Casey Anthony update 24 February 2009

Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, the woman suing Casey in her defamation case, wants more than $15,000 in punitive damages, according to papers filed by her attorney, Keith Mitnik. According to the request, she deserves it for what she has suffered since Anthony told investigators that a nanny named Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez at Sawgrass Apartments disappeared with her daughter. I think this is far too little since Casey has done nothing but lie about ZFG!

Roy Kronk is no longer a dead beat dad! He is paying his child support bill for his son who is in his 20’s.

Brad Conway filed a motion to prevent the Anthony’s from giving depositions in the Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez case. Conway says the deposition is an attempt to annoy and embarrass them. I guess this does show that they are not annoyed or embarrassed at what their daughter has done. Now I am wondering what they are hiding, or are they going to use ZFG as a scapegoat to get Casey off?!?

Information from the Supplement report released on 18 February 2009:
Detective Yuri Melich wrote:

Cindy (report calls her Cynthia) and George were home when the warrant was executed. While standing in the living room waiting to begin our search, Cindy read the copy of the warrant I gave her. In the presence of us all, she made a statement that one of Caylee’s “Winnie the pooh” blankets was missing. George was visibly upset and angry at our presence. He was confrontational with us until Cindy had him wait on the back patio. On the back patio were Dominic Casey along with Dennis and Sherri Milstead from kidfinders. In front of Corporal Edwards, Cindy stated that she had people walk “that area” meaning where the body was discovered, a month ago and there was nothing in the area then.

So with this written, what is Cindy really saying? She is the one who sent Dominic Casey over to that area and had him check out the area, or is she saying the remains weren’t there when D Casey checked and it was recently put there!


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  1. well, if the A’s have to go, they will plead the 5th, and if they don’t have to attend then they willplead the 5th down the road. They look like Fifth-pleaders!

  2. What I don’t understand is why she would mention it then, she surely would have noticed earlier than that that it was gone. Who does she think she is fooling? Like Kim said, it’s over -they need to stop with the lies, they need to stand up for this little precious baby girl. Someone needs to speak for her.

  3. CT
    Because she was trying to look like she was coming clean. You know she jumped up on that shelf to see if they found the laundry bag she hid in a plastic bag.

  4. ct her crumbs are getting stale , that’s why she said it 6 months after her grand daughter goes missing , her brain can’t breathe

  5. yeah Mikka, Cindy send D. Casey, she is the boss. Wonder if she really really knew that Caylee was there and if she did she should be charged with concealing a homicidal death..10 years slammer

  6. Hey Kim~waiting for my man to get home…we will be out and about in a while! 🙂

    Hey Stephanie~I am unsure what they are doing, but I think it is odd that Conway would make the claims about Geo suicide attempt, but he was out helping with Haleigh’s family. I think Conway is blowing smoke!

  7. It’s just a sick case where these people just won’t stand up for Caylee. For them, it’s like out of sight, out of mind; if Caylee is gone, they are paying it no mind and they continue to hold up for the murderer. They know who murdered Caylee, why don’t they get her and whoop her arse.

  8. Steph, are you serious about her jumping to see if the laundry bag was still there? ARe you kidding me? I don’t understand why Cindy is acting so stupid like this. She wouldn’t notice early on that all of Caylee’s belongings were there. Once I saw her little baby dollin her carseat and no Caylee, that is were I’m calling the cops, heck for giving the murderer a chance, no thanks!

  9. i read the docs from the remains,it was terrible,it was saying the plans was growing through the scull,this means she was there when dominic was looking

  10. life lines… made my husband bring mine to the hospital, he humored me & brought it, i was hardly able to get on it… but it made me feel better to see it, lol! i knew yall were in there 😉

  11. i agree ct , they seem to keep the house in order , her meds were making cindy jump , to late cindy , your cover up is over , they knew she was out there , bs but too late

  12. CT I would think that since George wasn’t working that he also knew. He probably did the laundry. Someone as organized as they were would know. They put their vaccuum cleaner on a shelf for God’s sake. Who does that except some with compulsive traits.

