Orange County sheriff’s deputies are investigating possible remains of a child found this morning in the area of S. Chickasaw Trail and Suburban Drive.

A  utility worker found the child’s remains at 9:32 a.m. and called the sheriff’s office. The location is less than one-quarter mile from Casey Anthony’s home on Hopespring Drive.

An FBI investigator is headed to the scene.

The bones were found 1/3 mile from the Anthony’s house.   The bones were found in a plastic bag taped with duct tape.  Pictures from the air.    LP reaction.

REMAINS are size, sex and age of Caylee. It has all the indications that it is Caylee Marie Anthony! 

When Casey said that Caylee was safe and close to home, she was correct.  Caylee was now safe from her mother and she was close to home. 

It is said that finger prints can be taken off the inside of the duct tape.  It is also said that the plastic bag can hold fingerprints.  It is possible that fingerprints can also not be found on the bag.  It is said that forensics needs to take a sample of the air in the bag to see if there is chloroform in the bag. 

The Anthony is now part of the crime scene as they believe that Caylee died at the house.  It is also said that Mallory, Lee’s girlfriend that she text messaged Cindy about the findings.  Of course it has not been confirmed yet as Caylee!



DNA will take 3-4 days.  They can do a dental check and make an instant positive identification.  

Cindy and George should arrive at 4 pm.

Bozo has not been to the jail as of yet, and there is no evidence that he is at the jail as of yet.  No one knows if Casey knows that Caylee may have been found!

It is said that when the area was searched back in July, but it was underwater at the time.

The area where the body was found is where the kids, including Casey would go out and party.


A new warrant is being prepared to go back into the Anthony’s house.  They more than likely will search for duct tape, trash bags, pictures if clothes were found, etc.

Here is a video.

It is said that the body has been removed from the scene.  They A’s ARE on their way BACK TO FLORIDA!  When a deputy talked to Cindy and told them what they found, she said OK, and HUNG UP! 




  1. I found this on – It looks like Tim Miller and Leonard Padilla believe it is Caylee.

    According to information obtained by Eyewitness News, when the meter reader picked up the bag a skull fell out. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed to Eyewitness News that the body is a young child.

    “We are assuming they are the remains of a victim,” said Orange County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Jim Solomons.

    It is not clear at this point whether the body could be Caylee Anthony.

    “We know we have a recent discovery. We have investigators on the scene. We need to determine what we have,” said Solomons.

    Reports from the scene say deputies have set up a perimeter near a small retention pond. Eyewitness News report Kathi Belich said sources told her they were taking this very seriously and would expedite DNA test to determine if the remains were indeed Caylee’s.

    Tim Miller, founder of the Texas-based search group Equusearch, said he had been called by law enforcement officials and told they believed they had found Caylee Anthony.

    “The words were, ‘Tim, it looks like we got her,'” said Miller. “I’m surprised. It was one of them cases I thought would have never been found… I thought the best thing that would ever happen is that one day we could go to a funeral and say good-bye to this little girl… and it looks like that will happen.”

    “I’m just overcome with emotion and grief right now,” said bounty hunter Leonard Padilla, who has been a major part of search efforts to find Caylee’s body.

  2. it was said when the meter reader who found the bag picked it up to move it from the meter (i guess it was blacking it) a skull fell out onto the ground. bozo asked this morning to delay the case. he must have known it was found. i wonder what cindy and george think of this!

  3. Hye JB!Not sure, but I sure hope it is Caylee.
    Hey Cheyenne~I think they will be able to test hair samples if there are any left.
    Hey Mikka~I hope it’s a good cry! I feel a relief, I just hope it is her and she than can be laid to rest correctly.
    Hey JB~I try to update as soon as I get the info in. SO far I have found out is was a plastic bag with duct tape…more to come


  5. Hey Joann68~I am hoping it is her, this whole thing is out of control. C&G will of course claim the nanny did it, since they are claiming the wrong Zenaida has been found.
    Hey 00ciscokid00~Yep, a utility worker, he picked up the bag to move it and a skull fell out.

  6. also, accident or not, it still baffles me how she could do it.

    This utility guy just happened to wander out in this field and was going “potty” when he found it. Who would think?? He was meant to be there I guess.

  7. Hey Pak31~It doesn’t make much sense. I think she wanted it found, this way she could say that the Nanny Zani did it. Casey wasn’t as smart as people thought. Wonder what Cindy and George will say!

  8. Humble, God willing* it’s Caylee and the Cindy&George,dog & pony show will end.

    Cindy needs this more than anyone else because she is going to have to face the TRUTH and it’s going to then start the healing process. The lies & deception are disrespectful to Caylee.

  9. humble, I can only wonder what the Anthonys are going thru right now. They are on their way back but for them to be all the way in California, the agony on the flight will be awful. Wondering if they are shocked, in disbelief or what. They are thinking of their daughter Casey I am sure. What a mess. If this turns out to be Caylee, the mystery of where she is will be over, thank God but as a human being, I do feel sorry for all involved. Whether or not we like the Anthonys, they are human beings who have taken the wrong path in life. Why people kill, cheat, steal I don’t know but no one wins in this situation, no one. I am in no way saying I support the Anthonys or Casey, or what she’s done. I am just saying it’s a sad situation.

  10. joann you are right, I don’t think they said there were other missing little girls in the area and the fact that she was close to home, they were bones, which Caylee would be bones at this point, it only makes sense.

  11. Hey Pak31~I feel for them, I really do, but this is something they need. They have been talking in lies, about what has happened. This is their time to grieve. They can stop the madness they have caused.

  12. Who else could it be? No surprise. Timing was perfect. Something is fishy here. I say ask the State they may have had her body all along.
    The Anthony’s blew a gasket on LK last night.


  14. they can ‘re-attach’ the death penalty clause on miss priss CaseySkankHoe=especially depending on any aggravating circumstances they find on the remains-lets just hope this is the end to all the freeking lies-GOOD DAY TO ALL

  15. Pak31,

    I respectfully disagree with you. I do NOT feel sorry for the A’s, who have known all along that their p.o.s daughter,Casey killed a defenseless,three year old little girl, their GRANDCHILD!!

    I only hope and pray that it is Caylee and that now ALL of us can now show her the respect and love that she deserves.

    I’m sitting here crying over a little girl,I never even knew. The last video of her made me stay with this case.

    George & Cindy will have to face the facts & the truth. Their celebrity status, charde and wild goose chases will now end if this is indeed Caylee & I pray it is.

  16. Im watching them in the rain..And I’m thinking of the song she sang …”You are my sunshine..My only sunshine..You make me happy when skies are grey..You will never know caylee how much we love you….very hard day today.

  17. Hi everyone. Been taking a break from this sad case for a week or 2, and am very sad to see that they may have found little Caylee today. The news has already reached here in South Africa.

    Will you all keep me posted with visual news, as we dont have the same TV coverage here in SA as you would have there in the US.

  18. William ( cheering ) I hope it’s the electric chair, I’d be more than happy to flick the switch-

    I have no use for murdering bullies like Casey.


  20. truth4, it’s hard for me to express the right words in writing, it’s not that I approve of their circus and their actions as parents, their lies, etc. That I don’t approve of but take that away and they ARE people, human people, that have to live this horror. That I feel sorry for. I guess it’s too hard to explain. That is why I said that in no way am I in support of them. I don’t approve of their actions. Who knows, from a christian standpoint, maybe Caylee came into this world to wake these people up and show them what honesty and love was really about, and then she left and now they have to deal with that. She was a powerful little person who touched many people. She is in a better place now with no hate or suffering.

  21. joann, that song. I will forever think of Caylee with that song. She was such a sweet little girl. That last video of her is a gift to her family.

  22. Hey Grace J~I am too. I am like oh what a relief, then it is like, well I never thought she would be found. I am having mixed emotions right now about it, but it does prove that Casey is so guilty, I hope she never eats and sleeps again!

  23. If this is Caylee ( praying it is ) G&C are going to look like huuuuuuge assclowns! as is Bozo. Esp. after Cindy bitchslapped Nancy Grace for ” convicting her ” precious prison princess”.

    Wow! the Lord works in mysterious ways. Caylee may finally get a respectful burial & the respect she deserves. I feel like there will be closure for everyone, yea! the A’s too but their show will now end 🙂 No more stalking kids at malls ect.

  24. Guys, I have been trying to find out something else, but I am not finding anything I wonder if she will admit to anything now, probably not! I can’t believe the timing!

  25. Excuse me y’all…Caylee is not in a better place….she is DEAD…

    If we truly believe DEAD is a better place… we would all go there instantly…

    Damn…I’m pissed….

  26. I did just hear that it could be possible that someone has placed the bag there, recently. It is unknown of that area has been searched. I don’t want to say someone did, but this is too weird of where it was placed, like it was wanting to be found. I guess they could check to see the last time the water meter was read!

  27. It must be her! OMG, I have this hole in my heart, I knew she was not going to be found alive, I was beginning to think she wasn’t going to be found at all! That poor little child!

  28. How dumb is Cindy. Saying on King that only one photo shows Casey after 6-15 and it was staged. There are about 20 photos taken on 3 different Fridays wearing a black outfit and a blue outfit. Clearly not staged. Humping another chick, swinging from the stripper pole, etc… Cindy needs to revisit Humble”o’s Fun Link “Equalize You”. Check out the 49 photos.

  29. Humble, I have all kinds of thoughts running through my mind, as I am sure the rest of you do also, I just keep hearing Casey say that she was close to home!


  31. Neighbors at the body site have reported that duct tape was wrapped around the skull as well as the bag. Unconfirmed by police but…. was a chloroform rag duct taped over Caylee’s mouth. So much for accidental!
    Lethal injection may be back in Casey’s future.

  32. J.Garrett,

    I know… the photographer who took the photos of the loose skank, bumping & grinding with EVERYONE! said the pictures were taken AFTER Caylee went missing. He is provided the exact date & evidence.

    Hopefully ” reality ” will end the lies,deception & the charade. After watching the L.K dog & pony show last night, the sooner,the better.

    Humble, it is odd where or how it was placed. Like maybe someone else was/is involved,which really wouldn’t surprise me.

    I wonder what Casey is thinking or doing? probably eating a poptart & reading a magazine. murdering bitch-


  34. It is said if there is chloroform found in the bag, then it could have been accidental. EXCUSE ME, but since when is using chloroform on your child an accident. I’ll bet that Bozo’s don’t believe anymore!


  36. If I were a mean bitch… I would make G&C look at the remains in the raw…as found….

    Lordy…what will Karma make me pay for THAT thought…?

  37. Geraldo is on Fox talking about the duct tape used to seal the bag, says it can be used to check for finger prints, also says he hopes the utility worker had the sense to put the bag back down & fold it over so that air in the bag can be tested. Says there is strong, very strong indications that it is caylee & THAT the mother is responsible. Don’t know what he is talking about with that.

  38. I wonder how close the area is to this area:

    “ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Caylee Anthony’s grandfather is desperate to find his granddaughter. An eyewitness reportedly saw George Anthony standing and staring into the woods near Hoffner Avenue in east Orange County (see map).

