Casey Anthony update 18 February 2009 Annie Downing part 1

This is part 1 of 2…….


Annie has known Casey since 10th grade. From the end of 2006-Aug 2007 she considered them best friends. After August they were friends in passing. This is due to Casey lying to her.

Annie said Casey was jealous of her mother’s relationship with Caylee. Casey once told her that Cindy Anthony wanted Caylee to call her ‘mom’ instead of ‘grand mom’ the report said. At Caylee’s 2nd birthday party, Casey said to Annie “Oh my God, this is supposed to be Caylee’s Day. I’m her mom. She’s not her mom,” this in reference to Cindy helping Caylee open presents.

In late 2006 or early 2007 Casey visited Annie at work and told her she need to talk to someone. Casey said “she needed to get away and felt like she was having a breakdown.” Casey didn’t tell Annie what caused the breakdown, but said she wanted to go to “an institution” and that Caylee could stay with Cindy. Annie called her later that night, Casey said she’d talked to her mother and she was fine.

Annie also said that she never knew of Casey doing illegal drugs.
Annie heard the name Zenaida for the first time on 5 July 2008 when she saw her at the Buffalo Wild Wings with a bunch of friends. Annie also stated that her dad had seen Casey at a liquor store without Caylee…

Annie first learned that Caylee was missing was when she received a message from Lee via MYSPACE on or about 3 July 2008 asking if she’d heard from Casey and if sh knew where Caylee was. She sent a text message to Casey who said Lee was crazy and everything ws fine. Casey never mentioned any problems or that Caylee was missing.

Annie said that she received a phone call from Lee in October after information had been made public about Casey telling another friend she could get some Xanex from her friend named Annie. Annie said Lee told her, “We all know Casey’s done bad things but you need to protect yourself. You need to…if they call you, you need to tell them the truth. You need to tell them anything you know because if you know something you need to tell them….Don’t protect Casey.”


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  1. Southern
    lol you almost made 1st.

    I left a response on the other post. I don’t know what Cindy told people about Casey not graduating but I am sure she lied. She told her mother that she was divorcing George and it was the other way around.

  2. That is because Bozo is the defense attorney, no worries. Mikka that also sounds like he has seen some finger prints we haven’t. 🙂

  3. It’s interesting that Lee is concerned about Caylee twelve days before she was reported missing. Isn’t that the same day as Cindy’s ‘My Space’ message. These self-centred people sat around with their thumbs up their a**es knowing full well their was reasons to be suspicious about Caylee’s whereabouts. How could an entire family let this child down and then do everything they could to protect the murderer?

  4. How could an entire family let this child down and then do everything they could to protect the murderer?

    i cannot get past this, East Coast. it’s my whole sticking point on this case. it’s so compelling because of the insanity of it all (not that casy is insane. she knows EXACTLY what she did and why. and why she’s so happy about it)

  5. Nite Stephanie~I hope not, I am over loaded!

    Hey ECDeb~I think what that means is the Casey and Caylee are missing and he was looking for them. Not that he really knew she was missing and Casey was investigating. Annie texted, Casey to see if she was around…Honestly I think he only cared about Caylee at that point not Casey…remember Cindy wanted him to find her!

  6. They can all run and hide and deny but there’s not
    anything that’s going to save Casey now. It just can’t be quick enough for me.

  7. Hi Hum,
    Read in the documents that OCSO asked FBI to check Lee’s DNA against Caylee for parentage. FBI, “Lee is not the father.” No info as to weather George is “Da Baby Daddy”.

  8. Hello all. I haven’t caught up on what everyone has said about the documents that were just released, but I believe the defense is going to dismiss most of it and hammer on the fact that no fingerprints were found on the duct tape. They are going to dig in and continue to defy everyone (and logic) and say someone else did it. I think the stage has already been set to blame Jesse Grund. Casey claimed he had a key to her car and George and Cindy have already thrown him under the bus when they were interviewed by police. Although there is a link between the items found with the remains and the house, Baez will just say someone with access to the house (other than Casey) did it. They can’t continue with this Zenaida nonsense, so it will be very easy for Casey to say Jesse was Zanny the Nanny. Cindy has already set the stage for it. I think Jesse has a lawyer. If he doesn’t, he better get one.

