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Detective Yuri Melich has been chastised for blogging on the web sleuth site.  Apparently he was posting under Dick Tracey Orlando after he was flattered by stuff written about him.  One sleuther claims to be the president of the “What would Yuri Melich do” fan club.  Melich claims to have been looking for clues in the Anthony case! 


Melich story 3rd article down…


I have also read that one Shannon Stoy, if that is her name, claims to be the sister of Tim Miller.  It was said that Shannon is the one who called the information in about the Hugging incidents.  Apparently the web sleuths are getting a lot of BAD publicity lately.   


Here is the article on Shannon….



7 thoughts on “Yuri Melich posted on forum

  1. Well, Humble, what is your opinion on the Shannon story? I think LP probablay has other sources, I believe he checks his facts before appearing on NG. He has given out some pretty good info. So many tales are spinning, I guess we just have to wait & see what the search turns up. I don’t read that blog or know anything about it so I don’t know what to make of it.

  2. Hey SSChapman~I don’t have a clue either, but they are getting alot of bad publicity. I have never been there either, but someone did say that they have had people in this case, other than YM on it.

  3. I don’t think Yuri is the only one who reads or participates in blogs. He should have known better than to reveal his identity.

    There are a few good theories floating around. Based on the evidence and time line alot of the theories are so far fetched.

    Those phychic tips took up a lot of typing time for LE and wasted good tax dollars.

    Had I known Yuri was going as Dick Tracy…I would have gone as Lois Lane.

  4. Good one, Willman, although I thought het heart belonged to Superman. There may be alot of people blogging that are just trying to get info or mislead people, like Lee or Cindy. Casey was probably on before her present incarceration.

  5. Shannon Stoy is a real psycho. She has nothing better to do. She continue calling and harassing people involved in the case attempting to try and make a name for herself.

  6. Monoxide is no better than Blink. He is an internet terrorist. Lulz is suppose to be funny Monoxide, you are a sociopath.

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