George’s memory is getting better as time goes on

In George’s interview on the ES:

George said, “The last time I saw her was June 16, one year ago today. I woke up with her in the morning at 7:30, got a chance to have breakfast with her. Just before 1:00 that day, I didn’t ever realize that that’d be the last time I would see her, have a chance to kiss her, hold her. I would hear her call me Jo-Jo, and put her in a car and wave good-bye to her.”

George is your memory coming back One year later? You claimed that Casey and Caylee wouldn’t come out of their room until 9 or 10 am, according to your 4 August 2008 transcript. Seems to be odd that your story keeps changing, from show to show. Apparently you forgot to inform Law Enforcement on this breakfast on 16 June 2008, and also the Greta show

CINDY ANTHONY: No, it’s June 15, Father’s Day, which was mistaken early on because, you know, I never even thought about what day Father’s Day was. I just — I knew it was a Sunday in June I had taken that video, and I knew that was the last day that I physically saw her, even though I knew where she was sleeping the next morning. My husband actually saw Caylee and Casey leave on the 16th of June.
VAN SUSTEREN: All right. So the 15th is Sunday, Father’s Day. Everything’s normal, everything’s fine. The next morning is the last day that either you or George saw her. Do you remember about what time of day it was?
GEORGE ANTHONY: Oh, specifically. I remember it was 10 minutes to 1:00 on Monday the 16th.
VAN SUSTEREN: So in the middle of the afternoon or early afternoon.
GEORGE ANTHONY: Yes, it was shortly after the lunchtime hour. I was watching a favorite show I like to watch on TV, a news…
CINDY ANTHONY: Before you go to work.
GEORGE ANTHONY: Yes, it’s was a Food Channel thing I watched, so…
VAN SUSTEREN: And was it — you were watching here in the living room.
GEORGE ANTHONY: Right, and I was sitting right here, almost in the same spot, just watching it, and saw my granddaughter and my daughter come out, you know, with their backpacks and…
CINDY ANTHONY: Like any other day.
GEORGE ANTHONY: Just like a normal thing type thing.
VAN SUSTEREN: Do you know where they were headed with the backpacks?
GEORGE ANTHONY: My daughter said that she was going to work, dropping her daughter off at the nanny’s house, and that was it. I give them both hugs, kisses and saw them go out the door like a typical thing that they’ve — that she’s done.
VAN SUSTEREN: Nothing out of the ordinary?
GEORGE ANTHONY: Just smiles, hugs. Dad, we’ll see you tomorrow because I might be working a little bit late, type deal. And that was it.


436 thoughts on “George’s memory is getting better as time goes on

  1. I also noticed the “put her in the car remark” Is George saying he fed her breakfast AND put her in the car?

    George your list of lies is growing….

    Did anyone notice he had had his eyebrows done? Nice trim George.

  2. good morning southern!
    sj, I just don’t know what the Anthony’s could be thinking – I know they’re not intentionally lying, however, Conway really needs to shut them up somehow. Remember how Cindy said she had “done her homework” with the Zanni’s lawyer? Well, she needs to do her “homework” on what she has said in the past. Her and Georgie both. So Pitiful! I see you’re #1!

  3. Comet me being #1 was an accident lol

    I am going to be out a large portion of the day-but I feel sure that when the video is posted ya’ll will find it. lol

    Cindy should have done ‘homework’ years ago lol

    Have a great blog!

  4. Hi, kids!

    Southern, I think geo was sort of combining his recollection of that last day he saw Caylee with things that he’ll never get to do again (, hearing Caylee calling him jojo, putting them in the car, waving goodbye). It sounded that way to me anyway, that he was getting sentimental.

    I think she called him jojo because she couldn’t yet pronounce “jerk.” 😛

  5. He went on to say that he and his clients are trying to take control over the information that the public gets to see. They want to make sure Casey gets a fair trial. OK Conman, get your story straight and tell G and C to get theirs straight too. Your motion cited that it would be too painful for the A’s. Now you admit you just want to keep stuff under wraps for a “fair trial.” Strickland needs to release the autopsy, decide on the video, and quit allowing these ridiculous stall tactics. Is this the way the system works? You just stall by making a motion the night before? There should be a deadline for motions. PLUS, the other judge needs to hear the case to compel G and C to testify at the civil hearing. There are four stall tactics I can think of off the top of my head: G and C were to fragile to testify at the depo originally; Conway hurt his back the day of the hearing to compel; G and C are too fragile to see the autopsy report; Bozo wants to delay the decision on the video. There must be bombshell stuff in all these situations.

  6. And another thing: Conspiracy? WTH? Who does Conway think conspired to kill a baby girl? Casey somehow managed to get her friends who have jobs, school, and a life to help her kill her baby? THere’s “reason to believe” this? He’s drunk on koolaid! Nowhere in the docs is there reason to believe anyone conspired about anything except maybe the A’s, his own clients.

  7. Aunt Sooz, once again you said my thoughts. If you listen he did say he ate breakfast with her. WHere that came from I don’t know. But then he segued into saying he never thought he would never get a chance to blah blah blah put her in the car blah blah.