    Eyewitness News has learned a search team could be looking for the little girl’s body in the same place George was spotted. The area has already caught the attention of investigators. It was searched in September when EquuSearch was in town last time.”

  39. Joann68,

    I’d be more than happy to give Casey the injection but pl play the last video of Caylee with her G. grandpa at the nursing home.

    O.k! maybe let me torture Casey first, maybe some chloroform for the snotface.


  41. Guess the dateline show will be on a whole different note!!1.. Nancy Grace is actually showing empathy towards Cindy And George on cnn.

  42. HumbleO just cleared my satelite link of the site. Check it out above at 9:12 am. If you zoom in and go right on Suburban you quickly come to a wooded area on both sides of the road where the body was found. Just past that appears to be a school on the left and a place to pull your car off of the right. It looks like you could drive down in the woods there behind the trees and not be seen from the road.
    Criminals usually start by there homes as it is their comfort zone. This is “close to home”.

  43. Humble! are you efffing kidding me? that if it was chloroform it could have been accidental?! That is total b.s! Who goes out partying, bumping & grinding after their child is gone. The murdering bitch knew exactly what she was doing, her google searches confirm that-


  45. THANK GOD !! It’s Caylee, and the bitch is going to get the death penalty !

    Does this Meter Man that found the body also get the reward money that was posted not only by LP, but also from the Anthony Family.

  46. Somebody was at the Anthonys home..They speculated that is was mallory.. But SGT.ALLEN made her leave the Anthony home because a warrant will be issued to go thru the Anthony home again..In light of the new evidence..

  47. They are still going to say this is the work of the NANY! Or Jesse or maybe even try to blame C&G.
    Oh! this beatch is finished with her secrets!!

  48. Casey was searching for a quick, quiet, clean way to dispatch Snothead. Chloroform is a murder weapon if used with murderous intent. Her computer searches show she had murderous intent. Remember in her jailhouse interviews with her parents they asked for her passwords (which she said she gave to Lee just that morning) so they could access her computer. In March they did not have her passwords when all the homicidal searches were done! Slam dumk. Case closed.

  49. Hi everyone, this is by far one of the saddest days. I was always 99% certain that Caylee was no longer
    with us, but I have to admit I held on to that small 1% glimmer of hope that Caylee was still alive. I feel that these bones foun most definitely will be cinfirmed to be Caykee’s remaines. I say “definitely” because I remember Cindy washing Casey’s pants, altering evidence, and she then claimed she didn’t think that she was doing anything wrong…she washed the pants because ” they smelled like smoke “. My theory I feel may turn out to be right all along. I think that Casey killed Caylee, maybe accidently or not,
    in any case she panicked, burned the body thinking it would turn to ashes, no evidence=not guilty in her mind. She (Casey) failed to realize that human bones will not burn if they are not grinded down in size.
    After she witnessed the skeleton that she was left with, she went back to the Anthony home, took some plastic bags and tape, and placed the bones in the bag, sealed them, and tossed them. Later she calimed Caylee was “close to home”. This case in its entirety has devestated me, and I’m sure millions. I love this little girl, my heart aches. Thankfully I have to believe that she is with God.
    As far as the woman whom police asked to leave the Anthony home, I think she is Lee’s girlfriend.
    Caylee Marie may you rest in peace, and may you feel the love from all around the world.
    The skies in New York today are also grieving, and crying…it is wet and gloomy.

  50. chapman…Close to home…LP on NG let the cat out of the bag when he said he would not be surprised if the state already had the body.

    I think the body was planted to be found NOW. Very savvy police tatics. The timing was uncanny.

    I feel LP knew all along. Searches and tactics were to get either a confession by one or the other, or catch up with the Anthony’s lies by a slip up. Possible more arrests?
    Lee has been notified. The Anthony’s are on a plane back to FL from CA.

    This was well thought out by the State. Casey is goin down and maybe a few others? Hello death penalty!

    Caylee was missed because she wasn’t there during the search! Casey would not have left Caylee just laying out in the open for God sake! PLANTED!

  51. Anna, it was NOT an accident. Csey was doing google searches on missing children,chloroform & NECK breaking!!!!!!!!!

    Casey was out bumping & grinding EVERYONE right after Caylee was gone.

    I refuse to buy into the liberal > it was an accident < that is total b.s, this was all premeditated.

    Team Caylee-

  52. I believe this is where Casey dumped Caylee.. OSCD would not be that close to the Anthony area planting her body.. Its just to far fetched.

  53. Is it legal and normal practice in the US for LE to plant bodies for tactical reasons?

    Wouldnt that interfere with evidence and give Casey’s defence team a huge opportunity to place reasonable doubt?

  54. OK…now the Anthonys will claim “the nanny killed Caylee”

    That will be a bust, because Casey already stated that Zanny LOVED Caylee and wanted her for her own.

    That won’t work and there will be nowhere to run.

    To the person claiming Casey may have been part of the Aryan Brotherhood….So what color shamrock does Casey get for getting the death penalty for murder? LOL

  55. Maybe Lee planted the body.

    Whatever! hopefully it’s Caylee,so that she can be FINALLY! put to rest and Casey can be euthanized like the sick animal that she is.

  56. HumbleO
    I just checked it through your link and it worked fine.
    Just tap the link, tap the map once anywhere when it shows up to dump the streetview popup. Then slide the zoom slide on the left all the way up (for maximum close up). Then drag the map to go right down Suburban just a few 100 yards.
    If you still are locking using your link then just go to google and googlemap “chickasaw and suburban orange county florida” then do the ariel view.

  57. I heard two lawyers state that the Death Penalty may go back on the table.

    Jose will have to ask his client if her fingerprints could be found on the tape. If she says no than he can only hope for a merciful jury.

  58. You know,…….she was very careful to turn off her phone, and other things to try to not get caught, and I would not be surprised if they find no finger prints on the bag or duct tape as I’m sure she wore gloves.

    I know if I was ever going to commit a crime I would not take my cell phone, and I would wear gloves, and then I’d throw away all the clothes I wore for that crime. All’s you have to do is watch those crime shows and see what NOT TO DO !

  59. I dont know the area, but maybe Caylee was left somewhere else. and her body was washed away to another location with all the rain and water.

  60. There is no other explanation. Police tactics for prosocution happen everyday. Nothing is off limits or impossible! Timing is uncanny….far from a coeincedence. PLANTED to be found today!
    Koby hasn’t seen the evidence yet? Wonder why? LOL
    Baez is probably partially relieved.

  61. Joe,

    Maybe she borrowed OJ’s old glove.

    I still do not think the murdering bitch will confess and I have to agree with Christine that the A’s will blame the imaginary nanny, jesse or even Nancy Grace.

    Cindy better take more meds. she’s going to need them but maybe she’ll finally listen to her mom who told her to stop making herself a media target and let L.E do their job(s).

  62. Boston..maybe Baez needs to ask Lee the same question?
    I would think either or both would have sense to wear gloves.

    Casey mentioned that police hadn’t even found her clothes yet. That says, Caylee was found nude. Hopefully, LE have her clothes in their posession also.

  63. Look at the aerial view and and you’ll see the wooded area above the small catchment pond. This was under water when Tim tried to search it so they stopped. She probably dumped the body on the edge of the flooded pond and as the pond receded later the bag was left high and dry.
    Planted. Forget it. If a plastic bag has been in one place in the woods for months it is obvious from bag weathering and the condition of the ground at the edges and under the bag.

  64. i was at lunch and couldn’t wait to get back to read. this is her, i can feel it. death penalty here we come ! i would really like to know what c and g are saying now about their perfect daughter.

  65. You could probably walk to the site from the Anthony home in 4 or 5 minutes. The neighborhood kids have alwys used the spot to hangout, Casey would have known it well.

  66. HumbleO
    Just a thought. If you are locking up using the 9:12am link it may be your pop-up blocker. When the link opens it tries to pop-up a streetview pop-up.
    Someone let us know if they are getting the 9:12 link to work for them. Its working fine for me.

  67. the anthonys have stated that the police notified them but theres no evidence that its caylee and have booked another show with larry king live!

  68. The news this morning upset me but at the same time I gave a sign of relieve.I hope it is Caylee so she can now be given a proper burial as she so much deserved .One statement Casey made that was the only truth she told.Caylee was close to home..AND humble I also refuse to believe it was an accident.You call the authorities if it was an accident.You dont put a child in a garbage bag like a piece of garbage.God help Caseys dark soul!

  69. joann. I didn’t hear that the body was DUG UP. And to answer your question…in a nut shell, YES.
    Paid? A meter reader? Anything can be done.

    Do you really believe that we are being told what really came down?

  70. The aerial view is so good you can actaully see the path in the ground where the car would have pulled down and the individual trees that hid her from passing cars.

  71. They are now saying the area was flooded. As I remember, no it was not during the second search in that area.

    I am just glad and relieved that her remains has surfaced regardless how or why! Hopefull, Caylee can be laid to rest and justice will be served.

  72. It was said, 10 years ago, this body would have already been identified. I think today they are worried about messing up the case. I don’t blame them, but we must remember that Bozo is the defense attorney…not to bright. It has also been said that this is good for the prosecution as they can use this evidence and the March date in their favor.

  73. I’m being hypothetical here but Florida is really flat and if Caylee was buried, the flooding from the rain could have pushed the body/bag up & out. THe lord does work in mysterious ways~

    Otherwise maybe someone? planted the body out in the open like that. Maybe Lee was tired of his parents dog & pony show or maybe his g.f threatened to leave him if he didn’t expose the truth * somehow * the Larry King interview was pitiful,as G&C were shoviling out the b.s pretty thick.

  74. Casey probably thought the body would sink and disappear or continue to rot away (it was already a bag of goo when she took it from the stinking car).
    JUST A SICK THOUGHT.. What if all that was in the bag was a skull… and she drove around with a headless corpse in the trunk!
    Remember she thought that leaving the car with a purse on the seat would make it disappear. She thought throwing a bagged body in a Fla pond (think gators and giant snapping turtles) would make it disappear.
    Turn on the party lights!!!! Let’s get nasty at theFusian!!

  75. J.Garret, you are hysterical!

    The murdering skank was googling ” neck breaking “. I also get your point about gators & other wildlife.

    No more fusion or hot body contests for skanky! well maybe with fellow prisoners. lol! which btw. if this is indeed Caylee ( I pray it is ) they are really going to want a ” piece” of Casey now! Casey will want the lethal injection sooner than later.

  76. Ok, I was really starting to feel guilty about all the laughs we had last night at Cindy & George’s expense about them doing the LK show. But I am in total shock over the fact that they would go on there again tonight!! I would think that they would be in shock themselves under the circumstances! I would think they would want to get home, no there is nothing they can do for Caylee, but out of respect for her you would think they would stay out of the lime light!

  77. Headline news is saying the utility guy saw a small portion of the bag exposed and started to dig up the bag when the skull fell out. Is this confirmed?

