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  1. yes humble, its a good day. I like the chit chat…
    tomorrow we have the hearing and maybe lyons’ news conference!!!! wednesday, another hearing….
    hi gigwails.

  2. Hi everyone hope all had a great labor day.Thought i would throw out something for disscussion.Does anyone think that casey’s trial will result in charges to cindy,george,lee,or bozo.

  3. there you are eyespy….

    thompson, it could, but then I think cindy and george have already done and said enough to result in charges.. and of course, lee got limited immunity…

  4. Oye, whas’ up.

    Nanna 😡 it’s so pleasant to see you 😡

    How is everyone? Hugs

    😆 😆

    Where is Mikka?? Breaking News:

    Bozo and Lee were seen at the jailhouse having a secret meeting with WF. They were licking her layers of horse teeth clean. Dentist appointments will follow.

  5. I think bozo seeks fame and fortune but due to lack of skills will lose everything.He is the worst atty. i’ve ever seen .His own written agreement counteracted itself.The agreement was to protect himself while he swore in court no monetary deals this case.

  6. nanna! Hugs to you 😡

    I love the breaking news, I think I made Mikka’s heart stop yesterday with the secret meeting between SINdy and WF…hahaha!!

  7. Yes nanna 😡 SINdy and Geo thought that everyone would feel sorry for them if they attempted to go to work when everyone else was enjoying the time off. Guess they are just faking it, just like they fake everything from foundations, clothes, birthdays for Geo.

    Know what SINdy got for Geo for his Birthday? She got him a stripper (Milstead Wife) on a stripper pole with Lee. A concoction of tube socks, rubbers, tomato sauce, cookie dough, and skols. Oh and Velvetta cubes with WD-40

  8. Baez is probably the dumbest attorney I have ever seen. Not requesting a speedy trial and not taking the check fraud case more seriously will haunt Casey. If he had demanded a speedy trial, it would have taken place before the chcek fraud trial and maybe even before Caylee’s body was found. Even if it wasn’t before Caylee was found, they could have had the trial before DP was put on the table. Dragging this thing out has allowed a bunch of damaging evidence to be made public and the possibility of Casey being a convicted felon when the murder trial finally begins. Way to go genius….

  9. gig you are so right,i think he wants to drag out the case for his own personal gains rather than whats best for his client.I also think the judge is on to him and will cost bozo in the end

  10. thompson,i wish cma had a better laywer,dont missunderstand me,i hope she get the D.P,but i dont want she will scream after,because of her lawyer she was convictet!

  11. eye i love this

    He recently made headlines after saying the defense had substantial evidence that .
    ahhahahhaahah headlines,of course nobody know what dumm azz he is

  12. mikka, it’s all sickos. Maybe Tia will go teach Bozo a lesson then WF will get mad and try to beat her up too. Then Bozo will give them baby oil and a kiddie pool……..and Geo will be hiding in the bushes taking pictures to sell for his Conwheels. SINdy will be there with D.Casey licking his teeth too.

  13. chlry!!!!!!

    Did you see the breaking news from earlier? The Bozo went to visit WF in jail so he could lick her layers of horseteeth. Dental appointments are forthcoming.

  14. Nope, WF will not get away with this, there is no way. She is screwed for life. She will be a s*x deprived hoochie mama trying to get it on with Big Bertha.

  15. eye the agreement laid out that no one could recommend other movie ,books rights.bozo swore in court that they worked for bozo when the agreement said that they in no way worked for the one could have a copy of the agreement which is one could be alone with casey unless he was present or a family member but the agreement was void after casey had to rideto his office in mr.dicks car alone with bozos knowing this.

  16. George Anthony refused to answer a number of questions during the depositions and repeatedly threatened to walk out of the sessions. He refused to answer whether Casey Anthony stole from them — earlier he told an FBI agent she stole from all of them and took money from Caylee’s piggy bank. He would also not disclose what information relevant to Gonzalez an investigator discovered while working for him and his wife.

