RECAP: Request for Investigative Subpoena 24July2008


Name: Detective Samara Melich                                        Phone: (407) 254-7000 7-0561
Agency & case number: OCSO 08-69208                       Sector: CID Major Case / Homicide
Has this case been submitted to SAO for filing? No

Name & address of suspect & attorney: Unknown at this time

Crime suspected: Missing Person
Where did the crime occur? 4937 Hope spring Dr

What evidence do you want subpoenaed? Flight manifest with names and addresses listed for each
passenger for Flight 862 leaving from Orlando International Airport to Atlanta for July 2, 2008 on Air Tran Airways.

The address to which the records should go, if not SAO:

Det. Samara Melich
Orange County Sheriffs Office
2500 W Colonial Drive,
Orlando Florida 32804

Name & address of person or organization that has the evidence:
Air Tran Airways
Custodian of Records
9955 Air tran Blvd
Orlando, Fl 32827
Fax: (407) 318-5901

Yes Are you requesting a non-disclosure letter?
Yes Requesting officer to receive subpoena via e-mail and serve?

Why do you reasonably suspect a crime occurred, and how is the evidence sought relevant to this crime? A tip was received from a passenger on this flight The witness reports she spoke with the child, who is currently missing with whereabouts unknown, and the child identified herself as “Caylee Marie Anthony” which is the name of the missing child.

Any costs, including the cost of copying or research, must be paid by the requesting police agency.

SIGNATURE: Detective Samara Melich
Signed by requesting officer/Date: 07/08/2008

Request approved, or reason request denied:
Assistant State Attorney/DATE

Subpoena file


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  1. Kim Don’t you think a ‘Slam Cindy’ page would be therapeutically helpful to all of us. Something Cindy could look at when she’s bored. 😆

  2. It’s been quiet tonite South. I can’t speak for others, but I can tell you it’s frustrating not even getting word on IF or WHEN we will get some documents. I need inspiration. LOL

  3. Kim, it was very therapeutic for me. My kids caught me doing it over and over and laughing. I”m going back to my second childhood I think

  4. SSPI I have been looking for you!! I was on your web pafe once-and cannot find it now.

    Kim thank you for the back up I was sooo scared all alone with those devil women!! lol

  5. Yeah, I’ve been off so I’m stagnating. LOL You watch once the docs come in I’ll have a thousand things to do.

  6. South, we were going over old docs. When Casey called Tony to pick her up because she was out of gas,she was in the Anthony home/remains area.

  7. South, sometimes they are juggled and above where they were posted and sometimes they’ll return when you hit refresh again. Otherwise- GONE.

  8. I only new Souths address because we were on one night when some former bloggers (male and female) were trolling and causing trouble. That was the first night you were on too, wasn’t it South?

  9. I’m saying godd night but south it happened to me for 2-3 weeks and finally I think it’s straightened out. I would post and submit and boom!! Gone! I would repeat what I wrote and it would say “you already said that” LOL

    See ya in the morning…..unless I get hot flashes!! 😆

  10. no ecd i forgot to move it lol but you can -you can certainly post there-the devil just did- i am so livid lol

  11. Cindys minions-they posted their site go look- they have 7 members we have over 22,000. I am P*SSED lol

  12. eastcoastdeb
    Sunday, 31 May 2009 at 17:39

    I saw this comment and left a reply. Nite all!

  13. Southern You can tell her for me that it is a well known fact that Newfoundlanders are among if not, the stupidest people on the face of the earth.

  14. Geraldo is on now, before going to commercial he
    mentioned something about Casey Anthony and whatever
    poisoning the jury pool. Just in case anyone wants
    to watch it or turn it on. I’m sorry if I don’t blog
    more often, however I feel what I have to say isn’t
    that important. I love everyone here and all the
    hard work that goes into the blog.
    Welcome back Humble!!

  15. Hey JH How are you? 😆
    Southern Do I post a msg in the block above? I wanted to tell her as a fellow Canadian, I was ashamed. MY DIL is on fb now and her and my son are living in NFLD and can’t wait to get out of there.

  16. Hi Janet. Thanks for the heads up on Geraldo. I would have missed it if it wasn’t for you and Mikka. 🙂

  17. Bozo and Ms Piggy are on..Geraldo is saying that
    prosecution is pulling all the dirty tricks in the
    book and on top of that they are treating her like
    a serial killer. I must email Geraldo and let him
    know that I dislike him, and I’m mad!! 😡

  18. Hi ECD!!
    Hi Mikka, I saw Bozo and Ms Piggy, they make me
    so mad. I sent in a post before this one and it went
    into moderation, my first one!!

  19. caper,yes geraldo say she was responsible!baden and bozo whinning about the video and say it was a set up!!samo,samo,what a bunch of idiots

  20. I’ll catch it later too, JH. Oh did you get to watch the whole LK show. We never heard another word from you so I just assumed you were watching it. LOL

  21. Deb I fell asleep with the computer running all nite I forgot I had to take nausea meds early in day it put me in lala land

  22. bozo say and on top the prosecution take the D.P back on the table,oh man he is afraid!good thing bozo dont say cma is innoncent 🙂

  23. Good Mikka, he’s not even worth that-only to a kiss *ss friend like Geraldo. Nothing worth while them.

  24. A poopy one JH? I’m not sure. It’s a site that contains info on the ship that Hmm is curious about. It’s a gambling ship that purportly has Casey, Lee and Kronk on at the same time. It’s supposed to be just rumor. Humble thought I wanted to know because I was talking to Hmm about it. It’s an unscruptulous website, as far as I can tell.