  13. All of them just wanted to hear themselves at the memorial. SO, why aren’t they talking to the media now? Because they are too fragile to go out? Too fragile to get jobs? They surely don’t care about Caylee’s murder so how can they be possibly grieving? I understand that they loved Caylee with all of their heart, but it’s more for material things – that little girl had so much!! When all she required was love from her family and to have someone there for her, to protect her from anything that could harm her but what happened is that her mother continued to get jealous and po’d at anyone who tried to love Caylee. So what is she doing now that more people love Caylee, jealous? Probably not because people give her money in jail and it enables her to feel powerful.

  14. Steph, I knew that there was a ;matching one recovered from the A’s house. Everything is pointing to where it needs to point, right to the murderer – Casey.

  15. Humble, I believe that is who DCasey was speaking with, either Cindy or Lee. Not so sure about geo yet, but still – he was speaking to one of them. He couldn’t decipher where the remains were and that is why he didn’t find them – or maybe he did discover them and made it *easier* for Kronk to find them a month later – or easier for someone to find them a month later.

  16. CT Cindy did what George did -cover her own a**. When George first spoke with LE he came out with everything that pointed to Casey. Next day it was a whole new ball game. Cindy acts one way for the camera and Casey and seems different when she’s with LE. They’re all protecting their own a**es. If they hadn’t done anything wrong, why would they need to?

  17. I really cannot understand how whoreface could even imagine that no one would ever ask for Caylee. Was she being just a stup!d broad at that point? What does she think? She knew how much they loved caylee…then again, think about it, she knew that Cindy would give her chance after chance, maybe she is thinking this is like merely stealing money from Amy. It’s murder, and I pray that she pays for this crime.

  18. Hey CT~I still think Geo is in the dark! George can make so much money off of a book….I would for sure buy his book, but no way would i buy anything Cindy wrote!

    Thanks Renee! Very kind of ya! I know though how you feel about the grieving g-parents, they grieve for no one but Casey!

  19. I did feel for Geo in the beginning because there is a huge difference between his and cindy’s interviews with LE!! But then all the media hype and the limelight that they so enjoy, he changed everything! Just to kiss Cindy’s arse. I just cannot even think about supporting a murderer, especially if that was my own child/own family…even a best friend. They are sick and they really need to realize what Casey has done..

  20. CT~Casey thinks she did nothing wrong, and thinks she can cover with her lies. I so can hardly wait until the trial and how the d-team thinks Casey will get her story out!?! No one but Casey knows her lying story….none of her ex-friends do!

  21. concealing a homicidal death:

    Peoria man who was acquitted in the death of his girlfriend but convicted of hiding her body after she died has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

  22. Dr. Lillian Glass a body language expert determined that when George called Casey ‘gorgeous’ and Cindy laid her head on George’s shoulder, it was jealousy on Cindy’s part. It seems this is a common thread throughout the Anthony family.

  23. I honestly think that if Geo faked that suicide attempt or whatever, I have lost respect for him, because I was counting on him to speak for Caylee in court. Casey will get her time in court and she will pay forever; however, for her, it doesn’t matter because she will just morph herself to adapt to her situation and none of this will ever effect her. She is the most emotionless person I’ve seen.

  24. I agree with you Kim, she realized and knew that it was all over when she couldn’t keep Caylee in the trunk no longer, so she just took care of the problem and never gave it a second thought about what would happen to her – she must have thought that everyone else cared for Caylee the way she did(n’t)

  25. renee i read weeks ago,L.E was very happy when the anthonys sit on the table with them and tell the truth,she knows this rats are lying!!

  26. ECDeb, I wouldn’t put it past her for a second that she is thinking that exactly! She thinks that she has suffered enough, because everything has been taken from her, everything! What she doesn’t realize is the fact of the matter that she took everything away from herself.

  27. Hi everyone. I read about Conway wanting to keep George and Cindy from answering deposition questions. So they won’t be “annoyed and embarassed”? That is nothing compared to what ZFD has been through because of their daughter’s lies. They don’t know her? Well, that didn’t stop them from piling on and blaming “Zenaida” for Caylee’s disappearance. They knew there was no nanny, period. So why keep the lie going? They have no money? But George just sent Casey $125, so she can gorge herself on junk food. These people are a piece of work. Casey needs to be held responsible for her ridiculous lies.