  78. Hey SSChapman~Don’t feel guilty! They have brought this on, on their own. I believe that Casey thought she would never be found, especially since they had not found her after this long. Now Casey is probably in shock that she was found. This is a GOOD think, so Cindy and George get off their Casey is innocent. We have all known she is NOT!

  79. Tim from EQ said this morning that the area where the body was found was under water when they wanted to search it in the summer.
    Its normal to see trash and plastic bags exposed in this part of Fla when water receeds from summer rains.

  80. Id like to be a fly about right now and fly in to the cell and see Casey”s reaction when Baez told her remains of a child was found near her parents home.

  81. 1. We are being told in Real Time what is going on.

    2. Utility worker was out doing his job nor taking orders from the Orlando County Police Department.

    3. The topography/weather conditions in this area have always been a problem for searchers on foot; those working for the OCPD, FBI and TXEQ

    4. The body was reported “dug up” by the utility worker and when he pulled on the black garbage bag the head rolled out. He will be responsible for his words and actions and will recount everything he saw and did on the witness stand. He won’t be teelling anyone that he was party to some conspiracy headed by the OCPD.

    Even though we want to think “outside the box” on this case the facts have always remained the same since Casey’s arrest and indictment.

    Scientific Evidence and Casey’s own Words

    i. Casey was the last person to see this child alive.

    ii. Cindy, George, Lee and the towyard owner were the first to view the crime scene.

    iii. Police interviewed Casey and examined the car for evidence.

    iiii. Arrested for child neglect and lying to authorities and not reporting a missing child.

    iiiii. Indicted on Murder One as a result of scientific results of evidence taken from crime scene
    and Casey continued to say nothing substantive to aid law enforcement in their efforts to find a dead or missing child.

    iiiiii. Child remains found and awaiting results from autopsy relative to identification are anticipated within the next 48 hours.

    We know no one else is responsible, conspired or lent aid to Casey Anthony and that it is clear to all that she acted alone.

    George and Cindy Anthony can’t feel any pain for Caylee but they will be demanded to feel our pain when they get smacked with the truth. And to think it was just down the street where there Hope does not Spring eternal.

  82. I hope we get some sort of identification soon..
    They said a few times that there was duct tape on her mouth (around the skull) that makes me think the death was intentional, not an accident .. why would her mouth be taped up if she was already dead by accident, makes no sense”’

  83. Duct tape around the skull? that would go along with Casey saying that Caylee was kidnapped because in all her pathological lies is a bit of the truth. Also the murdering slut would not want Caylee to be heard, crying or screaming.

    f-g overgrown,spoiled bitch! and she did this to get back at Cindy ( even the grandmother said this ) maybe Cindy will finally understand and learn a lesson here.

  84. I will bet that LE told CA they found the body not Bozo. They wanted to see her reaction. They can’t question her but they can talk to her.

  85. OMG no! please let this be just bullsh** information. I can’t think of that. Please let them find that it was quick and painless. Please

  86. well i hope they march cindy in to view the body . dr. baden said the duct tape will hold finger prints and there will be hair left in the bag. this will all lead to casey , our day is here.

  87. Well I guess the “BIG NEWS” that George and Cindy hinted to last week takes on a whole new meaning now.

    It’s so sad to think all that’s left of that beautiful little girl is a skull and some bones…..

  88. i am distressed as always about little caylee, and the duck tape scares me..however, tell the fainting neighbors to take a pill and get the hell home, they are vulgers as i view the news – anyway, its true this can be peace for caylee in awhile but she needs her grandparents no matter how anyone feels

  89. she did this in less than 24hrs of leaving the house – no accident. on to rent movies and slut around , it was planned so she could live the good life or what ever her tramp stamp said.

  90. Hey TheotherMary~That is so true. I know they will also try to say Zani did it, but why would the Zani put Caylee close to the A’s home? You think the Zani would have put it miles away! Now it will be the defense, Zani is setting Casey up!

  91. You don’t put chloroform on the skin or in the mouth to disable or kill a person. You put it on a cloth or cotton swab that MUST BE HELD over the nose and mouth.
    “It’s really hard to drive to Tony’s for a sex romp and hold this damn thing on Snotheads face! Oh yeh, I’ll just tape it on her head and have my hands free to drive and check my makeup!” CA 6-16

  92. My thoughts and prayers are with George and Cindy Anthony right now. As much as they have annoyed me so far I have to remember that this may be their beloved grandchild. My heart breaks for them. Maybe now they can rest and get some peace back into their lives.

  93. why would LE be getting another search warrant if they were not 100% sure that it is Caylee?

    Do you suppose the dental records have already been checked?

  94. Folks I’m really sick of people whining about those poor grandparents. REALLY SICK OF IT!
    They are the ones that raised crazy CA with no consequences for criminal and profane behavior. They destroyed evidence. Know Caylee was dead they tried to stop people from looking for Caylees body so it can rot like garbage.
    C&G and especially C is twisted and needs punishment not sympathy.

  95. I am still surprised that ao many criminals use duct tape and plastic bags…. they apparently don’t know how traceable they are …and how much forensic evidence each one can hold…

  96. this reminds me of the scott pederson case

    that case didn’t really break wide open till his poor wife and baby’s body washed up on shore

    this seals the deal for the prosecution just like in the pederson case

  97. i agree Garrett.I have no feeling toward the grandparents.They tampered with evidence and dragged this case on and on as much as CASEY did.NONE of them have my sympathy.

  98. J. Garrett, you think like I do. I have zero sympathy or compassion for ppl who are cruel or kill children or animals.

    My prayers are with Caylee, little one, soon you will be able to rest in complete peace & the shell that you lived in will be buried with RESPECT.

    As for Casey, enjoy hell beyotch!

    To C&G, Time to face reality, get real jobs and stop abusing & slamming L.E, the public and the media like Nancy Grace who has called it since day one. You disrespect Caylee by your actions. Cindy, you should listen to your family.

  99. SNOOKS
    Right on. Cindy and her spoopid dropout daughter are really stupid! Yes most criminals are stupid and the Anthonys have proven that they are stupid in all the have said and done. Did you see Cindy last night on King. What an idiot!
    For those offended by my insensitivity by calling people stupid well…
    Criminologist have long known of the link between low intelligence and the probability of committing a capital crime.

  100. nice week for justice

    oj convicted here in vegas (live in vegas); he was transported from city jail to the state penitetiary on monday and now Caylee’s case solved

    now, if we can just find that poor girl from alabama and bring joren van derslut to justice

  101. Humble: This is karma. How perfect with Cindy and George out of town telling there lies that Caylee was found. Had they been home the duck tape and anything they though would nail Casey would be no where to be found.

    Casey is setting in jail right now plotting her next string of lies.(Casey you sorry bitch)

    Cindy will stroll off the jet defending Casey blaming everyone but Casey. (Cindy like your own brother said “You created Casey by enabling ner now deal with her”.

    Sorry folks this is not almost over this is just getting started. If you plan to continue to follow this case you better get the tranqulizers.

    One good thing…the precious baby can be laid to rest respectfully.

  102. Chrly, Cindy will NEVER apologize just like skanky Casey will never totally confess or tell the truth.Cindy will just take more drugs & try to kill the pain. George will ask Cindy what to think?

    THe Larry King show last night made me sick. It’s ironic that this happened today and God willing it’s 100% Caylee,which I believe it is ( chills ) hopefully the media will start giving the glory to Caylee not C&G or Casey & her f_cked up lies! We all need to grieve & respect this adorable little girl who was nothing but a pawn or accessory to the dysfunctional A’s. I hope this family gets prof. help & I hope Casey enjoys hell.

  103. marcy, this case is over; just like scott pederson

    when they found the body, it was over for the killer and it will be here too

    only question is does she get death or life with no parole

    i suspect her lawyer is talking a deal with her right now

    hope the da says no deal and goes for murder 1 with the death penalty

  104. truthforcaylee, the timing here is sweet if not downright chilling

    they’re on larry king last night and then the body surfaces, literally today??????????

    divine intervention

    the big guy said enough is enough

  105. Hey Marcy~it was perfect timing. But I did hear that C&G do not believe it is Caylee. I think they don’t want to believe that Casey killed her. Cindy needed to listen to her mother and brother! Cindy will say that someone else killed her and put the body there, right where Casey use to party. Casey will, I fell, claim she is being framed!

  106. truth- i agree with you all the way. it’s the best thing that this happened today after the boreing interview last nite. cindy needs to take her whole bottle of pills now, wait until le shows her the body. casey will have not one word to say, all lies come to an end today. as sad as i am i feel so good for caylee.

  107. humbleopinion – she’ll claim she was framed

    just like scott pederson said lacy and his baby were killed by a cult of satan worshippers

    remember that line of crap mark geragos tried to spin?

    like oj looking for the real killer

  108. My previous post is waiting moderation, as I posted a link to Investigation Discovery. Just saw on that link that there were indeed garbage bags and duct tape found in Vasey’s car.

  109. rebel89130: I definitely think she will go to jail for life or maybe get the death penalty if they put it back on the table but imagine those of us that follow this case what we will have to listen to out of Cindy.
    I can’t stand to watch Cindy or Casey. I am a very easy person to get along with. I have not had two people effect me like this.

  110. maybe she left that stuff in the car because she was going to make it look like they were both kid napped . the tape and bags were left by the ” bad guys “.

  111. Don’t tell me those idiots are going back on Larry King to plead their case again!!!!!!!!!
    They are going to say it is not Caylee. They are probably weaving their webs of deception all day
    to get ready for tonight. I hope the cops pick them up as soon as they finish the interview!

  112. The fact that the Anthony’s will no longer have anything to hang onto makes me feel good. Reasonable doubt is something that an innocent person can hang on to not a lying, homicidal sociopath.

    Why oh why did they make such fools of themselves?
    It could never have been out of love for Caylee.

    Marcy-What a total coincidence! Casey never went further than Disney World for a vacation and the Anthony’s never went out of state in years!! None of them is in possession of a Passport-they just don’t travel. On one of the most important days of their lives they are in California.

    Their home is a treasure trove of evidence and they can’t hide any now!!!!!

  113. The valedictorian of the Stupid Criminals class of 2008 has been found!!!
    Casey Anthony stupid criminal of the year. Leaves the roll of duct tape that she used to dispatch and dispose of Caylee in her own trunk.
    And who said the Anthony’s weren’t really stupid!!


  115. i sure hope cindy gets thrown in with casey , the two of them are the bestest of friends . cindy call in advance for more meds now , you will need them as soon as you land.

  116. boston, the timing on this is sweet as i said earlier if not downright creepy

    they’re lying their guts out on lk and the body sufaces the next day? and that’s a coincidence?

    i think not

  117. C&G will say Nancy Grace did it. Then Cindy will take more pills and come up with more outrageous b.s! She will defend Casey, even after it’s discovered that Caylee’s skull had duct tape over the mouth. Get ready folks! because the dog & pony will continue until, Cindy is in jail with Casey.

    Rebel ( loooove that name ) definitely! the Lord works in mysterious ways! and God knows I’ve been praying. I want Caylee to have the respect & peace that she deserves. F-k the A’s, no kool aide for me. Team Caylee.