  8. does he just mean that someone helped kc dispose of the body or something? or is there a criminal ring of babysnatching nannies out there 🙄

  9. Oh, and he says this is what I watch and Cindy says before you go to work. Wasn’t that the first or second day of his new job? They act like he had this routine for years.

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  11. Another thing that has always bothered me is the little trip to Tampa that Casey said she had to make for work and she brought Caylee and Zani with, along with Zani’s sister and at some point there was an accident and Zani ended up in the hospital so Casey came all the way back to Orlando so she could get all of Zani’s insurance information and bring it to her back in Tampa, which is such a crazy story I’m sure not even Cindy believed it. Casey claimed to of had a key to get into Zani’s apartment in order to get what she needed. Now on the day Caylee went “missing” and casey said she waited outside hoping they were just out and lost track of time. Well if she had a key to the apartment, why not use it to let herself in. Why did she wait outside after repeated attempts to call the nanny and nobody was answering the door ?

    Also according to the latest gossip from a well known rag-mag, Casey hopes the trial will be in Miami so she can go to the beach after she is found not guilty. She is convinced “J” (as she refers to Jose) is going to get her off. Wow, can’t get any more dilusional than that !!!!!

  12. Mikka it’s going to bite them all, we just have to be patient. Wish they would release to docs from Tracy, that will be some good reading. 🙂

  13. Don’t you think they would have interviewed Mallory too? We haven’t seen anything from her. So there are things to read still. I bet the autopsy report is very implicating. From what I heard last night, Conway wanted the judge to decide that out of court so Strickland should just rule and release it. It’s ridiculous. Oh and they say Bozo has no opinion on it. BS he is in cahoots with Conway.

  14. Can someone please help me out – I’ve been following the story almost from day one – but I’ve been going back & trying to find video of the first court apperances with George & Cindy when Casey was first arrested – where Cindy is on the stand crying blowing kisses to Casey?? Can anyone get me a link to that video? Thank you – wanting to look at it to get a good laugh this morning!

  15. Yes Mikka, it has to be the Bombshell we’ve been waiting for. LE and the FBI are holding something close, the DP is still there! 🙂

  16. Robyn I tried to find that a while ago too. Cindy is on the stand all weepy cause she hadn’t seen Casey til then. Boo hoo. I’d love to see Melich describe the dogs and the odor now that we’ve gotten to “know” him through the docs.

  17. I wish I could be as sure as you guys. But don’t forget, the autopsy contains a “strong opinion” of what happened, so nothing 100% conclusive. That means it can be attacked a bit more easily by lyon and her students and bozo, lol, what a team she has

  18. aunt and Mikka, I think that any Jury with a brain is going to question the first point, why wait 31 days? If Casey and the family were in “danger” why was she parting and renting videos? Not much danger there 🙂

  19. GM everyone,


    Here is the link for the 22 July 2008 Bond Hearing.

    You get a bonus…it starts out with a news media interview (Today Show or Early Show. Well, one of those), but if you click on the button to fast forward to the end you can skip over the interviews with George, Cindy and Baez. The next video will show Cindy taking the stand, blowing kisses, etc.

  20. yes, I hope so mikka. I still think they’d be better off without the DP, though. I worry lyon will be able to stir up enough reasonable doubt that at least one person won’t want to put kc to death.

  21. Thanks Livid – for some strange reason that video was on my mind first thing this morning – looking for a good laugh! This site is great – I read here everyday – seems this is the only site where people don’t attack each other if they don’t like what someone says. Thanks for looking for me.

  22. So true Aunt sooz, welcome Robyn, I’m new too but lurked forever. With the DP it’s going to be up to many “appeals” if she get’s that. LWP is good for me, but as a tax payer for Fla, I really hate for my money to support her. lol

  23. lol sooz , when are they not chewing gum , i bet they had gum stored on the side of their cheeks yesterday morning during the early show

  24. Morning chlry, don’t worry Mikka as scary as Cindy is no Jury will buy that as an ‘excuse’ not to call 911 right away. 🙂

  25. i agree tampa , as soon as they hear 31 days and the fact that cindy had contact with bith cindy and george daily thru cell phone that will be enough , also the pics , reciepts etc of casey will hurt her

  26. thanks chlry, we all need some new info! If any child of mine or grandchild was “missimg” even 31 minutes, the police would be there for me LOL

  27. mikka i am too , hurry strickland we are waiting 😯
    sooz i will probably get fired from my job when trial is on , i won’t miss a minute of it
    yw tampa

  28. the woman who write the book,look what she say about the docs (hidden gems)

    Fanning says she knows the title upsets a few people.

    “Caylee was mommy’s little girl,” she said. “Every little two year old girl is mommy’s little girl. And that’s what makes what happened so horrific.”

    Fanning says deep within the court documents and articles are the hidden gems that tell the true story.

    “The thing that I wanted more than anything to get was something you can’t find in the documents,” she said. “Those were anecdotes about little Caylee. She didn’t live that long, but she is still the most important person in this story.”

  29. Did anyone find it strange that Atty. Brad Conway initiated the “Motion to Stay” the autopsy report? Or is it just me?