  25. I’m just lurking – too tired to talk and have to get up very early tomorrow.

    Just want you all to know how much you are appreciated.

  26. Southern- My DIL just said ‘its no surprise a newfie would be a Caylee supporter’ and other things I can’t say here. LOL

  27. If you look close you can see like a line around the neck like is pasted I know my eyes arent good but face is not that white but I saw like a makeup line

  28. I’ve been out all day today but last night I was having fun surfing looking for info. Tomorrow is really heavy too but I have all day Tuesday and Wednesday to play. 🙂

  29. No Southern – I don’t. I just joined last week so I could find things that you posted links for. But as for finding someone???????????

  30. JH if yall need help i will post ot tomorrow some useful tips for FB and i am sure others will too

  31. Hi folks! Been out of town the past few days. I see Baez has a new DP attorney. I guess he found one that will listen to his nonsense.

  32. Southern – I would so love it if you would post the FB tips when you have time. Give me a database to query and I am fine. Give me a new web program like FB or ebay or even paypal and I’m moosh for a few days.

  33. Yes it was Deb. I was honored to be his best man. It was nice to go back home too…first time since I moved to Utah. Does anybody know if LK asked G&C if they were looking for the “real killer?”

  34. I don’t think so Gig. I know it’s a popular topic on the blogs though. LOL I’m glad you enjoyed the wedding and going back home.

  35. cripe, they’re back on that highly respected (cough) Geraldo show again! ugh please 🙄

    I noticed on the blog for Jesse he posted a lovely comment, made me cry.

  36. I read bits and pieces Deb. I found the post about Baez’s ex-secretary quitting because Casey was “paying” Baez during her lengthy stays at his office, interesting.

  37. It was nice wasn’t it Molly. Bozo’s a clown.
    Yeah Gig, just because there aren’t docs doesn’t mean there’s no news. LOL

  38. I think the pressure should be kept on Baez and the Anthonys about if they are looking for the “real killer.” They think they can say all this stupid stuff and not be scrutinized. It is no surprise that they are keeping mum about it. If they say “yes, we are looking,” then they will be asked to elaborate. If they say “no, we aren’t,” then everyone will assume that is because they already know Casey did it.

  39. I completely agree Gig. And if they start looking they look ridiculous. They can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube. Waiting 11 months to look is pitiful. If they asked these questions more often, we wouldn’t have to ‘cope’ with their ‘ugly’ faces.

  40. Exactly Deb. They say so many stupid things. Cindy said D. Casey was watching someone in Puerto Rico. For what??!! Caylee is already dead. If this is the real Zenaida, why not turn that information over to the authorities to help confirm Casey’s story?

  41. Oh man, that’s right. That’s why we haven’t heard from Lee, he’s on the beach in Puerto Rico with the Nanny!

  42. ECD TY very much I had to give Caroly my long comments lol She is in businesslol JH you are next – i will post ot tomorrow
    gnite all

  43. LOL Marsha.
    Gig, and don’t forget George telling the world he knows where the kidnappers are. Do you think if they were real they might get p*ssed enough to kill their victim. This man had to be the worst cop in the world and more stupid than Gomer Pyle, Barnie Fife and Frank Dreben (Naked Gun) put together. Forget the needle, that idiot couldn’t find the haystack.

  44. Deb that is soooo true. The sad thing is I don’t think he knows how much he looked like an idiot when he said that.

  45. Oh yeah, I forgot about that Deb. Again, it doesn’t matter to them that their lies make absolutely no sense. Okay George, if you know where the kidnappers are…Cindy if D. Casey is watching the real Zenaida, why not share that info with LE so the “real killer(s)” can be brought to justice? Watching them and knowing where they are is worthless, unless you do something about it.

  46. Hey! The Anthony’s are paying a PI to watch people for no known reason, not to make sure they are held criminally responsible for anything?? well, sign me up.. I could do that job.. I will watch someone in, umm.. howbout.. Havana..

    Yeah, I will watch Pedro..

  47. Some Newfie posted on the Caylee site. A supporter of Casey. My son and DIL are living there and can’t wait to leave.LOL Can’t communicate.

  48. Not only that Colhere, they have the PI’s watching their home rather that their endangered grandchild.

  49. Well, they are oblivious, but I get NTV on Telus Digital and I do appreciate the music videos during commercial breaks.. I think the government pays for their TV programming, because there are like NO commercials (on NTV anyway).

  50. Gig I never knew till a couple of weeks ago, but the reason for suggesting Georgia was to implicate Jesse. He had just moved there.

  51. Well, in the words of PT Barnum, from the perspective of the PI’s, there’s one born every minute, but to find a whole family of them..


  52. My son hates it there. When I was a teenager, I lived in Cape Breton. They’re smarter than Newfoundlanders and they still thought NS and CB were two different provinces – called the Mainland and Cape Breton. Duh

  53. LOL I’ve wondered if Cindy and George were possibly sister and brother and everything just exacerbated from there. LOL

  54. Yeah, I read that about Jesse. Cindy also said early on that Caylee could be in Puerto Rico…where Amy had gone for vacation. What a coincidence…

  55. Newfs are a different breed for sure.. Umm, my Grannie was Newf. Newfoundland’s second largest city is here in Alberta.. it’s called Fort McMurray.. you cannot understand anyone there..