  118. Humble……..thank you! I was babysitting for my grandkids…when I walked into my home my mom yelled out “they found a plastic bag with a childs skull” Chills went up and down me….I missed the breaking news and if LE found duct tape inside Casey’s car when they investigated it. Was duct tape on the list of items found inside the car? My hands are shaking believe it or not because I wanted so badly for this innocent baby to be found and justice4Caylee!!!!

  119. summersky – the focus is now going to turn on the grandparents

    what did they know and when did they know it?

    that’s why going on lk is a huge mistake

    betach cops will be watching very closely

  120. It would be great if they arrested Cindy as she steps of the plane and puts a foot on Fla soil.
    That would stop her TV shows. NBC just announced they will have a special Dateline Show tommorrow with Cindy live!!

  121. My friends, it is past 22.00hrs here in SA, so time for me to go and sleep. I’ll catch up with you all the moment I wake up around 5.00am, when you will all be having your dinner…………

    I will say a special prayer for Caylee.

  122. j garrett, you’re kidding right?

    hell’s bells, why not put them on dancing with the stars or american idol?

    jay leno, letterman, – they’re just eating this up

    the body of your grandchild is found and you have to do at least 2 interviews before you go home??

    like i said, the more they talk, the worse it gets for them

  123. chlry – agree, round all 3 of them up – secure that house and get to the truth! I saw reporters swarming JB, he was actually smiling – maybe they need to throw him in the ‘mix’ as well

  124. Hey Justice~It is very shaking news! I guess that .01% of me was hoping she was alive, but 99.9% knew she was dead! It has been a very emotional day so far. I just wait for the word if it is Caylee. I have some emails that say it is posted on wordpress that it was Caylee, but you can’t assume until there is positive identification. I do believe it is her, but then I wish it wasn’t. I will not post that it is HER until the official word is out. Tim Miller said that LE told him they got her, but I saw TM needs to shut the trap until the word is in. He talks about LP, and look what he did!

  125. I have been watching all channels and have heard NUMERIOUS DIFFERENT stories of what took place.
    WHAT IS THE TRUTH? can bet that utility worker won’t mentioned on the stand that he was part of a cover up!

    Now they are saying the worker was taking a pee when he saw the bag and picked it up. Why would he be digging while peeing? They worded it..relieving himself! What next?

  126. I heard that the Anthony’s are on a plane back to Florida. I did not hear of them appearing again on LK. Where did that come from?
    Again..what is the truth? Anyone’s guess.

  127. Humble: Cindy’s family needs to have her committed and I don’t mean George and Lee. Cindy is a rack of bones and is grieving her self to death because she knows Caylee is dead. Yet she is doing all she can to save Casey’s sorry ass just like always.

    Once they tell George for sure the child is Caylee George may snap before its all said and done and tell it all. He looks to be on the edge.

  128. if the ASSthonys forgot to take there ex-lax last night it didnt matter-they are so full of SKIT that they are poopin there brains out about now-YIPEE-KI-YEA!! ALL the pics of the search area today show the real cops on this case-the ORANGE COUNTY SHERRIF DEPUTYS LOOK SO MUCH BETTER IN UNIFORM THAN GEORGETTE EVER this blog just a screamin today!!

  129. Hey Christine~It has been said that the body was above the ground. I have not heard that there was digging. It has also been said that he moved the bag because it was in the way. Who ever is reporting the digging, surely didn’t get it from me, this is why I do not go to other wordpress sites, people post what they want and pay no attention.

  130. christine, the story i heard is he went to pee, saw the bag sticking out of the ground, and dug it up

    you and probably would have done the same thing

    there’s no cover-up here, but the timing is incredible

    consider this a Christmas Miracle

  131. Christine-i read on sentinal assthonys were back on LK tonight-other bloggers saying Friday-wtf??-the kharma has em skittin there pants now huh!!

  132. I Was paying attention and heard he saw the bag and dug it up and the skull fell out..I for one do not go to any other blogs . I heard it as it was first reported.

  133. no cover-up

    looks like she threw the bag in the lake, the waters receeded and the bag was exposed.

    meter reader needed to take a wiz and saw the bag and dug it up

    it’s a twist of fate, nothing more

    as i remember it, shondra levy’s bones were discovered almost the same way; biker in a remote part of the park happened to spot her remains who were exposed

  134. Fox News is showing the site from the news helicopter and they’re now excavating the site. They already placed the body into the ME van. How sad this is. To think that poor baby was thrown into a garbage bag. I’m sick to my stomach…. 😦

  135. Check the Aerial view of the body location through link at post on 9:12 am. If you walk through the patch of woods where the body was dumped you see the pond that flooded the woods when the body was dumped. C&G’s house is right across the pond!! How’s that for close to home!!

  136. At first they said he was relieving himself..Part of the bag was sticking out so he dug it out and the skull fell out…Thats how I heard it as it was being reported.

  137. Hi Everyone on the Blog,

    I am so sad and my heart is heavy! I, like you, Humble was hoping against hope that she would be found alive. My head told me never, due to the facts, but my heart held out a sliver of hope.

    Humble~I heard on CNN Headline News that the Anthony’s will be back on Larry King to discuss “Today’s Events”. WEIRD!

  138. People and LE did not search real hard across from the pond behind G&C’s house because it was flooded and THEY COULDN’T BELIEVE CASEY WAS REALLY DUMB ENOUGH to dump the body right across from her own back yard after driving it around town for 11 days!!!
    Yes, Anthony’s are really really dumb.

  139. Humble-it was on there front page about 11;30 am-est-in one of there top story squares-it said-‘ANTHONYS ON LK TONIGHT’-taht is now down.I checked the tevo schedule and LKL sched and both have nothing on tonight for LKL.Funny how sentinal yanked that in hours!

  140. too much chit too fast for old goat here-break time-gotta go feed my birdies-Orange county better put CaseySkank on suicide watch real quick like-even though id hand her a jug of chloroform myself…save the taxpayers a LOT of money-speaking of money,I hope Zenaida is filing to intercept all funds that the Assthonys make every week going on all these tv shows.

  141. The area was mostly likely under water when she tossed the body. KC is too stupid to know the water would go away after the rainy season. KC is too lazy to have done more than just toss her in the water.

    Cannot wait to hear how her stupid parents spin this one.

    RIP Caylee.

  142. LE doesn’t need C&G to be home to execute search warrant. Also, home was unlocked so they don’t even need to violate the door.

  143. i’d be upset too if i was convicted of 1st degree murder

    i imagine she’d like to wack the meter reader

    imagine, convicted of murder because some guy took a whizz

    pretty darn funny and ironic

  144. Why was Casey saying that Caylee is around close, because she knew where she tossed her daughters body after she killed her. Stick a needle in her arm and let the BITCH DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  145. I am so, so very sad. Expected it sometime, but still shocked and upset thinking of poor little Caylee. Hope she didn’t suffer. Would hope there will be police video showing Casey’s reaction to the discovery. That should tell the world a lot.

  146. ALL the lies on Larry King last night, and trying to get the public to believe their reasonable doubt, has now gone down the toilet. See what happens when you lie so much? The truth always seems to find a way to be found!!!

  147. The circled area of the google map that CNN is showing is WRONG!! CNN is WRONG. The correct area is the woods behind the pond as verified in earlier WFTV live coverage!!!!

  148. Joann-has had it right for several hours now as have many other bloggers. Kevin Barry just gave a press conference and he stated the same thing.

    It was found. No one covered up anything. The Orange County Police are a meticulous department with a world class reputation.

    The medical examiner by law must see to it that the remains are identified and placed in the ambulance or vehicle which will go to the morgue. This is police/DA protocol in many jurisdictions. Maintaining the chain of custody (evidence)is crucial in this case. The autopsy will be done by a forensic pathologist I would think. No one can identify her as she is only remains and not a corps.


  149. For once, I am at a loss for words, I am keeping up with you guys as I watch Fox news, it was reported that when Cindy was informed that a body believed to be Caylee was found, that she just said, “Okay.” I don’t think she will make it through this, she will have to face the truth now, no more sightings. Knowing & accepting are two different things. Now George can drop the act & openly grieve for his grandaughter. Caylee really was close to home.

  150. Amen Humble! I think that w/so many people watching LK last night and seeing first hand their faces and body language – sent everyone ‘over the top’, I know for one, my prayers were very intense last night – that something would happen SOON!! Please reveal the TRUTH for this precious child.

  151. Hey 00ciscokid00~It was Mallory, Lee’s girlfriend! It is said that she takes care of the animals while the A’s are out of town!
    Hey SSChapman~She sadi ok and hung up the phone. Shock will set in.

  152. Has anyone else saw CNN googlemap screwup. I hope they fire some moron. The only thing in their crime scene cicle is 4 homes and a pond with a well manicured lawn around it!!!!
    The real scene is down Suburban, across the street, and in the woods!!!

  153. Hey Terri~I think the A’s might have gotten their prayers answered too!
    Hey Rebel~Timing was perfect. Now the prosecution will have ALOT of time to get this whole thing straightened out. I doubt that there will even be a deal out on the table for Casey. She thought she beat the system!

  154. As mad as I am I need to say one thing if this Caylee or some other child. May God Blees this child and make sure when she enters the gates of Haven She is treated like a Queen. She deserves this after the way her mother and grandmother.used her like a poker chip.

    Now I would like to see what they have to say the mouth and her puppet should rot in hell and the so called Fusion model needs life w/out parole.
    I hope she will be with her new friend and personel girl friend for the next 60yrs or longer.
    I think that all the people I have met on this site are pretty dam smart. I hope we don’t lower or selves to their level.I would love to ss them in the woods during deer season because they would look like deer to me.
    I hear they are still going to be on Date line or Larry king again.I think they said LK so they can answer the questions they danced around last nihgt.

  155. where the heck is lee during all of this? why hasnt he come to his parents house to simply be there for the state of the case? it just seems weird none of the anthonys are even at the house to take this on, mourn or whatever they would have to do!

  156. humbleopinion

    no reason for a deal now; public opinion might force the da to go for the death penalty

    wouldn’t surprise me if her lawyer is talking deal now

    absolute best she can hope for is life with no parole and that’s if she confesses

  157. Lee’s been invisible ever since he had to give up his DNA… I wonder where he is. Why wouldn’t he be the one to take care of George & Cindy’s animals while they’re away?

  158. Every minute bits and pieces are being released. Depending on who is speaking….the story is different.

    Seems the Anthony’s will not be allowed to return to their home as it is now considered a crime scene.

    Thinking back on some of the evidence. Casey must have put Caylee in the yard first, then transported her when her car was backed into the garage on the same day she borrowed the shovel. Soil samples will come in handy.

    Everyone has a personal theory, but trust me…we WILL NEVER know what really came down. Things are NOT what they seem!

  159. I bet shes crying!!! crying that she got caught.. When they were at Blanchard park they stated she showed no emotion…Now baez leaves and shes crying and they have sent someone to talk to her… Let her sit there all alone just like she left Caylee in the back of that trunk all alone…And threw her in that wooded area like a piece of trash..I say let her sit there alone and think all about all of it…..