    Defense attorney Richard Hornsby said he thinks the judge will tell Gonzalez’s attorney to move on with the case.

    “It’s obvious Zenaida Gonzalez doesn’t exist so they need to move on to proving she doesn’t exist and securing whatever the damages are,” he said.

    Sources also told WESH 2 News that Gonzalez’s attorneys considered suing Cindy Anthony for allegedly repeating libelous statements she knew were incorrect, but decided against that action.

  17. thats bombshell news,hahhaha

    Sources also told WESH 2 News that Gonzalez’s attorneys considered suing Cindy Anthony for allegedly repeating libelous statements she knew were incorrect, but decided against that action.

  18. Mikka, I am sure Casey will scream that she had ineffectual counsel after she is convicted, even though Judge Strickland has given her every opportunity to make sure she wants to keep him. Tracy’s interview revealed that Casey expected to be set free on a technicality anyway, so that is how she thinks she will beat this.

  19. Mikka
    I think i didnt say that right.I only mean that after the trial,like you said,she could scream and get away with a new trial or whatever.I didnt mean to hurt your feelings.Im sorry,please come back Mikka♥♥

  20. Sources also told WESH 2 News that Gonzalez’s attorneys considered suing Cindy Anthony for allegedly repeating libelous statements she knew were incorrect, but decided against that action.

  21. I have to go and throw something together for us to eat tonight.. we are having private labor day, no cook out or company!!!! see you all soon….♥♥

    eyespy, thanks for letting me “borrow” your hearts..
    ct, I thought you were on vacation this past week?? do you get two weeks??? lucky you.

  22. Thompson
    I got it now,thanks for the explaination.Some things are so technical its hard to keep up.I still wonder why nobody got a copy of that.I get copies of EVERYTHING i put my signature on…..

  23. Although the recent interviews are pretty damaging to Casey, her attorneys could use that same evidence to prove Casey was not mentally stable during that period. They would argue, “What normal, mentally and emotionally sound person would act in the manner she acted? Her home life was very stressful and oppressive, which caused her to retreat into her own reality. Casey obviously wasn’t in her right mind at the time of Caylee’s death, so she wasn’t responsible for her actions.” Believe me, I know this is all bunk, but none of their other ridiculous theories make any sense. They have to go with this sort of defense to have any chance of saving her sorry hide.

  24. Nope Maxi, I have been working lots of extra hours the past few months, now I have one week off this week and it’s baby girl birthday this week. I want to spend time with her.


  25. mikka, she may report him for some behavior when she gets convicted too, whether its true or not.. he was a fool to have ever been alone with someone like her… that not only needs to lie, but loves to lie…. He should have been watching his own back last summer..

  26. gig,may bozo try,but we know all cma want to be the boss,its interessting what the doctors in jail write about her,after talking with her!

  27. Maxi
    Us too just some salmon on the grill for us…have a good nite!Use the hearts anytime…

    Why would they not sue cindy…i would love to see them go after her fraudation for money..they arnt using it for missing kids anyway!

  28. maxi,so true,may cma say bozo touched her!i am sure the jailguards dont go to close or talk with her,because she never know what cma will spinn again!

  29. gig to go that route wouldn’t work becuse if you can prove a person tried to cover up the crime you can’t go the mental route.That only works if the person did nothing to hide or conceal the crime.

  30. Amy could sue them too,possibly for insinuating she might have anthing to do with caylees dissapearance.Any money from any book would be attached against a lawsuit right?Just wishfull thinking…..

  31. Mikka
    I think that judge will want this to move forward Quickly!The house of cards is falling..the fraud trial the civil trial all before the murder trial!

  32. G&C won’t cooperate with Morgan and Morgan unless they are compelled by the court. Even then, they probably won’t tell the truth. Strickland needs to drop the hammer on those two and threaten contempt charges unless they cooperate completely.