  56. Hey..I have been out of the loop lately. Family stuff :-(…I did watch Geraldo tonight. Holy Crap, Baez is packing on the pounds. too. He has a major double chin. He and Casey both have packed it on since she has been in the pokey.

    I seriously doubt the video of Casey’s reaction will be released. Just publically knowing her reaction is enough. With or without the video Casey screwed herself. Producing the video may seem like a set up that could backfire later. The judge will keep that in mind when rendering his decision.

    Baez made the point that he is trying to save Casey’s life from the DP. No mention of her being her INNOCENT of the crime.

    If she gets the DP will she kill herself? I seriously doubt it. She loves herself to much to do that.

  57. Southern Justice – teacher extraordinaire!

    Thank you so much for my lesson.

    Humblettes – SJ has the patience of a saint to go with her wicked sense of humour.

    Now I really do have to go to bed.

    See you tomorrow.

  58. ECD – Well, just look again to PT Barnum for wisdom to explain the odd Newf and NS person too..

    Let me know when you come across an Albertan supporter.

  59. So was my great grandfather Colhere, but he only stopped in on his way from Ireland. LOL They are good people. They just do all that kitchen party stuff. My son said when he goes into the Telegram all he can smell every day is booze.
    It bugged me about posting on the Caylee site. Another idiot from Hfx. has a support group for George. I’m embarrassed. LOL

  60. Hate to just jump in and have to leave, but I am lookin forward to hopefully making it through a day of work tomorrow!! (hoping!!). It’s been a flu filled week for me.

  61. Hopefully the trial will be underway in the fall. Only a few more months to go.

    I will be glad when it is all said and done. This has been a long a winding road. After the trial, all of the books will be released…Oh yea, and the made for TV movies.

  62. Hi everyone….back on for a minute!

    Gigs~That was a coincident…notice not one word from Cindy that she could be in Orlando where Casey was. It is all about pointing the finger at anyone but Casey! Low and behold, she was 15 doors down in the woods, right down the street from Casey!

  63. HI Hmm and Christine. Yes, the courtroom is going to look like a sumo wrestling event.
    Good nite Caroly. She’s a quick wit, isn’t she? LOL
    Hmm You sneaked out last nite. 😡

  64. I have a link Hmm, but I can’t give it to you. Do you already have it? Humble gave it to me. I looked for Martin White and still have found nothing.

  65. You must be tired Hmm. I don’t know the beaches around there. What about Cocoa Beach.
    Good nite Christine. 😆
    Hi Humble 😆

  66. I can’t open it right now, Hmm. My puter is working terrible. It’s something about toilets
    OMG Susan Boyle’s in hospital.

  67. port canaveral is at Cocoa Beach,… ship port,, where gambling boats are also… 45 min. to Orlando.
    Those employees I talked to were not making up stuff

  68. Sorry Hmm It’s about the Gambling ship and the Anthonys. Humble also thought the ship you were talking about may have been named the Sterling?

  69. Gig and Hmm What do you guys think of Casey’s car being at the Amscott at 7:00am but Casey’s at Tony’s and leaving his house at 10:30am. so she can go to the Amscott and run out of gas.

  70. Hmm That’s the 64 thousand dollar question. She called Cindy about an hour before she left. Cindy was working that day but George wasn’t. Someone could have loaned her a car. The problem is, why didn’t anyone come forward?

  71. Wasn’t that nice, Humble? I thought you were on then. I came on and saw your link and went to the site. I left a msg a couple below his. Isn’t it nice how much he appreciated the support. It’s nice to matter and to feel like we help.

  72. Hmm, this is what amazes me. She was near the Anthony home, Lee’s home and remains site. They are all close together. She called Tony at 11:28 to tell Tony she ran out of gas. She was still near her parents home during the call. She got picked up within a half hour at the Amscott. If that’s not PLANNING to run out of gas, I don’t know what is.

  73. well someone on here said that it might affect the evidence such as Caylee remains might be thrown out if kronk was involved ?

  74. hmm~Still, someone needs to look into hmmm! If they are on the up and up! I don’t think it will do anything to the evidence that Casey killed her.

    ECDeb~I will look into that. I was under the assumption that she wasn’t sure if it was the 27th…or 28th…..I will re-read it!

  75. I don’t know the legality of it Hmm. I just know things aren’t what they seem. Steph thought that Casey could have gone back and got the car earlier. She could be right but why leave it there? It doesn’t change that Casey called Tony for help with running out of gas BEFORE she got to the Amscott.

  76. I would also like to see a time line done without using the photo of Caylee at the nursing home and geo lies about him seeing kc and Caylee leaving the house. just to see what it looks like

  77. we got into that one night ECD, that video camera could have been dated and she knew all about cameras. Caylee would not have to sign in a nursing home either.

  78. Ok Hmm & Deb and Humble 🙂

    I Rechecked the transcripts , About Lee and TL and the Calls and Amy’s and guess what , its all right TL said on trans 9/22 Yes he did talk to Amy but that was at 8pm on July 15th Lee did call him 20 -25 min later Before George called Lee !

