Lee Anthony aiding and abetting?

Could Lee Anthony be charged with Aiding and abetting? Here is the legal jibber on aiding and abetting: A criminal charge of aiding and abetting or accessory can usually be brought against anyone who helps in the commission of a crime, though legal distinctions vary by state. A person charged with aiding and abetting or accessory is usually not present when the crime itself is committed, but he or she has knowledge of the crime before or after the fact, and may assist in its commission through advice, actions, or financial support.

Lee could also be charged with obstruction of justice…seems that is running wild through the Anthony house. Lee’s attorney has also stated that “LEE HAS COOPERATED with the LE” He gave then DNA…Hello, not sure LE having to get a court order for DNA, finger prints is considered cooperating. Sounds like he has been hiding something from the beginning. Luka also stated that Lee, Cindy nor George are NOT on the prosecution witness list, and in a case like this you are either a witness or a suspect…..Lee also claims to he did his own investigation into the case…ok!

As for the money that was donated to Caylee’s search fund, it is said that Lee used some of the money to fund his own search into the sighting, and into his own investigation. What the heck, he used the funds the do a bogus search for Caylee? They did say that the money donated, that is left, will be returned to sender.


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  1. Well, this makes for intersted information. Lee, the law abiding son, now could be charged! I believe it, I think that he is involved, and he has known for a while that Caylee was not here on the earth, alive.

  2. obstucing this hole investigation from day one,till even after caylee was found it was still going on.the law has to inpose on this,as i do see all of them obstrucing the polic,fbi.,other authorties that were trying to do there job,got screwed my the anothys.

  3. It sure seems like there was plenty of obstruction – and it wouldnt be aiding and abetting.. it would be accessory to murder after the fact.

  4. casey telling cindy from jail,dont vworry,i didnt tell them anything.dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.i never new you could do so much wrong,and still be famous to the entire world,.totaly makes me sick.time to arest them all,and end this parade.

  5. The Anthonys never cease to amaze me…They find Caylees body and there Lee goes getting a lawyer..Why on earth would you need legal representation?…unless you know your going to need it!!!..The things they do that make you go ..HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…

  6. Hey Sandy~They all do need to be taken away! They did mess with the investigation
    Hey justiceforall~There has been plenty of law breaking on the A’s side.
    Hey Sandy~They are not famous, they are notoriuos liars.
    Hey Joann68~It seems very weird. Luka said in a case like this, you are either a witness for the prosecution or a suspect. Well, seems there is more to what they have done than what we know.

  7. Who was Caylee’s father anyway?
    I had read somewhere the suggestion that there was some incest going on in this family. And it was suggested that maybe Lee is the father of Caylee. “Cay-Lee”? At first I thought this is a stretch. It’s out there.
    It’s a crazy and unkind thought,…but wouldn’t that explain alot of this family’s behavior? And Casey said the father died in a car crash? ….do we know who the father actually is? Because i’d say it’s a very relevant question.
    Lee being Caylee’s father is bizarre…but so is this family’s behavior and it wouldn’t surprise me at this point. It really would explain their behavior.
    Good points Humble; they all seem to need lawyers and they’re not on the witness list?
    2009’s going to be interesting in this arena.

  8. LE should ask…WHY?…Why was Lee relunctant in giving his finger prints to FBI and they had to supoena him?…how was this helping in the case? And LE has enough DNA to know if those rumors on Lee being possible father is true or not. I would hope not but this case has been a circus and shown so much disrespect for an innocent precious child. If there was ‘obstruction’ on any of the Anthony’s part…I would hope they all would be charged because that would change my mind on them being ‘grieving’ to criminal and this family knew better…they knew right from wrong and what was obstruction or not…George had served in law enforcement. Sad Sad case all the way around. May ‘Justice’ pervail!

  9. They really ougt to look at Jesse Grund for aiding and abetting, or maybe he will be the star witness for the prosecution, he has to know much more than he is letting on due to all the phone conversations back and forth between he and casey

  10. AIDING AND ABETTING-a case here in Canton,Ohio last year involving a police officer that murdered his girlfriend(officer BOBBY CUTTS JR)-a woman that helped him ‘move the body’ her last name is FERELL was sentenced to 2 yrs in prison-she was released already after just one year in the joint-unbelievable isnt it ? I hope that Florida laws are stiffer and if Lee was involved,they throw the book at him as they should====

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  12. Lee’s actions has proven what type of person that he is.
    Remember how he treated that lady with the dog sign,,, and she was not on his property,,, remember how he almost hit another lady with his car while she was holding a child!!!!!!!!
    Also, snatching up the first memorial after Caylee was found dead.
    Oh,,, he is just too nasty, mean and psychotic to get away with his illegal actions in this case.
    He will reap exactly what he has sown,,, watch and see. May he be arrested soon. I pray that LE show him no mercy just like he showed no mercy to Caylee nor those women that he pushed around and disrespected.

  13. Lee is a loose cannon. He is hiding something as are Cindy and George. I was really hoping that George would be called to testify and I am not giving up hope on this one. He needs to tell about Casey those last few times he saw her, her attitude and how he knew she was not working for months. How he questioned in silence where she took Caylee. How Caylee never responded to the name Zenida. Cindy needed to get it out in the open that Casey never wanted Caylee and how she runs the family. I was looking forward to these people being on the stand.
    If Lee gets arrested then so should the As.

  14. Enough of the lies, George, Cindy and Lee. Noboby is thinking of this innocent child who died at the hands of wickedness. It’s all about covering their own asses.

    Remember you evildoers, God is watching and Caylee is is in God’s care and protection now. God will punish you soon enough on earth and enternally. You will stand before him and he knows every evil thing you have done to this child. Vengence is mine sath the Lord and I will vindicate you Caylee.

  15. I think Lee knows what happened to Caylee. I believe that Casey confided in him. You can tell that they are kind of using code words in the phone conversation that they had and also Lee did not want to cooperate with the investigators in the beginning. I think all of the Anthony’s actions were strange b/c if it were my child or a child in my family missing I would and I know everyone else would be going nuts trying to find them and not talking calmly like they did a lot of the time!

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