  9. hi Gigwails~I hope Jesse doesn’t have a key to that car…that was so many years ago, too, why would he still have it. Another lie on her part? As for someone in the house, it will have to ZANI that is who Casey said had her, NG said they can’t change the story now, won’t work!

  10. As I was proping Gillian up so she can sleep without coughing up a lung, I realized that Casey used the Laundry Bag to carry Caylee to her to the wooded area where she dumped her.

  11. Humble I think the part where Lee asked if Annie had seen Casey and if she knew where Caylee was is what confused me. I’d think that Lee would assume that Caylee would be with Casey if nothing was wrong.

  12. Gigwails Isn’t it ridiculous the money innocent people are paying for lawyers because they’ve become victims of this lying, viscious family. I hope when all is said and done that the Anthonys get sued for every red cent they’ve stolen as a result of Caylee’s death.

  13. Humble did I hear correctly that they cant put the dp back on the table? An atty on one of the shows said if has to be changed within 45 days of arainment? (spelling)

  14. Nothing has been reported that Jesse’s prints were on the car…I would think he would be arrested..but remember he did a polygraph…no way do i think that poor guy is involved…she will throw anyone under a bus to save her arse!

  15. Re: Jessie’s key..

    The whole scenario that the whole family was “in danger” doesn’t fit.. like she dare not tell the truth as the whole family was in danger..

    what a load.. He likely has an alibi, has no prints in the car.. The reason they wanted his DNA was to tie him to hair in the car.. Just exclude HIS prints and they got it all wrapped up. They likely have already. The docs released are 500?? is there still another 1100?

  16. Considering there are no fingerprints, how big does that make the Cindy washing the pants incident? If police had those pants before washing, they would have that forensic link between Casey and Caylee’s body. LE should really go after the Anthonys for obstruction.

  17. hUMBLE Either way, you are on it , you are great,,,, I so thank you. you work soooo hard, I am so glad for katrina, karma,mikka and misti21…. we are all followers of Humble Opinion blog!!!!! horray

  18. I know this is going to sound stupid, but do the proscecutors have to make an application or something for the DP. If so, maybe they already have since they’ve probably had this evidence for some time. I’m sure they’d want some bargaining chips.

  19. Katrina – Thanks, but that is merely speculative.. Dr Lee found another hair in the car upon the defence’s inspection.. My guess as to why they wanted Jesse’s DNA. my guess was to tie Jesse with the car.. My point was that if the Anthony’s can be excluded from any trace of prints on the tape, why don’t they do the same thing for Jesse’s prints?

  20. Hey Karma~Makes you wonder, doesn’t it??? How many cases/trials do they reference today…just wait! This case will be referenced so many times my head will spin…I don’t know this for sure, but I do believe it is possible!

  21. Kim, just for future reference, I admire the heck out of your straightforward, no nonsense, point A to point B ways. Just wanted to tell you that.

    As far as the Anthony’s getting away with all they have done… I am beside myself!

  22. they will not be able to do anything with the anthony’s claims against jesse – if le thought he was a viable suspect, we sure would know it

  23. humble~ if there is one thing i’ve learned so far, its not to listen to too much, it all changes! we think they say one thing and then it all turns around the next day! Its not us, its them! I think the rules are adjustable, as they see fit

  24. Colhere That’s the funny part. Cindy reciting that they’re in danger. If Casey had her way she’d give up keys to the home and send a pipe bomb or hit man to the residence.

    Katrina I, for one, would hate to see how much fluid and DNA was in or on Casey’s pants.