    Conway is G & C Anthony’s Criminal Defense Atty. not Casey’s. Of course, as of Monday it appears that Atty. Baez has piled on by filing the same motion. WTH?! 😯

  30. I’m supposed to be working now, hope the trial starts soon or I won’t have a job lol Morning Karma. Mikka if you find any Docs give a hollar 🙂

  31. You know somebody that’s as experienced and good at what she does as Dr.G is, she had to have formed some sort of expert opinion in reference as to how Caylee died. I watch her show quite often and she always comes to a conclusion as to how the person died – even when she seems to be stumped, she keeps at it until she has it figured out. They just didn’t call in anybody to do the autopsy….they called Dr.G and I tend to agree with everybvody else here, I’m sure that autopsy report holds alot of interesting information.

  32. Smoke, I did find that strange too, thought it was just me lol I do Pray that whatever WF did to Caylee she didn’t suffer, that’s to horrible to think about.

  33. sooz a lot of people think suffocation , i know steph thinks that too , would dr g be able to tell that happened
    mikka , i think my mom has some of her books

  34. well what could be in this report then that they are trying to hide , i mean it’s just dr . g’s theory of how she died , why are the a’s trying so hard now to stop it , and now bozo

  35. tampagranny,

    Well, it’s good to know this move by Conway was a head-scratcher for others, as well. Of course, I can get lost real easily with the legalese stuff. 😆

  36. Hurry Back Mikka, bring the Docs 🙂
    Smoke, this entire case has been a head scratcher, it’s really been a circus. lol

  37. yes livid he goes on the stand , remember cindy was so po’ed that yuri went to mt dora to see shirly , and he talks about the car

  38. HEre’s something that’s irrelevant but has bother me: Why in that first day she was arrested was KC wearing jeans? She had jeans on in another arrest video too. Is it normal to wear jeans in Florida in July? I don’t think I wear jeans from May to October here in the NE.

  39. lol livid , my only answer are that jeans are popular now , low rise , boot cut , skinny leg etc , but your right , too hot for jeans

  40. Yeah, it just seems it would be too hot and humid. Maybe people spend most of their time in the air conditioning and they dress for it?

  41. well if there are only skeletal remains she really has her work cut out for her.

    Marks on the bones could show shooting or stabbing. Broken bones, especially a cracked skull, could show blunt force trauma. A broken or compressed hyoid bone would suggest strangulation. If it’s true the hair grows a bit after death then perhaps an OD or poisoning could be detected (but maybe not from chloroform as it’s so volatile? dunno). Not sure if there is bone marrow left or what story it might tell.

    So if none of those things pan out, then it leaves the types of deaths that don’t leave marks on bones: suffocation, drowning, maybe poisoning or an OD. I am probably missing a bunch of other ways people die or are killed. Again I am just fascinated by how long her report is for this case. Let us see it! Pleeeease??

  42. sooz bone marrow i would think she could use , but not sure what you look for with that , i think there was hair left , if not on the body then maybe attached to the tape , maybe there was saliva on the tape too , i really wish we could see those reports

  43. chlry where are you in Fla? It’s very hot here in July, unless your near an air conditioner, you don’t wear jeans.

  44. GM everyone! Mikka I agree. Strickland needs to toughen up a bit on this case. The people involved will twist the laws to suit them. Strickland is the judge. Get it together, Stan!!! The Anthonys are making a mockery of you and of the system.

  45. Southern Justice, I have been watching this case from the begining, I do agree what everyone is saying. But watch & listening to George’s words on the early morning show, he say’s if he only knew it would be his last day to kiss her hug her or to say is name jojo or put her in the car & wave goodbye, he could have done these things for the last time. But not knowing was the statement. I do agree Casey is guilty & George & Cindy are covering up for her. What gets me the most is that other people not related to caylee express her lost in a more emotional way then Cindy & George, they act as if they know how or who killed Caylee & have accepted it &just waiting for the trail so they can see justice.

  46. hi karen
    tampa im in shorts now , tampa is beautiful too
    paminny you see , she said they knew she was lying , well of course , they lie too

  47. Hey all. I will be back in here later this afternoon. With Humble’s permission I will give a small lesson on how to find people on the net. With what I give to you and you should already know it, you will find out who MFM is. I was going to make a production out of it as it would be fun for me but I would rather let MFM sink his self with his own fingerprint left all over.

  48. ty chlry, Karen we are all UNITED here for Caylee, because the Anth’s DO know what happened. They are doing everything to “protect” the very killer.

  49. wait, it’s a little confusing, but I think the interviewer asks whether kc believes she is telling the truth or does she know she is lying, and the lady says she thinks she (kc)knows she is lying

  50. I went and listened to it again and that’s what she seems to be asking, which i thought was a dumb question and I wish she had asked about whether the ‘rents believed her or not.

  51. The amazing thing about Georges lies are, he originally doesnt even know what day he last saw her, then when it is pointed out which day it is, he claims he knows what clothes they were wearing. I also find it IMPOSSIBLE to believe a 2 y/o was in a bedroom from the night before when he came home from work at 11-1130p until 1245 pm. Never got up? Heard Jo JO watching tv and never left the bedroom to go do something more exciting than watch her mother text and primp? Does the child not eat? All is BS from beginning to end.

