Rick Plesea and Cindy’s emails

This is very interesting. Rick thinks the same as we do! How sad that Cindy can be so stupid. Her voice has been heard and ignored. Caylee is dead, even her own brother thinks so!  Also, Rick sent emails from Shirley Plesea to the detective.  They have been removed from the file, but from just reading what Rick wrote to the LE it sounds like Shirley is also tired of the charade Cindy is putting on!!  And let me add, the more Cindy bad mouths the LE, the less they will help.  She had criticized them, the reports and everything.  Turns around on TV and asks them to look into the Caylee sighting?  What the heck, you can’t cooperate Cindy, why should the LE? 

Email from Rick to Cindy
August 21 2008 at 12:59 AM
Subject: Re: won’t do Greta

Cindy, George did wrestle his dad and put him thru the window. That is why George had to start his own business. Don’t lie to me about it. Mom filled me in on Casey so don’t lie to me about her. She STOLE dads check and bought a stupid phone at AT&T so don’t lie to me about the $354!!!! Mom has the god damn statement! I know I re verified with mom today!!! The sitter IS the whole case! Are you that dumb??? The house could be JOE BLOWS for Christ’s sake. are you that naive??? You really are that stupid. I can’t believe it. My sister is a moron. You need help. You are delirious! I WAS trying to help you. Your grand daughter is dead!! there I said it. Casey has killed her someway either by accident or on purpose. Casey is a narcissist Read up on it. You and George have been walking through life with blinders on. Casey made you both look like fools at my wedding. Did you forget I told you she was pregnant!!! You are a nurse for Christ’s sake. You are a fool. Casey has buffaloed you and George for a long time. I also know about George and the internet and he paid most of it back from his workers comp check. Casey ran up the tab. Mom knows and told me you idiot. You think what you d is secret? You are living a fantasy!! Wake the hell up sister!! George’s debt was paid over time in Ohio. I remember the settlement and that was from 1989. You think I am as dumb as you? You are not only in denial but are missing your brain. The article of clothing of the sitters was verified by who? Casey? No one ever saw the sitter so how could they have proven to be hers. What drugs are you on. You are so stupid I can’t take it. You should make the Guinness book of world records for being gullible. The only thing that God knows is Casey is a liar and you are stupid. Casey knows where Caylee is and when all the evidence is in she will get the death penalty for murder. You have to be a moron for destroying evidence with washing pants that smell like a dead body. If they were in the car and the smell was in the trunk how could the pants stink? Think use that think on your shoulders. If the cops didn’t think you were stupid they would bring charges against you and George for destroying evidence. I disowned Nate for lying for Pam and I can disown you for your ignorance. I see how Casey is so screwed up between you and George as role models. Saying Casey will be mother of the year I nearly tossed my groceries. She will be mutha of the year. Those people in prison will have a field day with her. You better tell her to confess and ask for solitary. It is her only hope. Do you think I care anymore after you attacked me. You are in another universe. You and George ARE on your own. Good luck with that.

Email from Cindy to Rick
August 22 2008 8:37 pm
Subject: Re: Won’t do Greta.

call his father he did not wrestle his dad thru a glass window. She did not steal dad’s check I gave mom back the check from her 21st birthday uncashed that is how she got the routing number. You are the f/n stupid one, there is a sitter. We have people tracking her, the OCSO is not doing there job, but we have other sources who are. Someday you will eat all your words and I hope you choke on them. There is no case against Casey, DNA does not take 31 days to get back they have nothing. I did not ask you to get involved. You think you know everything. Mom got confused when you went thru your divorce and took Pam’s side until I convinced her there are always 2 sides. People should not judge what they do not know. The next time you say Caylee is dead I will personally come there and kick your sorry @ss all the way to hell, because that is where you are headed. Stay out of my life. You did not ruin your son’s life, he is a wonderful young man. Thank god you disowned him he did better of without you. You have no family loyalty, or faith, what a waste of a human existence. I did not want to stoop to our low life level but I’m calling it as I see it. Again I feel sorry for Robin, she is a nice woman. I have only 2 brothers.

Email from Rick To Cindy:
August 23 2008 1:01 pm
Subject: No subject

Mom has the statement that Casey STOLE from dad’s account. You @ss! Mom told you about Casey STEALING IT! QUIT LYING FOR CASEY!! Casey’s excuses for stealing was that Universal transferred her and they didn’t have the budget for the phones that the employees needed and told them to buy them themselves Casey told mom that the Universal would reimburse them,. Casey didn’t have the money to buy it so she “borrowed” it from dad’s account. The check was signed “Casey Anthony”! So don’t f/n lie to me. I have hears enough lies coming for you daughter for a lifetime and now your are lying to me. Your princess daughter didn’t even graduate from high school and you cover that up. When you FINALLY find “the truth” about what has happened to Caylee, I will say I TOLD YOU SO! You are so damn blind you need a seeing eye dog. If you REALLY wanted to find Caylee you would seek the real truth from Casey.
The FBI and the forensic labs are taking their time and doing this right. That evidence is NOT in yet. You are in for a huge surprise.
Speaking of the FBI, they and the Orange County Sheriff’s office called me and mom. They now know what mom and I know about this. They talked to Dan too. This is far to serious to PRETENT that Casey just gave Caylee to a “made up” sitter. No one believes you or your lying daughter. I disowned Nate because he was a lying no-good little prick. I gave him many chances. (but not the million chances you have given Casey) No one was ever “missing” from my house. I welcome the chance of you coming hereto “kick my @ss”. You need to kick Casey’s @ss you idiot. I know you want to believe Caylee is still alive because you will have lost Caylee and Casey. I was trying to let you SEE BOTH SIDES! You are the only looking at Casey’s side.
I don’t need you in my family. You are too stupid to be in my family. You are the stupidest people that I know. You can pick your seat and pick your nose, you can’t pick your relatives! All you had to do was discipline Casey. You didn’t do anything to squelch her. You created her now deal with her.
If you think Nate is a fine man I would have a problem with that. Your judge of characters is not working. You can’t see Casey did something to Caylee and KNOWS what it is. Nate may have grown up and if he got away from Pam’s influence he may have a chance. He knows now that I wasn’t going to put up with is nonsense any longer. Something that you have to learn about Casey!
Anyway the police and FBI now know the truth. I hope it will lead them to Caylee.
What you were doing wasn’t working.


148 thoughts on “Rick Plesea and Cindy’s emails

  1. Sure makes for interesting thoughts. Rick and Cindy are at each others throats. You would think that Cindy would want family support. From what it sounds like she tries to cover up everything for Casey. No wonder Casey killed Caylee. Rick even knows Cindy covered up the pants. Cindy needs to be charged. I believe Cindy knows what has happened to Caylee.

  2. Oh my goodness, how OLD are these people?

    They sound like bratty TEENAGERS, not intelligent mature adults.

    Um, they both sound like CASEY.

    It’s all so clear now.

    I’d hate to think what the parents of these two are like and how Rick and Cindy were raised.

    Sounds like a pattern of idiocy and lack of wisdom in child rearing going back for generations.


  3. Hey Justanotherme~You woudl think that support from her family would be important. Guess not! Casey is more important!
    Hey Sophie~ They do sound like teenagers. Cindy says: I did not want to stoop to our low life level but I’m calling it as I see it.
    Cindy sees what she wants to see. As for stooping to Ricks level, Rick is on the right track and Cindy is past the lowest level of all!

  4. They both may sound a bit childish but seems Rick is definitely on the right track.According to other e-mails he sent to Cindy,Casey has lied for years.This family isnt normal..Cindy will continue to protect Casey..She can protect her all she wants because its not going to save her this time.Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  5. I have to say, the brother used some restraint. Every time I see Casey or Cindy either one on the television I’m FORCED to yell “c*nt” a million times. Those 2 are the biggest waste of air space I’ve ever seen…and that’s in a world that allows Paris Hilton to exist!!! Casey will never tell the truth and Cindy will sit there and justify it ’til the day she dies. If Caylee ever WAS alive since this all started, I hope Cindy is tormented the rest of her life b/c HER ACTIONS have helped her grandchild die. Yes, SHE is as much to blame as Casey is!!!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    What are Cindy & George thankful for? probably that Casey hasn’t received the death penalty, YET!

    btw. I hope & pray Rick Plesa goes public. I know he’s not comfortable with the media attention ( like G&C Anthony ) but he could really shed some light onto this dysfunctional family & how it ended up killing poor Caylee.