  33. I hope that anyone harmed by these people sue and any profit made off this poor babys death goes to the real victums and not any of the a’s or attys

  34. Gig
    I agree..i think he is getting fed up latley over all the little bu**sheet motions, i hope he does make a bold move to put them all in their place.Remember in Traceys interview she said casey thought this was all a game.Strickland heard that.

  35. gig,i was surprised,strickland know what the defense make its getting a joke!the only who know the law is the prosecution and strickland,defense dont cant write the right case number on the papers or forget them to bring!

  36. I was just checking the judicial calendar for Judge Strickland for Tues and Wed. He only has short motions (5 min. or less at 8:15. Anybody know anything more. I would think the motions would take longer.

  37. by the last hearing,i must laugh,somebody watch the prosecution,linda(prosecution) she was sitting there ,looking bored ,rolled her eyes,it was so cute!

  38. Thank you Mikka…When I listened to the depos and heard how Casey told her mom Zenaida wasn’t the one. But, Cindy came out and told the media they never showed her this Zenaida…I thought they should add Cindy’s name in the law suit. In the end Cindy will pay anyhow. She lived in their home and insurance will be paying it, I believe.

    Which boy at the tatoo shop had given the tatoo again??

  39. Okay I am reading Seans now and I don’t remember what I think I am reading. I have to double check, but Annie I think is full of sh*t again

  40. The guy that they talked to at the Tattoo shop just said that “his boy Bobby” did the tattoo. His name was Danny Colomarino or soemthing

  41. Annie told Sean that Casey stayed with Ricardo on the 9th along with Caylee. He was the last one to see her the next morning. This interview was done on the 17th so they are still going with the 9th being the last time to see Caylee.
    It doesn’t make sense for Annie to say this no matter if she stayed with him or not. Casey was seeing TL and she told everyone she hadn’t seen Caylee since that afternoon on the 9th when taking her to the nanny.

  42. No, when I went to put the guys name in I had to look it up, then hit back and my comment was in the “submit comment” box so I thought I had forgotten to hit submit. 😆

  43. Hi Humble…What the H was she trying to say to Sean about Ricardo. It was June 17th so they were already getting Annie involved in who is getting thrown under the bus. It was Ricard, Jesse, Tony and Amy that took the poly graphs, right? I would like to see them hook Annie up to one. Of course that isn’t going to happen. They couldn’t even get her arse in there to answer question..

  44. Yes, Steph they took the poly! Annie, well if the theory is TRUE someone put the body there after Casey was in jail, my thoughts would be Annie! Annie is also the one who went to stay with the Casey when she got out the one time! Annie the grugy!

  45. You would think with Cindy being so into the image of her family she would have done everything possible to see Casey succeed. But, than her other major issues get in the way. Like not getting 100 on a test…making a child feel stupid. Or the fact someone like Cindy that deep down doesn’t like herself or she wouldn’t have to control and bully everyone. So this than made her continue to heap cruel remarks on Casey to make herself feel better.

  46. I thought I read this interview before, but I don’t think I had. I am going to scan over it and see if Annie told Sean any other stories. Remember she also wanted to meet and ask TL some things in person…not through email. He was uncomfortable with this.
    Did I understand correctly and TL ended his relationship with LE? I wonder if that was because his interviews became public?

  47. Cindy, in my opinion, called Casey names because the names refected Cindy! Terrible mother, Cindy………..think about it. Cindy says alot of things about many, and the reflection is sitting there looking right at her in the mirror! These are things that Cindy was/is and wanted Casey to be!

  48. Did LE ever talk about matching up pings with her conversations about where she was going? Reading the interview made me think of that.

  49. Hi Marsha…I don’t know if they matched up the pings with any of the conversations. I am looking to see what else Annie planted in friends heads. Again this interview was done on July 17th like so many were done at the beginning. Annie was done I think the first week of Jan. It was scheduled in Dec but than they found Caylee’s remains. But, it took that long because they had to get a subpeona to compel her to answer questions. That is pretty amazing this girl that supposedly isn’t close to Casey anymore because of her lies. Inserted herself in finding out all the info from Casey’s new friends, but wouldn’t talk to LE.
    Maybe it was Annie that picked Casey up from Amscot.