  25. Cindy seemed so gullible and stupid when she was talking about that, and she certainly did not appear truly scared or frightened. I can only imagine what those investigators were saying about her after she left and off the record to one another!

  26. i would have liked to see a jail tape of her hyperventilating! (or choking, or puking!) like to see her throw another hissy fit. somehow, i hope this is eating her alive, no matter how calm she tries to act it has to be working on her

  27. humble,i think when the fbi send the duct tape away to check for fingerprints,after this she go to the A. get her prints,and we dont know all what evidence she have before she was indited for murder

  28. Wouldn’t that be great Karma, to see her freak out over a situation and with people she has no control over. I bet it looks very different!

  29. I found it odd that Casey asked immediately for a tranquilizer. I know she only thinks of her own feelings but I think that if Cindy does take Zanax, it is probably something she used to subdue and excuse Casey’s behavior.

  30. I agree that blaming Jesse makes no sense. Where is the motive? He loved Caylee probably more than Casey did. Where is the opportunity? Casey said herself that Jesse hadn’t watched Caylee for months. We all know, that it doesn’t have to make sense for Casey to say it’s so.

  31. karma,i take my foot,my shoesize is 8 and you know what,it gives 20 million people with the size 8 hahahahahhahahhahah not guilty hahhhahahah

  32. Greta— Big effort by LE to trace evidence to home. Casey had nervous breakdown when told of body discovery. BS

    Mark Furman Laundry bag is matched- same type, color is damaging. He said blaming a nanny that’s never been in the Anthony home is damning. He thinks she was killed in home and transported to site of remains.
    Greta said that all the evidence together is going to be a big problem.
    Winnie the pooh blanket- Cindy said spontaneously that this blanket was missing and she’ll be put on stand about it.

  33. You know she was the goofy, brain girl in school who had glasses far too young. She has a heart and a vengence(sp)towards those who are cruel, born out of personal experience probably!

  34. In the doc release,Cindy had a bit of an arsenal of pills altac,propoxphenen,apap tabs,soma,clonazepam,lexapro then for one for heartburn.antibiotics..also she has sevral dr writing these scripts anyone know the names of doc where she works..I dont think casey had to go to far for meds.

  35. One defense lawyer says that it doesn’t prove Casey did it. Another says duct tape was ubiquitous and the Whitney bag is a problem. Greta says ALL the evidence and her partying photos are big problem. General consensus is that collectively the evidence is damning. Also, they said the defense needs to get moving and put something reasonable out as a defense.

  36. Hello Humble Bloggers…

    Been reading your threads for a few days now, and really like you guys! I have been following this case from the beginning…and must admit: “My name is Tommie and I am a CMA-AHOLIC” Mind if I join you???

  37. If NG doesn’t shutup about those twins….her kids have absolutely nothing to do with any of this, yet she always manages to slide them in every show. She’s worse than Kathie Lee Gifford.

  38. ecd what can the defense say , she was insane when it happened due to what she said to her friends , zanni , i just don’t even know what they will run with

  39. i thought so kim and mikka , my mom thought that is the way they would go because of her diary today , she said who would write this right after and be sane

  40. Hi Humble. I know she is and I give her credit for it. I have a child that spent the first 3 1/2 weeks of her life in intensive care, so I can relate. It’s just a little annoying, between all the pictures and using any opportunity to segue into a story about her kids. It’s her show, so it is what it is…

  41. Hey gigwails~I know! But you can tell she is very proud, and she herself had a look at death, almost in the face. And the funny thing…I think the older people like when she shows her kids….I bet she get emails all the to show pictures!

  42. Mikka To quote a movie title, I think that Casey felt that Caylee was ‘an inconvenient truth.’

    If she had three doctors there is something wrong there. That is usually to keep their stash in overload.