  7. lol! I can only type that word lmao! I can’t actually say it. ( snickering ) sigh… I’m going to try to read all those court documents that were posted yesterday. I fell asleep last night reading the first part but I did come up with a conclusion. The first part was L.E interviewing ONE! of the boyfriends ( I think it was italian from ny ) well! she seemed to be really into him but he wasn’t into always having the kid around and even said that he wanted sons not daughters ( o.k! he’s like 20, how does he know ) I think Casey pulled a Susan Smith for this guy and then of course there was the dysfunctional family b.s!

    I bet this guy took a looooong hot shower after his L.E interview, trying to get that Casey ” skank ” off of him.

  8. I think Rick, Cindy’s brother, said everything to Cindy that many of us have wanted to say. I wish Rick would blog on here, I have a ton of questions I’d like to ask, and I know he’ll be honest when he answers them!

  9. I guess this sums up what a lot of people have been saying about the witness lists. No one is on their side except for the medical examiners and such. It really shows that there is so much more to the Anthonys. From our standpoint, we have only seen the tip of the iceberg, these people have seen the whole thing. So if we are this shocked and bitter toward them, imagine how people who truly know them must feel. There is no turning back for the Anthonys, especially Cindy, she wants to hold on to how she thinks her situation should be but it’s eventually going to fall apart. Once it does, life as she knows it is over.

  10. Rebecca, I agree. I would like to have a > Ask Rick Ask Cindy < but NOT! a forum, more like a debate! because Cindy is not a rational or honest person. The A’s can not deal with reality. Someone is going to have to let it all out. Spill their guts!

    So…. if you’re out there RICK 🙂

  11. I am glad the emails from Cindy’s brother were released. We now know a family member believes and thinks the same as most of us out here !! I also watched several interviews w/police and FBI..sad because Cindy was spending her time trying to make Casey seem like a top mother and wonderful person. She knows Caylee is deceased, and Casey is responsible. Normal and honest people call 911 when a death was an accident. They don’t call for murder. How someone could haul a decomposing child around for weeks is beyond me. I do believe she tried to hid her in the backyard, but became afraid she would be discovered. Then she put the child in the car trunk until she could find a good place to dispose of her. Cindy will have to live with herself because she knows in her heart that Caylee should have been taken away from Casey way before this incident happened. This beautiful, intelligent child is lost forever.

  12. Gail ^

    I just read ONE of the transcripts and this one was with the neighbor she borrowed the shovel from. It seems that the way the car was backed into the garage sent signals off. Casey mentioned to this neighbor that she kept tripping over a bamboo tree and she asked if she could borrow a shovel. Jesse Grund then mentioned how much Caylee loved the playhouse on the backyard ( looking at photos ) the playhouse was near the bamboo trees. hmmmmmm…. I bet CAYLEE’s body was there in the playhouse, cadaver dogs did hit on that thing. Cindy claims that’s because Caylee peed in there ( OMG! shaking head ) I really wish there was a gag order for Cindy from the start! She’s so Jerry Springer.

  13. Cindy does not believe a word she says. She doesn’t seek comfort from the truth and wouldn’t have a clue about acceptance. The truth will swallow her up and telling lies keeps her alive.

    It’s not what Casey did that bothers her it is what she, Cindy, failed to do. This is her heartbreak and her sorrow.

    One thing she will never do is visit Casey in jail. There she would have to face a murderer and she could never do that. She would be face to face with the truth.

  14. Cindy needs to let go and leave it all up to karma, then at least she’ll have some inner peace. Until then, she will continue to be tortured every day just fighting reality.
    Casey has sent this family in circles for years and they gave up on her long ago. Yes, Cindy made a mistake by not taking up ownership of Caylee about when she was born (but that can be a very difficult legal maneuver) and finding out SOMETHING about this “nanny”. My mother checked my kid’s sitter out when he was one, even though I was 36 and Mom lived 2 hours away. My little boy was so proud to show her around “his” territory.
    It’s unfortunate that Casey’s sociopathy is so typical as to hurt everyone around her.

  15. I agree with Sophie’s comment on how Rick and Cindy sounded. I can tell that Rick is extremely angry and probably very embarassed about his sister since it is in the public’s eye. He made such good points to her but gets lost amongst the name calling. I am not any better as I would be telling her she is every personality/psych disorder in the book.

    The emails say a lot about the dysfunction of this whole family. Casey talked this way to her parents.

    Cindy, there is no sitter! There was no job! You were the sitter for her when she went out.

  16. Right on you guys, the family is dysfunctional from the get go. How could Cindy possibly think her dad is “better” in his situation with the stress of his photo being one of the last of Caylee? Just like her daughter, their is a line of truth in the lines of crap Cindy tells. Her brother is saying what a lot of us have been saying…How do you know about the babysitter? How could they not know the sitter? Nanny? Casey lives in a fantasy world. There is a fundamental difference between a baby sitter and a nanny. One being education and down the line is cost. How did they think she was paying for the “nanny”? Is the fan going to break if it was Lee searching for escorts and not Casey for a job as an escort? Whoa, this is going to be one of those cases where dirty laundry from the bottom of the basket is going to be aired all because of a liar/thief/murdering child. I am glad I have serious health problems and not this family in my life~ I think I have it easier!
    Best of the evening to you all and I hope you had a wonderful time with your families.

  17. George and Cindy had options:

    The Anthony’s no matter what age their daughter was could have gone before a judge and become conservators of Caylee.

    They could have pointed out that she took the child to Sex Clubs, smoked dope, drank beer, drove a vehicle under the influence with the child in the car, stole money from everyone, forged checks, constantly lies. We fear for our granddaughter.

    They could have hired a lawyer who would have presented a motion for temporary custody and it would not have had to be stated in open court for everyone to hear.

    Cindy has no karma now.

  18. Brothers & sisters talk to each other like this through out life. I totally agree with Rick and hope that he will come out publically, w/out fearing what the public will say about him, his e-mails or what he calls his sister. I’m not going to judge* since I have called her worse things, So I actually think Rick was/is being tame.

    Team Caylee & Team Rick~

  19. I’ve been reading the emails between Rick and Cindy too…I would love to see Rick on tv doing an interview for the sole purpose of exposing all of Cindy’s, Casey’s, George’s, and Lee’s family lies…

    I would hope that Casey gets to see her Uncle Rick on tv…and hopefully if Casey has ever felt any credibility toward Uncle Rick then Casey will break and tell the truth of where Caylee is…

    Hopefully too…that Casey can see the reality of the whole situation as seen from the majority of the tv viewing audience…and not as she envisages it to be…

  20. The only one thing that I disagree with Rick…these are my theories based on watching NG on tv and reading lots of released documents, watching and listening to many interviews, and reading informative blogs…

    I think that Cindy knew earlier on that Casey killed Caylee…and they don’t want to lose two family members to death…they would rather see Casey spend life in prison than for her to get the death penalty…

    I believe that Cindy deliberately destroyed evidence by washing the clothes that were in the trunk of the car…and confusing an investigation by holding back information…not giving them the right hairbrush and etc….

    And as computer nerds as they all are…Cindy said in one of her interviews something about the family password being casa de anthony…and then each family member has their own personal codes…she knew theirs…

    And I believe during the month that Casey and Caylee were absent…I believe that Cindy searched into Casey’s emails looking for things…and she probably found enough info to start figuring out what Casey had been up to…

    And until Cindy found Casey that day, confronted her…and still no Caylee…I believe that Cindy knew at that time just what type of daughter that she had enabled…and I believe this is when she knew Caylee was dead…

    A person can believe something when that person keeps saying it over and over…they will begin to see and feel it as the truth…

    I believe that Cindy keeps saying it over and over so she can keep Caylee alive in her mind…and in hopes to save Casey in the process….

