Casey Anthony update 08 September 2009

Baez was being investigated by the Florida Bar over accusations he was “receiving fees on the Casey Anthony case with an agreement to publicize her story.”  He has been questioned and cleared for, once again, “insufficient evidence”. Shannon Stoy filed a complaint in February. She is president of Blink Development Group, LLC, in Pennington, N.J. Read the letter 

Another hearing is set for tomorrow at 3:15 for the Cindy and George “I don’t have to answer that”hearing.  The judge will decide if the A’s need to finish answering the questions for Morgan and Morgan! Of course it has been said that Cindy and George won’t be attending!  Well, good for them! 

The hearing for the ZFG civil suit has not had a decision by the Judge yet.  In the lengthy hearing this morning, Morgan and Morgan stated “We’re talking about accusing somebody of child kidnapping and ultimately child murder.”    

Casey d-team, Kasen said:  “It’s obvious, reasonable, that she should not answer questions when the state is looking to put her on the death row.”    OBVIOUSLY!

STOP!  Wait a minute; Casey put Casey’s self on death row.  The state is NOT the one who went and told the self-center, narcissist brat to kill her child!  That was a decision she made ALL on her own.

AND for the record, let think back to when we really heard the name, Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez. 
Oh yea, here it is check out the 911 call where Casey talks to the 911 operator:  911 Call  it is on page 4.  And yes the ZFG that Casey is claiming to be her Nanny, IS the ZFG that looked at the apartment.



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  1. I can understand how the bar cannot do anything with Baez…It doesn’t seem any one has anything in writing. It is all he said she said and the won’t disbar him for that.
    We all know there was NO oral agreement with Baez and LP like he said there was. But, it is the same thing an oral agreement doesn’t get you any where in a court of law.

    top 3 at least

  2. Molly…I totally agree there was a backdoor deal going on with this last one. It was all about $$$$ like you said.
    D Casey again it was all oral between them and no way to prove what Baez said. Like he is going to admit to any one that he told D Casey to not call LE if he finds Caylee.

  3. repost
    livid – some day cindy is going to have to face the truth & that’s gonna be a heavy shoe that drops on her. ya know, i wonder, she agrees that casey lied about “some” things ( sorry, some mistruths). I wonder what exactly she thinks she lied about & what stuff is the truth?

  4. Molly…It gets to me too. I have a feeling that there is some deal out there or something more and it again is through a back door.

  5. I hope she makes it behind bars Eoar…I don’t believe Casey will ever get out. But, I don’t know if Cindy will ever face any charges. Sometimes I feel real confident she will. Then I feel like she probably never will face anything.

  6. well eoar all i can say is your right , cindy better face charges , they all should , but cindy should be dragged by her helmut head first

  7. yeah marsha , was it cindy’s green suv , i always thought it was strange george said that , then he said , no i had my dates wrong , i feel it meant something

  8. I don’t see why the judge can’t rule on the civil suit for another month. Isn’t that why it was delayed all summer long? geesh, get it over with already. That woman is in the same boat as Amy, waiting to get her life back. and I hope they make G&C answer tomorrow!!!

  9. Unbelieveable,Bozo,another Bozo trying to throw this out. I think they need to go over the 911 call again. Cindy and Casey both stated ZFG name. ZFG needs her name cleared,so she can get on with her life. Cindy & George to come to there senses and do the right thing. But that will never happen.

  10. Victims in this case don’t seem to matter much. They are quiet and tell everyone they are okay or else they are already dead. As long as they don’t upset the cart they are forgotten. *the squeaky wheel….

  11. I believe when the trail is over,C&G will be next. If they don’t make arrest there will be more who will chose this plan.I love to see them all send to another planet!

  12. Humble
    I thought there was some other things that casey said that made THIS ZFG the very one she was pointing her timy little icky finger at……….the “10” crap and “rich nanny” crap came later. I thought casey also told the make of ZFG’s car and some of her children’s names or nicknames……….too long ago though, can’t rememeber all of it. ANyone remember??