  43. Mikka I think Cindy knew the blanket was gone long before the body was gone. When LE went to the home, she acted shocked about it (sickening) The funny thing is Mark Furman said that LE will use it against Casey and call Cindy as a witness. He seemed to think it was damaging. So it came back to bite her right in the a**. 😆

  44. I have to tell you I have been a lurker for awhile..The first time I saw a picture of caylee and saw george and lee I of them is father.I quess I was wrong.when I saw cindy at the bond hearing I thought she looked very high,and her mouth was so dry ,now I know why ,those pills will dry you out. and very addicting.

  45. One of the funniest and bizarre things from the old Doc’s and interviews for me was the one that Cindy. at the end, kind of freaked out because they were having her swear under oath. I couldn’t get over her reaction!

  46. Oh, sorry Kim! You were here, then gone….i thought well, you know I thought you were helping out Mikka!

    ECDeb~I am confused with what you are saying…..Cindy knew the blanket was gone before the blanket was gone! I don’t understand!

  47. Mazew- She looks even higher lately. My mother was a Valium addict prior to her death. When two of my sisters and I saw Cindy on an interview shortly after this began, we just all looked at each other. It was obvious to us. Don’t forget, she carries that water bottle everywhere.

  48. Mikka, I think her reaction is so evident that she is possibly being untruthful. If you were a Grandparent of a *missing* child, being interviewed by detectives, at the police station, wouldn’t you be telling the truth ALWAYS if you were really trying to get to the truth?????

  49. Humble When I read she said the blanket was gone. It seemed matter of fact. I felt she just withheld this info (and I still do). When LE came to the home, she acted ( and I think it was an act) astonished and surprised. Mark Furman felt like it was a confirmation that Casey took it. He said it would be an important piece of evidence for the proscecution. I think he meant like an ‘immediate outcry.’

  50. I have to admit Im tired of the twins,why doesnt she just put up own website with pics of twins.then people who want to see them can go there.

  51. Deb… the interview w? LK comes to mind…I changed my story…I never changed my story… who am I? How did I get here, God da**it George, I told you not to take me out in public without my Da** knowledge or permission! Sheesh! (buuuurrrp)!

  52. humble ,thanks for your hard job today,i was sitting on my a** on my chair,and must just wait till the docs are here,good job
    go to bed,it was a long day
    good night

  53. Hi Everyone,

    I’m new here…I posted earlier (see below) but it was in moderation for a while.

    Thanks for the welcome Humble!
    Hello Humble Bloggers…
    Been reading your threads for a few days now, and really like you guys! I have been following this case from the beginning…and must admit: “My name is Tommie and I am a CMA-AHOLIC” Mind if I join you???

  54. Hi anaday26. I thought about the pregnancy test and how it would be related, if at all. Since Casey’s realm of reality is much different than ours, it may have been her way of symbolizing where Caylee’s life began and the Winnie The Pooh blanket may have symbolized where her life ended. Just speculation on my part.

  55. Hi Anaday26,

    I noticed that too…there seemed to a lot stuff that was found at the scene. I’m thinking they just collected everything in site, and would test it later.

    We will probably find out as soon as the rest of docs are dropped.

  56. You know another thing I have often thought about is, what was she planning on doing with baby Caylee if she would have been able to keep her pregnancy a secret? Would baby Caylee’s life been snuffed out at birth and thrown in a garbage can?

  57. Hi Gigwails,

    Still here…I’m in California so it’s only 9:40 here. Just watching the Laker game, reading docs and bloggin’ in between commercials! BTW I’m a woman, in case anyone is wondering (folks usually do, been dealing with it my whole life, lol)

    I have two daughters 14 and 11, a 5 year old golden retriever, named Hunter and a tuxedo kitty named Boots
    whom I call my furry sons!

    I’m looking forward to getting to know the rest of you Cma-aholics!!! This case is the most bizarre thing I have ever heard….trully mind boggling, don’t you think?

  58. Yes Tommie, this case has truly been fascinating. Casey’s web of lies, her behavior, her jealousy, her selfishness – all elements that makes this whole situation jaw-dropping.