  52. hi azrenne , it’s all a load of bs , as i always said what man remembers what a person wore 31 days ago , i know of none , infact i bet my hub doesn’t know what he wore monday to work , and cindy could hear them sleeping in their room , please , what does she have super sonic ears , it’s all lies and they never saw either of them , i really believe casey and caylee were not even home that morn

  53. they didn’t even show footage that went with what the lady was talking about (you know, that demonstrated the lying behaviors)

  54. Well it doesnt take a lying expert to know when Casey lies lol Its also pretty obvious when Cindy does. George cant even hold his head at a normal angle, hes bobbing up and down, looking here and there–yikes–what a circus.

  55. Did anyone get a weird feeling listening to Conway yesterday? I was not feeling the love for Baez a little bit. It started out with Nejame the same way..a little distancing before the final break.

  56. Thank you Smoke for the links to the videos.Just watched them all!And aunt sooz – I’m here in Newport News,Va – right by Va.Beach. Take care today everyone – have to get back to work.

  57. I wouldnt think it would be good for Conways career to be known as the Baez hand puppet, as we all know where ventriloquists stick their hands. No wonder he has a back ache.

  58. this snippet was in the comments section of paminny’s first link:

    Nancy Grace asked Dr. Perper how long does it take before experts cannot find a cause of death on human remains, he stated something like 8 or 9 weeks or something like that. Depending on the location of the body.

  59. The group offered a tearful rendition of, “You Are My Sunshine,” a song Caylee was heard singing on a video played dozens of times on television and on the Internet.

    At the end of the vigil, butterflies were released in memory of murdered and missing children. One butterfly flew and landed on a flower arrangement provided in memory of Caylee Anthony.

    awwwwww wasn’t this sweet!

  60. I hardly think KC Anthony has Aspergers. They’re usually very intelligent and are loners. I’ll have to read that to see where they get that from.

  61. Does anyone know where the George and Cindy media appearances are going to be and at what time. This info is not that easily available from TV guides in Canada. Is there a link somewhere to this information?

  62. I agree livid, I don’t think she has Aspergers either. I think she’s just full of mean-ness. She’d gotten away with everthing else she’d done, why not murder too? She’ll fry.

  63. Good point azrenee! Anyone who has raised a child would know how completely unbelievable it would be for a healthy two-year old child to stay in their bedroom until noon. What a crock of stinky poo!!!!

  64. “Given the nature and scope of the pretrial publicity, it is not unreasonable to assume that many persons in the potential jury pool might view this video and develop a ‘hardened’ attitude in reference to the defendant’s guilt,” he wrote.

  65. mikka, so “the jury pool might develop a hardened attitude” if they see the video. In other words, her reaction was, basically no reaction, as in “so what”. It most probably will be unsealed for the trial. Now, if A’s win the autopsy release, then I will personally write to Judge Strictland. I am getting tired of them always walking away with a smile on these faces. We must always remember, no matter how mad we get at these motions results, that Caylee was murdered and we are here to, in the final analysis, prove Casey’s guilt and at last have justice for Caylee.

  66. Absolutely right muesli. And with the Anthony’s back on the media circuit we have every reason to believe they will ultimately convict her with their lies.

  67. mikka – Hi. I think Strickland is going to listen to the media on this one and not the Anthonys. Not sure why I feel that way.

  68. caroly,the autopsy report soon or later we see,may we must wait till the trial startet!and the video i dont care,i know this biatch did it!

  69. the video we already know what happens,thanks to the deposition,
    caroly so true,bozo dont filed a motion to close the autopsy report!

  70. i see it like this,bozo dont get a new hearing for the video and he dont cant whinning about its a set up,strickland follow the prosecutions wish!

  71. yes mikka. I am not surprised the video is not being released. I think the autopsy one will be released quite soon because it is not bozo requesting the stay.

  72. Hello all ya’ll – I am at my sisters and trying to ck in on her computer. Had to get Scotti to pass me the link lol

    Has the video Richard made last night not uploaded to You-Tube yet? mikka this pc is so slow -I can not do aanything – if you find it let me know. Please lol

  73. What in the name of all things judicial is going on down there in the sunshine state? It’s been A FULL YEAR and we are still in exactly the same spot now as we were then.

    George & Cindy don’t want to answer depo questions. So they refuse to and leave.

    M & M try second attempt to finish depo. Conway’s bad back prevents this.

    Dominic Casey does not want to go through a depo. So he doesn’t.

    Anthonys don’t want the autopsy released. So the judge stays that report.

    They don’t want any memorial crosses erected for Caylee. So Milstead chases women away with a flashing light and LE does not press charges.

    Is this really normal? I mean, it COULD be ~ I’ve never followed a case this closely. How long does it normally take to get a murder trial underway, does anybody know?

  74. how do we know that casey wasnt druggin her at home,hence the sleeping so late,cause maybe she was practicing?? also george does not know the name of his favorite TV show (interesting)

  75. maybe casey was druggin her at home..practice that would explain her sleeping so late casey was waiting for he to wake up..and geo does not know the name of his favorite Tv show HMMM ?

  76. I still think she was smothered at home.wonder if they took her pillows from bed.wouldnt it be wonderful if they had her face print

  77. WKMG-Channel 6’s Louis Bolden reported on the vigil and stressed that the Anthonys were not involved. WKMG’s Tony Pipitone also recounted Casey Anthony’s movements on June 16 a year ago and noted that investigators believe her daughter’s body was left in Anthony’s car.