    Also TL said WF didnt have that Big Bag of Clothes Until the 27th Doc 9/8 pg 32 #10

  79. Hmmm & Himble and Ecdeb

    The Nursing home does NOT MAke YOU SIgn IN !!! I was there for my MOM at the same time , NO SIgn in Just walk in and go to the Pt room you are visiting Thats it !

  80. Another FYI WF Used TL’S RoomMate’s Computer to down load those Weird Pics of Aplles cored to look like Skulls and Death stuff On July 26th when she was at TL’s WF Was on viseo at JCPenney w/ TL on the 27th and was with him the rest of the day and then went to Fusion She did in fact get Drunk that night and TL Took her home and tried to get her to SLeep as she wouldnt shut up !

  81. Sunshine Read this:
    JUNE 27
    If the car was left at the Amscott at 7:00 am, who’s car was she driving?At 9:37am KC calls CA’s cell for 2 min. and at 10:22 calls AH for 9 min. At 10:35, she calls Jeffrey Hopkins for 3 minutes. She leaves TL’s at 10:30 and is in Anthony/Lee/remains, area from 11:09 ( JC Pennys call) to 11:30. At 11:09 she calls JC Penney’s for 1 min. and at 11: 28 she calls TL for 2 min. asking him to pick her up at the Amscott.( she still near the remains site before she PLANNED on running out of gas) She texts AH at 11:34 saying part of a dead animal was definitely plastered to the frame of the car and says Caylee is at the beach with Z and CA. (she goes to Fusion ) From 11:30 to noon, she is in the vicinity of Jay Blanchard Park/AR home

  82. that’s interesting about not signing in,… so If I had a camera pre-dated I could go there a month ahead of….. say fathers day and It would look like I was there, and if I am correct it was only Sindy and Caylee. kc was not there.

  83. Don’t you think they have talked to people that work at the nursing home to be sure they were there that day?

  84. I think the name is on OT

    Hmmm – Yes WF said Cocoa Beach !! ((((((( To yu all and especially yu Humble }}}}}

    Deb I wasnt trying to anger Steph I love yu guys but I wasnt trying to implicate TL either The problem is that Besides the fact that TL said NO School the Month of June No Class M – W – F and June 16th he was off and took offf the 17th

    on June 27th No Classes Just had to turn in a Project that was all and that it took him 20 min to do that ! TL Apt is only an extremely short distance to Full Sail School Its even walkng distance from Apt ! I will check tues about Amscot ! But Golden Rod Rd is on maybe 2-4 blocks from his apt !

  85. They have spoken to them Marsha. It’s my understanding they did but I haven’t seen the transcript.

  86. Marsha I would think they did talk to someone there, but after a while and if there is nothing in writing that they were there, one weekend could run into another

  87. Here is what I found:

    6-27-2008 11:28:17 Tony Lazzaro to Casey 0mins
    6-27-2008 11:28:50 Casey to Tony Lazzaro 2 mins

    Then another:

    6-27-2008 11:47:08 Casey to Tony Lazzaro 1.9 min

    I am assuming since there are no more calls to Tony that day, he picked her up from the car after 11 am.

  88. That’s true hmmmm…and yes I’m sure it had been a while by the time LE spoke to them. I wonder if there is any other video (security at the nursing home?) that might make the date definitive.

  89. Hmm, maybe it was one of those phantom ships that just disappear into the mist. Maybe the Nanny disappeared into the fog with it. WE’LL NEVER FIND HER NOW!!!!!!!!!

  90. Sorry I meant No Classes M-W -F in June 🙂

    Yes Hmmm That is Possible and can be done ! Caylee and Cindy No WF at Nursing home !

    Deb You Still have to understand Lee Lied His dad didnt call him until 8:35 pm yet He is the One who called TL Before 8:30 pm July 15th and told him Caylee is Missing ! Amy didnt Tell TL That She told him only about the Money ! Its all there in the Docs Like I tried to tell Steph 🙂 I think the confusion was that every one assumed it had to be around 10pm or later but TL said the Allstar game just came on TV when Amy called ! CA Called AH at 4:30 -ish the Mal isnt far from te area in which all this took place the only place that is far from them all is the Nursing Home !!

  91. i think it was close to twelve Humble. LE mentioned ‘high noon’ for both gas incidents. I thought maybe she knew Tony wouldn’t get out before noon. Did you notice where the pings are when she speaks to Tony about running out of gas-the one that’s for 1.9 minutes. She’s still near the Anthony home.

  92. I was wondering if she ordered the crosses at JC Penneys’ (if this story is true) She called briefly a few times. Maybe she was waiting for something and calling to check.

  93. Deb, I thought she bought shoes. Mabye she went in to pick up the crosses and bought the shoes while she was there?

  94. As far as Nurses and staff at the Nursing home one day Bleeds into another ,I am sorry to say this but I doubt completely they really remember what day is which , and it is compelling to say the least that if yu show someone a video with a time stamp of June 15th even if that date was preset then they would just say ok then there yu have it ! Meaning they could be completely mistaken as of that day !

    We do know that WF was slepping with TL as of the 13th we do know that the 9-th was the mall ! Per Doc ‘s per TL

    Humble in the TL Doc he said he was there at 11am Doc 9/8 pg 4 # 23

  95. She bought shoes and maybe a dress too but she shopped there other days. Cindy wouldn’t give Le the statement and told them to “never mind that”

  96. Sunshine, I just saw the post now, Steph or me didn’t think you were trying to implicate Tony Sunshine- not as far as I know.