    Hopefully the FBI will charge Cindy Anthony too with crimes of destroying evidence, confusing an investigation, giving them the wrong hairbrush…and a whole lot more charges…

    If Casey ends up getting life in prison….then Cindy needs to get 10-20 years in prison too…they both are guilty…

  21. I honestly think that it is quite possible that C didn’t know anything until after the fact. I think that she would have done anything to stop Casey from doing anything of harm to Caylee; she would have taken Caylee over letting Casey harm her. I do think, however, that C did assist in some way after the fact that Casey hurt Caylee. Definately because she doesn’t want to lose both Caylee and Casey.
    Since she washed the clothes and the knife from the trunk, she was already helping Casey. When she called 911, I don’t think she really knew the severity of what Casey had done yet.
    I know that G felt the truth from the time they took that car off the tow lot – he knew what he smelled and he can’t take that back now. I definately don’t think G had anything to do before or after the fact.
    As for Lee, I don’t think he had anything to do with Caylee’s murder at the time but I do believe that he could have assisted Casey after the fact, by moving the body (as sick as it sounds). When they found out what really happened is a question in my mind. I feel that Lee knew firsthand, then C, then G; but like I said, C&L had a hand in assisting.
    Let Casey die in jail, who gives a rats a$$, she killed her baby out of spite and jealousy – let them kill her like she killed her baby, she deserves nothing but the best method of torture.
    It is so sad to see that C&G are living in a fantasy world, it must be hard without precious Caylee but they also need to pay her the respect that she deserves and put her to rest once and for all. They’ve already lost Casey, so may as well treat their granddaughter with the uttmost respect that she has always deserved.
    I do think that Casey wanted to start an escort service or become involved in one, she planned on leaving FL for CA to be involved in that line of work and it wouldn’t have worked out if she had Caylee. Heck, she could have left Caylee in FL with G&C and went off and did her thing and died of AIDS.
    I think that both C&L need to be charged with crimes regarding destroying evidence and assisting in the murder of Caylee after-the-fact.

  22. All the Anthony’s need jail time. The death penalty
    will work for Casey. I wish the FBI could administer
    a truth serum and Caylee could be found and put to rest. Since Casey never shows any emotions when searchers think they have found Caylee, I wonder if
    Casey burned her (after removing her from the trunk)
    with the stolen gas cans? Especially since Tony, lover boy, didn’t want any little girls around and Casey was determined to have Tony, look who won out???

  23. Mary-
    I would hope that Casey wouldn’t have burned poor little Caylee; then again I hoped that she wouldn’t have killed her either. I am not sure, it’s quite a possibility since they haven’t found her remains. Also, Casey said one time “they haven’t even found the clothes she was wearing (Caylee)” – what does that tell you? That it’s like a challenge to her, so she could see how long they can keep all those poor people searching for Caylee.
    Tony must and should feel like sh!t right now for ever making comments like that; Casey was obsessed with him and he should have seen that, then to make a comment like that? Then again, he didn’t know what a psycho she is.

  24. This is all so tragic, and George and Cindy, whew, i’m not sure whether to feel sorry for them or be angry their sheer stupidity. Am i the only one that just wants to grab Cindy and shake her til her teeth rattle and say in her face “caylee is dead!”??? and CT, the problem with Cindy and George taking Caylee was not something Casey would let happen, that sociopath was in competition with her daughter, i think she resented the baby and was jealous of her and there’s no way she would have let all the attention, affection and most of all the $$$ be devoted to the little girl by the grandparents. Casey killed the baby, i hope she gets the death penalty, but more important (sigh) i wish George and Cindy would stop wasting time and $ and energy on searching for Caylee and dedicate it all to searching for the body and bring Caylee home to be put to rest. I agree with Rick on one thing, it goes beyond denial with those two, they are two of the stupidest individuals i’ve ever seen. I think Lee may have the only brains in that family and be the only one close to “normal” he’s distanced himself, he wants no part of all the media hype they create, i think he wants no more part of the lies and denial, he’s keeping his distance and a low profile, and i also think he’s the only one that may have faced the fact that caylee is dead. and if he hasn’t, he’s the only one smart enough to keep his mouth shut and not make a total fool of himself exposing stupidity to the entire country through the medial. and i agree that maybe the only reason George and Cindy haven’t been charged with some crime in connection (obstruction or something like that) is that the police figured out early in the investigation that their only crime is that they are simply incredibly stupid. those poor investigators….it must be like Alice down the rabbit hole dealing with that family.
    after watching the interview tapes with casey, it’s a good thing for her i won’t be on that jury, i would vote to convict her of 1st degree murder with the death penalty even without the body based on those interviews alone, it doesn’t take a degree in criminal justice after watching the interviews to figure out she’s killed the baby.

  25. I finally got to read all of the documents. This case is very frustrating but it’s going to hopefully be a lesson to parents and adults out there. There are too many dysfunctional families out there 😦 and the A’s are in the top category.

    Cindy was right when she said Casey was her ” best friend ” murdering Caylee is not the first thing Cindy has tried to cover up or get Casey out of. Stealing from her grandparents and all sorts of other fraud was the beginning to this end.

    The documents also claim that George is not Casey’s father?!

    Rick is absolutely correct and an honorable guy. I hope that ppl will respect his honesty ( read all of the documents ) Nancy Grace needs to call him and invite him to her show! Like the rest of us, Rick only wants justice4Caylee and doesn’t give two shits about the crazy A’s. Yes! Cindy is his sister but we all know right from wrong. Cindy has made her bed.

  26. ^ tonhil, I’m with ya 110%

    I would like to buy Rick dinner. So he called he an > idiot < lol! I have called her worse.

    Rick! if you’re out there…. we support & appreciate you, your honesty & integrity 🙂

  27. Cindy has just obviously just been pretty stupid all her life. Her husband cheats and steals from her. And she stays with him because Florida law states she would have to give him half? LOL.. OF WHAT? DEBT? LOL…She should have signed it over to George and count her losses. And run the hell away from both those bums.She has been supporting both those losers. I would be damned if I was at work and my significant other was loungeing around at home.. It really isn’t a act Cindy is really really dumb!! And thats why Casey treated her the way she did.She saw parents as total nobodys.SO she’s nothing but a person who does nothing but yak her lips. She is all talk no action.

  28. Just as casey has created this fictious nanny in her imaginary sick mind. Is the same mentality in which Cindy has created this world in which Caylee is alive.Truth, facts and reality is something those 2 can not deal with. Casey tells the story and Cindy creates the chapters. These 2 despise one another I have no doubts about that, but in a sad, pathetic, disturbing way they feed off each others weaknesses.

  29. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving day!
    NG was interesting tonight. The show was more like watching a story than her usuall.

    Rick has been on blogs in the past. He has always claimed he never understood Cindy and her relationship with Casey. The distant family have kept an arms length from these wack jobs. Who would want to get drug in the middle of this mess? You can see how Cindy reacted to Rick. She is not going to listen to anyone. She has selective hearing when it comes to the evidence.

    The dirt is going to be dished. All of it will be mind blowing!

  30. Hi Christine and all….hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving..

    Joann..you r right on…that Cindy and Casey hate one another.

    I really enjoyed Nancy tonite as well. Browsed thru most of the documents…alot were just repeats.

    I would love to know the story Casey has told Baez. Somehow I think she may try to put the blame on her mother, father or Lee.

  31. Christine.. What was in that fragmented email you read from Lee to Casey? I only saw the one Cindy wrote to Casey…
    Dwilliam.. I thought the same thing Casey is going to turn on them to save herself!! CASA DE ANTHONY IS ON QUICKSAND!!

  32. Mary-it would be great if LE could give them all truth syrum-all the lies and wild goose chases have LE tied up badly-the hours they have in this are probably more than what we can imagine-from early on I have said this is completely scripted,and who better than George would know exactly how to disrupt the entire case from day one-it just doesnt make any sense at all that Sindee,and georgette,didnt ask to see Caylee within the first 7 to 10 days that CaseyKiller didnt bring Caylee around to see them at all-fight or not,between them,I would demand to have my grandbaby with me weekly.To me,Sindee is just a smoke screen,and her excuses for lying will be “I WAS MEDICATED TO THE EXTREME”-for now they are all getting away with there lies,but in the end and after trial,verdict,and sentencing they will all fall like dominoes.LE REALLY DOES HAVE THEM ALL COOKED !

  33. The NG special which aired yesterday (Thanksgiving eve.) gave me total chills. It is/was a documentary about the timeline and facts. I got a thourough picture of how crewsome and devious this witch is. Today part II will air a t 8 pm. There are few commercial, and NG speaks in in a calm but factual tone. All the lies are now transparent.

  34. The NG special which aired yesterday (Thanksgiving eve.) gave me total chills. It is/was a documentary about the timeline and facts. I got a thourough picture of how crewsome and devious this witch is. Today part II will air a t 8 pm. There are few commercial, and NG speaks in in a calm but factual tone. All the lies are now transparent.