  13. Schaeffer is right. These people should be thrown in jail for all the money they have costed the state of FLorida. No wonderful they are dispised by everyone. THey are desperate and deceitful. I say let them be theirselves so they can make the defense look worse.

  14. casey
    “thrown-under-the-bus” victims can come back to bite you in the butt…..hard……as i HOPE will happen in the near future.

  15. chlry, was george questioned about cindy washing and cleaning casey’s car? this whole family should be charged with the crimes that they comitted and if they are not,then we can say without a doubt that for Caylee,justice delayed is justice denied.also did cindy and george receive the immunity that they demanded in order to talk to the state? I hope not because these people have got a lot to hide.THEY ARE THE MOST HATED PEOPLE IN THE COUNTRY,THEY HAVE NO FRIENDS AND THE LOW LIFE KID FINDERS ARE NO LONGER WITH THEM.

  16. I see NG had the Caylee case on tonight, it has been a long time. I kind of laughed to myself when LP answered NG’s questions. She was a little more pleasant to him. Hello? She sort of admitted the infor from him (all this time), earlier was on the level. No matter what, she is still annoying. I bet we will NEVER see Janie Whinetaub (Defense lawyer from JVM) on NG’s show? I would also bet that those two would tangle like 2 cats???? Nancy would never have her on, Jane would kick her butt!!!

  17. GM Everyone

    Hi LadyStClaire
    We don’t know about the immunity. Back when Caylee’s remains were found Conways kept talking about wanting immunity for Cindy and George. He continued to say they didn’t do anything wrong, but it was a normal thing to do, NOT. Anyhow after 2-3 weeks of saying this in the media I beleive it was the Today Show he all of a sudden said he wasn’t seeking immunity because they did nothing wrong. We haven’t heard anything since than that I know of.

  18. Good morning Stephanie. I’m just hanging out with my 1st coffee. Won’t have time to blog today with my 30 guests for dinner tonight. But, will set an alarm for 3 p.m. to watch the motion hearing on C&G. Although, Judge Rodriquez (sp), really makes me nevous. I wish he would stay quiet and listen and then take what he hears and apply it to law. If he needs so much time, either he is not well versed in the law, or he is slow witted. Seems like another Judge Ito to me.

  19. GM Muesli…I wonder if he is questioning postponing the suit because of Strickland going ahead with the fraud trial. Maybe he didn’t agree with the decision. Is the hearing 3 FL time?

  20. good morning everyone

    ladystclaire, you know it’s been awhile since i watched le’s and fbi’s tapes with george , but my first guess is NO , i don’t remember if george was questioned about cindy washing and cleaning casey’s car . all i remember is the talk of picking it up , the smell , the cost to the tow yard and then him on to work , as cindy said go to work george . then i remember him mentioning
    seeing casey one of the days driving cindy’s suv , he followd her then lost her . he then at another date backtracked that and said he had his dates wrong , when the le brought this up to cindy she played stupid , just as she did when le told her not to put her purse on the floor , you may forget it . cindy came back with a lady never forgets her purse , and how could casey have been driving my car , i was at work . anyway it’s something that bugs me to this day . i agree , this family should be charged , and it better happen , cindy first !

  21. Good morning all….I have been lurking on and off a lot, but not blogging for quite a while. Boy this thing just goes on-and-on-and-on-and-on… If the Anthony’s are not jailed, then LE (AND THE JUDGE) need to appologize to a lot of other souls who have been arrested in the past! THE ANTHONY’S ARE PRIME SUSPECTS FOR AIDING AND ABETTING A CRIMINAL; COVERING UP A CRIME; TAMPERING WITH EVIDENCE; AND WHO KNOWS WHAT ELSE….

  22. Good morning Chiry, and all others. Yes, we should make a list of each and every contradiction from the getgo from C&G, Lee and Casey (also Annie, don’t trust that girl). But, that would mean listening to and reading all transcripts from day one. That would be a daunting excercise. Maybe our super sleuth Smoke & Mirrors is up to that. She has such an organized way of approaching things. I just hope the Grunds, Amy, Ricardo and Tony are all preparing their civil suits against C&G, for defamation of character. I know that I would.