    Pipitone said that scientists believe decomposition in that trunk took place over two days.

    “If Caylee died on this day one year ago, what happened two days later could be key to the case,” Pipitone added. Under a timeline approach to the story, Pipitone said he would touch on what happened on June 18 in two days.

  78. Yeah, mikka. Maybe he is a grandfather. And, you know, I wouldn’t be so frustrated if Strickland is just being patient and making sure the laws are all being followed. BUT ~ if he is bending the law in order to keep the Anthonys happy I would have a HUGE problem with that. I guess in time we will know why he seems to be so soft on both them and Bozo, cause I sure don’t understand it right now.

  79. Here is more of brad conway on ABC that was not aired.

    “George and Cindy have characterized Casey as a good mother. She’s a young mother and every parent makes mistakes,” he said. “Were there arguments? Sure there were. But there’s a lot of love in that family and there still is.

    “There was never any threat or idea that they [George and Cindy] would try to remove Caylee from Casey,” he said.

    The couple’s statements have not always been beneficial to Casey’s case. Just days after Casey was arrested for child neglect, a frantic 911 call from Cindy Anthony was released in which she said a car driven by Casey smelled “like there’s been a dead body in it.”

    Cindy Anthony later recanted the statement, saying the smell could have been old pizza, but Conway said the Anthonys do regret the way the statements came out.

    “Their regret is that it’s out there in the public domain and they don’t have the ability to explain the story in full,” Conway said. “[They] can’t take it back. The only way to maintain her right to a fair trial is to be quiet about it until this is in front of a judge and a jury and they can tell the whole story.”

    In the meantime, Conway and Baez are expected to make several more motions concerning the release of evidence, both to give a new addition to the defense team, death penalty specialist Andrea Lyon, time to prepare for the trial and to spare the “fragile” Anthony’s from repeated media reports about their dead granddaughter.

    “What they don’t want to hear about for the next year is everybody’s speculation about how Caylee died because there is no cause of death,” he said.

    After the body was found George Anthony contemplated suicide and Cindy Anthony admitted to having similar thoughts herself, Conway said.

    “It’s been a horrible year,” he said.

  80. I think part of what Strickland is doing is trying not to be hard on Cindy and George so ppl dont start to feel sorry for them… maybe…

  81. ss, thanks,conway is stupid when we DONT get the autopsy report we will for the next year speculate.when the report show nothing,let it out and dont make so much drama!

  82. We’ll see the video when the trial finally rolls around. If it’s inflammatory then that says it all. At least this way Bozo can’t keep harping about it. Notice Strickland didn’t say anything about misconduct or cruel and unusual. And the prosecutors said they could care less so whatever. Now I don’t think he will seal the autopsy report. That is evidence to the case by a medical examiner.

  83. conway better sh.. up!!!

    Conway said. “[They] can’t take it back. The only way to maintain her right to a fair trial is to be quiet about it until this is in front of a judge and a jury and they can tell the whole story.”

  84. livid here,

    Cindy Anthony later recanted the statement, saying the smell could have been old pizza, but Conway said the Anthonys do regret the way the statements came out.

    “Their regret is that it’s out there in the public domain and they don’t have the ability to explain the story in full,” Conway said. “[They] can’t take it back. The only way to maintain her right to a fair trial is to be quiet about it until this is in front of a judge and a jury and they can tell the whole story.”

  85. Yeah, mazew. I guess we are.

    Southern Justice . . . “comforting” Casey!!!! HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!

    I used to think that was EXACTLY why Bozo didn’t want anyone to see that video. What else could it be? We already know the words that were spoken because one of the jailers has already told us in her deposition. So what could be so damning in this video???? There are only two things I can think of.


    2. Revealing body language. What kind of body language would be interpretted as evidence of guilt? Well, laughter would be one but I’m quite sure that’s not it. Anger maybe? But even anger might be explained away as anger that someone would harm Caylee.

    I don’t know. I’m thinking out loud. Does anyone else have any ideas as to why the judge felt this video would be damaging to Casey?

  86. conway will file motion about the evidence hahahhahhhahhaahh,conway was saying weeks ago the state have no evidence,only discovery,what a idiot!

  87. mikka thats a really good point. By not showing us the video our imaginations will fill in the blanks and we might imagine something worse that it actually is. I can wait a year to see it anyway BUT I really hope we don’t have to wait another year before we hear the autopsy report. I’m VERY interested in hearing that.

  88. bees all what the anthonys,conway,bozo to,try to taint the future jury,when she is really innoncent she dont must be afraid,thats all what she do screams GUILT to me!

  89. what means hardened???

    “Given the nature and scope of the pretrial publicity, it is not unreasonable to assume that many persons in the potential jury pool might view this video and develop a ‘hardened’ attitude in reference to the defendant’s guilt,” he wrote.

  90. from another blog,

    believe it’s a wise decision because this way, it does not create a reason to appeal the verdict. And yet the jury can still view the video in court. And, of course, after it’s viewed in court by the jury, it will be released to the public.

    i agree with this!!!!

  91. i think she watch tv for 30 minutes,nothing happens and when the nurse and prisonguard walked in,she have her “breakdown”

  92. Patsywig, what I’m hoping is now that Lyons is the big fancy lawyer she might do all the talking and
    Bozo might have to sit there doodling on his legal pad, practising writing his name or something.