  97. All Premeditated !!!

    Also June 16th at 6:30 am a call from WF / Anthony home to WF cell phone !!!

    June 23 ran out of gas was walking toward home TL PU TL beak in shed get gas 2 cans only use half of second can ! She follows him he gets call friend in accident needs a ride

  98. Sunshine, I also read that Yuri said in the bond hearing that LE wasn’t called till after midnite. I was trying to figure that when you were speaking about the times Lee called. I haven’t found this yet though. But Lee never went to Tony’s till very late so I thought it might be true.

  99. I have never heard that those gas cans were recovered. For all we know they could have been in the car at the towyard which would blow George’s story out of the water.

  100. Humble , The Nursing home is Beautiful , the people for the most part very friendly But always to busy to notice much of anything , I have been a nurse now for 24 yrs I was there for my MOM everyday and my Dad practically lived there lol from morning to nite to stay with my MOM , Its very clean and I would recommend it to anyone , but there is no way they know who is coming and going or what day it is unless yu ask them on that day ! A month later No way to remember anything Unless like me they take good notes while caring for their patients and they specifically write family visited today and write who it was in the chart itself ! I highly doubt this but Hopeful 🙂 Maybe LOL

  101. Im not saying anything against nurse home, but I know how it can get , especially if you are working 10 or 12 hour days , after awhile days run together

  102. Hmm, Cindy said she visited weekly. You’d think they would remember unless her father wasn’t there very long.

  103. Deb I put the doc date and page and question number its all there ! Both pages from 9/8th and then again 9/22 I knew I read it but it was the audio that I heard a quick clip of down here in Fla when it cused me to go HMMM because that was when I heard TL say that abouyt LEee,, According to Lee he didnt know Nothing until 8:35 pm when Dad called but that isnt true , he already knew when he called TL at approx 8: 20 – 8: 25 ih pm on july 15th ! after the 3rd 911 call went out LE was already on the way at 10ish pm july 15th when Dad got home 911 op was on phone talking to WF then she says Police are here now sometime soon after that , Yuri may not have been called until after midnite or maybe that is when he got there ,

  104. Humble in Cindy’s text to Casey about not sleeping and stupid hot flashes, it was July 14 (Smoke and Mirrors), in it Cindy said it was over a month since she saw Caylee.

  105. Humble Again No one from Nursing initated a call to LE it was Cindy who came up with that Video , to Say it was June 15th the last time she saw Caylee ,

    Lets Not forget the fact that Cindy tried to Stop LE from going to the Nursing home !!! No one at the nursing home would have known because they dont usually have the news on in the main lounge/ dining area which is by the front door when yu come into the facility 🙂 and Secondly She wasnt there every weekend , because she worked every other weekend !!

  106. July 3rd Tattoo made an appt for her and AH to get one on JUly 19th and told the tattoo guy she would bring Caylee on the 19th

  107. No Sunshine Shirly Plesea came up with the date and Cindy had no choice was what I thought or Shirly reminded Cindy.

  108. wouldn’t you say you don’t usually get a tattoo for an event in your life until it has already happened. And that tattoo pretty much says it all

  109. AND Sunshine, normal grandparents who think their daughter is a sociopath wouldn’t wait ONE day let alone 31 days to report the child

  110. Hmm I think once the baby was gone she thought she was all set for Tony and the white picket fence. I think she did feel with Caylee and Cindy gone, she did have the beautiful life.

  111. Again Deb , Shirley was only called by Cindy because she was afraid she would hear it on the news , Shirley was clueless , it was Cindy all the way on that !!! Cindy convinced Shirley which wasnt that difficult since shirley had more serious problems going on with alex being very very sick at the time and that was the excuse Cindy gave LE too 🙂

    Yessss Hmmmmm Exactly @ Tattoo , That is exactly why I have mine and got it when I turned 40 in memory of my brothers and my Dad 🙂

  112. There is a picture of Alex and Caylee taken together on June 15, 2008, at Avante at Mount Dora Nursing and Rehab Center, where Alex lives. This shows that Caylee is alive as of June 15, 2008; Casey stated that she had not seen Caylee since June 9, 2008. Shirley stated that after visting Alex, they returned to her home and had dinner together. Cindy and Caylee left after that.

  113. All true Deb 🙂 All true !!! 31 days Pshhh , Yet she said I have given yu space ,I havent Bothered yu to Death , ” Will I ever see her again ? ” That last sentence for me nailed the point that after that fight WF told Cindy ” You will never see her again “

  114. No Sunshine, what I’m saying is that Shirley pointed out that it was June 15 when Cindy said June 9. Cindy later stated that he mother called her attention to this. Then she provided the video. This was a week later. Cindy seemed to have no intention of setting the record straight.

  115. Humble , I know that pic comes from the video dated june 15th even if it was a digital camera per se’ you can still change the date to whatever you want !

    Deb : Another thing Cindy made sure she spoke to Shirley way before LE , Remember she called Shirley early morning 16th told her what she wanted her to know and put thoughtsin her head way before LE ever had the chance to speak to her , Because at first LE seriously thought Caylee was kidnapped , it wasnt until all the yarn started to Unravel that they realized as the facts ame in that it was much more sinister !