  50. Ohhh, could be Steph. Surely they have Annies phone records and have checked her pings? Gosh, this gets more complicated all the time.

  51. Get some good rest Eoar.

    It does get complicated Marsha. I am still not sure if someone drove her around or if she left with her car and tried her best to empty the little gas she had in there….

    I can say I really like Sean Daly…very honest and doing everything he can to help LE

  52. Chlry…I like Annie less than I did before too now. She told Sean Daly that Casey and Caylee had stayed the night at Ricardo’s on the 9th and he was the last to see Caylee. The interview was done on the 17th of July. But, that is such a crock…where did she come up with this story?

  53. i’m not sure steph , i forgot all about that . maybe cindy or lee got a hold of her and told her to say that , i mean lee called her looking for casey so maybe that whole call was a lie as well , annie is a sneak

  54. It could have been a lie, but that friend of Lee’s that also seemed very honest…can’t remember her name, but maybe Michelle. She knew about all of that too with Lee looking for Casey on the 3rd

  55. yeah steph , but we don’t know what was exactly said is what i mean , i bet at one point someone asked annie to say that about casey and ricardo

  56. I really should go back and start reading the old interviews. I mean the interviews of those that don’t seem to be the major players in this…I don’t remember them so well.

  57. I think they did tell her too Chlry…this kid Sean Daly is really nice seems very honest. Shows up with dates written down and just has it all there ready to give over. His interview was pretty short, but he didn’t see Casey very much.

  58. oh ok steph , so many names

    marsha i bet it does , maybe this week i will go back and read

    im watching steph , and that boy slept in bed with them

  59. Okay today I watched the voice stress test. I might be wrong, but Misty said when she woke the kitchen light was in her eyes. Where the bed was located the light would not be shining in her eyes. She might see the light coming from the kitchen but that would be it. That might be little but it bothers me now looking at the bed. Let me go find the link.

  60. Stephanie, none of that ever made sense to me. I don’t get it. I’m afraid we will never know for sure what happened that night.

  61. I was afraid for a long time we won’t ever know too. but, now I think if they keep the pressure up they have going right now someone is going to give in and talk.

  62. Well I do hope Tim did tell Misty…paraphrasing. They are coming after her and she would be arrested at anytime. They also sent in a new team to start from the beginning. Along with questioning her brother and sister in law…Misty’s that is. I am just curious if the questioned to brothers and sister in laws or what. I thought I heard they did that at least a week ago. But, now they questioned a couple in I think it was Mass or something like that. It is also a brother. Do you all know if we are talking about 2 brothers or 1

  63. Wow…thank you Chlry. I didn’t even read the article. I was just searching for the video.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed with them going back in there with a new team and the cracks that have seemed to happen in all the relationships…this will break it all open

  64. why would she shut all the lights off , i have little kids and i leave a dim light on incase they have to go to the bathroom , also ronald was coming home , wouldn’t you leave a light on for him

  65. chlry.. I thought she stated back when this all first happened that she could see from the bedroom through to the kitchen.. You can’t do that unless there’s a light on somewhere.. I can’t anyway.. 🙂

  66. Tired.. Just taking a little break to eat a bite, then back to laundry.. Yee haa.. Have a little bit to finish up before bed time..

  67. true just me , i hope she didn’t mean from her bed , the bed was against the back wall , she wouldn’t see anything but her bedroom

  68. Hey.. They’re having a “most beautiful lawn in Central Florida contest”.. Think we should all vote for Cindy and Georgie’s lawn?? *LOL*

  69. im watching her hypnosis , she said they are looking in the wrong direction for haileigh , if she knew where she was she would have told someone

  70. HI everyone…Don’t know if any of you guys heard it yet…..But there was a sighting of Haliegh at a walmart somewhere in Mass…..The cops are looking to talk to a couple near the cape……..I think one of them is related to the real mom…….lets hope its true

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