  93. Yeah, I hear you patsywig! The good thing is, if it turns out that Bozo is the one doing all the talking he will have the same effect on the jury. Guaranteed they will hate him too.

  94. mikka we should send Bozo some long red licorice to dangle out of his mouth during the trial. While Lyons is up on her feet trying to convince the jury that Casey is innocent, Bozo and Casey can play their little licorice kissing game!

  95. Good Aternoon All—I’ve posted several times but it disappears!!!

    Mikka what exactly do you mean the “lurking law” has changed???? :mrgreen:

    Mikka…hardened-callous, close minded

  96. No prob, I have been rewatching and listening to some really old files. Its interesting. It’s also interesting how much different everyone looks and acts at the beginning and now.

  97. Bees I appreciated your support yesterday, I was getting tired of defending my opinions that we have all mostly agreed on for a long time. Im careful not to comment on anything now if Im going to come under a barrage of innocent sounding inquiries as to ” why do you think such and such?”

  98. Just a note: I personally dont think Caylee slept until noon. The comment I made earlier was that I highly doubt a 2 y/o would stay in a BR until 12:50 when her ” Jo JO” was watching tv in the next room. I have no personal knowledge HOW long she was supposed to have slept, just a clarification. I can only base my opinions on what the statements made by George say.

  99. Hmm Mikka said all lurking laws have been lifted!! so you are safe 😉

    Azrenee never ever would one of mine stayed in the br especially if they heard someone else up.

  100. azrenee, I guess I also don’t see where she stayed in her room until then. Geo was working a late shift, wasn’t he, so I just assume that HE is the one who stayed in his room late. Of course in his June 16 2009 version he wakes up at 7:30 and has breakfast with caylee. Soon he will remember that he made her pancakes shaped like mickey mouse, and hand squeezed orange juice just the way she liked it. 🙄

  101. hey everybody! I think it’s also strange that they slept together in Caseys bed every night. Wouldn’t you want your child to have independence and feel safe in their own space?? I don’t have a child yet but I would think that would be odd.

  102. Hi all, Im good. Wish there was more news. I could care less about the video in jail, and neither does the prosecution. It will come out eventually.

  103. Certainly wouldn’t want to treat murderers with a “hardened attitude”. Nor would we want the other prisoners in prison to have a “hardened attitude” toward her.

    I would argue that Casey’s attitude is about as “hardened” as it gets. She will smile and laugh secretly at any show of mercy or sympathy toward her. “Everyone else is so stupid, I got away with it” (this is what she is thinking now).

    Our society is so weak in dealing with these people with “hardened attitudes”.

    They could avoid a “hardening of attitudes” by getting on with the trial. The more information that leaks out, the more everyone with an ounce of a brain hates the Anthony’s.

    They should all be beaten senseless. How’s that for a “hardened attitude”? Hardened attitude my bu**.

  104. azrenee, the prosecution prolly always knew the video wouldn’t fly, that’s why they leaked it in the first place”!

  105. ya’ll are soooooo funny! okay, IMO, the reason the video isn’t going to be released is because you could clearly see that Casey KNEW this was Caylee. (because that’s where she dumped her) Her reactions has GUILT written all over them.

    Love the mickey mouse pancakes, aunt sooz! lol

  106. patsywig, you would be surprised by how many parents sleep with their kids. It is so much easier than fighting with them.

  107. The courts are way too slow. Maybe they should clear some of those minor things off the docket and make plenty of room for murder trials?

    But I have a “hardened attitude”.

  108. Aunt Sooz ~ “. . . pancakes shaped like mickey mouse, and hand squeezed orange juice . . .” HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

    I see you too Gap! Hi!

  109. Yeah, I don’t care about the jail video but I do very much care about the autopsy report. I’m going to be very angry if that’s kept secret too.

  110. OT…did ya’ll see where they are raking Kate Gosslin over the coals because she got caught spanking one of HER children…
    Wish SINdy would have spanked kc maybe we would be discussing a diffrent topic right now.

  111. Last week, the state released about 1,000 pages in depositions and other evidence in its case against Anthony. However, George and Cindy Anthony succeeded on in the effort to at least temporarily block the release of granddaughter Caylee Anthony’s autopsy report.

    Strickland is expected to hold a hearing on the matter sometime this week.

  112. I really dont want to hear about prosecution leaking anything, but truthfully I dont think prosecution cares about the video. They have repeatedly said no contest to Baez wanting to suppress it. We get so used to defense spin, and wonder what do they REALLY mean, its easy to assign the same ridiculous behavior to everyone involved in the case. I dont think LE nor prosecutors are interested in reverse psychology, or spin. At the end of the day they have more criminals to catch, and a paycheck at the end of the week. Baez is the ONLY one who has it all lying on the line right now. JMHO

  113. Gosh, in all the excitement of the jail video being watched or not being watched and the autopsy report being stayed or not being stayed I almost forgot about the Florida Bar checking into Baez’s background!! I wonder when we’ll hear about that.