  35. Food for thought. We heard ‘they haven’t even found the clothes she was wearing’ from Leonard Padilla on NG. He had heard this at the house and it ‘got around’. When NG asked him about it he said he did not have the EXACT words.
    I appreciate LP’s attention to detail and how he comes up with theories. I’m not second guessing him BUT I want to say that it is possible/likely that Casey said ‘they haven’t even found out the clothes she was wearing’.
    Do you see the difference? ‘…found the clothes’ vs ‘…found out the clothes’.
    As if she was in a position to bitch about the investigation!!! (but thats not my point).
    Anyways, I just wanted to point this out because I can barely understand the particular english dialect that Casey and her family are speaking in the tapes and videos, even the written transcripts.
    The combination of TOO MUCH talk, plays on words, doubletalk, ums, nicknames, slang, slurring, mumbling, stuttering, repetition of statements and even entire words omitted from what should be basic speech is just redflags for me.
    The language is a weird combination of grade school grammar, slang and embarrassing use of words such as ‘potentially’. Both Cindy’s and Casey’s adoption of effected speech with authorities and media such as ‘Yes sir’ compared to the dialect they use at home is, in my opinion, very telling.
    Its telling of their attitudes basically.
    I don’t think we will ever get much out of what is said or interpreted. Namely what happened to Caylee and where she is. Thats my food for thought.
    I try to focus on the actions as in ‘actions speak stronger than words’ and not to get drawn into a war or words…especially with Casey or Cindy!
    In this case, about the ‘clothes’, I think Leonard Padilla screwed up on the language and text.

  36. Good Morning! Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. I was wondering about Cindy’s other 2 brothers. I wonder how they feel and if we will ever hear from them, maybe at trial? I wonder how Cindy will face the public after these “neck breaking” searches got out? She has no shame she will say “no comment” about all that and that Caylee is alive.

  37. Tonill, you know what the Anthony’s are going to say about the “neck breaking” google search? Casey was
    going to buy a live chicken and cook it! OR maybe that the maid did it! I have seen a maid in the background on some of the vidoes of Caylee. Surely,
    they will put blame on her, too. Anyone but Casey!!!!
    Cindy has blamed the FBI, Orange County Police, the media, friends and everyone else that she has come in contact with.

  38. The BUTLER did it, right Mary lol. I can not wait to see how she acts now,. I know for a fact if asked about it she will say no comment on that. Remember one of the last interviews she did the reporter asked her how she felt about Casey being out partying while Caylee was missing and Cindy said oh I have no comment on that. She never has a comment when confronted with Casey’s “wrongs”

  39. I didn’t think Rick sounded at all dysfunctional. His angry email shows he’s disgusted that no matter what Cindy hears, she’ll continue to pretend Casey is just a misunderstood victim. Rick is perfectly reasonable to be outraged that even though an innocent baby has been murdered, the grandparents only want to defend the slimy ‘mother of the year.’

    As far as George pushing his dad through a plate glass window, we’re only hearing part of that story & we have no idea what might have started that incident OR whether his dad was equally aggressive & it was a physical confrontation that got out of hand. I’m not trying to make excuses for anyone BUT I do believe there’s a difference between a one-sided attack & a fight between 2 ‘willing’ people.

  40. Maybe Cindy can try to pin the computer searches on that bad person who broke into the locked tow yard to plant a dead body in poor Casey’s car & then broke back in to the locked tow yard to REMOVE the stranger’s corpse before George arrived to open the trunk? lol

  41. LI Mom-you are the only one who actually spoke with good words…..i do agree with you, people only see things one sided….there is alot more coming soon….

  42. if SINdee were my sister,id jap slapper in the pie hole-looks like georgette did that already,check out her nose,and her new PHIL SPECTOR HAIRCUT-greetings to all from Ohio,hope you all had a great thanksgiving-‘HEY CASEYKILLER HOW WAS YOUR TURKEY DINNER’??? GET USED TO IT YOU LYING LITTLE FREEK !

  43. Hey LI_Mom~LOL! Cindy will blame anyone other than Casey. Wonder if there were finger prints on the car from when this mysterious person put the dead body there. Cindy says some whoopers, doesn’t she? And she thinks we are dumb enough to believe her whoopers.

  44. July 15
    Once Cindy found Casey at Tony’s home, Cindy knew Caylee was dead.

    When Cindy called the police and stated, “My granddaughter has been stolen and my daughter has been loooking for her…Somethings wrong…”
    That’s when the cover up started.

  45. Rick said it all….He tells the truth in the emails. Cindy is an idiot. That’s just for starters. She’s also, evil, ignorant and gives herself an “A” for being extremely clever. She thinks she has outsmarted LE including the FBI. She thinks that if she repeats the lies about Casey long enough, eventually we all will believe them. I really don’t and never have seen her as the grieving grandmother. Sorry, I think she’s as cold-hearted as Casey her evil spawn. I think there was incest in the family maybe Lee and Casey or?
    But to Cindy, I have a message: Caylee is dead! Earth to Cindy: Caylee was killed by your evil daughter! There is no abductors and Caylee IS NOT coming home for Christmas. (Unless it is in a box) Also, the more TV shows you go on, the stupider you sound. So, Cindy, why don’t you just shut-up! If you read this, please realize how many people loathe you and your worthless, hoe daughter. Ginger W (Ret) RN I can’t believe you are an RN; some one who is supposed to have empathy and nuture those who are sick. What a load of crap. I wouldn’t let you nurse a fly! How you ever got a license is beyond me.

  46. One-time friend:
    I don’t think anyone on this blog really cares what has gone on in Rick’s personal life. He obviously has not done anything illegal or life threatening. We can all agree that he will have his side of the stories you mentioned. It is very obvious that Rick has a very clar picture of his sister and her family. I think all of us here will agree that Rick handled the situation like many of us would under the circumstances. Regardless of what Rick has been through in his personal life…let’s not take the focus off of what Casey, Cindy, George, and Lee have done! Rick is right on target!

  47. one time friend, Wow! how do you know sooooo much about Rick? hmmmmmm????

    At least Rick has the integrity to tell the truth and put the murdered child * first *

    As fas as Rick’s personal life goes, to quote from one of Cindy’s emails, there are TWO sides to every story and to quote myself* then there is the truth* Lets put Caylee first here. She couldn’t defend herself and is clearly the victim of a very dysfunctional family & tragedy.

  48. nanna: One-time friend sounds more like a family member! Taking the focus off of the guilty and throwing stones at the innocent! We all know how good the Anthony’s are at doing this! 😉

  49. Something else bothers me regarding demonizing George. George was so honest in his interviews & we have to assume with the grand jury. It was truly painful to hear a father have to admit these terrible things about his own daughter but his love & concern about CAYLEE overcame his desire to blindly protect Casey from being held accountable.

    Even though George chooses to stand by Cindy’s side to defend Casey now, I find that to be understandable because despite what he says he & we all know that when it COUNTED he did the right thing. His ‘public stance’ really is immaterial because a jury will be looking at what he said to investigators NOT what he later ‘wished’ were the truth when he spoke to the media. I have no real problem with George clinging to the hope that Caylee might still be alive… the man’s heart has been broken. He comes across as being so HUMAN & emotional, unlike the rest of the family.

    I wonder if Cindy has seen that picture of Casey that was circulating around the internet the other day (AB-SOLUTELY gross!)…. it seems George did not tell Cindy about the 1,200 “bad” pictures the investigators found on Casey’s computer & cell phone. He wanted to spare her & he probably also didn’t want to hear her try to come up with some idiotic explanation for how & why the pics were even taken or why Casey saved them.

    Someone needs to explain to Cindy that when Casey is sentenced, the jury & the judge will not show any mercy to Casey if her own family continues to pretend Casey is some type of victim & that she has good reason to NOT help LE find poor little Caylee.


  51. One time friend~ And how does that pertain to Caylee?..Sounds like Casa de Anthony may be lurking over blogs. Low life scum? Hmmm same terminology Cindy used to Rick to desscribe bloggers he had been posting with.. Hmmm..
    All I have to say about all that you posted was whatever Rick has done or whatever happened in regards to his son or grandson ex wife, mother-in -law. Has nothing to do with the death of Caylee..
    Rick and his mother have stood up for what is right..They went against the grain. And realized the truth is much better than living a lie. Something that the Casa de Anthony will never ever have the courage to do.Takes courage to stand in the middle of something so public and say no thats not the truth. I say no matter what Ricks personal life may hold I’m more than sure he can look in the mirror and know he has no grandchild missing who is dead. Can cindy or George do that?

  52. Maybe Rick actually disceplines his kids and refuses to put up with lying, cheating & stealing ect. from them or any other family member. Not everyone just wants to be ” best friends ” with their kids. Look how Casey turned out. She may have some mental issues too, well see when the trial gets going but her parents aren’t/weren’t the best role models and there has been no boundaries for this skank! She should have been kicked out a long time ago, w/out Caylee being used as a pawn or accessory.

    Team Caylee & Rick.

  53. LI-Mom…what photos? New ones or the old ones already seen????

    Casey has a warped sense of self. She has no regard for herself or anyone else around her. She belongs locked up.