  23. i know i would too muesli , smoke has really done a great job , when i look back , cindy has managed to squeeze every story of hers in casey’s lie , just to cover her own arse , if she thinks no one has figured this out , well then she really is crazy like her daughter .

    bbl , enjoy your day

  24. sorry mue , i looked , i only find jesus sisters name is olga , i can’t find the mom’s name , either way it was another lie casey pulled from her , and told le , i have his obituary at home for you to see , her wheels sure can spin , actually the whole family has wheels that constantly spin


  25. Thanks, chiry. I also could not find anything to substantiate that. Must have been a blog without confirmation. We have to be careful of that. Anyway, I have to get the dog out, then a whole day preparing for my dinner party. I will keep my laptop on the counter for the 3:15 hearing. I’ll make my bruchetta while listening to it. It’s a multi-tasking day for me. See you all later.

  26. Good morning everyone,

    Muesli and Chlry,

    Here is were you can find information on Jesus Ortiz:

    Use the [Ctrl} + [F ] keys to search for ‘Ortiz’

    When you have time, you may also want to look at the various categories Who’s Who below the June 2009 Timeline (see right side of this blog).
    As for tryng to keep track of Cindy’s lies, well let me just say this…. it would be a full-time job. 😆

    Due to some computer problems recently, I had to switch to the laptop. The file of up to 64 Cindy lies and some from George is on my desktop computer. Unfortunately, it is down right now.

  27. Thank you Muesli

    GM Chlry, Blessed, Smoke and Mikka

    Smoke…Do you happen to know where I can find the papers if we have them on conditions of Casey’s release from jail?

  28. Also no guns in the house. I was thinking there was something about phones and computers. I don’t know if this was just talk or if there was these limitations too. Didn’t Cindy get her a throw away phone and that is what she talked to Annie on?

  29. Thank you Smoke…I will look at both. The other day I was looking for it in your time line. But, I was also pretty much useless when looking, lol.Thank you again.

  30. Good morning everyone.. Only here for a few.. Just wanted to ask ya’ll something.. I could swear that I heard JVM last night say that the judge had ruled and had denied the defense’s motion to dismiss.. Now it was after midnight, I was tired.. Then again, I’m getting older and may not be hearing so well, but I swear that’s what I heard her say.. I can’t find anything about it in the news though, so maybe I dreamed it while sitting straight up watching TV.. *LOL*

  31. We haven’t ever seen a witness list for the fruad charges, right? When reading the time-line the other day…I noticed Casey admitted to stealing the money from Amy in front of Cindy and an LE officer. I wonder if they both will be called?

  32. YW, Steph! 🙂

    Sometimes, after reviewing posts on a given subject if time permits, I will lookup info and include it in the Timeline or Who’s Who pages (when appropriate). So, if you did not see it the first time you searched it this may be the reason.

  33. That’s what I thought he said yesterday.. But I swear I heard her say it last night.. Heck, who knows?? Maybe hubby’s right.. Maybe I am losing my ever-loving mind.. *LOL*

  34. Smoke…I wish I could say that was the reason, but I didn’t know where to start so I was back in August. I became useless in searching for it because I was just reading away. I know we have all told you before, but it really is amazing the job you have done with the time-line. I find things I have forgotten about or didn’t even know. Thank you

  35. …it says:(in the conditions of Home Confinement)

    “…the officer must wear a watch at the ancle, at all times, to match the offender. This, “identification” provides a confort-zone, extremely important for a healthy, caring bonding between them.”

  36. Okay I don’t see anything saying she can’t use the phone or computer. But, maybe I missed it…I am going to look in the time line.

    Justme…I stay that way too, lol

  37. also says:
    “the officer must listen to the offenders favorite song 30 time’s, if required, without complaint, and learn the chorus. as soon as the secons take”

  38. and surely also says

    “the officer must do the offenders laudry,cook for him/her,and provide hairdresses services, if ordered to do so”

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