Chit Chat hearing 08 September 2009

Chit chat the d-team will attempt to dismiss the defamation suit filed by ZFG.



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  1. Good Morning All

    Good Afternoon Filipa

    Nanna it will be strange not hearing you whisper today!!!!


    Tuesday, 8 September 2009 at 06:59

  2. Hi Everyone

    Boy I am already having trouble!!! Typed post 2 times saying hi to each of you and 1st time somehow left it on last blog(I was already here so I don’t know what I did!) 2nd time instead of submit I deleted it!!!

    Anyway Hi

  3. Top of the morning to you Humble and all the humblers out there. I sure hope they get this ball rolling. Just another problem miss lazy arse casey has created. Hope she get her due coming upons.

  4. traffic jam????? when you have an appt. somewhere, especially court appt.. you should leave in plenty of time to be ok with jams, trains, detours, etc…. what fools these defence people are…. Just keep the judge waiting,, good move!!!!
    Gap, hi, I hate when that happens, where do these zapped posts go????

  5. Nothing yet on wftv just a bunch of noise and color bars. Maybe everyone is late due to that woman run down on goldenrod. Read where they said they has it closed down so maybe everyone is backed up due to that. They can’t get around town when stuff like this happens.

  6. humble, I bet you are right,, everything that goes on when trial comes will be one delay after another.. wait, wait, and more wait… except,, if we didnt turn on for an hour to avoid the wait,, it would have been ON TIME that time!!!!!

  7. this guy says there is no connection between zg and the zg that casey referenced!!! there is the middle name fernandez and there is the sawgrass apts,, and apt 210.. and somewhere 2 kids names, and the ford focus looks almost identical to the real car that real zfg drove!!!!
    who is this judge??

  8. Good morning everyone!

    Here are the key players in the Civil Case who are in court today:

    Circuit Court Judge José R Rodriguez – presiding over the civil case against Casey Marie Anthony.

    Keith R. Mitnik – Attorney with Morgan & Morgan Law Firm. Co-council for the ZFG civil case against Casey Anthony

    John W. Dill – Attorney with Morgan & Morgan Law Firm. Assisted with taking C & G Anthony’s depositions on 4/9/09 for the ZFG civil suit against Casey Anthony.

    Jonathan Kasen – An attorney with the Kasen and Levine Law Firm, in Fort Lauderdale, FL. He is representing Casey Anthony in the civil suit filed by ZFG.

  9. YW! all 🙂 Just lost audio for clickorlando. Did audio come on at WFTV. Maybe they are tatking turns to spread the wealth around today?! 😆

  10. I bet the judge goes against the dismissal, and the fees, but will go with the stay ….. so, it will have to probably wait til murder trial is over..IMO

  11. he needs to way the facts thats been brought to him, not making a conclusion over which case is more important or more damning to CA

  12. If the judge stays this case Bozo and the A’s will have already recieved the money they will make from books and movies etc….and have it hid so ZFG will not be able to get anything.

  13. Hes going to stay this, whatever…Its amazing how Zenaidas life is of no consequence but Caseys rights are sooo ridiulously guarded. Ridiculous.

  14. OMG, I cannot believe what I’m hearing. He’s going to go with the defense! Mitnik has to keep his cool. What the heck is wrong with these people.

  15. thats what mitnik say,

    He also objects to delaying the case, because he said the criminal case could take years. 😯

    Casey Anthony is not at the hearing, and neither are her parents, Cindy and George Anthony.

  16. Bees Knees, He grates my nerves to no end. He always saying all the things he has to do to make a decision.
    Did he not know this hearing was coming up. What an idiot.

  17. He had to get with his staff what the heck he can’t make up his mind he should get off the bench. His staff is not a judge, what a stupid nutshead…lol Lose sleep he can’t decide on anything I think he is in lala land now.

  18. Is he gonna come back? He has to decide before tomorrows hearing! Last time they cancelled a hearing it was rescheduled 3 months later!

  19. he said recess, surely that means they will come back in a couple hours!!! I hope he comes back in with a decision, and not a dialogue!!!I mean monologue
    I have to go now and do some actual errands!!!! see you all later… I think this could be settled out of court between the parties for a money amount to zfg..


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