  59. Well, I guess I’ll be turning in as well. Again, welcome Tommie and mazew. I live in Utah, so I guess we’ll have even more to talk about when the Jazz play the Lakers again.

  60. Anaday,

    That is a good point…I don’t doubt for second she was hoping she could keep it a secret all the way to the end and just get rid of the baby. Actually, the fact that Cindy did not notice that her daughter was pregnant until she was 7 or 8 months along is soooo unbelievable to me! Jeepers, I notice everytime my girls get a new pimple!!

  61. Can anyone tell me: Do the prosecuting attorneys have to show ALL their evidence to the defense attorneys before the trial? Could there be a “surprise ending”, like a “Perry Mason” story? I am trying to learn about the law during this terrible case. Thank you.

  62. Hi Lily Rose,

    I am far from a law expert, so I could be wrong…but I’m pretty sure the prosecution DOE Shave to show all their evidence to the defense. But, I believe that, even under Florida Sunshine Law, they don’t have release EVERYTHING to the public.

    Any one else know for certain??

  63. Tommie: I think it’s just you & I on here at this time! Most of the usual bloggers are gone by now. I am in Michigan & I stay up most of the night on here!!! Many nights I am all alone on here & in the morning all of my posts are gone, FYI. Thanks for anwsering my question, it’s been bugging me. Where do you live in Calif? I used to live in SanDiego many years ago. Michigan is having a major snow storm right now with lots of snow/drifting expected.Snow could be 12+ inches during the night tonight. Nice, eh? I am one mile from Lake Michigan & it’s “lake effrect”. Are you still there?

  64. Oh Hi Lily Rose…I went to another site that I like for a little while.

    I live in Costa Mesa. My husband is from Michigan! He was born and raised in Detroit. He moved to California about 25 years ago. He still has family there and we visit often. His brother is in Milford and lots of cousins up North in Alpena. I love Michigan, but I’m a native Cali girl and could never handle the cold!!

    Hope you are still there…

  65. Lily-Rose I’m up late too so I’ll keep checking in. I do believe the proscecutores must show all their evidence to the defense. It’s called discovery, I think. We’re getting about half that amount of snow starting tomorrow around noon.

  66. Tommy If I don’t get to talk to you later, Welcome. I heard your name mentioned earlier and couldn’t figure out who or where you were. The moderation explains that. You’ll grow to love this site if you chose to stay. It’s a varied group with differing opinions that make it always interesting. The brain-storming is what I believe helps us come to conclusions. It’s a great place and Humble is wonderful. She always has information and is fair and dedicated. Again Welcome.

  67. Sorry Deb…

    I posted to you, then my 14 yr old came home from a little trip with friends and she wanted to tell me all about it.

    I have always been a Nancy Grace fan, even before she got her own show. I am also LE buff, love the lawyer and cop shows! Damages is my current favorite…it’s soooo good if you haven’t watched it. So anyway, got hooked on this case right from the beginning, mostly because of Casey’s behavior…I found it absolutely fascinating — I can’t believe what I see and hear from her! Hope you get this, Ana says the late posts go away by morning…and I know it’s really late where you are!

  68. I always liked NG until more recently. I still like her but find she’s very biased for Cindy and George. She keeps saying that they are doing what any parent would. I disagree. I believe that most parents would want their children to be accountable. I think if it came down to it she would expect no less if her children were in trouble but I’m tired of her comparing everything to her twins. You said you have a fourteen-year old so you know it’s not that simple. SHE HAS NO IDEA. I’m hoping she’ll get her groove back though

  69. Yeah I know what you mean about Nancy…I like the why she tells it like it is, but sometimes can very rude about it. I just cringe when she does that, and really think she should take it down a notch. Regarding Cindy and George, I really think she is covering her butt a little. Something happened behind the scenes over there at HLN, cuz they are all doing it. And as far as talking about the twins…I HATE THAT TOO! I used to watch Regis and Kathy Lee and she was constantly talking about Cody, I swear I wanted to puke (and I had just had my babies too)!