  28. Another fact of the matter is that we all know that there is no Nanny, nothing of the sort. So what is going to be her defense now? No nanny, no kidnapping – she killed Caylee, the evidence is there.

  29. ECDeb, she does probably believe Baez will get her off… she doen’t think this is such a big deal, it cindy’s fault, she made her do it…

  30. chap, exactly, she will continue to blame everyone else except for the person who did this. She honestly thinks that Bozo will get her off and I’m sure he gives her the *pep* talks. He needs to get over himself and realize the truth that is sitting right in front of him.

  31. If Bozo goes down that route to say that a stranger took Caylee and murdered her, took a key to the house and the car, planted trash bags & laundry bags in the house, put a piece of duct tape on the gas cans, and of course wrote the diary entry too then he is crazy

  32. She is a freak for talking about non-pizza in an empty pizza box as a cause of the smell. She also must think that people are retards.

  33. lol ct , i know , who in the h , no , what in the h is cindy , she must think all are fools , look at the way she acted out in her front yard , hosing the driveway , nuts

  34. Chlry You mean the pizza that was there for 15 days, I mean 19 days oops, I mean 21 days. She can’t even get that lie right. Don’t forget, Jesse or the tow yard guy probably put a random body (like there are so many lying around) in Casey’s trunk. NOPE, I don’t think the Anthonys need to worry about SOMEONE ELSE embarrassing them.

  35. Humble I hope you are feeling better and enjoying the rest and relaxation you so deserve,
    Hi all just stoping in to see whats going on…hope all is well with all of you
    Chap I pray for you every day …I
    know you should be feeling somewhat better.
    Realy miss you all so much…i keep up the best i can…
    I dreamt during one of my codein naps that Casey admitted everytging and was given the death penality…and she was executed!…i guess as much as I try to stay away I’m stll addicated in this sad and bizarre case,,,have a pleasent evening all…and blessings to you and yours…JAC

  36. Conway is pretty shameless too. He says they are too “emotionally fragile,” but they weren’t too emotionally fragile to jump up and go “help” search for Haleigh. Bringing up George’s farce of a suicide attempt is nonsense too. George can go involve himself in searching for a missing little girl who’s name even rhymes with his grand-daughter’s, just days after Caylee’s memorial, but he can’t sit and answer a few questions. If they don’t know ZFG, what in the world do they have to worry about???

  37. You know it’s bad enough that this case is so convoluted but keeping track of all the lies from each Anthony and trying to disprove them in order to discredit them must be a nightmare. I wouldn’t want to list all the lies from all the family members. I’d be exhausted.

  38. Hi everyone – hey I have a question. Does anyone have any information about the clean appearance of Caylee’s bedroom when Greta was there compared to the messy appearance when LE served the search warrant after the body was found?

  39. Hi all!

    Hey, no matter what the defense comes up with (they have to come up with some hair brained story) NO BODY WILL BUY IT.

    I will tell you one thing for sure. If I were any one of the Anthony’s I would not want the deposition either. They are walking on very thin ice and they know it! This case is FAR from over and we still have no clue as to what the prosocution REALLY has under their hat. They will reveal all at trial.

    That is OK that people are giving Casey money. Let her eat to her hearts content. Her caboose will waddle into court. The funds will come in handy to buy friends in general population, too.

  40. We have seen the pictures of the room in the last docs when LE was there. the room is a mess. I have not seen the pics from the Greta visit.

  41. sheryl cindy went thru that room is my guess , after g came home with the car and she sent him off to work , she was looking for her so called clues i bet

  42. chlry – that is my guess, I would love to know when Greta was there so we could compare the date to other things we know that happened

  43. Humble, IMO the daisy chain “link” searched for Caylee. Once found then sent Kronk to make the calls to 911. He was an “unknown” person in the media. Casey, Lee, Cindy, George, investegators, attorneys, Kronk,& the psycic IMO are the links in that chain. Probably in that order. As we know there were many outside players such as kidfinders.