    I believe Casey has spent her young life trying to figure out how to love and how to be loved. In the process, she ended up distroying everything and everyone in her life.

    Somewhere along the line Casey was damaged as a child. Sexual abuse fits the bill. Casey learned her body was a way to manipulate and control. She holds the key to the family secrets while the others strive to keep it covered up. They will all be exposed.

    I have a feeling that Casey has already told Baez that she was abused and allot more family dirt. Cindy, George, and Lee, better be thinking of how to defend themselves against allegations.

    I think the abuse is what Casey used over their heads to get away with all that she did in that household. Caylee was the one thing that kept Casey tied to the family. I think she wanted a new life and freedom and sevored the tie while obtaining the ultimate revenge for all of her own pain.

    GEORGE IS JUST AS SICK AT THE REST OF THEM! The only difference is that George has police a background and knew he had to give LE something!

    George could have very well called LE the minute he went to the tow yard and smelled that vehicle. He and Cindy began covering the evidence as soon as they got the car home! They knew Caylee was dead at the hands of Casey.

  54. If you are looking for a “hero” in this mess, Rick is not the person. He’s just as crazy as the rest of them. I never said that Cindy, George, Lee, and Casey were innocent. The only victims in this entire mess are Casey’s grandparents and Caylee. I can’t imagine what Shirley Plesea must be going through, not only losing her great-grandaughter, but also seeing her entire family fall apart. I feel absolutely terrible about Caylee, but seeing everyone praising Rick as he spouted off to Cindy, giving his “expert” advice (as always) and demanding answers, and convincing everyone that he’s the only sensible person in that family…he needs to be locked in the institution with the rest of them. The only reason nothing like this has happened to him is because Rick walked out on his family, including his own son and grandson.

  55. One-Time friend, I agree that a cheating husband is
    nothing to brag about but it does pale in comparison
    to a cold blooded, lying baby killer!

  56. The only hero in this messed up story was Caylee.. And Shirley Plesea is the only granparent who was the victim. From having to put up with a thieving grandaughter to a daughter who will not listen to her advise, and not to mention having to help in the care of her long liftime husband who is in a nursing center.
    But George and cindy victims? LOL.. They are nothing but enablers who are as far as most are concerned ungrateful human beings. They have had the best to try to help them.. From a high respected search team to high priced attorney who they personally could have never afforded 10 minutes with.. But yet the minute they are hit with facts. They are out publicly bashing them.
    How many parents or grandparents with missing children would love to have that kind of opportunity to have that.
    And as far as Rick goes..if he’s done something criminal thats one thing which he has not. And as far as him telling STUPID CINDY THE TRUTH well he has my respect. And compared to Cindy and her ramblings Rick does look like a expert!! The CASA DE ANTHONYS (AKA) HOUSE OF LIES!!! And Rick and Grandma Shirley wanted no part of it.

  57. Does anyone have the link to the emails between Cindy and her brother?? If so, please post them, I would appreciate it very much!!

  58. one time friend doesn’t like Cindy to me…whoever they are….they write much better grammer and sentence structure …..and sounds more educated than Cindy or George does….

  59. this blog is very interesting reading, glad i stumbled on to it. one comment to Onetimefriend…..it’s not only Rick pointing out how stupid cindy and george are, ummm i believe it’s pretty much the entire united states. have you listened to these two in the media? i have a 3 yr old grandson who would more than qualify to say how stupid the anthony’s are……..he is more logical, he’s more articulate, he can correctly convey a thought and use words he knows the meanting of, he has a better command of the english language and words than the anthony’s try to use and doesn’t botch them and misuse them and appear as stupid as george and cindy. so, rick is certainly in a position to call them stupid, hell the entire united sates is !

  60. Re-reading one-time friend’s post….

    sounds like they aren’t defending George and Cindy so much as pointing out that Rick isn’t perfect either

  61. Hey guys, hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I had to get away for a few days, too much Casey!
    The e-mails are very telling, sounds like there have always been family squabbles, on both sides, George & his dad, Rick & his son, Rick is telling Cindy like he thinks it is. Fortunately, I have a great relationship with my siblings, we are in our 50’s, guess we are lucky.
    Boston is right about Cindy, she continues to lie, that’s what keeps her alive. At the press conference, I did not see a woman, with perfect hair or clothes, I saw a shell of the person she was when this began. She probably is medicated, she has lost weight, & looks like she is not sleeping. She probably will not survive this, Casey will probably claim another life. I don’t think Cindy will be able to live with what Casey or for that matter, what any of them have done. I do not understand why this family could not have put an innocent child before a spoiled, murderous daughter.

  62. “LI-Mom…what photos? New ones or the old ones already seen????”

    A couple of days ago, a picture circulated on the internet showing Casey on her knees…. ummmm…. doing a Monica Lewinsky. Hopefully for Hillary, Bill is AS well endowed as Casey’s guy was. 😉

    The FBI informed George that they found 1,200 “BAD” pics on Casey’s computer & cell phone. And George couldn’t bare to tell Cindy because it was so disgusting.

    Maybe it would have been better for Cindy if he did tell her so she’d have a CLEAR understanding of what Casey has been doing with her time? But I can certainly understand a parent not being able to share such a horrible thing with a child’s mother.

  63. One-time friend, I’m sure there are very few families that don’t have their own problems & skeletons in the closet.

    Divorces, cheating, children in trouble with the law, unwanted pregnancies, financial problems, even being controlling or fighting frequently…. there are no perfect families in real life.

    It’s what this family does when there’s a crisis that is the problem.

    I’m still going to wait until we hear testimony from experts & friends about how this family was when Casey was growing up…. and when Casey ‘snapped’ and became a monster.

    No matter HOW controlling or difficult the relationship between a mother & daughter is…. we almost always see the daughter either move out & leave her unwanted child behind OR we see her grow up & become a responsible adult & support her child away from a controlling mother.

    Casey could have very easily just left Caylee at the only home she ever knew & gone off to live the party life she craved. Her parents would have LOVED to have a household that was peaceful & calm and safe. Instead Casey chose to kill her child because she couldn’t stand to think Caylee didn’t need or miss her AND Casey CHOSE to destroy her entire family as icing on the cake.

    I can’t imagine Cindy was SO bad that it drove Casey to such a sick end. In a nutshell, Casey still had the mentality of a high school kid & I think if not for Caylee, her parents would have kicked her out years ago. Because of Caylee, they were forced to close their eyes to so much outrageous behavior so they wouldn’t lose that sweet baby.

  64. I can see Cindy being that bad.. LOL.. We see it all the time.. She’s way controlling. She has all the signs of being a narrissist.
    After reading the interviews we all see what kinda family Dynamics were going on.
    Cindy even stated to caseys friend Ryan that her daughter was a sociopath.. She knew! Her dad knew! They all knew.. Brittany Schieber describes the jealousy and bickering these 2 did.
    In the new documents released A neighbor describes how Casey was outside yelling at her mother and telling her F.. you! And Cindy did nothing. At least mot publicly!! Thse 2 were not going anywhere they fed off each other.
    Cindy And George are just as much to blame for all that continues to happen. They never stood for anything. or else thier daughter would have known how far not to go.
    I know I would have never ever spoke to my mother like that and my 2 girls would and have never spoken to me like that. EVER!!
    Much less steal from me.
    To look at Cindy is to see the face of guilt. All that went on behind those closed doors is slowly coming out and its much worse than what we imagined.

  65. I agree Joann. I would have NO teeth if I spoke to my parents like Casey speaks to Cindy & George. I also would NOT even THINK!!! of stealing from ANYONE!

    I started working at 13 ( babysitting ) and after I graduated from school & a tech. college, I started paying rent to my parents & lived by THEIR rules, until I moved out.

    What is going on with the way kids are raised now???? How the hell are these kids going to survive out there?!

    Casey was raised to think the world revolved around her and that there was no cause of effect for her actions.

    You really have to ask yourself how many more Caseys will there be?! it’s ” skerry “

  66. Boston said:
    July 15
    Once Cindy found Casey at Tony’s home, Cindy knew Caylee was dead.

    When Cindy called the police and stated, “My granddaughter has been stolen and my daughter has been loooking for her…Somethings wrong…”
    That’s when the cover up started.

    Boston, I totally agree. She was freaked out and it sounded real, now it’s all covering up and “denial”.

  67. joann68, I agree with you. I really appreciate George’s honesty in those interviews. Thank God, someone from that family opened up and spoke the truth. But at the same time, knowing all this is going on and saying that you love your granddaughter more than anything and would die for her, it makes you wonder why nothing was done sooner? I think he just put up with it and never thought it wouuld go any further. I don’t know. It’s too bad he and Cindy let Casey get away with so much all the time. Even George said he knew she was stealing money, yet he’d give her money and give her gas. They failed Casey by letting her get away with so much and never doing anything about it.