    Anyway I better go to bed…do you work nights? Or are you one of those people who only need like 3 or 4 hours of sleep? I have a friend who is like that.

  70. One more thing…I think I like NG for the same reason I like Simon Cowel on American Idol, they tell it like is, I usually agree with everything they say, and they are so outrageous about it, I find it hilarious!! However, I would NOT want to be on the receiving end that’s for sure. So I guess, I am kinda two faced!! LOL

  71. I’m always here in the middle of the night reading and then putting in my 2 cents worth.

    Once again I’m with East Coast Deb re: NG is definitely too easy on Cindy and George. They cannot have been so clueless regarding their daughter and the lifestyle she had prior to all of this. She was a problem to them. They didn’t know what to do about the problem so they pretended it didn’t exist and despite everything, are still doing it. I think Lee was calling around as to Casey’s whereabouts because when you have a problem person in your family that is sometimes the only way the family finds anything out about the person. I don’t think Lee, if he is innocent, had any idea that Casey would harm her daughter. He was just trying to find out where she was. She had taken off. Probably Cindy and George had asked him to call around.

    And all that is ok….the real problem is that now that they know what they definitely have to know, now that Caylee is dead, they cannot keep defending their daughter. They did it just last week once again at the memorial. Even NG should have the sense to question their unfailing devotion to the child who killed their grandchild. Any normal person would question that. And this all proves the family is not normal, not in the sense most of us understand what normal means. So….if the family is not normal, should not the crime fighter, NG, at least be normal and say what makes sense? I get so tired of the psychological jargon of her experts claiming the family is in denial. Denial for how long? Forever? That’s not denial. That’s psychological instability. It’s like being in a burning building but saying there is no fire because you would prefer there not be a fire.

    I cannot believe Cindy and George were clueless to Casey’s personality disorder. They most certainly knew about her lifestyle. They knew they supported the baby. They knew their daughter stole and lied. Yet here they are full ready and able to, if given the chance, to pin this murder on Jesse Grund and then go out for dinner. That’s why this is the family you love to hate.

    As to the evidence today, I don’t think it changes much. I think we all expected whatever little there was. I am not sure if garbage bags and duct tape all bought from regular Florida stores found at the site and also found in the home are necessarily evidence if no fingerprints or anything is on them. The case remains circumstantial. I think Casey still can be convicted on circumstantial evidence. My goodness, Scott Peterson was convicted on less.

  72. Good Morning Everyone..

    I thought N.G. was very good last night. I have to do some searching. When Cindy & Casey had that big fight I think that night or the next day Casey left with Caylee. I have to look at the date Casey & Caylee left the house. I don’t want the defense to say the diary was written in 2003

  73. GM Livid and Palm

    The big fight was on June 15th which many believe Casey left the house that day. George said he saw them and they left on the 16th.

    I hope everyone has a good day. I am getting ready for work. Talk to you all after work.

  74. Good Morning stephanie…Thank You so much I would of been seaching forever. I think they said the diary’s date was on the 21st or 23rd. I don’t think Casey would of gone back to the house to put something in the diary after the fight. I hope I’m wrong.
    You have a great day at work, hope to talk to you later

  75. PCM, even tho there is no fingerprints for C G& Lee, I have zero respect or sympathy for either of them.None. They knew for years what Casey was, yet did nothing. I think they have a moral responsibility, if not a legal one.Caylee depended on them, In the end she had no one to protect her. This arguing then making up,covering up for Casey,expecting the world to believe total lies from all of them, is unacceptable for me.

  76. southern justice…I agree with you 100% At one time I did feel sorry for Cindy, but the more I heard on how she was, there is not way that I have good feeling for her. Now I know why Casey is the way that she is

  77. god morning everyone , hoping for more doc’s today , i agree souther the state has a very strong case , they can spread the blame as they wish , it won’t do any good

  78. GM PCM and Southern, my Husband just left for a 6:00 am flight to Omaha out of LAX… had to pop in and see if there is any new news.