  44. Sheryl Do you meant that someone in the Anthony family trashed it? I guess George was furious about the last searches because they just cleaned everything up. Where did you hear that it was a mess?
    Gig Did someone say it was a 90 minute drive to Haleigh’s home town? That’s a long drive twice a day for a few days when a person is in a fragile state? I’m surprised the wind didn’t blow his fragile a** away.

  45. lol ecd , i thought she was talking about the early interview with greta back in july and the room was clean , geez i need sleep ! yes they were at the ritz , and mallory took her time answering the door for le , nite nite

  46. IMO nothing in this case happened by chance.
    Very calculated and planned from day one to protect Casey AFTER SHE planned and carried out the murder.
    This family is calculating and cunning. ALL OF THEM!
    The prosocution has their ducks in a row. Nothing will matter now. Baez has to come up with something as it is his job.
    I will bet…there are finger prints. They are NOT going to reveal that in the media! LE will say they were LOST, LOL Just like the videos that they FOUND!
    A way around not giving information.

  47. ECD – I did not hear that it had been trashed – I saw the pics when LE was there in the last docs, the room was messy. I read in another blog that the room was spotless when Greta was there. So I am wondering if the pics that LE took on Dec 11 was before the search and that is the way the room looked when they arrived or did they pull everything out to take pics.

  48. Conway giving bull excuse, they don’t want to say that they never heard her name before or met her or knew where she lived. That’s what will be embarrasing!

  49. Sheryl I’m not sure but did the Anthonys call Mallory to go over there? If so was she instructed to look for something?
    Christine It could be as simple as someone giving a school kid 20 bucks to go tell the meter reader there’s a body in the woods. Kronk would never remember which kid it was in an area where there is a school so it wouldn’t get traced back to the Anthonys or their PI’s.

  50. This family doesn’t seem to embarrass easily. George is a cop and got burned by the oldest internet scam around. Cindy is a nurse and couldn’t tell that her daughter was almost 8 months pregnant and couldn’t tell the difference between a decomposing body and a stale pizza. Baloney!

  51. ORLANDO, Fla. — An attorney for Casey Anthony’s parents has filed a motion to prevent them from giving depositions in the Zenaida Gonzalez civil suit.

    The lawyer for George and Cindy Anthony said in the motion Tuesday that forcing them to give depositions in the suit is nothing more than an attempt to annoy and embarrass them.

    Share Your Comments | Watch The Story

    Gonzalez is suing their daughter for defamation after Casey Anthony claimed a baby sitter named Zenaida Gonzalez kidnapped her daughter Caylee.

    Casey Anthony eventually was charged with first-degree murder in connection with Caylee’s death. She is in Orange County Jail awaiting trial later this year.

    In his motion, attorney Brad Conway points out that George Anthony recently tried to commit suicide. He also acknowledged that both he and Cindy Anthony are getting professional help to deal with the grief of losing their granddaughter.

    Conway argues that the Anthonys don’t know Gonzalez. Conway is asking that the Anthonys’ depositions be put off until after the judge decides in May whether the civil suit will even continue.

    Conway said Gonzalez’ lawyers are asking for punitive money damages. But the family has no money for her to win. The Anthonys are scheduled to give depositions Thursday

    snif, snif.

  52. You know what gets my dander up with this mess – ALL the players have the need for a lawyer, and all the side issues that take time away from the real issue of Justice for an innocent child. The man-power hours spent in depositions for an issue that can wait, could be better spent in obtaining that Justice.


  54. Sandy I was thinking the same thing as I went through the docs. Several times they mentioned bones that weren’t human. If they were connected to Casey’s former animals it would place her at her own familiar site.

  55. sheryl,her best friend told investigators the same place she burried her pets there,and her pets was burried the same way,in bag,blanket around and a heartsticker on it

  56. They would never be able to definitively ID the bones but if it proved to be say hampster bones and Casey had hampsters and they were very close to the location of the remains; then LE could say that she was familiar with this site and returned to it.
    Gig I think the whole world wonders why the Anthonys can’t be deposed. What’s odd is that the shrink on NG even said they should. Maybe all the Anthonys sympathy resources are drying up. Awwwwe.