  114. Im sorry, I get a little touchy with any mention of prosecution leaks. The prosecution Baez accuses involves well over thousands of people, with wives, family, friends and other co workers. Baez team has a few folks and a handful of students. Im sure it is much easier to contain leaks, especially when they are all opinions, than the entire OC police, FBI, prosecutors office, gov secretary staff etc etc. I really doubt any info getting out comes from the ” prosecutors” or detectives directly linked to this case. Of course I could be wrong.

  115. Wolfman, the problem is we give the benefit of the doubt to the criminal–always–and forget the victim. It sickens any of us who work directly with the results of the violence that goes unchecked in society now. Its hard for all of us NOT to get hardened.

  116. Easy now, easy! It’s all part of the game, as was taking the video in the first place. This way the state gets to eat its cake and have it, too. That’s a win.

  117. I think it is going to be sooner…! Here’s hoping! That will be even sweeter knowing that it is making the ants mad.

  118. Bees, I think that is the whole idea lol. I think the video is probably a red herring to distract from the real issues in the case. As if Caseys treatment, or maltreatment in jail could in any way detract from her 31 day party stint. Wishful thinking by the dreamers.

  119. We are becoming a very confused society. Spanking kids is a good example. Occasionally, they need it, and no marks should be left. It is more psychological than physical. My Mom used a paddle-ball thing (those toys that has a rubber ball at the end of a rubber band, and you were supposed to try to keep the ball bouncing). It made a great noise but wasn’t really painful. It was the noise that had the impact.

    Nowadays, parents with no common sense label all spanking as “bad”. When in fact, it is sometimes needed to reinforce a point with kids. 99% of parents wouldn’t go too far with punishment. But they take the 1% who do and equate that with all “spanking” when there is no reason to equate.

    As I said, no common sense. None.

  120. The only problem I have with Kate spanking her kids, is doing it in front of cameras and video staff kind of makes it more humiliating than necessary. My kids got swatted, and it only took once and then the ” Look” was all I needed for discipline.

  121. Her millions should soften the rough year though Aunt lol. If all the drama in the show is even real. I dont watch but people at work talk about it. Sounds like it was beginning to get boring, then all this drama started. Good timing.

  122. hmmm, azrenee, sounds like you smell a rat! It’s true they needed to amp it up especially with octomom on the scene. Very intereesting.

  123. Oh, true, never in public

    These reality shows are stupid. Whose reality? Certainly not mine.

    Not their reality either, as the cameras alter their behavior. And the money they are getting paid isn’t “reality”. Just ask any of us.

    Fake is the new reality? Up is the new down?

  124. I think this bit Bozo on the butt. Like I said Strickland didn’t seal it cause it’s cruel waahhh but because it’s inflammatory which means it will be great viewing at trial time. About Kate…really guys? I think Kate is a witch who actually reminds me of Cindy. She exploits her children like Cindy exploits Caylee, she is after the dollar signs, she’s an abusive wife with a wimp for a hubby, and likes to lie. I went with a friend to a speaking engagement they did last summer at her church and when they started to pass around a bucket for donations I was like are you kidding me? I haven’t been to Hawaii or the spa or anything like they have. And that was before they moved into their “estate” (not that far from here). So I think she’s also a scam artist like Cindy. The spanking thing itself doesn’t bother me too much but I think she’s got major anger issues.

  125. I feel so bad for those children. Although I have never sen the show I have seen her on the internet. She dosent seem ver loving. With that many children how do you have time to nuture all of them

  126. That is the Octamoms deal too. Do something way outside of normal, get a “reality” show (as I said, who the hell lives this kind of reality?), make lots of money, descend into a spiral of drugs when the 15 minutes of fame is over.

  127. livid, yes, I am also “livid” that people who enjoy this kind of life would “need” or “expect” a collection to be taken for them.

    We are one messed-up society.

  128. I don’t think she spends very much time with them at all as she is on the road most of the time. I think she is a jerk for a wife and and unavailable mother(imo) but I see no big deal in as she spanked on of her children.(imo)

  129. Alao, my sister’s friend happened to be next to them when they were at the outer banks last summer and said Kate was a complete b^&*. On topic and speaking of mothers, I went to a high school graduation last night. Just think about how Casey missed out on that important rite of passage and Cindy kept her in a child role…no rent, no responsibilities. How could her parents have not known she was short on credits? I just gave my kid a pep talk cause she blew a B in math by one point and she had gotten lazy and the last quiz probably was the reason…it’s nuts to think Cindy wouldn’t have known in the internet age. I’m sure Casey forged notes or whatever but all the stuff is on line now.

  130. It is not about the kids, it is about the money. How to scam off the rest of us.

    There are parallels to Casey. Casey thought she was the princess, dropping Caylee off with “the nanny”, using other people’s credit cards, not working, feeling entitled to lots of free time with her boyfriends.

  131. Cindy didn’t want to know. Or maybe didn’t think it was important. Casey probably thought she was going to hook up with a rich guy or at least that was her plan.

  132. Right Livid. I guess the fact that every single thing Casey told them 31 days after the fact turned out to be a lie, is all counter balanced by her continuing to do so without the advise of a lawyer. Hmm Only a lawyer could see the logic in that.