    PCM, me too about the Casey not being excluded.

    Southern, that was such a great statement in regards to Casey… she loves to tell a secret, hidden within a lie. That is so true!

  79. gm katrina , yes they had alot less with scott peterson , although that idiot was talking to the media and crying fake tears. they will get casey with her mountain of pics , calls and texts, i would sure like to be a fly on the wall in her cell , my bet is she is getting nuttier by the day

  80. Palm, I really believe it in my heart.

    I can’t imagine what that sweet child suffered.

    I do believe there is a special place in hell for those who commit acts of violence on the very young and innocent.

  81. gm palm and southern , yes eleanor’s post was great , it would be nice to see this family do the right thing for once and teach casey a lesson , no more enabling her arse, i don’t know what else it will take for them to open up there eyes , scary that they still stand with her

  82. thanks southern i just changed to nbc , i missed alot last nite do to family visiting , i feel a little lost lol , at least yesterday i was on to see all the doc’s come in

  83. Kartina it happens every day. My heart just breaks when I think of all the little ones like Caylee. The very person they should be able to depend on is the person who took their life. My children are grown now ( baby in college ) but I would today give my life to protect them. Yet I am so proud to have raised them to protect themselves and others.

  84. palm maybe they said she has to cut a deal and her being the 9 year old is stamping her feet and refusing to see her lawyers , somethings up for sure , bozo would be in there by now

  85. Southern, you are a wonderful mother!

    I was reading somewhere on the internet last night, that the entire Florida Legal community think Baez is a dumkopf, and that the putz should have demanded a speedy trial well before the body was found and that we should all be thanking him for his ineptness, So, Thank you Jose Baez you blundering idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. i found it really scary that she might of been preggo back in 2007 with brandon , can you imagine , did casey fit into that picture f it was true ,my god caylee would have still been so little back then , i’m surprised cindy didn’t make her go on birth control

  87. I clicked on the Beacon He** websight recently and was very impressed by it. It is so sad how we focus on some children but not all. My husband hates that about the media. You are right Southern it happens all the time. What will it take to change it?

    By the way, when will we know if that Law in Alabama(?) has passed?

  88. CHLRY, It didn’t sound like Caylee factored into that scenario/fantasy of Casey’s at all! Was that the impression you came away with?

  89. southern justice..Your such a good mother, only if Casey could of had that in her.

    chlry…Cindy must of thought her daughter would never have sex. I could hear Casey now telling her mother she would never, just another lie

  90. lol katrina , i bet they thought the body was never to be found , let alone a minute away from the home the twat lived in , i would of liked to be at the round table when they were discussing that one ….

  91. You know I might have wanted to deny something about one of my kids but how can you be in such extreme denial as that family I don’t get it..

  92. I also know even as much as I admire and love my adult children you let one of my grandkids go missing and I think they have something to with it I’m locking us up in a room together and I won’t leave till I have my answers.

  93. gm fu , i will go over those doc’s as soon as my visitors leave , no time now but i will learn through all of you
    katrina , yes i have the feeling that caylee didn’t fit into her fantasy about a new baby and man , that is what it would be “new” and “perfect ” life , if it was even true she was preggo. i bet she thought she could leave caylee behind with g and c and go on with brandon
    palm i bet that is what cindy thought that casey would be so busy with her new baby she wouldn’t want to go out , well that’s all she wanted was to escape her motherhood

  94. Yes, FU, That was my mother, and that was a noble quality in her, she never looked the other way when it came to the six of us… a quality she passed on to everyone of my siblings and me I think!

  95. Can you image haveing a daughter that took so much money and a husband that blew a ton of money on some kind of scam. Cindy and George would be working for ever to get all that back. That could not be a happy home.