  57. sheryl,her best friend told investigators the same place she burried her pets there,and her pets was burried the same way,in bag,blanket around and a heartsticker on it!!!!!

  58. Sheryl When you go through the evidence items from last week, Caylee’s bones are all listed one by one. They were so small, they had to take everything including animal bones that were identified as such on the lists. It was Kiomarie, I think, that mentioned the animal burial sites.

  59. here is another piece that puzzles me – the wooded area can also be reached from the back yard by walking – there were reports that cindy walked the dogs in the back in an undeveloped area….wonder if cindy walked down there and looked using the excuse of walking the dogs

  60. Sheryl I didn’t hear that but Cindy told LE after the remains were found that she ‘had someone walk that area’.
    Something I couldn’t figure out was the neck or collar of a shirt at the remains site. It had a tag on it that matched a shirt of Caylee’s back at the house. What do they mean the neck of the shirt? It had writing on it.

  61. ECD – the tags or printed manufacture label has the manufacture id#. the shirt had the same number as another shirt at the house – you know like a matched set or same production date

  62. deb,thats what every shirt have ,the name who make this shirts,she find out from target and caylee have the same shirts at home from target too

  63. deb,the shirt she say is possible pink,but i think with the water the pink shirt comes white,and geo was saying too he saw her the last time with pink shirt

  64. ECD – yes, all that remained was the neckline. the shirt at home may not have matched in color or pattern, but the manufacture numbers matched. Like they went to target and bought 3 t-shirts off the same table that look alike but are differnt colors

  65. ECD, I am convinced they both knew when they found the car. If I’m not mistaken, when George got back home later that day, Cindy said, “She’s gone…” George asked, “Who’s gone?” Cindy said, “Caylee.” After that, Cindy started singing that song about the pizza in the trunk and George went along. The con job was on at that point. George and Cindy did everything they could to lead LE as far away from where Caylee really was as possible. They didn’t want her body found.

  66. Mikka I don’t believe George saw Caylee that day. I think he was covering for Casey in case someone saw her car the night before. He could say she was alive the next day to keep them guessing.

  67. Lets look at the NO SHOES issue – many people including me think that is a huge clue as to where she was murdered… home. Shoes are worn when you leave and go out.


  69. sheryl,right,but L.E take shoes outside from casey and caylee for what???it was no shoes with the remains,and what i read not in her car!

  70. mikka – the only other possibility is that casey took the shoes off of caylee when she was putting her in the trunk – but for what reason I do not know

  71. Gig EXactly. Other things make me think they suspected earlier. They made three contacts on july 3 looking for Caylee. Cindy knows Casey wouldn’t buy diapers and had to steal Cindy’s groceries but not diapers. Then there’s the phony fun night they had the night Cindy tried to throttle CAsey (probably the night of the murder). They had pizza and did some family thing. Why create an alibi for that night if they didn’t know when or if she died. Then George saying he saw her leaving happy the next day( after the screaming match and Casey leaving)

  72. I’m a man, and I will readily admit that I don’t remember what my kids had on yesterday, much less what they wore on any given day a month ago. Men typically don’t pay attention to things like that. I don’t think George saw either one of them on June 16th.

  73. deb,when i find out this family is lying was,all three say caylee was missing the 9.june,than all three say on the 16.june,when one dont cant remember the day o.k but all three????


  75. go to bed now
    pray for heiglay,
    kim friends baby
    maxi,when you read this,come back

    good night

    i forget and pray for the docs!!

  76. Honestly mikka, I’m not sure if I could say with 100% certainty what they wore today. I have an idea…especially since my youngest daughter wears pink almost every day, but unless I pick their clothes out (a rare event), I don’t retain those details during the course of a day.

  77. It’s my bedtime too – thanks to all for the wonderful and stimulating conversation, talk to you tomorrw, hope there is more docs to read and discuss.

  78. That house had two steam cleaners. If that stain in the porch remained it’s because they COULD NOT get it out. If the baby was killed in the house she may have soiled herself after death and been laid down. The gaterade bottle with the syringe inside the toilet paper roll may prove very significant.