  116. Sunhine I believe those words as sure as I’m sitting here. I’m positive Casey said something to that affect the night of the fight. I also think prior to her myspace, Casey may have said something like it’s all Cindy’s fault or something similar that prompted Cindy to involve Lee in seeking her friends, phoning repeatedly and searching for her at Universal and the bar. All in three days July 1,2,3.

  117. Casey had the date right. She said 30 days and then it was midnite. When you count back from July 15, it goes to June 15. Cindy did not want that fight associated with her. She knew.

  118. Humble, I don’t have any confidence that Cindy turned in that video. I’m sure they requested it. She’s said all kinds of things that she’s volunteered and yet they had to get subpoenas for it.

  119. Cindy wouldn’t even swear to the truth in one of her statements. She must have thought she was deputized or something. She added a codicil that says to the best of her recollection. She couldn’t even commit to that. Small wonder she couldn’t commit to Caylee. It’s not in her.

  120. Ok heres a question , we are all intelligent here 🙂

    Father’s Day is a pretty significant Holiday when you have a Father even if he is in bad health right , ok July 15th is only 1 month from Fathers day past right ? Well instead of me saying Mothers day because that was just a few weeks ago I will say Easter , Now its a Significant past holiday , I can remember exactly when I saw my Mom & Step Dad and what we ate that day 🙂 can yu ? ok

    I agree with yu there Humble , because that dumbazz jid Keith Williams found a Fathers day Balloon along with stuff that could very well had been caylees 🙂

  121. even Shirley thought it was the 8 th at first ❓
    why do they all think it’s the 8th, then realize or change to Fathers Day, I could see maybe one being confused, but it seems they all were confused which weekend they are talking about

  122. ECDeb~I do not believe Cindy did either. I knew somehting was brought to Melich’s attention which then brought out the video. I believe Shirley and her picture are what triggered the whole thing!

    Hmm~She did think it was the 8th, FATHERS DAY, which in turned out be the 15 which was fathers day! She knew fathers day!

  123. Humble 🙂 No I am not saying that , I am saying There is NO SIgn IN SHEET !!! I was there everyday with My Mom everyday , NO SIgn In Sheet … the Nursing home NOPE NONE NADA !!

    I do believe Cindy and WF Fought on June 15th 🙂 As per Cindy herself to Mark Furhman and she said WF was keeping the baby from her to Punish her ! WF only said June 9th because Cindy said Jine 9th first ! As Per Lee , she parroted her Mother !

  124. Sunshine, my oldest son left for another province in 2007, on March 9. It was the day after my bd and it was the first time he had ever moved away. Does that answer your question. If it is a significant date you would remember. If you don’t remember, you either don’t care or are lying. JMO

  125. 6/16/08-Shirley Pleasea received a E-mail from Mary Loubea
    I know Al was tickled to see Caylee and Cindy. This visit made it a good Fathers Day for him.
    Then she writesn about the chilli nthey had for supper.

  126. I agree Humble. I’ve heard Cindy say she turned it in but I haven’t once heard LE back that up. She’s a liar and I wouldn’t believe her unless I heard it from LE

  127. Another thing in GA Original Statement he said
    ” I last saw her when everyone else did ” Period he never says anything about what she wore and even when he first states an outfit it isnt consistent with WF last known description of what Caylee was wearing , it is totally different ! Then later claims he knows exactly waht she was wearing and describes it right down to her hair and back pack ! Which again doesnt compare to what WF said is what Caylee was last wearing !

  128. Hmm I have two theories on why Cindy lied. One is that if Casey threatened harm to Caylee and Cindy let her go, she wanted to deny any culpability. The second theory is that if Cindy knew (even if she only realized after the car on July 15), she knew that whatever happened was on the night of the fight. If she didn’t want anyone identifying Casey’s whereabouts (if they saw her or her car) she could pretend that Caylee was alive and well on that date to give Casey an alibi.

  129. Actually Humble I really was just telling Hmmm That yes yu can change the dates on digital camera or video ,

    I totally believe WF took Caylee from that home june 15th in the evening after the big fight Over MONEY , And Not for Nothing That is all Cindy cared about on July 15th , why yu ask , because when she gets amy to take her to Tony’s the only thing she says to Tony is ” I hope your Rich ” Not Have yu seen our Caylee or My Grand Daughter ??? No and on the way To drop off Amy the Argument is About the Money !

    And here we are today and the Anthonys are ” WHAT ” SCAMMING For More MONEY !!!

  130. I gotta go good nite all,, but just on that date thing Fathers Day usually 3rd week in June so why was there confusion on June 8th am I sleeping yet?

    nite all

  131. I Totally Agree Deb 🙂 Totally 100% Didnt want Culpability in her perfect World , and also wanted to give WF an Alibi , totally both ways otherwise WF might tell on her, and say it ws her fault ,

    we already established Fridays were reserved for Tony ! She was at Fusion June 13th a Friday and then again june 20th a Friday ,

  132. Sunshine That entire family are the most disgraceful bunch I’ve ever known. Colhere said something earlier about Barnum and Baily and how this all happened to everyone in one family LOL. The thing is this is all of their own making. They’ve done and caused much of these events. IF that weren’t bad enough, they’ve made the last year a living h*ll for the people they’ve blamed, LE, proscecutors, the media, and the public. I can’t say it’s been a LIVING H*LL for Caylee but it’s the essence of evil what this family has perpetrated on this baby

  133. Hmm Good nite. 😆 See ya tomorrow.
    Cindy was just trying to take the focus off the events of June 15 and hers and Casey’s possible involvement. JMO

  134. My DIL told me today that it was posted on Topix (don’t know if it’s true but it wouldn’t surprise me ) that Casey went in another room for sex while Caylee was left with a complete stranger.