  96. i agree fu , one i would know well that my daughter is lying and your right she wouldn’t be going anywhere until i had the answers, that was too late the night cindy let casey walk out the door with caylee in tow , my guess is cindy thought she would be back , too bad that never happened


  98. Ok I think she met him came up with the baby story so he might marry her.
    Had already made up her mind to kill Caylee.
    Then she was going to go to Brandon and she would be away from the all.
    Being with him she had it in her head C&G would never see Caylee and she wouldn’t have to make up excuses.
    Of course sooner or later the house of cards would come tumbling down.

  99. I would be fascinated to know what it was about him… out of all of the men, I mean. I was re-reading some of the old doc’s recently and in one of the interviews, I think Chris something he says she and Brandon actually never dated, they just hooked up (slept together)?

  100. Southern he was military maybe going to be stationed some where oversea and she would not have to deal with them seeing Caylee..He was her freedom link from George Cindy and Caylee just a thought.

  101. I never thought of that… the going overseas part. She did seem to gravitate towards Military guys.

    Is there a Military Base in Orlando?

  102. I don’t have time to find the link but they just did a story on the case on The Today Show. If any doubts on what we have seen so far you need to listen to their clip.

    Have a good day everyone.

  103. FU the scary thing is, had Casey left Fl, went anywhere that no one knew her, we might NEVER have known Caylee was gone. Cindy would have spent the rest of her life thinking Casey had taken Caylee from her and run off.
    The sex offender law in Al is in the state senate now. Pray it goes thru.

  104. Good morning,
    I read somewhere that fingerprint evidence will come out in round 2 of doc’s……and also, that they are still running more tests. Casey could have also worn gloves (2 pairs for $1.00 at a dollar store?) and that would further show premeditation. She liked to watch crime movies….in those movies the criminals wear gloves all the time.

  105. i just cant beleive some of the things she wrote in her diary. also this stuff she said to annie about its caylee’s day, im the mom! and whats up with the institution?(casey wanting to go??

  106. Hi all!
    Brandon was the one that casey got so upset about because he showed up at a party that casey,Amy etc. were at. casey started crying and became very upset and was out of pocket her a couple hours.This was before Sweet Caylee was reported missing.

  107. I’m confused about the prints on the tape.

    Early in the day yesterday we heard that neither George, Cindy or Lee’s prints were found on the tape, but because they hadn’t mentioned anything about Casey’s prints being there we all believed that because of the omission it meant that hers were there.

    Then later in the day I kept reading that Casey’s prints were not found on the tape. But watching Nancy Grace last night she was saying that we still didn’t know what it meant that they never mentioned Casey’s prints not being found and again here on this thread I am reading that we still don’t know if her prints are on the tape or not??!?

    Also how could it be if NO prints were found? It is impossible to handle duct tape with any type of gloves on. I guess if there are no prints it was because the tape was outdoors in all kinds of weather before being found so had been destroyed by the elements.

    Does anybody know for sure?

  108. Eleanor

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. The Anthony’s, even now, would pin this on Jessie Grund, or Zenaida Gonzales, and “then all go out to dinner”

    Parents like these is why so many people are messed up. They defend their kids no matter what. The teachers in school are wrong, their kid is right. The other parents are wrong, their kid is right. The other kids are bad, their kid is good. And then they act so surprised when the kid finally does something beyond the family’s ability to control the outcome.

    The Anthonys seem to have no regard for justice, not even for little Caylee, if justice forces them to question Casey.

    They are just so messed-up.

  109. Tommie:

    Here I am——been off awhile! Not feeling well, probably the weather up here in Michigan, eh? I was born in Detroit & grew up in Dearborn, Mi. (went to Edsel Ford H.S. & Henry Ford C.C.), only drive Fords, haha. Glad you like this blog, it is the best, very nice people. We are all Anthony addicts…….Hollywood could’nt even write this saga! Hope to catch you later????

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