  80. ECD, if that attributed to Caylee’s death, it is absolutely no accident. The taping of the mouth after death could point to Casey’s attempt to make it look like a kidnapping or to keep fluids from escaping from Caylee’s mouth.

  81. evenin! Just popped in for a minute! I love the pic humble put up on the other post of Caylee in her bed. She is really cute. With Cynthia a nurse and George a ex-cop if Murderist was injecting her dont you think one of them would have noticed? Ohhhh yes I forgot Cynthia didnt know Murderist was 7 plus months pregnant either! have a great nite.

  82. That’s what I think too Sandy. I just don’t know how. I don’t know if she left after the fight, killed her and came home that night or the next day. She may have killed her in the car and came back. What I am sure of is that George DID NOT see Caylee the next day unless she was deceased at the time. I think George knew when he tried to get the gas cans from the car. She would have been dead over a week and the smell would have been bad.


  84. On Conway stating the Anthony’s are “fragile”. PLEASE>>>>>>>>>>>>> Cindy has’nt got a “fragile” bone in her body, she’s a pretty tough cookie (like Casey)? As fas as George goes,I just can’t make him out yet????? It appears that Cindy has him on a pretty tight leash. The whole family really thinks they are above the law, so annoying!!!!!!!!

  85. The Anthonys are as fragile as Casey is a victim! Conway is drinking the Casey koolaid! They all need counseling even the attorney! May Lee be arrested soon!


  87. Dumpling You’re right about that. I won’t be happy till the entire Anthony family are exposed for what they really are-cold blooded criminals. They might not have killed Caylee, but they sure loaded the gun.

  88. Well it was wonderful chatting with you all. It’s almost 1:30am where I am so I better get some sleep. I hope to see you all tomorrow as we all analyse the documents. Last week they came on Wednesday so keep your fingers crossed. Good night all.

  89. Hey folks..

    I am going to go out on a limb and say Thursday will be the day that the docs are released. I will go out on a limb and say prints found COULD be Casey, but cannot be anyone else in the family (partial prints).

    I was surprized about only 15K damages being sought by ZFG.. That is fair (so much civil litigation in the US isn’t).

    LP is facing litigation too and I think it’s just and here’s how I got there: Law enforcement depend on the public to help solve crimes. Rewards help sweeten the deal. It’s no wonder that we live in a society where people prefer to “look the other way”. Kronk probably almost wishes he did. Kronk has no involvement and to coin a phrase and alter it to suit the moment, those who are thinking Kronk has anything to do with it are unfortunately sipping the LP flavour Kool-Aid. Not meaning any disrespect to LP.. I find him genuinely entertaining and likeable, but he is beating bizarre scenario to death. The best thing that came out of it is that Kronk is paid up for his debt to ME. So if you think Kronk was some how “In on it”, just examine the simple facts:

    1. There was no monitary gain for Kronk. He hadn’t pursued any reward and has not proposed any litigation for reward.
    2. Kronk did not want any publicity and wanted to remain anonymous.
    3. Kronk would have known, given the exposure of the case that he WOULD be eventually exposed and ME would know his whereabouts.
    4. This family has no money. Whether or not I even knew this family, they are toxic and there is no financial opportunities.
    5. Someone was eventually going to find the remains. He was there on several occasions. His gut feeling and the apparent apathy of LE drove him back.
    6. LP’s 5 minutes are fading and he has a lot invested in this. Interest in him is losing momentum. Interest in the case is still strong, but for LP, he is enjoying a small cult following. He NEEDS to be right to ramp it up again, but he is wrong. I don’t care about him being the neighbour’s bosses uncle’s brother’s pal or whathaveyou.

  90. Holy.. what a mouthful..

    BTW, I did forget to mention that Kronk of course did get a reward from C&G’s old lawyer.. but he likely wasn’t expecting anything..