  135. Deb Agreed , and yu know what It’s all going to Blow up in their Face ! There is No Doubt in my mind that God Will See to it that everyone of them will be completely Disgraced when this is over ,
    ” Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord ”
    No One can Hurt a child without having to suffer the consequences of their deed and no one who aides those who do will not go unpunished ! We will see as it is already happening Bozo , and his Motley Crue and The Scammer and those who have helped themselves to be a part in the foundation will suffer ! I believe this , Amen

  136. Sunshine, The media needs to start publishing stuff like that video of the many (horrible) faces of Cindy. She needs to be shamed into staying quiet.

  137. Humble , Anne the Director , Thats nice she provided a sign in sheet showing Key word ( Showing ) Cindy and Caylee there that day 🙂

    Humble I Swear I was there everyday with my MOM and Never even Saw a Sign in Sheet ! Everyday ! The Nurses that would come give my MOM meds Knew I was a Nurse , and Made Sure they did Everything right for my MOM as I am very Protective of my Mother and her Needs , Never Once Did I ever See the Director , Never Once did She Ever Introduce herself to me or my Step Dad , Never once did I ever See a Sign in Sheet ! When you walk into the double door into a foyer area there is seating there , then you go through a door and yu are in the main / Dining / TV room Area wide open , from ther you have a choice right or left to go to any of the rooms , the Nurses station is a small area and across they have a door that leads to an outdoor sitting area 🙂

  138. LOL Deb 🙂 LOL 🙂

    Humble in my Profession it isnt unheard of for someone to do a Professional Courtesy and put those names in a book , It wouldnt be lying for a Diector to Swear to those names since she didnt see them sign it nor no whether or not they did , It wouldnt be a stretch for Shirley to ask her favorite Nurse to write those names in a book 🙂 I am Sorry I am not trying to be the devils advocate here , But Because I was there at that time and I know First Hand if I needed an alibi , I never signed or seen a book so I would be SOL 🙂 Unless I had my MOM call her favorite Nurse there and asked her to write my name in A BOOK ,

  139. Not sure why I even care! But Cindy and Caylee were there along with Shirley. They also went to Shirley’s to eat after! The date was 15 June 2008, Father’s day!

    I assume they have signed a piece of paper that proves they were there that day!

  140. I’ll give yu an example , based on fact , my Mother fell and broke her hip this is why she was there , now when she fell no one at the ER Xrayed her head which she Bumped very hard , after being at this facility I noticed my MOM was starting to have symptoms of a head trauma , I mentioned it to the nurse and asked it be told to the Dr., so Proper treatment and tests could be done . Needless to say after a week and a half I had to freak out , Now there were serious mistakes made and yet I Was Never Visited by the Director Anne to Apologize for the Negligence that followed , That being said I still Like the facility , but Normal Protocol calls for the Director to Speak with the Patient and the Family when an Incident such as this occurs !

  141. Sunshine, I don’t know the policies,but Cindy is a b*tch and a trouble maker. Maybe Cindy asked to have all visitors documented for her to review. She tries to run everything. Maybe she didn’t want her brothers visiting so she could be the boss of everything.

  142. Humble 🙂 I Agreee Yes they were there June 15th

    What I disagree with is this sign in sheet !!!

    I’m Not saying they werent there,,, I am only saying the sign in sheet is malarchy , aka BS 🙂

    Yes I am sure they came up with a guest book , and I am sure that someone ( NOT CINDY ) wrote that she was there that day with Caylee ,

    That is Legal and they can attest to that !

    But There was NO SIgn In Sheet , the whole 4 1/2 months my mom was there ! Could it be that a Nurse wrote it in on a guest sheet in Alex’s Chart… Sure , Is it possible that when court comes around that it will show that is the only day that Cindy was written in ….. Sure its definetly possible ! AND Most likely after this whole thing happened they probably are a lot more diliigent to have this info somewhere , most likely the patients chart !

  143. Well Sunshine, it has been said a sign in sheet has been turned over. I assume there was a sign in sheet. Melich has confirmed the date they were there, that is all I can tell you! And the sign in sheet really doesn’t have anything to do with the evidence…the video is out and has been confirmed by muffin head that they were there the 15th. Maybe you need to find out from them their policy! And now that they may have to use a sign in sheet for evidence, they have one up and running. 😉

  144. Agreed Deb !!! That she is a Biotch !!! LOL

    My Mom Turns 77 today 🙂 As a Healthcare Worker Its my Job to know the policys , and the protocols of State Regs and of the Facility in which I work , When a family Member or friend is placed in one such as this , I make myself familiar with theirs , its a habit but its also my Obligation to know so they get the best care & treatment 🙂 Believe me I have seen the best parts of my Profession and the worst and its my Compassion that drives me to see to it that People are what they are supposed to not just going thru the motions 🙂

    Cindy is in management / she doesnt really honestly deal with patients , just paper pusher , That is why SHE HAS NO PEOPLE SKILLS !!! They Use her Title and her Body as a Number for the state that is all !!

