we will never really know what happened to Little Caylee!

  15. Hey Motherclucker~Yes, I am laughing! Your good at the math! 😀
    I wasn’t confused, but am getting there. I think what is happening is people are going off of names that Casey gave out, and most of them were bogus names.
    One thing I am not confused about is Cindy Anthony knows more than she is letting on. I believe that this is why she is very insistent that Caylee is alive, she wants us to think Caylee is alive and kidnapped, and not murdered at the hands of Casey. I think she want to sway us. But it is not working!

  16. Humble, I could not have said it better! I can’t recall a case that is so intriguing. Have spent most of the evening looking for this mysterious Jeff Hawkins. I tried to find the written transcript of when Casey was interviewed but just got the audios. In the audio, it sounded like Jeff Hopkins but when it was transcribed, it may have been a typo and written Hawkins instead of Hopkins. I could have swore I seen it somewhere. If you can find the written interview, let me know it is driving me nuts.

  17. Yea, I have read about Zanny the Nanny, and it’s very obvious that she is not real, or atleast not Caylee’s Nanny. I personally think that Caylee was a burden to Casey and Casey wanted to live the party life but could not do that with Caylee. I think it was an accidental-murder. I think she Chloroformed her to knock her out so she could party and then eventually she overdosed her with it and tried to cover it up and that’s why she didn’t tell anyone for 31 days. It’s really confusing, because sometimes I think she might have done it on purpose because she shows no remorse, but she is definitely a sociopath. I think the reason that she shows no remorse is because she has mental problems and is insane. No REAL mother could ever do anything like this to their child. I have a 2 year old and would be begging and pleading with everything that was in me if I thought someone kidnapped her, not partying. I would be crying all the time and doing everything I could to help police. The thing that gets me is that Caylee being kidnapped by a Nanny, and Casey not crying or showing much emation is not the oddest thing. It would be possible for that to happen, but there is too much evidence taht proves that is a lie. If that were so and she didn’t want to say anything to try to protect Caylee,(perhaps the Kidnapper said they would harm Caylee if she told), then why would you be out partying and acting like nothing is wrong? To me, that is one of the most incriminating facts about the whole book of lies that she has told, out partying why your daughter has been kidnapped? That’s absolutely crazy. With some glimmer of hope that is within me, I hope they do find Caylee alive, which that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen, but there have been other crazy stories that look totally like one thing and turn out to be something totally different than what we thought. There have been a lot of wrongly accused people in this world who were charged for crimes that it actually looked like they done, but in fact were innocent. I hope that Casey is just a nut and didn’t really kill her daughter. However, if Caylee is somehow alive, I want to adopt her-she doesn’t need to go back home to Casey. If not, I hope she is found and has a proper burial.

    Oh, and what is this I’m reading that Lee Anthony refused to give his DNA? What does that mean? Was it DNA to test to see if he could be traced to the crime or to see if he was Caylee’s father? I have read some really crazy things that she could be a victim of incest….

  18. Hey DWillman~Jeff Hopkins is a person Casey knows from High School. He is also the one Casey said introduced her to Zanny about 4 years ago. Casey said that Jeff had a child Zanny watched named Zack. Look at page 3 of this link
    second to the last paragraph. It mentions Jeffrey Hopkins.
    Here is Jeff Hopkins transcript:—Statement

    Mark Hawkins is the marine that Casey wanted to tell something too. I believe she wanted to go and see him. Mark is in the picture because he called the OCSO and talked to them after Casey was arrested.

  19. Hey Hope~Thanks for that. I am really unsure what happened, but I would like to know. As for Lee, he refused to give blood for some reason or another, and he made the OCSO get a warrant for it. I believe he made them get a warrant because it wasted time, and getting a grand jury sooner. The Anthony’s have also refused a polygraph. Not sure how worried they really are about finding Caylee but I think Cindy and Lee know what happened.

  20. I think George has to believe little Caylee is alive to keep his heart from breaking. From what I have seen, he is the only one in that family that has done the right thing for Caylee.

  21. No father should have to do what George Anthony had to do today. He is the only one I feel is being honest, knowing the truth has to come out. He is a big big man, and he sure has my respect. He is holding onto the hope that little Caylee is still alive and will be back safely in his arms again, but this is his way of dealing from day to day with this horrible nightmare. I can only imagine.