  160. C just can’t stay out of the limelight.
    Both LKL and Dateline tommorrow night!
    They need to put her in jail so I don’t have to see her run her mouth. She is giving grandmas a bad name!


  162. Baez will participate in reviewing the remains tomarrow.

    I would have loved to see the look on Casey’s face when she was told. I wonder what she will say now?
    Most likely the Anthony’s will claim it was Zanny! I don’t see a confession.

    I am sure a strategy was discussed should the body be found.

  163. Gas cans?…burned body?…a possibility, we will know soon!

    How in the hell do any of these people sleep at night?
    They are all mentally disturbed.

  164. HUMBLE’O
    1) Apoligize to LE and the public.
    2) Thank everyone for their efforts and make that their FINAL STATEMENT for ever.
    3) Start running a new line of BS trying to sow seeds of doubt on the simple minded (it only takes 1 simple minded juror that doesn’t want to be confused with facts to just vote their FEELINGS to spring Casey).

  165. so the nanny put the chloroform smell, death smell, tape, ect in her car?

    yeah, right, sure

    lacy peterson and her baby were killed by satan worshippers and nicole and ron were killed by columbian drug dealers

  166. how come i never leave the airport that quickly?

    seems like i get stuck there forever

    oh, that’s right; i’m not connected to a murder

    i forgot

  167. agreed cisco

    the more they talk the worse it gets

    i’m shocked their lawyer would let them go on national media like that

    anything they say could be used against them like in a perjury charge

    game totally changed when her body was found

  168. well that other lawyer dropped them because of how they acted! bozo is an idiot and just wanted a piece of caseys @ss. the truth hurts.

  169. Yeah now its zanny that has to be found…….I’m sure were snow white, and cinderella and the tooth fairy are zanny is near by…Thats what my guts telling me..

  170. anthony’s can say all they want

    dna will tell the tale

    they should just shut-up till the dna comes out
    if/when the dna proves it’s her, at best it makes them look like fools and at worse, makes it look they’re part of a cover-up and obstructing justice


  172. Has anyone else noticed that when Dr. Kobi is on NG and she mentions that he is a …PAID….consultant for the defense….that he appears to flinch…..

    supposedly…he has not looked at the evidence….. just a guess….I don’t think he has been PAID yet and that’s why he hasn’t looked at it….and that’s the hold up because Baez doesn’t have the funds….

  173. Humble……the Anthony’s are without question going to put a spin on this and the entire clan will say Zenida killed Caylee!

    One of the detetives said the skull fell out of the bag when the lineman picked up the bag, but inside the bag were full skeletal remains. I bet they do a quick anaylist with dental records….sure bet way to tell right away if it is Caylee…which of course I do believe it is….

    Sherrif Berry also said county attorney told them not to disclose any further reports on “other” evidence found at the scene. Berry seemed pretty confident justice is now served….obviously they did discover other evidence at the scene and therefore the warrant for searching the Anthony’s home. I’m soooo glad they will be searching the home without the Anthony’s there.

    Natisha Lance just said the bag LP’s divers found at Jay Blanchard Park could hold other evidence in connection with Caylee. Perhaps the shamrock, etc.. Not the bones found by the divers but other items they found. Also, they want to search the Anthony home because of those “beads” Casey had in her room.

    Is it possible Casey threw these items into the Econ river as somewhat of a memorial (in as sick kind of way) for Caylee? OMG so many thoughts are running through my head right now….I still feel there is some sort of connection between Casey, Econ river, Caylee, the Shamrock, cross and beads…

    I could be so wrong with my thinking but one just never knows if Casey did go to JB Park to have her own private memorial service there, because Caylee loved that park so much…My stomach is still upset and will be until there is an announcement by LE that the remains are Caylee! Which I hope and pray so hard that they are.

  174. I just came in from work and I understand they may have found Caylee’s remains. I have not read the posts yet but the last. Please tell me what is going on?

    I don’t believe Cindy has been in denial about Caylee being gone. I also don’t think Cindy is in denial who is responsible. However, whether Caylee was ever found or not Cindy was always going to blame someone else.

    I knew some day Caylee would be found.

  175. I wonder what the drug tests on Caylee and Caseys hair will show. Xanax, pot, chloroform, ecstacy,?????
    And hey, what about Lee’s DNA and CayLEEs?


  177. J. Garret….excellent thought about drug tests on Caylee’s and Casey’s hair. A patholist on Mike Galliano’s Headline news show just said, as well as Dr. Michael Badan said in his interview that there could still be some hair of Caylee’s in the plastic bag, as well as fingerprints…I wonder how much evidence they’ll find this time around in the Anthony’s home and from the remains and the plastic bag itself.

  178. J. Garret….excellent thought about drug tests on Caylee’s and Casey’s hair. A patholist on Mike Galliano’s Headline news show just said, as well as Dr. Michael Badan said in his interview that there could still be some hair of Caylee’s in the plastic bag, as well as fingerprints…I wonder how much evidence they’ll find this time around in the Anthony’s home and from the remains and the plastic bag itself.

  179. Was watching Foxs News and they interview Geraldo and he said he just got off the phone talking to Baez.Baez told him Casey had to be sedated after she was told..Now she is not smirking!

  180. Of course that is what Baez is saying about his client. Because they are going to say the nanny did it.

    Did I understand correctly that there was duct tape around her mouth?


  182. J. Garret….excellent thought about drug tests on Caylee’s and Casey’s hair. A pathologist on Mike Galliano’s Headline news show just said as well as Dr. Michael Badan said in his interview that there could still be some hair of Caylee’s in the plastic bag, as well as fingerprints…I wonder how much evidence they’ll find this time around in the Anthony’s home and from the remains and the plastic bag itself.

    Lee has NOT be seen nor heard from since the warrant was issued for his DNA that he had refused to give to LE…imagine, if you wanted your neice (or perhaps your daughter???) found you would think he would have immediately cooperated with LE and voluntarily given his DNA…something is fishy and definitely up with Lee!!!

  183. I dont know SSchapman.Seems the only time I seen her feelings was when she was crying for herself.Or maybe she is showing them now because she cant get away any longer with her lies..

  184. Tonill=i fealt the same way as you have spoken (above) during a time in my life-TIME BRINGS EVERYTHING TO THOSE WHO WAIT-i hope that all turns around for you.I treat others the way id like to be treated in took a long long time but it turned around-Kharma is a terrible thing to waste,grab it and run with it please!!!! CISCO KID WAS A FRIEND OF MINE-thnx a lot cisco,now all i can here is that song in my head-maybe i will put on some ACDC HIGHWAY TO HELL for the new great wonders of the world-THE ASSTHONYS-they will all burn in hell slowly and forever!

  185. Casey should be sedated with some chloroform.

    Maybe even take a plastic bag & hang it right outside the monster’s jail cell… give her a chance to finally start thinking about the innocent baby she murdered…. the REAL VICTIM.

  186. id of loved to see Mrs.Chin-nuts(sin-dee) and Mr.No-nuts (georgette) walk off that plane-wonder where they are staying tonight? NOT AT THERE HOME! MAYBE A SPACE SHIP OF MARTIANS WILL PICK EM ALL UP AND TAKE EM BACK TO THE FREEKING PLANET THEY CAME FROM-URANUS?

  187. OCPD released a doc that was a list of contents of Casey’s car. I remember a roll of duct tape being in the car.
    I don’t want to wade through all those docs again. HELP!! Can anyone give me a link to that specific document?
    Hey do you all remember Casey’s garbage bag with the pizza box that G threw over the fence at the tow yard but LE recovered the next day? I wonder if its a match for Caylee’s trash-bag? Not just tear perforations but actual microscopic grooves in the plastic fabric that is unique to a production run of bags has been used in conviction in a murder case before.

  188. I hear in one place Caylee had duct tape around her mouth and on another it was around the bag. Please someone tell me the tape was around the bag.

  189. I think the ONLY reason Casey was crying was because she finally realized her parents WEREN’T the s.o.b.’s she kept telling all her friends they were. The idiot woke up & noticed they did EVERYTHING for her and loved her to pieces and that she killed her baby for nothing and destroyed her whole life!!!!

    It was her own arrogance that prevented her from admitting she did not want to be a responsible mother & that Caylee was better off being raised by her grandparents. George & Cindy probably would have even helped Casey pay for her own apt. IF she decided to move out like a decent human being instead of killing her baby & running away like a pig.

  190. I’m betting BIG that there was a piece of cloth between the tape and the skull. Chloroformed cloth strapped to her face. A smooth death. No muss, no fuss.

  191. I heard on the news that the plastic bag was just lying there and the lineman or whoever he was, picked it up and that’s when the skull fell out of the bag. Nothing was said that he dug up the bag. Not one word close to that…

    I just heard Tim Miller say when they searched that area the water was so high they couldn’t do a thorough search. He said once the water went down it made sense the plastic bag would surface to the top.

    As for the Anthony’s having to be home when LE enter their home is not true. Sherrif Beary clearly stated they do not need anyone to be home to go in with a search warrant and besides, the Anthony’s door was unlocked they found out. Apparently Lee’s girlfriend went in to feed the dogs and their guess is she left the door unlocked when she left. Ironic how everything fell into place today. Body found, door unlocked at the Anthonys. In fact, they told the Anthony’s they were not allowed back inside their home while the crime scene was investigating with their search warrant.

    They must have found other evidence at this scene because in order to go in with a searh warrant LE has to list what they’re searching for.


  193. Casey’s best defense?
    I’m a victim of incest. I was raped by my father and my brother. My brother is Caylee’s father. I’m the victim here.

  194. Tonill: They did call the Anthony’s on their cell phone and when Cindy was told they found a childs body near their home, Cindy said “Ok” and hung up. That’s all she said….Than I heard on fox news that they were called again and told they were not allowed to enter their home because it’s under a crime scene investigation since the body has been found.

  195. j.garret-thanx-you are saying chit i wanted to say but im trying to be polite-i still say WATERBOARD THE SKANK-then let me at her with 230 volts-it aint over till its over people-YOU AINT SEEN NUTHIN YET-off i go for a while-HEY KNIGHTOWL-WTF ARE YOU !!!!!

  196. What Casey did was not an accident.Accidents is calling 911.for help.She waited 31 days to mention about her baby missing.During this time claimed she was running her own investigation.Which her investigation was everyone else’s money,sleeping with her bf,watching movies while she knew her child was out there put in a garbage bag like garbage…George and Cindy knew she brought harm to Caylee and I will continue to believe they knew.I had compassion at one time for George and Cindy in the beginning.My thoughts changed when they cleaned out the car and gave the wrong hair brush to the FBI. Tampering with evidence,when I believe they suspected foul play for a long time now.They enabled Casey and Caylee was laying some where out there in a garbage bag.Where they should of wanted to find her and bring her home for a decent burial that Caylee had deserved.Casey has a black soul and there is no real help out there for some one thats evil.God Bless You Caylee.