  68. Who cares if Rick has a past- most people do in some way. I am sure there are two sides to that story as well. At least give him credit for trying to get through to his sister! When he sent those emails to her, he had no idea they would become public. I think the point he is trying to make is the one of Cindys protectiveness towards Casey- at all costs. After watching this charade for 6 months most of us agree that the Anthonys are covering up everything. The liguistics in their speech tells a story as well.

    I called 911, you know, and Casey was at home, you know. You know I did that to, you know, make it sound worse than it , you know, actually was. LOL

  69. I’m not saying George and Cindy are responsible for Caseys behavior but they are responsible for what happens under thier roof. When you enable the type of behavior they did with Casey like lying, stealing, making up false resumes that makes you just as guilty. If any of my daughters decided to move back home after college the same rules that were applied before they left will be waiting for them.
    Cindy is riddled with guilt. She knew way back then Casey was headed for disaster. And all she ever did was threaten and never acted on it. Now it’s too late.They can plaster thier faces and voices all over every national network known and proclaim thier love for Caylee but they never did prove it by securing her safety.A room full of stuffed animals and a million pictures all over the walls doesn’t mean love. And in death they refuse to accept it and allow her to lay out there like flung out piece of trash. And thats why the Anthonys make me sick. If they would finally do the damn right thing and acknowledge that casey has done this and make her stand alone I guarnatee you that Beeotch will crack like humpty dumpty..

  70. Well as long as Ricks son and grandson are alive or his son is not in a cell indicted on capital murder.. I would safely say he’s still way more ahead than Cindy!!

  71. I have heard nothing about the “bad” photos that are circulating, or news that the photos were found on her cell phone?

    Casey had to have been exposed to sexual knowledge at an early age. She very well could have been getting money from performing sex acts. Searching escort sites was an avenue she could persue exclusively after killing Caylee. As I have stated before, this behavior is classic for sexual abuse.

  72. One-time friend: The only possible hero in this case is the one who can find Caylee’s remains so she may be laid to rest. Leonard Padilla

    There may have been ugly things going on in that home that were shoved under the rug. Hint CAY-LEE

    Casey may be known to lie…but this whole family is a mass of twisted tales and deception.

  73. Why would Casey have been an escort? Escorts make money. If she were making money she wouldnt need to steal and live at home.

    As they say- why buy the whole cow when you can get the milk for free?

  74. Christine, I agree about Leonard, he’s the only one who has been determined to find Caylee, she deserves to be found & given a proper resting place. Even if she is never found, he honestly gave it his best effort, I commend him for that! Her family has been too concerned about looking for her alive, when they know she is not, just cast doubt & defend Casey. that is what is so sad, as much as they loved this child, they are looking the other way just to try to protect Casey.

  75. “Why would Casey have been an escort? Escorts make money. If she were making money she wouldnt need to steal and live at home.
    As they say- why buy the whole cow when you can get the milk for free?”

    OMG! I have wondered the same thing.

  76. Christine is correct…Some of us have said for several weeks now that we believe that Casey was molested at a very young age. Others agree, but we have no proof only the way she has turned out makes us suspect that someone close to her was abusing her sexually. Who could it be? George or Lee or some family friend. It’s not fair to accuse Geo or Lee without proof, however, who else was very close to Casey while she was growing up? She shows all of the signs of a molested child. Sezual promiscuity, self-absorbed behavior, emotionless responses to sad and heinous situations, introspection, flat affect, lying when telling the truth would be easier, etc. Maybe in some sick sense, Casey really is a victim. A victim was created who then victimized someone smaller and weaker then herself in order to maintain her fairy tale life style. Sexually abused children grow up to live in their own world as adults many times. It’s the only way they can feel Okay about themselves and make the hurt go away. Cindy and George are definetly hiding a lot of family problems that started over 20 years ago, I feel. Cindy knows who molested Casey and feels guilty as sin about it. That is why she has never tried to raise Casey to be a decent, caring human being. She has tried to make up for the molestation by giving Casey anything and everthing she has always asked for. As a retired RN, I used to counsel molested adults who were used by family predators when they were children. They feel dirty, they have no self-esteem and many want to commit suicide. They have no healthy perception of the adult male/female relationship, hence, many are very promiscous. I wanted to write this, only because people should understand that the Anthony fanily has issues that started many years ago. Cindy could have straightened these peoblems out years ago, but coldn’t bring herself to face the truth. Now, she is face with a 22 year old daughter who is an evil murderer. Cindy thinks denial is a river in Egypt. For you who think Cindy will eventually see thes light, forget it. She’s in the denial mode and will remain there indefinetly. That’s her safety net. Ginger W. (ret RN)


  78. Ginger…you are so right!

    Not everyone in that situation grow up to kill, but they do end up with serious problems in life. Many end up as postitutes. I believe Casey was heading in that direction herself.

    Could be that Caylee was being molested as Casey had been? We don’t know.

  79. Oh my!…. and I thought I had problems with my sister. I am gonna call her today and tell her how much I love her. This is crazy and beyond immature.
    This is so sad. I can see why Cindy and Casey have problems. The hate and anger has been going on for who knows how many generations!!!???!!!

    The brother makes a “lot” more sense than Cindy though.

    The weirdest part is reading this and then thinking of the comment that Cindy made about how she(herself) and George are the only ones that will be able to go through the pearly gates knowing they have done everything right. Makes total sense to me.

    But don’t you just wish that Caylee had been given up for adoption? She would first, be alive and second, with a more stable family. How incredibly sad.

  80. FYI, I am not Cindy Anthony, nor am I Rick’s ex-wife Pam. I worked with Rick at Packard Electric in Reliabilty for a few years before he retired. Trust me, I know him, and so did everyone else at Packard. He was nothing more than a skirt-chasing, conceited moron who everyone called “Sick Rick.”

  81. WOWEE-CHI-WOWEEE-AFTER READING UP ON THIS POST…phew…wtf do i say-many of you hit the nail on the head-hey one time friend-‘see my name’??? I have nuttin to hide,my words are never perfect,nor my speeling eider=either-i have 2 x wives,one i crapped out on with anodder womans,and a nutter one that cheated on me at age 40-i hate my brother because he is a drunken low life user that controls my mom and dad and my over jealout sister whom is a ‘false prophet’…know what that is?look it up in a King James in the back where u can find it easily-i also have a 27 yr old daughter that has 2 daughters,my grandbabys which ive only seen one of them twice-there mother and im-mature daddy say i abandoned them,when i am the one that has approached them several times,to correct there wrongs BY SPEAKING TRUTH-does this bull shit make me a bad guy? a loser? a skirt chaser? hell im 51 and i still enjoy looking at women in pretty dresses,and my girlyfriend loves it,that i am human,and man enough to look her in the eye and say ‘CHECK OUT THAT DRESS”-OR GOOF AROUND AND SAY ‘WONDER IF SHE HAS ANY FRIES TO GO WITH THAT SHAKE”-ya see,we both learned too easily for too long that it IS EASY TO GET ALONG,WITHIN TRUTH FIRST-BEING OPEN AND HONEST WITH EACH OTHER AND WITH OTHERS.IT WORKS.YOU SHOULD TRY IT.AND BY THE WAY,KHARMA IS A TERRIBLE THING NOT TO SPREAD AROUND,IN THE RIGHT WAY.the end-all words soken with 100% honesty-my name is WILLIAM HILTON AND I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE !!!

  82. William you are too much sometimes!! But it keeps laughing!!! My girls were walking in the front door coming back from seeing thier dad before they head off tommorow back to college. And I’m in front of the computer laughing at your post!!..

  83. To the one who asked about the bad pic of Casey, it was Casey all made up and her mouth was on something, it was an XXXX pic, the link was posted by someone on Topix website but then it was removed. As far as 1200 other bad pics have not seen them online.