    My husband and I have a little Granddaughter, 19 months old. She is the sun in our life and she shows me every day is a new day, always learning something new, trying a new food or just being a little girl playing pretend. Her Papaw is a fool over this little girl, and I know he would be shattered if anything happened to her. When he is in the room, she sees no one else. I think Papaws and little Granddaughters have a very special bond. She has changed our lives with love, hope, excitement, and a lot of hugs.

    I hope that George can hold it all together and I pray that this beautiful doll can run back into her Papaw’s arms. If it helps for him to hope, let him hope.

    Now I am not sure about Cindy, I know that she loved little Caylee, but to not see or hear from your little granddaughter for 31 days, I can’t go two days without needing to see mine. If they lived far away, I would probably be on the road a lot. It’s okay for her to hope, but don’t defend Casey, and don’t make her sound like a good mother. Just keep looking for little Caylee, and let Casey finally face the consequences for something she has done, probably for the first time in her life. Sometimes there is nothing more you can do for your child, when they have crossed a line that should never have been crossed.

    I never knew you little angel, but someday I hope to see you as you sit safely in the arms of God’s angels.
    He is going to take care of you now and you will never been alone or sad again. I look forward to meeting you. So sleep soundly and rest, and we will find so much to do, a lot of happy things to look forward to. Until then little angel, sleep tight.

  22. What bugs the heck out of me is the following statement,
    which I hear and read over and over and over again =

    31 DAYS

    That is simply not true.

    We all know it was the grandmother, Cindy Anthony,
    who made that fateful call to authorities.After that
    Casey was questioned by authorities AND ONLY THEN did
    she state that she had not seen her daughter for 31 days.

    So, if this call had not been made, nobody would be the wiser and Caylee would still be “at the beach, with the babysitter ” etc.etc.etc. Although it is
    questionable how long she could have kept up this charade.

    She probably did consider leaving Orlando “with Caylee” altogether. What kept her in Orlando is, at
    least in my opinion, lack of money and her infatuation
    with her then boyfriend, Tony Lazzaro.

  23. I also feel bad for george. he does seem to be the only one telling the truth.but belive me cindy loved caylee and she was trying to talk to her the month she was gone .but casey always lied .i feel bad for caylee when her mother killed her .how sad is that she with jesus now .no one can hurt her .

  24. SHINOOK….Yes, you are right!
    HOPE: mentinoned that she thinks Caylee’s death was an accident. As she may have chloroformed her because she had no babysitter to go party with her friends and ODed her. Caylee died. That is one possibility. Casey’s friends already told LE that Caysey brought Caylee to parties with her, but Caylee was always asleep and remained asleep. They thought it was strange that a child would not have woken up with all of the noise. Seems Casey had been drugging Caylee (maybe with Xanex at first). A possibility.

  25. WELL, WELL,

  26. yes. she was drugging her in small amounts but like everyone, your body builds up an immunity to drugs and it takes larger doses for the same effect. so she’d been giving caylee small doses of some sleep narcotic/chloroform and then upped it when *DAMMIT!!*, caylee would wake up! AHHHHHHRRRGGG!! so she gives her more, and OOOPPPSS! caylee dies. and casey covers it up and first buries the kid in the back, then goes, mmmm…no..bad idea. she puts the kid in the oil barrels, transports the kid to the airport grounds in the woods (since she’s never been to tampa or jacksonville), maybe was thinking of catching a flight to get the hell out of there, and thought that would be a worst idea. so she hung out on borrowed/stolen money wherever she could find it and partied and hoped what happened would just go away. and for a month, she was able to retreat into fantasy world and pppaarrrttyyy….yeah!!! and drink and have sex with scores of guy..scores of them. and posed for pics (and was dumb enough to post them online), and ate out and bought groceries for her multiple boyfriends who she seemed to have sex with on a rotating basis (must have every std known to man) and then BUSTED. the car that she drove into the ground by not putting enough oil/gas in it and the engine burns out. and she lives on the couch until finally her mother finds her and now here we are. she is so frustrating. god!

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