  133. The point of it Aunt was I was rewatching it and was just reminded how annoying Bozo is. I thought others would feel comforted with a reminder on what an idiot he is. Just sharing thats all…

  134. I know, thats what I thought too. I like to go back and watch from the very beginning, it gives me good perspective. I forget things over time 🙂

  135. Have you all see this:

    ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — The public will not see a video that shows Casey Anthony’s reaction in a Florida jail when she learned that her young daughter’s remains had been found.

    A judge ruled Wednesday to seal the video recorded Dec. 11 at the Orange County Jail. He worried the footage could taint potential jurors if it were released.

    Defense attorneys have asked that the trial be moved to South Florida because of intense media coverage in Orlando, where the body was found.

    Anthony has been charged in Caylee’s death. She pleaded not guilty and says a baby sitter kidnapped her toddler. Prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty if she is convicted of first-degree murder.

    Caylee was last seen about a year ago but wasn’t reported missing until a month after her disappearance.

    Information from: Orlando Sentinel,

  136. patsywig, lol, you sweet thing, I didn’t mean what was the point of YOUR post, I was agreeing with you at not getting what bozo was trying to get out of melich. Melich is cool, like a nice solid detective type.I watched it too and it is definitely interesting to watch those old videos. Bozo is such a caricature in his three piece suits. what a dope. (bozo, not you!) 😉

  137. means this strickland may dont give bozo the change of venue??????

    The order went on to say that only a change of venue could conceivably protect Anthony’s right to a fair trial if the video were to be released. Anthony’s attorneys have filed a motion for a change of venue, but it has not been heard.

  138. If the trial is moved to south Fla like Baez wants so he can spin his Hispanic BS the prosecution should ask the judge to recuse himself. That would be the ultimate BS. Move it to Jacksonville, or another big city. With the defense on national news programs every other week, this should absolutely NOT happen. I think Judge strickland needs to be sent another list of current def team national appearances.

  139. I’m starting to wonder if Strickland needs a new set of b…s! I don’t know all there is to know about the law, but I’m not sure that he’s staying nutral at this point.

  140. Azrenee, didn’t it seem like Bozo was making points for the other team? Yeah, she didn’t ask for a lawyer. Now if she had and they kept questioning her she would have a point. But the only thing he showed is that she kept lying and lying and felt above the law ???

  141. So far I see strickland trying to be impartial and fair and taking his time so the defense can’t cry foul and force a mistrial.

  142. Thanks Mikka, you are right ( as usual) looks like Strickland is not in favor of changing venue, at least not without more law to back up Baezz’s claim. Im glad he mentioned the national coverage of this case, available in every city.

  143. Gotcha Aunt 🙂 I just think he is a complete idiot. And I think that Strickland is a good judge. Another video I watched today was the bond hearing and Strickland pretty much raked Bozo over the coals and told Casey that it was just crazy and not explainable how she had acted.

    I have faith in the prosecution, the LE and Strickland! They will do the right thing.

  144. The video will eventually be released to the public the way I understand it, post trial. Thats fine. Im glad he ruled and got that distraction out of the way so Baez can quit interviewing jail staff and concentrate on the defense of MURDER. I cant believe all the valuable time wasted on this, unless that video is soooo bad no one could reconcile her behavior in it. I always thought she would react that way whether she was guilty or not, being the child is found a 1/4 mile from her home.

  145. Maybe the behavior between Baez and Casey is inappropriate and that is why they have been soo insistent on squashing it. Who cares–if he wants to subject himself to STDs I could care less.

  146. I loved in court when Baez starts his impassioned speech about the video, the conspiracy etc etc and prosecutors are like–hey–dont release it, we dont care.

  147. Conway can say whatever he wants. I want to see a parody by John of Conway with Baez arm up his arse, sitting on his lap like a ventriloquist dummy. He has shamed himself following Baez agenda. He also has a conflict of interest if you ask me. What happens when Casey throws the A’s under the bus, and Conway has obviously been privy to all the discovery etc that Baez gets. Sounds like a problem to me.

  148. well then, if it is a victory for Casey, they should send her an award…an award she can take with her to the death row jail cell 😆

  149. fo real, Mikka…..HLN reports stupid stuff sometimes…not thought through enough…..not enough time to prepare for live TV? 🙂

  150. mike on hln say,strickland say it was so much he dont cant released the video ,does we MUST move the trial!hahahhahaahah have bozo with cma sex??? 😯

  151. omg…ha ha ha….did he relaly say that? He CAN’T release the video? On boy, must be something really special…Bozo, get ready for another complaint from Strickland to the bar

  152. I wonder what could possibly be that bad on there…I think there is something that has not been spoken by the deposed jail staff, all in an effort to obscure the whole thing. Baez is the one who brought so much attention to the video. If he hadnt made a big deal nothing solid could have been deduced. We only have LPs statement that Casey didnt react to him finding bones in the Little Econ, There is no video to my knowledge of her reaction to that.

  153. I know we will all survive the wait until it comes out later. I mentioned earlier I thought Conway seemed to be edging away from the Baez agenda, maybe he is now catching on that Jesse isnt going to play ball and let the dreamers frame him, and he realizes his clients are the next closest best targets. Serves them right. Once again I go back to Cindys my space letter. I think that does help cover her tush, as that was her true feelings at the time. Worry and concern and hurt feelings that Casey would diss her like that and keep Caylee from her.

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