  84. William, well said! 🙂 i think i like your way cool girfriend, i’m mid 40’s and not only do i appreciate the “dog” in my guy, i’m the one more often to point out “hey, babe, check out the rack on that hottie” we’ve both had a past, you’re right William, doesn’t make us “bad people” or what we say untruth, i have a 23 yr old son that will barely speak to me mainly because he thinks he’s better than everyone else and his mother doesn’t meet his gay standards of acceptability (go figure, mom loves him unconditionally and accepts he is gay but he can’t accept and love mom back without conditions) and then i have a 26 yr old daughter who i am very close to and we have a wonderful realtionship, as well as her 3 yr old son who it my whole life and heart, and loves his grandma “more than the whole wide world” as he tells me….hey, just goes to show that sometimes schitt happens with people in life and there will always be those who pass judgement no matter what we do. so “sick rick” wasn’t perfect, neither am i, but i can promise you that has nothing to do with the fact that i’m not blind to my siblings, my son, my daughter’s faults or problems. so rick isn’t perfect, what’s that got to do with him knowing his sister and her dysfunctional family enough to point out and call her on her b.s.?

  85. Oh wow.. I saw that pic Rome your describing and when I went to compare it to one of the pics humble has posted on “many faces of Casey anthony” the resemblense is strong!!! Looked like she was posing for a sex site!!!

  86. One-time friend: Seems Cindy and her brother, Rick have their own dysfunctions that have been passed on to the next generation.

    Unfortunataly, there is no turning back what Casey has done to Caylee. I think all Rick was attempting to do was to get Cindy to admit to knowing of Casey’s lies. It is always easier to judge your siblings from the outside looking in.

    I have enlightened my sister on a few things I have seen regarding her kids. I did this to help wise her up. Like Rick, I am far from perfect, but I was sure able to see what was going on and felt an obligation to set the record straight.

    Sometimes family can shake sense into a person…it is worth a try especially knowing Caylee is still out there somewhere.

  87. WilliamH, LOL, honesty is always the best policy, you are always direct & to the point, your posts seem honest to me, & always funny.
    I think Rick knows what Cindy is like, & like any typical sibling, he is quick to point out her faults. We don’t know the circumstances of Rick’s failed marriage, or why he disowned his son. But maybe the whole bunch of them are messed up, I don’t know, I hate to judge people, especially when I don’t even know them. I wonder if they have ever gotten along. It is obvious, that things were messed up in the Anthony house long before Casey did whatever she did to Caylee. Cindy is probably dealing with alot of guilt, it may destroy her. So many things were wrong in their lives, & it’s becoming public knowledge, their dirty laundry is out there for the whole world to see. Now we know why there is no family backing them up. I wonder if in the beginning any of George or Cindy’s family ever helped search for Caylee, probably not, since the Anthonys didn’t search themselves.

  88. @Justice4all:

    Why would Casey have been an escort? Escorts make money. If she were making money she wouldnt need to steal and live at home.
    As they say- why buy the whole cow when you can get the milk for free?


    I have wondered if it weren’t GEORGE that was looking up the escort services while Cindy was @ work and Casey was doing the flava ‘o the week…..
    Anything is possible with this family.

    God Bless Caylee……

  89. spoiledmom- yes any dirty thing is possible in any family. the true fact is all the members of this family were alike but too many secrets they held tight.if they were really or at least one was honest with the other maybe this could have been different.

  90. chlry: correct, very correct. Just look at all the damage Casey has done. The ultimate act of Murder, along with destroying each of her family members and the family as a whole.

  91. This is exactally what I would have told CA….He is right to get rid of the relationshp from her…and the whole family…He should dis own them…I would be embarassed to be a part of that family.

  92. One-time-friend
    Awh come Cindy!! we all know it’s you. LOL.. just kidding!
    Sick Rick Huh?
    Well maybe we should call Cindy: Cindy-Nindy-com-poop
    So there you have it:
    Sick-Rick and Cindy-Nindy-com-poop

    Truth is….. Both are very very odd.
    But nevertheless, Sick Rick still makes more sense and his son has never murdered his grandson.
    Poor Caylee! I am still of the opinion that if Casey had done what she first wanted to do then Caylee would be:
    2-With a stable family most likely


  93. I heard Jesse Grund’s father say on NG that George had been having an affair and some other issues that Casey had told the Grund family about. Has anyone else heard more about this?

    This could explain more about Casey’s behavior. I read a really interesteing article that really resonated with me about the children who have a parent having an affair…they are at a high risk of being dishonest, having problems, etc. The reason it resonated with me is b/c it helped me understand a family member of mine who is a pathological liar and grew up with one parent having an affair…the other parent turning their cheek.

    Add to that, it seems Cindy has not been a good role model. She seems to be a big liar herself…and it seems from all that I have heard she has been a big enabler of Casey’s bad behariors. No wonder Casey is so screwed up.

    How the Anthonys cannot acknowledge that Casey had something to do with her daughter’s disappearance to me is ludicrous and not even believable. They must KNOW.

    IMO Casey’s behavior(shopping, partying, etc) following her daughter’s disappearance is proof enough that she had something to do with it/was not upset to have Caylee out of her life. Add in the lies, not giving one piece of useful information to police and the forensic evidence and there is NO OTHER conclusion. I feel she will get the death penalty. Poor Caylee.

  94. If Rick is reading this, I applaud you for taking a stand and trying to get Cindy to see the truth and for passing on the emails to LE. I truly believe you are trying to do the right thing and help Caylee. I know how frustrated you must have been to know that Casey has been taking advantage of your parents (and everyone else for that matter). I believe that if everyone in your family that knows what Casey is like and the things she has done would come forward and tell LE, it would truly help the case and keep Casey behind bars where she belongs.

    God bless you and your family.

  95. Rick’s e mail was scolding and only made Cindy more defensive. Now that more information is out it might be more effective for him to send a new e mail asking for her explanation of the “neck breaking” and “household weapons” google searches. It seems she needs to be put on the line to answer some of the hard questions if she is ever going to admit to herself what a monster Casey is. No?

  96. first the search for missing childrens storys then the cloroform then she deletes all caylees baby pictures from puter then teddy bear with noose around neck with statement why dose people kill people!then says they havent even found the cloths she was wearing then statement everyone lies everyone dies .then she never calls father that shes out of gas when she abandon the car for 2 weeks that she told boyfriend her dad will take care of it.then she steals from everyone even caylees piggybank and collegde bank account.then when cindy and casey were in car cindy was taking cacey to turn her in to police for steeling cacey said to cindy if you do this (youll never )then stops the statement. cindy knew what the threat was she would never see caylee again of course cindy did nothing.then calls her daughter the little snot head goes on shoping spree with stolen freinds checkbook cacey leaves parents house on june 16th at 1pm george said.not taking any clothes for caylee.now she gives caylee cloroform puts caylee in trunk to die same day after 1pm before she goes to boyfrinds. on same day at 8pm boyfrind and cacey are at blockbuster renting to murder movies no caylee with them why because shes in caceys trunk.borrows a shovel and changes her mind not to burry her in back yard and backs car up trunk facing gagarge puts caylee back in trunk an leaves then goes out and party and gets a tatoo that says (life is beutiful )TO top it all off. then cindy delibrately washes pants and now the switching of caylees hair brush FROM FBI. LEE TELLS PARENTS NOT TO TAKE LIE TEST AND NONE DO.THE BIG SECRET ABOUT WHO THE FATHER IS.CA Y LEE IS SPEAKING LOUD AND SHE IS SHOWING FEAR FOR SURE IN THE GREAT GRAND PARENTS LAP. SHE WAS BEING ABUSED.THESE THINGS ARE FACTS NOT REALY IN ORDER OF EVENTS THEY BETTER LEAVE THE DEATH PENTELY ON THE TABLE TO TELL WHERE CAYLEE IS.AND SO THESE DOSNT HAPPEN TO ANOTHER CHILD.

  97. That email exchange was the most hurtful, sophmoric bunch of tit-for-tat I have read since the 7th grade. Sounds like there are long standing issues in that family. One ginormous “blame game”. It does appear however, that Rick is at his wits end with his sister and was attempting, on some level to “shock” her into reality. It is really beyond my ability to understand how the Anthonys can continue to support their daughter any longer. The prudent thing to do, it would seem to me, is put pressure on their daughter, and a lot of it….make her crack….and put a finality to everyone’s suffering over the loss of their precious Caylee. This continuous looking for tips and sightings, and nonsense is only prolonging the ineveitable DEALING with the unthinkable truth that their daughter is a sociopathic murderer and their grandaughter is gone because of it. They will never heal without accepting the truth. I will pray that they will. The parents have the power to get to the truth and finally put Caylee to rest, grieve it, assign blame correctly and move forward.