  197. I have been saying right along that Caylee died at the Anthony’s home on June 16th. Either in the pool or at the hand of Casey. Dr. Baden said they will check to see if Caylee’s neck was broken. He said it’s still possible if all of the bones are in the bag, that the neck/skull could produce evidence of a broken neck. He said if Caylee’s neck was broken then it was “premeditated murder” If there are no bruises on Caylee’s body but Chloroform is discovered on the plastic bag, then he said it could be considered accidental overdose.


  199. Nina I have no compassion for the Anthonys. I feel for them losing their granddaughter and that is it. They knew from the time that car came home.

  200. LOL CIndy said, “OK?”

    IF she really believed Caylee was still alive, she would have said what she said when the LP divers found some evidence…. that she wouldn’t believe it’s Caylee until LE made a match.

    Obviously, Cindy has NEVER really believed the lie that Casey was kidnapped by an imaginary nanny.

  201. Tonill I knew in the back of my head from the beginning just didn’t want to admit it. I know Casey isn’t the first to their child’s life but I still wanted it to be an accident.

  202. George and Cindy both lost any credibility they may have had last night on LK.
    The Police would have to have had something positive to identify Caylee in order to allow this much media hype.
    It may be a necklace, hair, shape of her mouth or even nail polish. Something allowed for a pre positive identification. They could be in big trouble if they are letting this much activity get going and be wrong. Besides the police call Tim at Equasearch and told him “we got her”.
    What do you be that Cindy comes up with something stupid like “we do not use platic bags or masking tape smells like death so we do not have it in the house. She will divert the truth more and more. George, I hope this is the last straw and he finally goes to the right side of this case and leaves Cindy in the dust. Just knowing what that little body has to go through now should be enough to get the Anthonys to speak to Casey and have her fess up! Let them all see the body as a reminder that power isnt everything and being right all the time often comes with a price. This time, Caylee paid the biggest.

  203. Tonill…….like you, I will be up all night too!

    I believe the ME could determine something other than DNA if flesh was still on the body, by tomorrow at least…Go for the dental records, I say!!!

    Mike Brooks just said the plastic bag will hold a lot of evidence and said CSI’s already took plastic bags from the Anthony’s home during the first search warrant and can now match up this plastic bag to see if there’s a match.

    LI Mom…Yes, Cindy just said “Ok” and hung up, according to the news reports. But they are on their way back from CA….Cindy will get her news soon enough that DNA matches!!! But again, she’ll put a spin on this….unless she realizes Casey’s words “I feel Caylee is close to home” will ring in her head forever!!! Yes, poor Caylee’s was close to home, alright!! Less than half a mile close!!

  204. “If there are no bruises on Caylee’s body but Chloroform is discovered on the plastic bag, then he said it could be considered accidental overdose”

    Yeah except, the proosecution will ask the jury to wonder WHY someone using Casey’s computer was looking up chloroform, broken necks, weapons from household items, etc.

    Do a search for chloroform & every site tells you how DEADLY it is. It will be very hard for the defense to claim Casey had no idea chloroform could kill her baby.

    IMO, Caylee’s death was pre-meditated for MONTHS before Casey finally decided it was time to put her plans into action.

  205. For those who missed it. Scroll up this page to my 9:12 post and you can link to satellite photo of the body dump. CNN has it wrong on their googlemap.
    Its the wooded area across from the school. Notice the tracks where cars have left the road and went back in the woods. Caseys house is just on the other side of the pond. Its only 3 blocks away if you drive around the corner. Its actually straight behind her house!

  206. I think the only thing C and G are feeling now is “oh shit, now Casey is really in deep crap. I think they new Caylee was dead already.If they didnt know and this is an eye-opener, well, more power to them. I hope they can see the light about the weird,totally whacked- out daughter they raised.

  207. Now the defense will say the nannie killed Caylee and dumped her body there. Its pay back for something Casey did to these people that took Caylee.

  208. When I googled the Anthonys house and saw the wooded area behind their house, I thought they should search there. I guess at the time it was too wet.

  209. Justice4Caylee, it’s very likely there will be no dental match since Caylee was so young. Unless there are good pictures of her with her mouth open & her teeth showing where they might be able to superimpose the skull to the picture and match that way.

    I still think Cindy will stick to the lie that a make-believe nanny stole Caylee & poor Casey was only trying to protect everyone.

    Of course, they’ll all claim Casey STILL won’t be able to tell the truth yet because the make-believe killer is still out there & she’s such a hero that she’s willing to go to jail for life to protect her mom & dad. *rolls eyes*

  210. I have been sad today upon learning the remains are probably Caylee’s, I knew in my heart she was gone, but we can always have a little hope for a miracle from god can’t we.
    Caylee, you have stolen the hearts of an entire nation, we all love you and our tears now can be our comfort in knowing you are finally at peace and that god will forever protect you now. good-bye little one….our Caylee…
    i get chills thinking about the little things Casey has said during all this time she professes shes innocent…. like when she was putting down the L.E. and said..” they havent even found the clothes she was wearing yet” and its reported there where no clothes on or in the bag with her remains. OOOOh, got a chill just typing it . .. alot of other slips she didn’t know would come back and bite her in the butt… but after listening to everyone involved again today…. This is what I think happened….. Cindy and Casey fought, Cindy tryed chokeing her, she grapped Caylee and left….(witness had stated on that day tht she had seen Casey in motel parking lot pacing and trying over and over to call someone to no avail……That kinda explains why Cindy is trying to protect her now, Cindy feels its her fault for fighting with Casey tht caused her to take off, and when Casey relized she had gave Caylee too much cloraform and she wasnt responding, she was trying to call her mom over and over and Cidny wouldn’t answer the phone due to the earlier fight, (not knowing that Caylee was probably dying from overdose at that exact time of the calls coming in from Casey, that she wouldn’t answer. So I see where she has become a total basket case and dwells on if she only answered the phone ……but Cindy really has to step back and see that it wasn’t her fault, it was Caseys fault for drugging her. but watching the way Casey can cry and act like Caylee is so important to her and blah, blah,blah….. she would if she could, let her mother take the fall ………I am relieved that Caylee has been found. I have to know that it was gods plan somehow to bring her back home to him so she didn’t have to endure a life at the hands of her mother.

  211. LI MOm….Casey would not get the death sentence if the Chloroform was found on the plastic bag. Casey would still be found guilty, but of a lesser charge.

    If it was premeditated, than the death penality will go back on the table. Leaving Baez nothing to prove it was accidental…He couldn’t come up with a good enough reason, such as accidental death by Chloroform overdose.

    If they find any broken bones, particularly Caylee’s neck was broken, than that’s premeditated murder in the 1st degree….

    LP believes it will be an accidental overdose case…..regardless she was searching in March on her lap top about Chloroform, neck breaing, household weapons, acetone, etc….

  212. LI Mom…From what Cindy told LE, Caylee does have dental records and did see a dentist….I distinctly remember Cindy telling Greta Van Susteren that she told this to LE….

  213. Of course Casey had to be sedated when hearing the news…. shes never gonna get out. I dont believe that though. When Baez was first interviewed after leaving Caseys, he didnt say anything,cuz he hadnt thought it through yet. If it was true that Casey had freaked out about the news( like any normal mother would) he would have said that first thing to the press people.

  214. I’ve been told by a friend who been watching this for me. They are saying Casey been having Panic Attacks. Yeah right,she knows her A$$ is fried.

  215. Jasmine- good point about he clothes.I always wondered why Casey said that.It made her sound so guilty.Know wander she didnt get nervous when they were searching Econ river.Neither did Cindy hmmm!

  216. Oh I think the prosecution WILL argue that a chloroform death was NOT accidental.

    I think she killed Caylee at home as soon as George left for work OR she killed her while she was waiting for George to leave the house.

    Not a single person (other than George) has come forward to say they saw Caylee on or after June 16.

  217. Mike Galliano’s just said LE has determined the remains to be those of Caylee’s…May she now rest in peace and have a decent burial…

  218. Cindy and George have to take some responsibility for allowing lying to be normal in this household. For the lack of respect between all of them. Who were the adults in the house? I do hope those who have children who may end up in this situation, pregnant and not wanting the child. Parents need to heed the voice of those children. These are parents who did NOT insist on finding the father. They allowed Casey to drop out of school before she was pregnant, and she was in denial for 7 months about being pregnant. The Anthonys denied Casey was pregnant… she was over 7 months pregnant and it was Cindy’s brother pointed, literally, out to them that they were going to be grandparents. I agree Casey was responsible for the murder, but, the family was responsible for helping get to the breaking point. As parents you cannot chose when you are involved and when you are not when you tell a story that you ARE 100% involved in the upbringing of this child but only knew 1/10 of what went on in that childs life. Which is is? They IGNORED what was going on if it was inconvenient. The family will implode at trial. We will learn how from the beginning of Casey’s life that things ended up the way they did. I feel for all of them. Guilt is a terrible terrible feeling to shake off. It will be a long time for this family to heal if ever.

  219. Yea, shes panicing all right!! Its also just starting to set in where shes at and where shes gonna live FOR EVER Shes not to bright,so it takes a while for things to set in.

  220. It has been an emotional day for me. Like many, I have followed the story all these months. I really wish Caylee would have been found alive. But, of course all of the evidence said she was not. ANGER, RELIEF, SADNESS, DISBELIEF…. how in the world could this beautiful child be gone? WHY, WHY, WHY! Cayce Anthony deserves the death penalty. I am against the DP. BUT, when someone goes to the lengths she did to lie! The entire world is sad, and the ENTIRE WORLD would also like 5 minutes alone with this friggin MONSTER who killed Caylee. I have had a horrible 2008. My son committed suicide in June and my beautiful 3 yo granddaughter has leukemia. There must be a special place in heaven for Caylee, and a VERY special place in hell for Caycee. TO Caycee: YOU stupid, disgusting, self centered BIATCH! ROT IN HELL!

  221. Natisha Lance keeps updating Mike Galiano. Cindy really did make it clear that she was particular about Caylee’s dental checkups. My grandson is going to be 3 yrs old and my son has taken him to the dentist twice already. I know my grandson has not had any form of dental x-ray’s, but Cindy did mention something about Caylee’s teeth not coming in properly, so maybe the dentist did take an x-ray of Caylee’s mouth…

  222. Tammera, prayers to you. It’s sure been a horrible year for you & I hope things get better. Best wishes for your sweet granddaughter.

  223. Tammera…..I’m soooo very sorry for your pain and tragedies. I pray God will watch over you and your granddaughter. If it’s any comfort, my cousin was young when diagnosed with Leukemia, went through the treatments and is a strong and healthy LE officer today with three beautiful children. Please keep the faith!!!

  224. Tammera…..I’m so very sorry for your pain and tragedies. I pray God will watch over your granddaughter. If it’s any comfort my cousin was young when diagnosed with Leukemia. He went through the treatments and is a strong and healthy LE officer today with three beautiful children.

    Please keep the faith!!!

  225. Does anyone know if they ONLY found a skull & no other bones?

    If so, did Casey decapitate her OR was the bag chewed through & the body is in some other location? I wonder if there are any teeth marks on the skull.