  145. {{{{{{{ Humble }}}}}}} I hope your not mad at me 🙂 I am certainly not trying to tick anyone off , Tomorrow I will give Crystal a call and ask her whats up and see what she says 🙂

    I’m not arguing that they werent there 🙂 I Honestly believe they were

  146. No DeB 🙂

    Down here we have facilities who use a sign in sheet and we have facilities that have a guest list attched to the patients chart , all I know is back in May, June , July and thru Mid August 2008 there was No Sign in Sheet at this Facility While I was there for me or my Dad or my Kids or any of my family to sign when we walked into the place 🙂 Thats all I am saying I was there at this Place In Mt Dora ,

  147. Ok Sunshine. Well I’m sure LE must have confirmed they were there anyway. Shirley would also have verified it. There was also an employee walking in the background when Caylee had her book. That could also be checked.

  148. Sunshine~I am not mad!!! I am going between a new post for tomorrow morning and this post…I am confused when I come back and read here! Your entitled to you opinion. I am very curious about the sign in sheet. ECDeb could be right, Cindy had people sign in just so she could be nosey! Like she is.

  149. Agreed 🙂

    I have a question did the neighbor say she borrowed the shovel on the 19th ?

    And Please let Steph know about the Calls ok 🙂

    PS it is reasonable to think that she may have had Caylee at that abandon house near the burial site before actually being able to put her there , which could have been the 23rd when she ran out of gas and TL found her walking toward her house , which is also in the same vicinity as the abandon home that D Casey was at digging around , JUST A THOUGHT 🙂

  150. It is sad, Humble. Who knew she would sing for the last time to satisfy her selfish mother’s desires.

  151. I’ll try to remember to tell her Sunshine. I think BB couldn’t determine if she borrowed the shovel on June 18 or 19. I heard he first said June 16 and wondered if George knew this before he claimed Caylee was alive on this date.
    Humble and Sunshine, it’s been great chatting but I need some sleep. I hope to see you both tomorrow and have a good nite. 😆

  152. Thank Yu Humble , You & Deb and the Others Mean so much to me , I love this site and care very much and hope together we will all see Justice for Caylee 🙂 Sharing thoughts and finding clues together is comforting but more important then that is the Empathy & Compassion we all share for that little angel , I am hoping to be able to go to the trial provided it stays here , I have a twofold agenda , I want to be there for Caylee and all the Humblettes and report back here on the goings on we wont see on TV 🙂 That is MY Hope

  153. {{{{{{ Humble }}}}}}} TY 🙂

    Good Night for now , I will save it and read it later in the morning 🙂 Thank yu again 🙂

  154. GM Everyone

    It takes a lot to make me mad…I was not mad/ticked, lol.
    I was just letting you know that Lee did not call Tony 20-30 minutes after they left. What TL said is, “Then I was in the dark for I don’t know about 2 hours. And I figured, it was around eight o’clock, a little bit after eight o’clock because I started watching the All Stars game.
    This is when he texted Casey found her phone there…Then called Amy and spoke with her. Lee called 20-30 mins after this. In my mind at the point because of all going on even before Lee called to tell him about Caylee…Time might be a little difficult to tell for a person.
    Again I was not mad/ticked just letting you know Lee didn’t call after they left.

    Have a good day everyone!!

  155. Stephanie~I am confiused…left when and where? Lee went to Tony’s to get the junk that Casey left there, the night Caylee was reported missing! That was the 15/16 July! It was said also by Cindy or George that the stuff was dumped out and Cindy pocketed the money!

  156. Any one here? Hello all

    My mother was in a nursing home-dementia. They had no sign in book BUT I created one and placed it on a table by her door, along with a sign requesting sign ins. My reason was, she would forget who had been there. This enabled me to write thank you notes to the correct person. If mother thought one of my siblings had neglected to visit, it helped remind her.

  157. Humlbe
    Orginally Sunshine thought Lee called Tony’s 20-30 mins after Cindy, Casey and Amy left. But, it really was much longer after they left…

    Have a good day I am off to work.

    Have a good day Southern I am not here anymore, lol.

  158. Steph I need to apologize for a mistake. I know you did a lot of searching for the timeline I had. First I need to explain. Saturday I did a rough copy of the timeline. I thought I must have missed something importants,so I sent it to Chlry and asked about the morning times and pings. When explaining this on the blog, Chlry copied part of it to save me from repeating it. I later copied Chlry’s copy from the blog to do the same. My concerns were who drove Casey or whose car did she have. The other was that she was in the Anthony home vicinity while stating she was out of gas and needed Tony to pick her up. I also wondered how she traveled LATER in the afternoon. I thought she could be driving with Tony but did not know. On my rough draft of the timeline, I wrote she got to Tony’s at 2:10 pm. It was supposed to read, she left at 2:10. I now understand why you were so concerned about what time Tony and Casey got home. I saw that Smoke confirmed (what I thought I had written) that Casey left at 2:10 Then I saw you agree with him. LOL. But I knew you disagreed with my times. I couldn’t figure it out until I went back and read the whole thing and then checked what was copied from my draft. I’m sorry you ended up checking all that stuff because of my mistake. I’m glad that at least I found it. I hope this is clear because it sounds a bit confusing even to me. LOL

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