  98. I agree debra r- the pressure needs to be put on KC. I personally feel that this public display by Cindy is two-fold. We all know from reading the documents that mom and daughter did not get along well most of the time. We also know that Cindy did a flip-flop on her story after the 16th. Per phone conversations, CA starts calling KC sweetheart and backpedaling. I seriously think that this public support was done to convince KC that her mom was on her side…possibly to gain more information. Ca has made me want to pull my hair out at times.. but in all fairness we all know she loved Caylee beyond measure. Putting myself in her shoes, knowing KC as she does…I suspect that her main motivation was to find Caylee. In a grandparents perspective, it would be so very hard to lose a beloved grchild, especially one that has been in your household daily. I don’t think I could ever cover up for one of my children in this way..but I have never been in such a horrible position either.I do agree that the covering up was SO very wrong…but perhaps it was easier to hold on to a lie, than to accept the finality of a loss. Anyone viewing Cindy at this point can tell that she is a shell of her former self. My opinion of her is not a good one at this point, but yes, I do feel compassion for her as well. One thing we should all remember is that when a tragedy strikes it is easy to sit and discuss it, but for the people involved it is a soul shattering and life altering event. Hindsight is always 20-20- and as human beings we may make dreadful mistakes and choices that we may forever regret. I think most of us agree that we would have handled the situtation differently in all aspects- but we weren’t the ones going through it at the time. JMHO

  99. The Anthony family made their bed….and now it is time to lay in it.

    Their bad choices have consequences. Those consequences are their lessons.

  100. Rick, you told Cindy what many people following this case want to tell her…Thank You for that…I know it must be hard and frustrating to you to have to be so blunt with her, but she needs to hear it often…She is in such denial…I can’t feel sorry for her anymore, I wanted to in the beginning, until she started lieing and blamming everyone but Casey…That is stupid..I will continue to pray for justice for Caylee who never had a say in any of this…Gods speed…

  101. The fact of Casey’s guilt is overwhelming…and was, from the very first moment this case hit the airwaves.

    All of us you have followed this case must remember back to July when we first read about a child not reported missing for a month. Every single parent in the world knew at that moment that this missing child was dead. And that the mother didn’t give a good god damn about its fate.

    What has kept this murder case going, though, is the absence of a body but there is not even the shadow of a doubt about what happened to Caylee Marie.

    My 20 year old took a bus to Baltimore yesterday and I was a wreck until I heard from her. If I don’t hear from my 24 year old, I worry about him as well!!!!

    The trial will convict Casey of the murder of Caylee and I predict that Cindy is going down as well as an accessory or accomplice.

    The endless lies of the Anthony family have been almost impossible to endure. The pathology of Casey is seen in her mother. Cindy and Casey lie as if lying is synonymous with speaking.

    And what the heck can you say about the pathetic characters George and Lee.

    Except that some of us believe that Casey could be the result of incest. I called out George early on, but there might be a more compelling reason to suspect that Lee is the dad.

    This clan is sick. I would literally have to kill myself if Casey was my daughter. At the very least, I would beat the crap our of her until she confessed what she did to my granddaughter.

    I am grateful to see this correspondence between Rick Plesea and Cindy Anthony. It reassures me to read that even family members see through the bs of the Anthony clan.

  102. I guess i see these emails a little differently than many. They make me feel sad for Cindy… and how foolish her loyalties have been to the most selfish people in her life…I realize through her brother’s insulting behaviors that she is an abused woman.. George is an abuser, Casey is an abuser, her brother Rick without a doubt is an abuser…who corresponds to their sister with such meaness at such a terrible point in her life.. You can put your point across without being so abrasively heartless..
    Cindy’s problem is that she is an enabler to her abusers.. She should have never responded to the email after he insulted her over and over…Cindy doesn’t want her family to fragment. So she does whatever she can to keep everything as tidy and neat as possible..doesn’t work… She puts too much energy into the selfish ones.. give yourself a break and break this cycle… get away from these munipulators… you tried to make your daughter less selfish by trying to get her to love her daughter as much as you loved your granddaughter… it didn’t work.. your son is more like you… i see in your youtube video’s you loved that little girl… that little girl knew it too.. I am not going to cast a stone on you because i would never want to walk in your shoes…. your heart must be so heavy….


  104. Let the courts take care of this. It looks bad for Casey, but wait to see what they prove in court. This should not be prosecuted in the blogs and/or media. I’m sure all will come out in the court. Everyone feels Casey killed her little girl, but was she alone? Only Casey knows for sure and the truth may come out in court.

  105. Bella not only Casey knows the truth but God himself knows and she will be judged. Spoiled Mom do you know the names of Kiomaries brothers and their ages??????

  106. I do not blame Rick in the least. God only knows his on going frustration (years) watching the exploits/lies of the Anthony family. Least we forget – it was HIS mom/dad made victims of Casey’s thievery! How angry would any of us be/ placing parents in facilitated living is arduous/ Who knows what administration of this place threatened when PAYMENT wasn’t made/ but had been re-routed to Casey. She does have her skills when they benefit her! She also forged payroll info from Universal (proving to Cindy she was working) she forged deposit slips, stole Cindy’s credit cards (Cindy would NOT turn over records to police!). Casey didn’t give a damn when she ABANDONED the car (was it really out of gas?) which ended up costing her rent a cop dad, over $500 in impounding fees/ Least we forget RICK was closer to baby Caylee than any of us/ How would we act if Cindy was our sister making a FOOL of herself on national TV – Everybody, FBI – scientists – cadaver dogs – detectives – Bounty Hunter – Equasearch etc, are WRONG and the ill educated Anthony family are the holders of TRUTH? Recall that Cindy blew off Jesse Grund’s father when he called her to report that Casey had stole $200 from him/ Cindy shrugged and said, “It was only once”/ It is evident with Cindy excusing, covering up, and lying for Casey (years) resulted in the death of a darling baby whose last song (July 15- nursing home) was, “Please don’t take my sunshine away” – ironic eh? A last plea and NOBODY HEARD IT.

  107. rick sounds like he is the only 1 in the family with any sence mabe rick needs to pay dumbass casey a visit in jail i bet casey would love to hear what he says way to go rick

  108. Rick Plesea isn’t that dumb and stupid as Cindy or her husband George everything he said to her in the e-mail was the truth but by the time those remains of caylee anthony was found he was right all along that Cindy was an idiot lying through her ass to cover up the truth by protecting when knowing that she was the only one with her daughter and Zenaida Gonzales didn’t have a damn thing to do with the bottom line he was telling the truth that casey had lied and stolen from her grandparents and all that shit but cindy decided to get back at Rick saying that never happened well she was wrong because she’s been lying about it too much and she was still wrong about the osco and the FBI not doing nothing because they already had to begin with ,rick was ahell of a lot to jump on her cause he got sick and tired of putting up that’s why he didn’t want know part of so HE TOLD HER SO that caylee was dead!

  109. Fact: Casey didn’t report Caylee missing. Cindy did

    Fact: She admitted to Lee that she hadn’t see her for 31 days,
    Fact: When Cindy calls 911, Casey can be heard begging for her to not report it and wait one more day.
    Before 911 answers, Cindy tells her “NO I have given you a month”
    Fact: If Casey had not left her purse in her smelly car, Cindy would have not found Amy’s Cell number
    in her purse
    Fact: Amy’s # was on the flight info that Amy had gave to Casey to pick her up at the airport.

    Fact: Had Cindy not called Amy, who knows how long Caylee would gone missing

    Fact: Casey had no intentions of letting the Grandparents see or talk to Caylee again, after the fight on June 15th

    Fact: fight was over Casey hacking into Cindy’s Mother Shirley’s, bank account.and stealing money for her a phone for a job she didnt have

  110. Hard to believe that a college graduate, (Isn’t Cindy an RN?) would have such horrible grammar. Neither one of them can spell to save their butts, either! I’m not so sure these are real….

  111. I think the only safe people in this case are those who had nothing to do with the Casey Anthony or George or Cindy. Lee is really a piece of work. His lies are like time on a clock ever ticking to favor his sister. This whole family is so dysfuntional that it makes me want to vomit. I often wonder if Cindy was a traveling nurse with home health care what did she say to her patients? How were they treated truly she needs medication or has she been delusional since Casey was born? George is a cop….COPS ARE COPS they are always trying to get at the truth (TRUTH YOUR DAUGHTER IS A MURDERER)…..but when faced with one of their own kind.(another cop) OH MY what a standoff. YOU LIE GEORGE YOU LIE! I think Rick paints a very good picture of his sister and her life. Ricks and Cindy’s mother I believe……The friends I do not think are covering for Casey.how could they they all say the same thing about her and her life since grade school……unless Cindy held class somewhere and enlightened them on what they were to say to LE…which i dont think happened because Cindy was in the Media’s ass all the time. Jose BOZO is just their whipping boy now! TO BAD DEATHROW ISNT COED….wonder how many men Casey could Woo into her cell>????

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