  226. J Garrett did you bring this to CNN’s attention? I have headline news on right now and they are still showing the same place as before.

    Tammera-we will keep your granddaughter in our prayers – as well as healing to come to your heart.

  227. Thanks, Nina.

    I think we’ll have to wait for an official announcement…. the rumors seem to be flying today. lol

    To me, it sounds like the bag was probably torn open & when it was picked up the skull fell out.

    Otherwise, Casey decapitated her & buried her in various locations… but that sounds like too much work for a lazy-azz whose only real interest is drinking & screwing.

  228. Tammera – She is quite the Precious Princess!! You did a beautiful job w/her room. Blessings to you and your lovely family.

    NG is going to make an appearance on JVM – HLN in a few minutes

  229. The whole body is in the bag. Probably an animal at some point dragged the head away, but they said on Channel 6 live that there is more than just s head.

  230. Tammera, she’s a cutie pie! Great job on the angels, too.

    Nina, I think Casey will spend the rest of her life manipulating her mother. I wonder how long George will be able to stomach living with the lies these women embrace? Maybe Lee & George will eventually wake up & return to the land of REALITY & move on with their lives? I hope so.

  231. Glad they found more than a head. I think a jury would have a problem believing the monster could decapitate her baby. This will make it easier to convict the b1tch.

  232. I really dont see how there marriage can hold up any longer.They thought they had problems before.Nothing compared to whats ahead of them..Casey will continue to manipulate Cindy.Thats what Casey does best.

  233. I don’t think they officially confirmed anything yet.

    I think they probably want to complete the search at the Anthony home AND then let the family back into their home where they will tell the family before they make any announcements.

    LE must know that once the family goes back home, any evidence left behind will probably be destroyed… they MUST get everything they need before it’s gone forever.

  234. No clothes on the body. Coincidence that Casey was surprised that LE didn’t even find Caylee’s clothes yet?

    IMO, Casey hid the body carefully BUT might have left the clothes someplace she thought they would be found easily so she could claim some stranger kidnapped Caylee & stripped and sexually assaulted her. She knew a body would have too many clues… the clothes were a safer alibi.

  235. Hey LI_Mom~That may have been why she was seen at by the airport, hiding the clothes. People, including myself, thought that they would have found a body there. Bet that is where the backpack is full of clothes.

  236. Norma, You have some good points about Cindy and George and thier role as parents. But my math tells me that Casey was an adult when she conceived Caylee, and had wanted to adopt the baby out but Cindy had stepped in and flat out said no! that she would have the baby and raise the baby….. Of course the death of this child is Casey Anthonys fault by trying to seditate her by means of cloraform or any other drug, and that in itself, accident or not is criminal. But I can see all the reasons that Cindy will forever be in pain and turmoil for this. She crossed the line when she denied Casey the right to make the decition of adopting the baby out. And to me, that is a very personal decition that no one has the right to dictate to you what your decition is going to be based on what they want or think you should do, whether it was her daughter or not, since she was not a minor. Cindy had no right to step in and alter another persons life, and it consequently altered and ended another life as well. I am not saying that Cindy is to blame for Caylees death, she did not harm or drug her causeing her death. But I think Cindy will never again have any kind of life now because she will always know that by crossing that line of making someone else decition that she put the tragic events in motion to come to this end, and also will know that if she hadn’t crossed that line, that Caylee would be alive today with her adoptive family. and Cindy will live with that thought for the rest of her life. I bet my life that Cindys prison in her mind will be far worst than Casey prison behind bars.

  237. Photo notes. If you look closely at the Casey bare-ass photo you will realize that what looks like her pants waistband only about 1/3 of the way up is actually a railing in the bar. You can tell by looking at her pants on her leftside that her pants are all the off her ass. The preceding photo has her girl friend grabbing her between the legs as she presses her face against Casey’s ass. This is G&C’s perfect mom and great girl.
    Her photos of her are almost all shot out in public.

  238. I believe she buried Caylee’s clothes.Maybe that is what she was doing out at the airport.Still would like to know who this person was standing on the bridge well dressed,according to some one that claimed they seen Casey come out of the woods .There may have been some truth in what that person was saying.

  239. I hope and pray our prayers have finally been answered! Please be Caylee!
    The headline was an amazing thing to read during English class; I cried. So hopeful!

  240. Garrett:There little princess was was far from being untouched.Even when she was 7 months pregnant,Casey said you had to have sex to get pregnant.She is truely a piece of work!Cindy too for going along with her.

  241. HumbleOpinion, it occurs to me that leaving the clothes at the airport can also let Casey tell people she thinks the kidnapper might have changed her clothes & took off with her on a plane. (Not that this makes sense BUT it’s the kind of sick reasoning the Anthonys seem to enjoy)

    I’m pretty sick of people thinking Cindy FORCED Casey to have this baby. IMO, if Casey wanted an abortion she would have gotten one… the same way she found a way to get other things she wanted.

    And even though Casey found out being a mother is HARD WORK & it cuts into your partying time… all she had to do was tell he parents she needed some time to ‘find herself.’ I’d bet a million bucks IF Casey told her parents she wanted to get an apt. & live the single life, they would have helped her find a job &/or give her an allowance….. IF she left Caylee at home with them.

    Casey made a consious decision to PUNISH her parents by taking away the one thing she had that had any value.

  242. LI_Mom..Your right,she could of kept that pregnancy to her self and got an abortion.She could of stole the money.She didnt have a problem stealing money when she wanted other things.

  243. Nina
    check HumbleO’s Fun Link Equalize you. Go to the photo gallery. Photos 2,7,17,and 30 show some stuff. But, 21,31,32,33,45,46,&47 are pure lezboland!! Lee needs to send her a strap-on and she’ll be fine in prison.
    Turn on the love-lights.

  244. Casey didn’t even have the decency to leave her child in clothes.

    If this is Caylee’s body, may her lay to rest finally.

    Dear Lord, you have watched over this precious little girl, please continue to keep this precious baby girl in your loving arms. If this is Caylee, it is unfortunate that she had to spend her last moments in a bag out in the water, all alone, while her mother partied with no regards. If this is Caylee, you are leading her home for a proper burial, which she deserves;

    I’m sad and hurt inside. May God Bless you precious Caylee.

  245. As controlling as Cindy seems to be, I think Casey has no problem manipulating her anyway.

    I just don’t buy the idea that Cindy drove Casey to bad behavior as much as I think Casey’s anti-social behavior was the cause for much of Cindy & George’s own startling dysfunction. I think living with a sociopath for so many years changes the way even the most normal of people react.

  246. Cindy & Casey commonalities:
    1) Bold and elaborate lies in the face of facts.
    2) Fast and very strong angry response to those who try to corner them in a lie.
    3)Use of dismissive language to detractors (e.g.- sweety, etc…) Best example was when a girl friend was one of her first phone visitors who tried to question her. Play that over and you will see it.

  247. I agree, J. Garrett, they both share some very negative traits.

    But I think Casey’s behavior is 100% selfish and at least Cindy’s negative behavior is out of love for her daughter. Not that this makes it right but in a sense it’s not totally immoral.

  248. LI Mom
    LOve for her daughter. BS NO freakin way. She’s just trying to escape her guilt for raising this monster and pushing her over the edge by confronting her and choking her.

  249. For what it’s worth, didn’t Casey herself joke about having sex with any available partner… male OR female?

    She fancied herself quite the rebel & probably thought people admired her being so free & easy… not to mention, it probably earned her free drinks when she put on a show for the guys.

    I don’t think it’s so outrageous to comment on her future sexuality…. prisoners aren’t always celibate & I doubt Casey can survive without having a way to manipulate other humans.

  250. J. Garrett, Cindy can feel guilt… that’s a rather normal emotion for MILLIONS of mothers… of normal kids or sick ones!

    My only point is that I just do not think Cindy’s parenting was *SO* horrible that it drove her child to become such a monster.

    Millions of children grow up in homes where the parents have all sorts of quirks & dysfunction… they might end up in therapy to deal with feelings but they sure don’t end up becoming thieves & killers just because their moms made mistakes.

    Don’t get me wrong, I DO think the grandparents have plenty of issues but I don’t think they’re that much worse than lots of other odd families.

  251. You know, the bottom line here is a child is dead, if not Caylee, then someone’s child. Most likely, it is Caylee. I really don’t care about Casey’s sexuality

  252. Interesting that Casey …”broke down”…when told the body was found….how did she know it was Caylee when positive ID hadn’t been made yet….

    Answer that Baez….

  253. alot of insight today, guess we just need an answer for our ownself as why and how this happened . I mean Casey did minupulate everyone around her , but I think Cindy did the same. Look at George….. he told L.E. flat out what he smelled in that car and once you smell it, you never forget it. And last night on larry king, he stumbled all over himself to agree again now with Cindy. And I really felt for him when larry king asked him where he thought Caylee was, and he said…”I hope with a loving and caring family” and he was holding tears back after he said it, I think because, like us, he knew, but couldn’t go against what Cindy thinks he should believe, so he gets puppeted as to what Cindy thinks. And Im sure both the women minipulated him to get what they needed, and of course it caused issues between mother and daughter , probably competeing as to who had more minipulative skills over him.. it seems from what weve learned that there was underlying jealously between the two for quite sometime., but I still feel Cindy is the one who ruled , and probably held the fact that Casey would be kicked out if she didn’t comply, and thats exactly what happened that night when Casey probably didn’t comply and Cindy said she was going to kick her out and take the baby, (IMO I think Cindy was planning to keep Caylee all along and thats why she insisted she kept the baby. and I know people here will totally disagree with me on this next statement and thats fine, thats what makes the world go round, but I still think that George did abuse Casey and she ended up pregnant. Sure makes sense why Cindy took over the mothering role but still played the marter role and continually belittled Casey about not being a good mother (although she didn’t want to be a mother yet), and let Casey lie and steal, and then called her out on it when it worked to Cindys advantage to do so. All the more reason to kick her out and keep the baby.

    ..But who the hell knows what went on day in and day in that nut house that landed the Anthonys here, and cost the only true innocent in all this, her life, Our Caylee

  254. Tammera…..beautiful painting!! And your granddaughter is so very precious! I wish you all the very best and I pray she will get through this and grow into a wonderful, healthy woman 🙂

  255. How the f*uck is Casey allowed to be given a sedative in jail?!?!?!

    I don’t give a flying f*ck if she’s upset that they finally found her baby (that she so callously discarded). YOU’RE IN JAIL! YOU ARE NOT ENITITLED TO AMENTITIES – MEDICAL OR NOT! She’s not going to “die” if she doesn’t get that sedative, therefore it’s not a necessity and they should tell her to piss off.

    Sorry for the vulgarity, but I am absolutely appalled that they would give her the medication. To what? Calm her nerves becasue she knows she’s flat-out busted?!?! Also, on the taxpayer’s dime, too huh?

  256. J. Garret, I didn’t see any thing wrong with your posts. It is the truth. The truth of all this
    story is sickening. I don’t imagine we will hear
    any uplifting details as we go through the trial.
    Today has been the worst day. An innocent child, Caylee, came to be someone we thought of everyday.