  91. Good Morning Everyone..
    The only truth that ever came out of Cindy mouth was when she called 911 on her daughter. Now it has all been a lie. Now the Anthony’s don’t want to give a deposition, give me a break. Casey said the name of 2 of Zenaida’s kids. Because on the card Zenaida filled out she only put 2 of her kids names. And Zenaida has more than 2 kids. Cindy and George both know there was never a babysitter. I don’t think Cindy will ever say anything that can get Casey in more trouble.

  92. PCM that is very true, the only truth that came from Cindy’s mouth was when she made that 911 call. You can hear the panick in her voice – but the thing is that she knew or had a feeling that something was up during those 31 days, she continually asked for Caylee and casey never produced her to Cindy. They ought to know where casey got Zenaidas name by now, they can’t be that dumb, But you never know. They have been covering up for this monster this whole time, with not a voice for Caylee. Caylee can’t speak up for herself and someone has to to that at trial, or now – they can stop and realize the truth and stop enabling this monster. People need to quit giving her money in jail, she ought to earn her way. If noone was there to take care of Caylee, Cindy and Geo know better that they were the ones who watched her most of the time, now why would casey need a nanny? They are very strange thinkers.

  93. I’m doing good PCM, getting ready for work. The weather here should be nice and calm 😉 lets all hope that some documents come out today and there is a determination of the fingerprints belonging to casey – then that would seal the deal even better.

  94. It makes me ill that they can’t even state anything about ZFG, they don’t even know her. They need to allow this woman to return to her somwhat normal life that she has left and let it be. They’ve got the murderer behind bars, no need to worry no longer.

  95. That is very sickening PCM, I wouldn’t give a cent to that woman. there are so many other worthy causes out there to give my money to if I choose. I don’t get it, one teenager said that it was Geo’s speech at the memorial that got to him and inclined him to give casey money. I bet you that she is sitting there loathing and loveing all of this attention. It’s all due to her family and how they stolee the limelight from everything else to get the only thing that they wanted…people to love casey and forget about Caylee. That is so sick. We will never forget Caylee, she was an innocent child – her own protector killed her that is it, they need to fess up and realize that they will never have Caylee again and that casey is never going back home, period.

  96. The Anthony’s know they can’t put the blame on anyone else. So there both getting medical help. What they need to do is get out in the working world and get a job. They should face the facts your granddaughter is dead and your daughter will never get out of jail in plain english. If they don’t face out to that they will never be better.

  97. Good morning, y’all!

    How is everyone today?

    I wish I had over $1000 in my bank account. And I work my tail off for a living, help others, am a responsible citizen and tax payer…OH – and did I mention that I haven’t killed anyone?!?!?

    Of all the things I don’t get so far is why oh why don’t the Anthony’s just want to get up there and tell the truth about what they know/don’t know about ZFG? So simple! Just tell the truth…

  98. good morning humble pcm renee and all , yes judge should be alll over conway and the a’s need to fess up , this bs train is over. time for me to get ready for work , i will see you all tonight

  99. cindy’s mind is whacked if she thinks she will get away with this , conway better tell them the jig is up today , who do they think their fooling

  100. Wondering, I agree, it would be so simple just to tell the truth. But i have noticed Cindy, very much like Casey, would prefer to take a simple truth ( there was an empty pizza box) and drag it out and make it to be the one piece of evidence that will turn lies into truth. She seems to think truth can be twisted to fit her own stories. But when you twist,alter or OMIT the truth-it becomes a lie.

  101. yes southern , and to think the nurse tried to pull off the non pizza in the trunk is what kills us , let them look like fool’s , it’s all so ridiculous

  102. If they are concerned about being embarrassed, I would like to point out all the half naked, peeing, partying pics of their daughter. THAT would be embarrassing. or the stealing & lying from and to family and friends. And I will not even mention socks,fake suicides,gambling debts,lost jobs, fake jobs- the list goes on? EMBARRASSED? I think NOT

  103. Good Morning
    I have been so busy lately. I’ve been trying to jump on and HI>
    Is anything new happening, I am behind
    Even missed NG last night, was LP on?
    sorry so many questions…

  104. If I were their next-door neighbor, I would write a book. The neighbors must have seen some head-spinning stuff over the last few years.

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