  257. Oh , and by the way llmom, if your that sick of people thinking thier own thoughts and comments about any of this, then skip over it …. not everyone here has to think the same thing as you do……

  258. There is something wrong with this whole situation. If Cindy is gullible enough to believe Casey lies and then fly all over the USA and tell them on national tv, Casey is stupid enough to tell investigators lie, after lie, after lie, Casey got this from somewhere. I believe that Casey harming Caylee was a way to get back at Cindy. I am unsure at this point if Cindy harmed Lee or Casey while they were young to get back at George or what. But there is something very wacky about this family, and the words “PAYBACK IS HELL” means alot to them.

  259. I can see the blog is smokin’ tonight!
    I am so curious to know what else they have in the bag with the remains. They would not say. We will know soon enough.
    Also wondering if the “meter reader” will get the reward for finding Caylee?
    I still believe that the State had the body in order to indite Casey, and just now placed the body and had her found. Again, the timing was uncanny.
    I wonder if Casey requested a Xanax? LOL. I would love to be a fly on the wall.
    Interesting listening to LP and TM tonight. Prety easy to put 2 and 2 together.
    They will be matching the garbage bags, duct tape, and soil from the shovel.
    I wonder if the chloroform rag had been taped to Caylee’s face? Sounds like it! What a demented evil woman! Good God….this is worst than a horror movie!

  260. Humble…I believe Casey had been abusive towards Caylee all along. I can bet Casey was a victim of incest/sexual abuse. Her actions spoke loud and clear.
    She has already accused Lee. These people have many secrets to hide behind.

  261. Hey Christine~I said the same about the reward, but Joann said it was only good for 90 days and it had to be a live Caylee. As for the xanax, LOL! I am unsure if maybe she got a shot of chloroform on a rag! Maybe duct tape to cover it up? I have NOT heard that duct tape was in the trunk of the car, but there was a bag of trash in it. I remember she said that to Jesse, or someone, but we know how she talks in lies. I think she does, says alot for attention.

  262. finally here..had to go to a Christmas party … wanted to come home.. been reading this all day at work… couldn’t post..such a sad ending for little angel Caylee…

  263. Hey, Humble,
    Can you find out if the Anthony’s are being paid by CNN for their apprearances on Larry King Live??
    I think they are doing this to raise money for Casey’s defense….remember, they were close to bankruptcy and have no money.
    Her defense team will be expensive.
    Can you check this out for us??

  264. humble opinion

    I am right there with you when you say there is something wacky about this family. I have been coming up with different conclutions in my head and even shareing a few here, but whatever it is, its probably something that all memebers of that immeadite family will guard with a vengence if even a hint of it starts coming out. I really don’t think we will ever know the entire truth of the what all went on behind closed doors even before Caylee was born.

    The Anthonys are going on Larry Kinga again tommarrow nite to talk about the remains found today….. I can almost guess what Cindy will say on the subject…Lets see how close I get……” Larry, there has been no dna confirmation on that being Caylee, just speculation at this point and until it is confirmed and the L.E. tells me it is definintly Caylee, then I am going to continue looking for Caylee. In fact , just today we got another tip……from somewhere, and someone very crediable said it was her….etc…etc.. etc…
    But, why not? let her have another week or so until its confirmed. Becauase after that, she will never have another day to trick her mind into believing Caylee is alive outthere and I acually think that by just finding the remains that were so close to them, has at least started clearing the fog that surrounds Cindy, so when its confirmed, her mind has already shifted towards the possibility of it being Caylee and she will be more ready to accept it. …. And god help her if she dosn’t accept Caylees death or the person who did it as being her own daughter.

  265. Rebel, I took a mental break from this site, I come back and you are killing me! “wack the meter reader, convicted of murder because some guy took a whizz, american idol, dancing with the stars”. We haven’t laughed about much on this site, but you’re making my night!!!


  267. hey christine,you tell me what color her shamrock is now,had you gone to the sites,and read evertything,you might have know more then what you put on this site today,.this blog today is more like a soap opera,and a gossip page,then to relize what this blog page was really about.its pretty sad to read all of this,and find out there was so much,that nobody new,because they didnt watch the tv long enouhg to be able to coment.this today is going to be c.g. biggest reality now,and to hope they do snap out of it,before they end up in hospital.caseys 22,nobody made her do this but casey,not g. ,not c. ,not lee,just casey.yes there is alot of qwestions yet,that we want to know. the biggest one is why?

  268. christine- a shamrock or the gold cross necklace that she bought for the 2 of them. i was also thinking maybe a paver from the back yard to weigh down the bag and maybe that is why they are at the home. my brain went all nite and it was hard to fall asleep. the fact that she was given a sedative is a joke , i say let the witch suffer with the fact she is busted!that is way to nice to get a sedative. i hope g and c will finally come out of their bull s*** fog and realize what their daughter has done. all the lies right to their faces , sad and sick.

  269. i don’t believe anyone planted the body it was just a lucky day and thank god the meter guy had to pee. i think if they had the body it wouldn’t have tacken this long, what would be the point. they know she will never fess up no matter what.i believe she planned this back in march , the next big fall out with cindy and she will end this.if you remember the nite cindy found her she told lee ” this should have been done along time ago”. i think that meant she should have never had the baby in the first place and that she was finally in control not cindy. put the death penalty back on the table , let her know you don’t treat children like garbage.

  270. I heard that the think the body has been there for several months just under water.
    Jamine,on the L.K. show Cindy will probably blame the make beleive zanny the nanny
    You are right Cindy will deny deny deny, even if it is confirmed, she will still say that the dna was all planted.
    She will be forever more in denial that casey the princess had anything to do with this.
    I hear that the duct tape could hold finger prints, let’s all hope that casey didn’t research that and we findher prints on it.

  271. finger prints and maybe teeth marks from breaking the tape. dr. baden said one time they got someone on the teeth maks alone on the tape. cindy will probably deny all of this , even when shown the remains. poor caylee to now take the backseat for her horrible mother.

  272. Morning all,

    This morning on GMA Robin Roberts interviewed Sherrif Beary. She asked him if there was something specific in the plastic bag with the bones that would make them tape off the Anthony’s home as a crime scene? She said, “without compromising your investigation could you just tell us if you did find something significant?” His response was “OH YEAH”

    Michael Baden on Greta Van Susteren last night said..
    CSI could tell right away if it was Caylee or not..He said the BEST evidence was the duct tape and plastic bag for fingerprint, along with hair still being inside the plastic bag.

    I’m so sick of hearing about Cindy and what her spin on this is going to be. Saying Caylee was murdered by the nanny. I’m disgusted that Cindy and George stayed in CA long enough to do a follow up on the LK show to talk about her feelings of the remains found. WAKE UP CINDY, your daughter CASEY’S DNA will be all over that bag!!! Along with items LE will find within your own home that will connect the bag, duct tape and other evidence to CASEY!!!

  273. Christine…..Every time I see that video of Caylee singing to her grampa, “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine” Tears well up in my eyes. This little baby has captured the world. This story has gone world wide and yet a grandmother cannot and will not accept her crazy messed up daughter killed her granddaughter!

  274. Justice, I know what you mean. So sad, it almost sounds like she is saying ” please don’t take nana’s sunshine away” I am not sure, I know when I used to sing that with my grandson, that’s what we would say & when he sang it with his mother, he would say, “mommy’s sunshine.” Cindy’s sunshine is gone, Caylee was a bright ray of Sunshine in their lives I am sure, no doubt they loved her very much. Well, now Casey’s Sunshine is gone too, she has darkened the lives of her whole family, she has destroyed them all. What a terrible tragedy!

  275. Sandy,

    Why don’t you tell us about the shamrock being that you seem to know more than we do.

    I admit I have not read every single word written about this case. I do have a life! LOL

    I have tried to stay as informed as possible and have stated my own personal theory about the case based on what knowledge I am aware of.

    On one photo I saw, Casey’s shamrock was not black. It was exposed in a photo. I have no idea what color it is now or if it really has any meaning what so ever.

    My kids have numerous tatts and many have no meaning at all.

    What is it that you can share?

    We will know soon enough what was in that bag.

  276. SSchapman….yes, it’s so very sad to see that video!

    Casey surely cannot blame the nanny now. Since there wasn’t a Nanny to begin with. And Cindy cannot back up that story any longer since the ME has now stated that the remains are consistant with Caylee. And the evidence secured from the home will prove Caylee was killed at the home or in that backyard, as I had felt right along. But just the thought that duct tape was placed over this childs mouth, sickens my stomach!

  277. chritine, you would know more if you didnt try to hit all these sites,and i have a life to, and im not sitting here 24-7,otherwise i would have more bloging up.

    Yep Casey has a tramp stamp (tat just above the ass that you flash).
    Her’s is a colored shamrock. Shes not Irish.
    It probably means “your lucky” as you can see it when you mount her from behind.

  279. PS-
    See Casey-s tramp stamp here in HumbleO-s “many Faces of Casey” page.
    Only Casey would have her bare ass in a photo album called the many faces of Casey.
    If you want to see a whole lot more visit Humble”o”s Fun Link, Equalize You. Visit their photo gallery and see inside the real world of Casey!

  280. Honestly, I think Casey’s a whole lot smarter than we give her credit for. I think she planned this whole thing out from the beginning. She couldn’t handle Caylee anymore so she decided to dispose of her. She knew the only way that she could possibly not get the death penalty is if she made herself seem insane. All of the lies and the stories that she concocted were to make her look loopy. I really think she knew what she was doing and she’s trying to make people believe that she’s insane by her erratic behavior. I hope she serves every day of the rest of her life in prison. May God lay this child to rest.

  281. Fallon: problem with your theory is that Casey is smart and that is why she couldn’t act insane if she wanted to. She isn’t insane by a long shot. I think she feels she is smarter than everyone else and figured she could get out of this like everything else that she had done in her life. Casey lied all of her life and was excused, why not to police?

  282. Sandy, you didn’t answer my question.

    Insults on this blog are a waste of time.

    If you have answers, then share….otherwise, what is the point of making nasty remarks?

    This case is bad enough already!

  283. Hello Humble, first of all I was wondering if casey was giving caylee chlorform since march when the computer says the searches were made, maybe this wasnt the first time she knocked the poor little baby out, maybe this time it was an overdose or she was left in the trunk to long and suffocated, another thing is I had a disagreement with someone about casey needing a sedative to me that says guilty and she knows it’s caylee and shes caught, someone else told me shes upset because if its her daughter she’ll never see her again. However it plays out I hope casey gets the death penalty anyone who hurts an innocent helpless child doesnt deserve life or anyones sympathy..if my child did that to my grandchild I feel like I would never forgive them or speak to them again.

  284. the skull separated from the body and rolled out of the trash bag when the meter reader kicked it

    ok, is/was the neck broken?

    if the body shows a broken neck, it’s all over for misss priss

    going to be interesting to see if there are any signs of blunt trauma to the remains; broken neck, arms, legs, blow to skull

    this case is over; just like scott peterson’s case was over the minute poor Lacy and the baby’s body washed up

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